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Vlinder Story:Dress up Games, Fashion Dolls

Vlinder Story:Dress up Games, Fashion Dolls for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by 31 Dress up Games located at 61-65 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love the game super fun cosplay it is super fun but one complaint is that the close they don't cover the body much so I would love it if they added actual close
This is a great game for people who love being creative! The ads for almost everything are a tad but annoying, otherwise I love this game!
Absolutely LOVE IT when I first got the app I was so excited to play it and no bugs no NOTHING that made me sad about the game 5 star review definitely recommend to install the game,<3
Yes this is a good game but one small issue everything you need for the outfit to look perfect you have to watch an ad for
I'm reading the comments and my fears is going to comment back, so I get you mostly it's about how she , let's daughter, play this game, and then like every time she changes outfit, her skin color changes back to life and yours like 3 different skin tones, and only one of them are black, but it's not even black cycle, grey color I'm gonna cut this short, I wish you would please have like some black colors and there, because it's so racist to a black woman for black female to play this game.
This game is so fun but the only bad thing is to many things are locked and you have to watch adds for all of them but ya the game is really fun
I like this game but i think its a bit uncomfortable wwhen we have to see the ads to get good stuff. And i love this game accept that.
It was very fun to play and you can dress people up as they are the games I like the only problem is that the dresses on it most of them you have to watch a video for it and most of the socks are to but over all it's a fun game and I recommend it for ages 4-8
It actually kinda sucks and the colors of the game or very unappealing and tacky. There are so many locked items but atleast the art is good ig. Oh, and its also pretty boring cause of the repetitive game play. I just want the dress XD
Because it's such a good game I can do anything I want I can be anyone I want plus it's not even glitchy just like the other games I did so beautiful it's so beautiful I can't believe this game even exist about to consignment it's so cute too like my cat game 🎮 I just like this game so much.
Very fun game . I really like the clothes and the accessories .There is one problem ,theres a bug when I go to it sometimes. But I still rate 5 star
You going to like show you your own style to people what I really like about it is that you can pick from many different outfits many different hairs different colors hair shoes all that stuff you can get backgrounds you can post stuff I guess yeah that's just really fun to me and also I'm doing five star rating because it says if you give me a five-star rating you'll get more clothes so yeah 👍
This game is really fun and better than there other games . Although I don't like how much adds you have to watch for stuff . But it is a really good game and I think you should get it
im just doing this for more outfits bc its my first time buttt there is an add every second i would rate it a 3 but i want clothes sooo
This game is actually 5 stars it so nice so many things to do. It's so fun and you can get so many ideas. It's also fun to compete in challenges
I love is so much better and you can make your own characters and it's really cool and it's like you can text people like fake people it's like awesome and you should really download it you'll really Love it
Very good i love it. The only thing that is wrong about this is that there are too many ads plz do an update with less ads. Other than that its very cool and i give it a 5/5 P.s i like the diffrent things that you give us like the carecters and the others.
I love this game so much it is entertaining, fun I'm just lost for words it is outstanding and everyone else is saying that there is toooo many ads well that is because u have a laggy device
It's a really good game I like it a lot only bad thing is that you have to watch ads to get any of the other stuff I'd recommend this game maybe about ages 5 to like 16
Could be a fun game but waaaaaaaaay too many ads (the amount is ridiculous) and you can't tell what makeup items you're putting on because they don't show up until you go to the next screen.
This game has WAY too many ads outside of watching them for accessories, and there are only a handful of challenges. There hasn't been a new challenge posted since I downloaded this game. It has potential if they would at least post daily challenges and lessen the ads just a little...
Like the game so far, nice clothes but everything is locked u have to buy to use them just to unlock the clothing ite,s such as hair, glasses all seperate
This game is so amazing and fun....the graphics are really beautiful, good job to the animators...I love this game so much that I play it everyday...
I'm really pleased by this app bc there is really cute outfits and amazing swimsuits . And I know this wont be helpful but it is only how I feel.
I honestly kinda don't like how almost everything you have to watch an ad, but I love the art style and the concept!
This app i so fun even if there is a lot of ads but i love how i put make up some of things need ads to get them but you have to install its a very nice app try it Now
I love this game,although there are too many adds,and you need to watch an add so that you can have clothes and acessories,but anyways,ill give this 5 stars still a great game
I love this game , how you can dress up enter challenges and do other things but there are a lot of ads and it does kinda load to long and it's buggy
I say 4 because the game is great and all but you have so many ads for stuff,but the game is a amazing,and they need to let of text what we want lol
This game is lit i like how you can pick what challenge you want and when your finish you can like talk with people. So thats why i give this game 5 stars.
Rilly gud game I'm only 9 years old but rilly like it I do think that there are a few to many ads and not that many add free items
It's really cool why is because I play it when I'm really bored And ya it's the best game ever I feel like the whole world should play this game cuz it's really fun when you go to create your own character.
I don't really like it it said on could get free clothes I hate that I have to watch ads for the cute stuff.
All I can say is that this is a very fun game. It's not to girly which is a big thing for me. There are some ads, not a problem tho.
Hi im really love the game im 10 years old and it k im watch ads for the cute think pls do more game like that people will love it! And it soo cool thank you💖
The amount of ads in this is ridiculous. The style of everything is 90% thot fashion with not much else, and especially not anything else that isn't locked behind ads. I hate how much stuff you have to unlock with ads, even after being berated with ads all over the place outside of dressup.
Really good game you can choose a person and make them however you want you have to watch an ad for picking one with the ad logo and I am only 10 so I am really happy
It's a great dress up game there really isn't anything wrong with it you have to watch ads for some things but that's fine by me also it said if I give them a five star I would get some outfits first I didn't get the gifts promised and it pops up every time I'm in the app but I already gave then a 5 star so idk what's wrong
This game is absolutely amazing its like aplace where u can explore your inner fashion and u are just so free to where what you want without having to pay like we do in real life.All you haveto do is watch an add its awsome!❤im also excited for more updates
I really like this game. Lots of makeup and clothing options. There are a few dress up challenges as well as you can free play with spa and hair,makeup and clothes. I like how there are lots of hair styles and colors too. I will keep playing.
This app has encouraged my fun hobby of being my own fashion designer. There are different avatars you can play with and post your dolls you've created. AWSOME!!!!!
This app is really fun to play, I barely started playing it and it's cool. You can do makeup, change her clothes, and even change her hair style. I hope this helps!
This is surprisingly a pretty good dress up app. I had a lot of fun. The only problem I had was that most of the stuff needed an add to use. But other than that I like it
Game was a bit laggy and there was alot of ads but besides that its a great game that i love to play to pass the time
I LOVE this game it's so fun making all the outfits and I love the stories to! The only thing is almost every thing to need to get it by watching ads but other than that it's amazing!
Far too many ads, cant play for even a few seconds without getting one. I don't necessarily mind having to watch ads for more options, but there are so many more beyond that. Also i initially chose the character with the darkest skin (which is super grey anyway) but when actually playing, the character was white with no option to change the skintone. Which is awful, why bother offering players this choice when it doesnt matter.
This game is amazing all the clothes are just so beautiful and just I don't know what to say like I feel like I am just addicted to your game I love the challenges and all things about the game and now I start to wonder how much time it took for you to make the game and upload it and I feel like I can't even get on top of you if I made games like oh my goodness By Mimi my nickname
I really like this game and because it is free and you can play at at any age so i suggest yhis if your really into fashion and design
It's very laggy, and has inappropriate ads. Every time an ad pops up it kicks me out! Do not get this game, it is very, very, very bad.
This is sooooo cool like superrrr cool like omg when got.the 1st task it was cool the total that i love this game is 10000000%cause its soo cool
Two stars, but just for now until my following problem with this app game is solved > the loading screen with a woman walking and where I get to control the what seems to be the loading bar and there's also jazz music playing, yeah, I can't get past this part, this is my 5th attempt to get it to load in the last 10 minutes now. Is it because of my internet connection? Or is there actually something about the app? Any ideas for me, anyone? Thanks! :]
To many ads. You need a add for everything I hate it when games have so many ads yet I got a game with countless amounts of ads.#dontgetit.
I love this game you could dress her up you could put makeup on her you could pick which one you want to do you could pick a picture what you want to put and you could also pick like a swimming or party place you could pick what picture you want to do and it's really fun you should play it
I really like this game cause it's basically dressing up. I think everyone should play this game but one thing you guys should make people have friends in the game and make them text for themselves
I love it that's all I gotta say I give it 5 stars cause good polite but I'm like how when I touch stuff like makeup and stuff it gives me an ad can you please fix that the toy ask for but still 5 stars
Its very fun and a very interesting dress up game im rating this five stars bc of all the choices and accessories and all that anyway, I SOOOO recommend if you need a dress up game to satisfy you 😉
This games is pretty cool, I'm enjoying the different combine and styles there are to choose from. The only problem are the ads. There are so many ads which cause me to have to restart a chacater over when I get back to the game.