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Virtual Table Tennis

Virtual Table Tennis for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by SenseDevil Games located at 15-16, Building 4, No.68, Panlong Boulevard, Jiulongpo, Chongqing, China. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
My one and only best game loved it, but if there would be more emojis like😝 just a little bit more, it will be really amazing, it is actually👌
Great gameplay, but now it's not even possible to play a friends via Google play - it says it's not possible with my account ever since I installed the 21 March. Please fix!
Please add Skins and Ranked Mode, make this game More enjoyable then it is already , but overall the gameplay is perfect i like it , just add some scoreboard with some ranked rewards like coins , or Skins, some quick Arena 1v1 .. i would love to play that Kind of Table Tennis.
The controls really do not work in my phone which makes it irritating while playing and the ball do not go in the direction I ever want to. LITERALLY THE WORST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG!!!!!!! This game is SOOOOO addictive!!!! You must download but if you are playing against a computer always start with the easy mode and then progress to the harder!!! For the whole 10 years of my life this game is the best table tennis game I've ever played!!!! Good job SenseDevil:)
It's a fun game to play but it's impossible to get new paddles since you can't even play online, so maybe make it so you can earn them from playing Bluetooth as well? Maybe you can also make coins available as a prize for winning tournaments? Is it possible to add a feature where you can give the training AI different paddles and it plays differently with the different ones? All and all a fun game but please consider adding these mentioned features
Worst Game I have ever played in my life...😠😠😠 Most important part of the game is playing Multiplayer but when we try to connect we reach inside and suddenly come back to the main menu without any reason.
Unfair game, the winning count is not equivalent to the loss count. That sounds like a scam to collect money. The more you advance in percentage, the less you pay for additional items and pay for points. So if you are a good player, that doesn't count, because if you lose one game, it takes down in percentage quickly, but you need to win many games to go that same point up. I sent an official complaint to this app and requested a correction action to this problem. I am still waiting for reply.
The game is really nice but I think that the rackets are too expensive and doesn't make a big diffrence in spinning the ball
Why on earth have you people removed Google Play option from multiplayer ? How can we play with our friend man ! Ridiculous update
( If you see this review don't download this game trust me.)I don't know why there is no option for giving zero stars because this game as is a waste of your time and has very bad physics. I believe that this game won't progress further in the future this is the worst game of all time.
I really appreciate a challenge this what the game offers very competitive I play anyone never will reject someone I will be the best one-day...4 now this the best ping pong forgot the rest
AI unbeatable on strong arcade and mid professional. Players in lobby all with poor connection,unplayable. User limited to one racket. Ball passing through the racket. Spin shot atempt results in a huge miss many times. Overall,game is interesting when you play against beatable AI. Everything else sucks. Message for developers : make it good or don't make it at all. Would give half a star but there is not an option.
I love this game so much!!😢😢😢thanks for developer for make this game. I'am so proud of you all. Good luck. I hope you read my review. Can you make game like but it's badminton. That's all for me. Goodbye and good luck again.
This game is fantastic but It would be great if you enable it to connect through hotspot the bluetooth did't work properly and sometimes it freezes while playing multiplayer other than this //LOVE IT, GREATE JOB...
Some users are using cheats. I lost a game with 16 win streak. The opponent didn't allow me to serve. Every time I was ready to serve, the ball was automatically falling outside the table.
Love this game . It's kinda like VR Headset in computer . Lol . But I glad with it's graphics and everything . But I'm requesting to please develop with new feature of duel player mode or team mode . Then it would be more pleasure to play . Please review my feedback . Thank You
It's really an enjoyable game. I loved it! Except that I don't get the purpose of Google play option in multiplayer mode.
Worst game.when you are in match it show you ads. When you are in match one thing come in the middle of screen and you cant shot. It like your lose
This is an amazing nostalgia trip, I used to play it 7 years ago and overall an amazing and simple game
Has potential to be good, needs first person close cameras rather than too much superfluous background. Better ball/bat control would be nice as well.
Every rematch game glitches out. The game is fun and real time but the rematches always glitch. There will be no ball and then it'll close out the game. Also, sometimes it lags and the ball will go through the paddle.
Good but it's not possible to play with a friend (without bluetooth) and via google paly..please fix it
Really good app, but I finding it hard to play with my friend online , in lobby . Can your team help?
Nice game, love the background, fresh and clean! However, I wonder if there are movements for spin and chop?
Good app for online table tennis....... But make it more nice for table tennis players...... There is only one table tennis online game in the play store......i seen it every where..... I only found in on laptop......like only virtual table tennis...... Hats of to this game...... Make some more updates of it..... This is the brilliant table tennis game on play store and also on the phone..... 💯💯💯💯💯😎😎🤓
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The game is cool in multyplayer game mode(when playing with bluetooth), but me and my friend experienced variety of bugs in a row. If developer works on it, app will be awesome ;)
The most engaging of all games I've even come across. The only setback is if you wanna play with your friends, the only option is Bluetooth connectivity and it is awful. Would like to suggest to the app makers to make a different mode of connection like WiFi hotspot or Online rooms type of thing in the future updates.
There is problem with gaming multiplayer via bluetooth. I have seen there following sentenses: Game is interrupted. I coudn't relaize what happened. I hope to answer my feedback in few time.
amazing!! absolutely amazing! one thing tho, the AI's bat in practice mode doesn't flow realistically. it's jerky and subconsciously affects how you respond to incoming ball. please fix. thanks alot! it's now full screen (immersive mode) on my 6in phone after the new update⭐⭐⭐ thanks again.. amazing ball physics. have you guys thought of strategic gyroscopic camera movement for more realistic ball pick up like from below the table or the extreme edge of the table? or camera movement in general..
This should be more popular. I played it with my friends via Bluetooth and it was an amazing experience. The gameplay is awesome, no gimmicks, just the required visuals. A 5 star for me.
Gameplay is ok, but game has some serious bug....when opponent hits the net, point goes to him??? And it happens very often too.....
I give it two stars because even though the game works well it just doesn't seem to follow up the multiplayer aspect and I don't know if I have to do a certain thing to be able to get to play with friends and the be in the world lobby or maybe it just a phone type difference. If you have this phone then you will be able to get more options? I'm not sure. I'm just confused how others are able to have the options and I'm not able to.
It is the baddest game I have ever played because when I have to get the point in tournament the other player gets it please fix the problem and then I will download it
compared to the version on iPad this is complete cobblers! It's slow beyond belief plus I keep getting an on screen message asking me if I want to quit the game. Well I certainly do on Android and for good!
Don't download this game. Why?: 1. Takes too long to connect to multiplayer 2. When in multiplayer, there's a big delay making it impossible to react in time. 3. It's trash
I will give you 4 stars My only problem with this game is online lobby You need to improve on online multiplayer
I am very glad for finding it again.When i was a child i would play it on my previous phone then i broke it and since then i havent played it i am very glad for finding it
Nice game but way too expensive they charge way too much for the paddlesthey probably cost more than paddles in real life do and if you want totrain earn some coins you better get comfortable because you're going to be there for a long time they only give two coins per video 😡 so yeahonly reason I'm not uninstalling is because I happen to be one of the people that paid for the paddle plus they don't have a lot of options 4 mini-games they just have arcade tournament and friendly
The game is good but doesn't have option to play over internet. Eagerly waiting for this feature. Also add feature for playing game over same wifi network
Not a smooth like earlier..since when they upgraded with all.the new stuffs, cant even spin, freezes so badly.. ball go right through the paddle.. so funny but its real.. it was a great game till you guys screwed up so badly..not even worth playing..
But there is a problem with this game that in this game twice in a normal level's tournament's international cup in a Mach in service I hit left side but ball rolls right side outside but accepted this game is Amazing. The Racquet is soooooooooo expensive also please less the rate of bats
I don't like it But good game. The paddles won't move and is very Stressful. I spend all day and all night How to fix but i can't is a wate of Time
This is a bad table tennis game.Multiplayer is not working properly , playing is not so smooth.horrible!
The games good hurts your finger after a while which is a downside and online play is unfair if the opponent has a bad internet connection you can't see where the balls going due to lag.
If you want to upgrade your paddle forget it. Very expensive and it takes forever to earn the amount for an upgrade. If you want it to win it to online match forget it it lag as hell
love this game but after the new update I have never had so many missed shots, as if the ball is going through the racket. Love the new dynamics, new scenes and the player aggresiveness but I dont enjoy playing this ge anymore after the last update. I will be uninstalling it and look for another TT game.
When I rematch with some through google play games. The game stops in middle and ball remains at ground and after some time error screen appears.
¡Great app! I used to play table tennis in childhood and the reality is mindblowing! The dynamics match perfectly to the experience when playing in a real setting. In order to make it more enjoyable and challenging, I would love if the app developers include an online tournament, at least once a werk, with prices being the use of the more expensive paddles for free for a certain period of time (7 days, for instance). A chat room would be nice too, in order to communicate with other players!
the online options sucks, i wanna play with my friend but i can't find her in the options, y'all should show everyone who's playing or at least put something like a code or idk to play with friends.
I like this game it has no lag 100 % fun and it has fair and balance game if there is a 10 ☆ i will rate it 10 ☆ i recomend this to you 👍