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Virtual Supermarket Grocery Cashier 3D Family Game

Virtual Supermarket Grocery Cashier 3D Family Game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Appricot Studio - 2D Games located at Dubai, UAE. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game itself is a good idea. The controls are hard to use and the game is super glitchy and buggy. Its terrible.
two ads before even starting the game, and when i finally got in the game the controls were so terrible i gave up, will be uninstalling
Boring how do you pick up stuff how do you get a cart this game is very brokenπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‡ the reson why im laphghing is becase thiis game is trash hwo ever made this game belongs in the dumster the trash and its a time game i cant beat the time if i cant pick them up
It is a nice game coz u get to experience shopping indoors and it relaxes my mind. I would have given it a 5 star rate but there is something that makes it hard to play it coz the arrow isnt very accurate
Thought this game would be fun but I thought wrong... When I first opened it, it gave me an ad which was not a good first impression. Also when I was checking out I tried to press the = sign but it didn't do anything. I was so confused...
Guys pls change the movement pad its bad and i cant even pick up in LEVEL 1 pls fix this am i juat dumb but how do u pick up stuff?
I give it zero stars bcoz when I want to take some items Iam unable to take, it's Too bad game it's disgusting
This game is horrible Do not waste your time is horrible game it's so slow the joystick is a way to big
I give 0 stars it loads to long I waited for 6 minutes it wasn't done loading than after that I tried getting back on it, it loaded for 9 minutes.
I give this game a 4 because it did have a timer which I didn't like the people where a little slow and it was a little hard to pick up the items and he does take a minute to download.so I would reccomend this game to you.
I could never get the person to move so I never got a chance to experience the game...I tried 3 different times, so I uninstall the app
Horrible how do u pick up the food and it is horrible ..... Wait did I mention horrible *yeah* oh ok just making sure
The game is not working at all when taking the items from the fridge they are not getting out of the fridge guys this game is just not working if you want it you are wasting you data shame good luck if it's working on your phone
The controls are not very good they are really slow. When I was checking out the equal sign doesn't even work. And when I got to level 4 it really messed up it said to get fish then orange juice and then butter. But after I followed the arrow it took me to the butter so I picked it up. But it checked orange juice instead of butter, so I just went to go pick up the juice but nothing happened.
The Game needs alot of work. The word you have as an item on the game (Tee) is incorrectly spelled its not Tee. Its suppose to be ( Tea). Now, You dont need to withdraw money everytime to start shopping, this is the year 2020 . Just design it to grab a cart and start shopping. Why the customers are walking around, pushing my cart out the way like zombies. VERY UNREALISTIC. Have the other people walk around with shopping carts as well.
I hate it you go slow and first of all you cant pick up anythang i tryed geting a cart and clicking on freash milk and i did not work!!?!? DO NOT install😠😠😠😠😠
Looked cool at first but then when I downloaded it I was so disappointed the controls are so laggy and glitchy and you can't pick stuff up please dont download this it's a waste of time
I'm sorry I don't like this game it's just bad I can't even pick things up and the control is bad you can't even find anything that you want and you don't know to sections so I hate this a 1 star sorry
IT IS AWFUL!!!! You cant even pick up any of the items and the graphics are awful! There are way too many adds and I just can't stand it.
Can't get passed level 3 everytime it says to get the trolley the arrow keeps pointing at me n it won't let me get any of the items on the list
this game is so horrible in my opinion I did not enjoy it at all in everyway possible it was a real waste of time again in my opinion besides there was not enough time and extremely to slow to complete the task which made the controls were very difficult to handle needless to say very dissapointing.
the game itself is not bad graphics overal good and the speed of the person walking is way too slow. The control is sluggish and need better improvement in the shopping cart like letting the person walk without the shopping cart instead of pushing it the whole time. overall better than what I expected.
It actually isn't that bad. With a some cleanup I think it could be a really great game. The controls are a little slow and weird but not bad. I was suprised because of the reveiws I had read I thought it would be horrible but it wasn't so I"m glad I gabe it a shot anyway! I hope they update it or clean it up a little so that it can reach its full potential!
This game is so stupid all you do is get what ut tells you to get and you are timed and they walk so slow and you go to the register and then you are done and the higher of the level the slower the people walk
The controls are a bit buggy I was following the arrow and it led me to a section where the orange juice was not and I pressed on a milk since it's right next to it and it did nothing so this game I would not recommend installing it is terrible and to the creators of this game please do not be mad because this is my own opinion
I went to the supermarket to buy some milk bread and eggs for breakfast. I asked the employee for fresh milk because the milk on the shelf was expired, she then answered me in a very rude way "No its the only milk we have unless you can fill some buttles for us you fat cow". I looked at her in a full shock but i tried to control my self of doing something that will take me back to jail. But i couldn't. So i smashed her head against the wall untill her skull broke and i was sure that she died.
This game is the worst game I have ever played I follow you the arrow and it doesn't let me pick up the item 😠😠 and the controls are hard to use😠😠😠😠😠
This game very bad no features no quality its very worst game ever! and finding the things are so hard i download it now only but at first only its bat so i am giving 1 star!.
I dont like this game its hard to pick the item and the character is too slow.. I hate this game 😑
First when I saw the comments i thought its gonna be bad.So I changed my mind I was not goimg to download it,but then I had downloaded it and it was installing so i thought lets play it. First- WHAT type of controls are they i can't even adjust my camera properly. Second - I cant take eggs or whatever. This game is so weird
Ok so when I first download it I was like is it gonna be good so when I play it it was kinda laggy and stuff and when u get the stuff on the list people come on ur side and move u out the way and its hard to control
The worst game ever! Don't download it! It's so glitchy and I can't even move my camera! I can only move my camera only by moving the joystick! Ugh! It's sensitivity level is slower than a snail! Pls don't download this thing and waste your space!
If this game is of unity than it's a zero for me cause unity you have to make this game without timer and we would buy what ever we want and would our own money so that way u can earn πŸ’―
this game was awful! most items didnt light up so i could select them. and control was hard to handle. character mover really slow. yes i know i have spelling and grammar problems and thats ok im not here to impress.
The controls are very slow not good at all and when I went to go check out I pressed the numbers of the price and it did not work at all.
When I started playing it at first time only I was not able to pick any item from store the list is given I got the items but when I wanted to pick them I was unable
Ill give it 2 stars is because that when you try get items it not work,but you still tried but can you tell me how to get items and i press the items not work so please tell me how to do that and maybe could get 4 stars instead
it did not let me play the game when i wanted to get into the game it did not let me do not get this game it is so bad it has happened to everyone i know when i ask them to get the game and try to play it