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Vista Golf

Vista Golf for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Shallot Games, LLC located at 201 HAWKMEADOW DR TALLAHASSEE, FL 32312. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is my favorite golf game. I like how you guys didnt litter it with ads. I like the game its kinda addictive.
I've only played one other golf game on my phone before, wasn't especially impressed...but this one makes the other look great. The only positive thing about this one, is that there is a button to turn off the sound in the ads. On top of that, the ads are much too long. To be honest, that's what irks me the most. If the gameplay was better, I'd be willing to pay a buck or two, to get rid of the ads, but it fails in that regard.
Guys you can uninstall and get the older version.. the older version rocks and the new one is lame like F...Get the apk of the older version from third party website... Not giving 5 stars coz they messed up the game by upgrading it..!!!
Game crashes everytime I open a course regardless the type. Otherwise this game would be 5 stars had it for a couple years now and it's great WHEN IT WORKS.
Enjoyable, tricky and with seemingly endless levels. I like the daily/weekly challenges too. Compared to some of the other crazy golf games, this is on a another level.
I have only been playing for a few minutes but I will come back and redo this review as I go on so far I love it is very challenging which is awesome think the graphics could be just a little bit better better than that I really love and enjoy the game it's neat and hope you think it makes you think
I like this game before the update and now I love it. I love that you've added so many different obstacles. Almost at level 900 on infinite mode and the levels are getting crazy!
the ball won't go in the hole after the new update. I have put the ball dead center of the hole and it floats over it and won't go in. game is literally unplayable till this is fixed... app was updated when I made the post.
mostly fun game but a lot of glitches that need fixed. recent update pussed me off that i deleted the game after 9100 holes. latest update wouldn't let ball fall into hole and basically locked up my game. maybe in thee future you fix most of the problems and make it more enjoyable to play. thanks
this game is no longer the relaxing time-waster I liked. The new controls are buggy, the ball sometimes seems to hit an invisible object, so it's just not fun anymore. Uninstalled it.
the games that hasnt been great compared to before. advertisements should not be in the form of videos as it makes the game very laggy. after the update the golf hole has a suction feature which is very inaccurate and pointless. You can't hit the ball even if it's stationary if it's within the range of the moving bar or the up and down slope. very ridiculous and frustrating
Too frequent and too long advertisements distract from the playing experience .. the game is good, but gets unplayable after some time with ads.
I first encountered this game around October 2017, at first I assumed it was just another "poorly made" mobile sports game. But boy was I wrong! This has exceeded my expectations by a mile. It is easy enough to pick up and learn in a few minutes but challenging enough to keep you coming back for more! It is now 2020 and it still is one of my favourite games in the market. To anyone who may be able to read this I hghly recommend you download the game, because I'm sure it won't disappoint.
Revising my last review. Changes made like transparency & unobstructed views have made this a great game. Very fun now with easy controls & beautiful courses.
This game went through a dark period where they ruined infinite mode. But now it's back and even more crazy if I could give it more than 5 I would. Infinite has brought more life to this game.
before the latest update, I enjoyed this game so much! I'm currently stuck on a level because the ball won't even go in the hole anymore. I have a screenshot to prove my point. they've almost messed up the power strength too. it's a great case for, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". won't be playing it until they fix it. 3/5 purely on prior to update.
I had lots of fun playing this, with 500+ levels on my Lenovo and 300+ on my Realme but there's still a bug where I got stuck inside the wall because I got pressed by the moving column. Maybe you can set that one as out of boundary and replace the ball to the last time before it got stuck. I had to reinstall it
This game was great before the update and it would be even better now if they didn't simplify the courses. It's not nearly as rewarding when you finish a par 5 hole with the help of a putting guide on hole 4700 in infinite mode. If I could ask for one thing, it'd be to make the holes longs and twistier like it used to be in infinite mode. I'll change my review to 5 stars when it reverts back.
Fun game, what's less fun are the unskippable 30-second ads that pause my music or videos on every other hole
Enjoyable game with good controls. However, once you start playing infinite mode, a lot of the levels have layers that block you from seeing the actual ball. Makes it pretty much impossible to play the levels. Disappointing lack of testing by the looks of it.
What is even happening to this game now? I stopped playing the weekly challenge after the last round of big updates and now this. The physics feels totally off from before the most recent update. Shots at 5 - 20 go way farther than expected and make some shots feel near impossible when trying to make small movements. I've stuck with at least infinite mode until now. I don't think I'll be playing even that for much longer after this update.
Awesome! Starts out easy, but keep playing. 😏 Love the clean, minimal graphics, color scheme, AND the fact that it"s a solo game. I tried a bunch of mini golf games before keeping this one. Ads are crazy - worth the $2 to go ad-free.
Sometimes the levels are so completex I can't see the ball. Moving forward, it would be nice if the layers above the ball could be either cut out or transparent. It could be done tastefully I think. Anyway, I love how this game has evolved, it's a source of joy.
Have installed this game on every phone for 10 years. Despite minor bugs here and there, I still really like this game and will continue to play.
The only reason I kept this game was to play a few infinite holes (lost all interest in weekly after the control scheme change), but now there is a stuck fan that I literally cannot pass. I'm done. I hope you gained a lot of new players when you changed things, because you sure lost a lot of your old players. Uninstalled.
Well, the new fix isn't much better. You've overcorrected to absurd par 40+ holes on infinite mode, which have some potentially interesting new features, but the aiming mechanism is garbage, doesn't work. You need to revert to the original. You took a great game, I played over 8000 holes, and ruined it to the point where I just uninstalled it. Very unfortunate, and unnecessary.
This is one of the most coolest games. Every stage is highly enjoyable although some levels are more difficult than others especially the ones with a curculating fan.
It's very relaxing, it really encourages making crazy shots that skips half of the course which is cool
Really love this simple infinite golf game. Relaxing music and sound effects. I really wish I could create an account and have my progress sync between the Android version and iOS version.
Was a very fun game until most recent update. Update broke game physics, and drastically changed gameplay for the worse. The game is no longer fun an I will be uninstalling, despite having paid to remove ads.
Recent update ruined the game. I've played this game for probably a year now and am on level 6000 of infinite. This update made putting way too easy and more predictable. The walls aren't as bouncy as they used to be and the ball doesnt roll against them. The levels in infinite are way too easy. The weekly holes were changed from.18 holes to 9 holes.
Game won't load anymore. It crashes almost immediately. I cleared my cache for the game and it reset my progress from level 440 to 1.
This is a great putt putt game. I'm playing in infinite mode and on hole 250. Well worth a couple of bucks to remove the ads. Good go to bed game. 5 stars if I could fully rotate the playing field due to not being able to see the ball under other objects at times.
Seems fun, but crashes every time I finish a level, or sometimes randomly. I'm on android. looks cool but i cant play it
Love this game, however with most recent UI update for Samsung s10e, the game crashes whenever I try to load a level. Please look into this if you can. Thanks!
What have you done with this update? You ruined the gameplay. You turned a great game into a childish and boring arcade. Please bring back the previous version, I loved it! Thank you for your reply. The new version gives too much information on the ball path, it takes away the challenge. It's just too easy now! You had a great game here, I hope you can find again the right balance of information/challenge. Of course it would also be nice to have again a full 18 hole course on the weekly challenge.
Good but to many adds after a couple of holes and sometimes the have course overlapping so can't see the hole under neath
Sorry, had to go 1 start because the game no longer works since last Android update. Please fix this and I'll gladly up the stars. I love this game when it works, up to level 1350 in infinite mode. Was very enjoyable!
Ads that are nearly impossible to skip, and for the life of me I cannot find an option to pay to remove them. edit: Way to hide hit, i never miss so that's why I didnt find the option to remove ads. 😉 thanks for the reply.
Sorry for bad reviews me not delete this I love game only problem I have is after while you get a course that is not able to win at all no matter how I do it it goes back to start area on a par 7 no way to learn where to go please try to update this game better make all courses playable where you can tell where to aim ball then I will give 5 star rating me still love this not delete it so please update this golf ap ok
Definitely one of the best games on here. The ads aren't in your face, it doesn't try to push microtransactions, its great.
Simple and addictive game! But course sometimes owerlaps and you cant see under it. It should be fixed by making the top layer semitransparent, the same as trees do.
Not only did they screw up the power system majorly, but this patch added another bug... 100 is not full power anymore. Keep dragging farther back from 100 and the number won't change but the power increases sending the ball even farther than the previous max and making 100 power shots incredibly inconsistent
I think you should make a dog square and make it a little bit less like that's like something that's crazy because in a block world there has to be a square shape ball what does to give this game look like sorry it's still better than that really bad version of mini golf
Wish this game has a cloud save option . I don't want to lose my progress every time I change my device . Overall this is a great game . Challenging , fun , light .
I would give this game a 5 star review, but the recent update broke my game. Half of the courses are underwater now and I can't see the end of the holes. physics feel broken as well. I loved this game when it wasn't needlessly updated
This is my go to game! At the 1900th hole in infinite mode and it's still fun! I love that you can create shortcuts by using well placed "trick shots". Please never change this part of the game! One bug: If your ball stops and balances on an edge or a slope above a drop off and you then foul the next shot; you can end up in a loop where the ball resets and falls, resets and falls. Restarting the hole is the only way I can escape that loop. (Has happened ~20 times in 1900 holes.) Two thumbs up!!
Overall I really like this game. As I have said before, 3D vision should not only include palm trees obstruction but also course structures and multi-story levels as well. As you play from up in the air, it is hard to determine angles and distances when you cannot see your ball lie! Put the shot strength meter in an upper corner to avoid being hidden by finger or hand.
They had a perfect game. Then managed to completely mess it up. The rebound angles aren't what bug me. The changed physics, rotating pyramids and moving courses make even the easy levels way harder and not as relaxing. Last year when I played this game last it was way better. I'm really disappointed in the steep decline this app took recently cause it was my favorite and I had beaten over 1000 levels on infinite and done almost every course over the span of 9 months. Heart breaking, truly.