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Vlinder Princess - Dress Up Games,Avatar Fairy

Vlinder Princess - Dress Up Games,Avatar Fairy for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by 31 Dress up Games located at 61-65 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a really good game. I'd recommend it 100% . Its a really cute , fun and entertaining game! Aswell as this you can have the choice of buying clothes or watching a simple advert about 13 seconds long! I love this game so much .
It's an amazing game. There isn't really alot of ads and it's really fun to customiza characters! I would defenetly recommend for download.
It's so good u can make ur own character and u can have some pretty outfits by just watching an "ad" Omg I love this game now!!!
PLS, PLS put some more selections on every single thing in this game and PLSSSSSSSSSS put pose selections im gonna get tired of the same old pose.
I really enjoyed this game as it was really fun to create characters with all these unique and fantastic options! There weren't many ads too so that was a major plus for me. This game is really lovely to play. x
I love this game it's really fun the outfits are adorable and the process of making a character isn't that hard will recommend :)
If I could give four in a half I would because I only have one problem, you need to watch an ad to get anything that isn't unlocked.besides that it's a fun game would recommend if you like designing.
I'm loving it, as you can create literally anything, and they kind of remind me of Vtubers in a way. Love the style of it and I have no problems with it so far, although the ads can be a bit annoying for unlocking clothes, I'm fine with it as it's worth it in the end
I've been impressed by the amount of great clothing but if you don't like ads then do not get this app personally I love it
Its very fun and the outfits r beutiful I would totally recommend this game to anyone who likes dressing up characters a lot, i love this game so much ❀
Great, every thing is free, mostly, if its not you just have to watch a single add its a great option for children
This game is very calming to me and I really enjoy all the styles and colors in this game there is a bit of adds that pop up but that's fine.
I just downloaded this and i already love it i love that it already has all the skin tones you need even tho i wish it hd other skin tones like red or anything from the rainbow ok this is a joke (if it was a human i would date it)
Its a really good game and the outfits are adorable but the only complaint I have is the amount of ads you need to watch to unlock stuff but other then that its amazing
I really loke this game because it gives you a lot of clothes at the beginning of the game. It also let's you let's you get a lot of clothes when you watch an advert.
It was a lovely game that gifted me with so much opportunities including free outfits this game would be recommended!
This was such a cute and fun game! I love all the outfits and choices the only thing I would change is to have more outfits without haven't to watch ads for them :/ but otherwise 5 stars!!!
This is a cool game it is nice for kids who want to become a model it's like a good game to give them an example of what they can do for a lot of stuff
You can create characters and it could look like anime if you add the stuff I think you should add somewhere they can go to like a town, city, mall, whatever! Keep the game opend never shut it down keep makeing games like this :D
It's A Good Game 5/5 For Me Just Because its a good game to unwind and relax and play! You get to design Characters and All and all its a pretty good game.
The best game in the world I would never rate it an 1star because people put a lot of effort and people just dislike it and I want people to know that it's not a bad game I like every thing that has to it and I hope people like the game as much as I do but mean people might hate the game and dislike it but for me I love that they give you options instead of just making a doll for you sometimes games just do everything for you and like me I already told you that I LOVE the game and I like it ❀️❀
Game generally is good and really fun to play. I love how you can also customise the hair colours to your own tastes since most dress up games are full of presets. Lost a star though because of how many ads there are, other then that I have absolutely no other issues with this game
I love this game it's really relaxing and if u ever feel really angry or in any situation where u need to relax just lock itself in ur room and play this game that is what I did alot with this game because I felt really annoyed so please try this game out
Amazing game, it gives you free stuff you can watch a add or get it but, when you press get it will show up with a store.
I love this game you can add eyesores to your avatar and earn some close everyday and I play this almost everyday thats why i gave ut a five star!
Its really fun but a little bit glitchy idk if its my phone type of what but overall this game is really good not that many ads ig so Overall pretty good πŸ‘
This game is really fun i instealled it and i cant stop playing! It also gives me great ideas for doll outfits to make!
I really love this dress up app i wish it had more beautiful outfits i had lots of trouble with finding the socks but it so good
I love the app but, I have three companies. I put a dress on my character and when I looked at the shoes NONE of the shoes matched! And every time get out of the add on top of my screen ANOTHER add comes up over and over again! And the last complain, the adds are HORRIBLE!!!!
This game is fun it's like you have a doll but she's a character in the game that you could dress up and design to make her look pretty .
I really love this game tbh lots of clothes fashion I love it. PERFECT. I don't mind about the ads tho! Good job for creating this game! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„
I haven't played this for long, just got it but it's very good, I don't mind if I had to unlock things with ads. But anyways, gotta get back to the game . 5 stars
Really cute game, but the only problem is THE ADDS, some are very innapropriate, but overall the game is amazing!~β™‘
The game is good but i only made one doll but now when i play theres ads on my screen but i can't close the ads so i can't play the game please fix this soon
It's really good and its actually quite fun I love how you can watch only ONE! add to get full outfits including hair recomend this alot it doesnt take that much time to load witch is good also it's to play in the car or in your free time because its offline !!!
My first time play this game so fun But can you put one thing can you put To pick body pose because is to boring If the pose is still same.
It's good I like the game!, Tho ads are my problem still, all of the games I play have ads- a lot of ads pop up and I'm very annoyed by that please change that either way I'm gonna give it five stars:>
It makes you think about things you can never imagine and you can decorate your own avatar so this is really really really good that's why I give it five stars
It's fun but every time I get out a character it won't go away when I try bin it in a way then I have to keep installing and reinstalling the app and it frustrated me And it's really annoying OK πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
Super cute! Adorable game I loved it, but maybe get rid of having to watch an add to get a certain outfit.
This is a really fun game but maybe more cloths and styles should be added and maybe a bigger ground to place them on
It's great! Has so many cute clothes and hair styles! The art style is really nice too, I recommend that you download it!
It's a pretty good game it looks really nice but the only one downside is that there is too many adds
I like this game but I dont like how you get adverts every time you click on something. You also have have to watch an advert when you want to get something new, like a dress or a shirt. It's quite nice as you can easly put together a nice outfit but the game can get quite boring as that's all you do. Maybe add a few levels or a mini game to get exclusive clothes or a currency to buy clothes in game (not real money). That's all I have but it does need a few more adjustments.
Love this app! I recommend this app! I give it a 5 stars!! The only thing is that you can't dress up a boy!
This game is really fun because it's has lots of cute clothπŸ’Ÿ But if I could change one thing it would be to not have any or as many adverts as the is.😴 Over all 4⭐ Because they said if you rate it 5⭐then you get 3 free dresses that are really cuteπŸ’Ÿ Over all great gameπŸ’Ÿ
My experience is great A couple Ads I like how I can make Avatars but i don't really like how I have to watch ads for some Acsesorys.
I like this app because you get to design it yourself and you get characters that are already dressed and you can start from there. It is a cool game.
This game is really good because you can really do whatever you want! And there are no limits! So its really cool!!
It is very good but this game has a little bit of glitches were sometimes when you choose a second hairstyle if you change your mind for the front hair it takes your character's hair off
This is a really fun game to play when you are bored. I recommend this game as the clothes are really cute :)
The skin doesn't get darker than a little tan and you have to watch countless ads in order to earn the good clothing. I know they make money from ads, but this is too much. Not to mention there is only one body shape (however this was to be expected from a game like this).
I actually really like this game it might be as based but you you only have to watch one video for every new outfit you want
It is so fun, and you can design a lot of people, and I also like it, how they change its color, I give this 5 out of 10, I sleep 100 out of 10, I love this game so much more update.
This game is awesome you get to customize everything you want it's like fairy very good game all day long 😍😍😍😍.
It was actually the type of dress up game and anomie type that I actually needed to do beginning is for inspiration to draw more things like this, and use this as inspirational
This is great! Lots of outfits to choose from. My daughter LOVES this game and is never off it. 🀩🀩
I really love this game because you can use this for like day clothing a d choose your character that you might want to be real.
I made myself in this game,and it looks very cute!i would give this four and a half stars because there is no black skin color,and that bothers me a little. And there are a little more.ads than i hoped.
Such a fun game, I'm addicted with creating new characters and dressing them up!! Lots of cute options, good job on the app
I love this, it's really cute and fair!! I've been using it to design OCs and it's been a really big help!!
I really love this game! Enough dress, shoes, socks etc. But i really want is that can you put more eyes in the game or different colors because the eyes is not just many.....but anyway it's nice! I recommend you to install this game!!
I like this app, quite a variety of selection. The ads aren't to long tbh. I think they should add more hats and face accessories. I saw this app on tiktok and wanted to try! My tiktok is @mikanbunnie
Amazing it's so good! It's like barbies but more realistic! Please download this it is worth it it's just too good!! And it's so relaxing and calm.