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VISTALGY® Cubes for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Magic Dream Pro Ltd located at Rambam 50 Rishon-le-Tsion, 7531073 ISRAEL. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 7.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Not bad but: Camera needs a sensitivity option for those of us who want more, there is no 3x3 in the cubes section, and it would be nice if there was an option to have turns done during the swipe and canceled if not swiped far or fast enough, instead of after the swipe.
The is app is perfect. The top critical review is someone looking for a different app. This isn't meant to solve puzzles for you; it's for you to solve puzzles without physical ones.
Although the game is Great but controls needed to be much better, it is very difficult to control it.
Very nice Rubik's cube app but the 2x2x3 is not in it but overall it is a really good app but the only problem is that it has a lot of ads
I previously gave this 4 stars, but I have to change that to 3 stars. It seems like there has been quite a downgrade with the updates. What happened to the 20x20? And why are there so few variations now? Maybe it's because of legal reasons or because of hardware, but it's definitely a shame.
Unresponsive, does not properly pick up my fingers movements, there is an ad every other interaction and nothing else really needs to be said.
It is unsolvable. There is a bug in the scramble mechanism. When the app scrambles for you it becomes unsolvable. While solving the final yellow face (starting with white) , having made the yellow cross. There can only be 0, 1 or 4 yellow corners facing up. It is a fact. But I got 2 corners facing up. It took me hours of searching online to get the fact. Then I scrambled the cube myself and finally solved it on the third day. Also other top apps are the same.
I would give it a five star but they is a shoot tons of ads appearing every time I finish a cube, pressing the back Arie too the menu of puzzles, and when I start a puzzle. Maybe try not to push to much ads please?
Great game but I wish there was a 3x3 without shapes on the stickers and looked like the original cube
This game is just AMAZING but can you please fix this, i was doing the 19x19 and after a couple minutes it just goes to the (record a video) screen and it deletes all my progress. i can't even do the checkerboard without this happening. please fix this...
Awesome, but the Sqaure-2 is not a real square-2... But for everything else, it's super cool! Skewb must be included also. And the Pyramorphix, Mastermorphix, and Megamorphix.
It's a really great game, it is really fun and stress-reliving. This app has thought more about twisty puzzles and also the plenty different that exists.
Everything is good except rotations of the cube sometime it's not rotate the rotation of cubes are worst in this app
Very good interface. but there is a bug that if you interrupt the program while it is reloading a saved state, it reverts to a solved puzzle.
There is no way to purchase the app or to get rid of advertisements. Otherwise it seems to be pretty good. If I can't get ads removed, I will likely stop using the app altogether and uninstall it. While there is support for social scorekeeping for those who like a challenge and want to compete for a rank, it is a waste of my time to be forced into allowing this game to have internet access so I can have spam marketing every time I want a puzzle. If that is fixed, I will gladly revisit my rating.
Doing the dragon cube and the 5 by 5 is very difficult on this app and moves are recognised wrong sometimes but overall it's a good app
This is a great app, but I've been experiencing a very small bug, I can't find the regular 3x3. Also a suggestion, I think you should be able to either search for the desired cube and create cubes, especially cuboids. Aside those things this is the best cubing app ever!!
VISTALGY has the best cubes......the controls are very good.......the only thing is missing is the sound, there is no sounds when you move the blocks of the cube, like the other cube games has, the sound make the cube movements realistic. So, I wanna tell the developers, add sounds of cube movement.....like "khrrr khrrr".....it makes the cube and gameplay more realistic and fun. ThankYou for this wonderful game. 💙 Keep creating good stuff like this. : )
Pretty great! Needs more puzzles that arent really face turning, liky pyraminx duo or something. Otherwise, i love it!
App was great UNTIL ad-zilla took over. I completed a puzzle and before I was returned to the menu to choose another one I had to endure THREE separate ads. I wouldn't bat an eye at one ad, but three is overkill. Also, customizing cubes was downgraded to some credit system when it was completely free awhile back. Ridiculous. Also, your 3x3x3 cube went missing. Way to not include the most iconic rubiks puzzle. Top tier decision making 🤣
used to be the best cubing game, but then I kept losing progress on big cubes and when I made a review. There was an update to "fix the problem" but it still happens. Spend a few hours working on a large cube just to come back later and it all be gone is overshot frustrating. also removing the classic 3x3 cube. I read there was a copyright complaint, the game still needs some sort of 3x3 that isn't a sticker mod, movie cube, or bump cube. This WAS my favourite cubing game.
I love this game. Recomend adding more puzzles such as even layered dodecahedrons and more puzzles like the redi cube. Perhaps even an option to click a button to move a side, like F to move the front. It would make algorithms easier to execute. It would make a great app better.
I would've given it 5 stars but some of the cuboids are really messed up and unsolvable, please revisit cuboids mechanisms especially crazy cuboids aka ultimate shapeshifters. Other than that it's a GREAT app
Thank you. This is cool I had an idea for the dodecahedron. In your design, the vertices of the stars do not reach the corners of the pentagons. Your design is possible to create in real life. Instead, if the vertices of the stars are the vertices of the pentagons, then there are TWO logical sets of axes. Centered in each face, with pentagonal shapes rotating, much like you currently have, and then also a second set, centered in the vertices, rotating through triangles. This would be cool.
Good set of cubes, sometimes hard to control the turns. On the square 1 game. This increases the completion time, and forces higher focus.
Good, a nice way to test a speedcubers cognition. I enjoy it mostly because I can play with puzzles that don't exist in real life, I would enjoy however if there were bigger puzzles, I would like to be able to say I solves more than a 20 by 20, while that is big it only takes a few days, I want a really big cube that takes me weeks. Otherwise great app, definitely not a big problem with size I was mentioning, just a preference.
Good game. Cube rotating could be better. Also, for some reason I can't access a normal Rubik's cube, just all other nxnxn's. Not sure if this is just me or not
I like this app very much. This is the first app I've ever voted. All types of cubes and cuboids are there in this app. I suggest the team of this app to guide how to solve the cube, i.e giving formulas for the corresponding cubes
I like this app very much it has n number of puzzles,and are so good that's the reason I rated it 4 stars.But the only thing I need is that I can't solve it once it is shuffled so can you add some more MBs by adding a training system in the game it will be much helpful
Needs better control over turning the different layers..., As well as the direction the layers turn when solving the more complex puzzles which SIDE is being turned when turning a whole face of the puzzle and the camera angle turning could be improved upon to have more stability and control. Otherwise, it's a VERY INTRIGUING, LOADS OF FUN AND GREAT APP FOR PUZZLERS WHO HAVE TIME TO KILL AND NO "PHYSICAL" PUZZLES TO OCCUPY THEIR TIME! IT'S GREAT FOR BOTH "LONG-TIME" & "FIRST-TIME" CUBERS ALIKE!
The latest (at least, some last time I played) update has totally ruined this app. Until now there were no ads, which was heavenly; now they pop up every few seconds, which is Hell. I have loved this app for years but am now brokenhearted and so disappointed. The developers should be ashamed. EDIT: Of all the stupid things: the basic, fundamental, plain-stickered 3x3x3 Cube is missing! The menu skips from 2x2x2 to 4x4x4. What the--?!? Did Erno Rubik sue the developers, or something?
There is a lot of variety of cubes and so many other prisym type puzzles. I would never be able to collect so many except in an app like this.
I love the app however, I've spent hours on a few different variants like the 19x19 and also the 9x9 dodechahegron just for them to freeze and lose progress or just reset altogether for no reason. If it wasn't for that I'd rate 5 stars. It's happened numerous times including just moments ago, I think that's enough to drop 2 stars losing hours upon hours of work. 😔
i love the game. its great😍😍😍. One problem. woth 4×4 cube and higher turning is a lot harder when you do paritys please try putting a special function for that
This game is epic! Could you please make more puzzles? Not mirror or dragon associated. Something like eve cube, or other cool cubes.
App is good but there no sign up Or sign in option to add account .. I think if we uninstall it we will loss our data, and I did megaminx cube solve... And I'm in top 20 list in time and moves.. Plz provide add account option to save our game datas
Has any imaginable shapes, possible and impossible. The controls are simple and theres an undo button in case of mistakes.
I like how there's almost every type of puzzle, if you don't have a puzzle you want to learn, you could still learn it with this app👍👍👍totally recommend it.
I always loved solving puzzles. This app is well designed and controls well so I can solve the puzzles without problems.
If you like Rubik puzzles this for you. I do not believe some puzzles exist in real life. The most difficult part is getting the rubik cube to rotate the way you want.
After recent update I'm uninstalling, too many adds, and now we have to have a point system, and you still haven't put the 3x3 normal back, I actually miss the beta version, ruined an awesome game for money. Bye.
Fun app, but some of the puzzles are next to impossible due to no instructions on how the pieces are able to move (Crazy Cuboid). It'd be nice to be able to change the colors of the puzzles like previous versions allowed.
It can have better control. All the puzzles in this app and very nise but it had not good control on turning of cube. u should do something about it.
Ok, but I don't get the point why someone sent that complaint and the 3x3 was the first cube ever created, so I want it back. Also it would made absolutely no sense to remove the 3x3, but keep all the other 3x3s. Oh yeah and moving on from that, I would also like you to add more sticker cube variations, and the skewb.
This application is very nice as it saves a lot of money.It gives me many things .It makes my mind very active . It makes me patient more over .The difficult of this app challenges my mind and that makes it very interesting .Since a year I joined to a big group of Egyptian cubers and I share it to them . At the end I wish any kind company to send me a group of royal cubes like megaminx , professor pyraminx, ganz air for free . My address (( 28_abo el zein street . albadrshein .Giza .Egypt )