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Virtual Pet - BUDDY 2

Virtual Pet - BUDDY 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by RhinoHoney located at 10 Pitcairn Place, Avondale, Auckland. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I really love this app, but i wish that buddy is able to have a pet of his own that follows him and interacts with him and can also have its own animations it can do. Could you please add something like this to the app. It would make it alot more interesting and awesome.
Nice idle pet game, except small amount of coins gained over time even while actively playing games and paying attention to tap the coins. Also the Flappy Buddy game is just horrible, basically impossible to get a score higher than 2 due to the nature of how the acceleration on the jump works.
I love this and how much u can interact with the buddy. I had this a while ago and I loved it I have been looking all over for it. It's very fun. Also you can customize it anyway u want I love it.👌💙🏅😁
Love the little runt however I purchased the .99 expansion and am not allowed to use it due to a glitch. I would love this to be resolved as I did purchase it.
i love the app SO much my buddy is walking around at this moment and i love it! the only things i dont love to death is he walks on my keyboard while i type. i can put the little dude in a cage but he looks so sad. another thing is when is hes out theres a notifacation saying that CLICK TO HIDE but when you click it, it hides them but it takes you to the app. but besides that, this app is great
I love this app I like throwing my little child around and playing with him but can you have him be able to jump into other apps and add more think he can do
I love this bc i got another buddy game called shemji and u can only have 2 characters but u have to pay for more and the animatoions u have to pay for but this game u dont have to pay for much just the money if u want and the shink ray. That is why i rated a 4 star.
Buddy is a little pet that breaks out of his/her companion app and hangs out on other apps. You need to clean, feed and put Buddy to sleep if you don't he/she will look mad. You can name your Buddy anything you like that's right ANYTHING!. You can make him/her look anyway you like and drag it and POOF! Parachute! Overall a cute little pet.
I've played this game and the first one since they came out and I genuinely love how customizable the game is. I also love how you can spend as little or as much time playing it as you like. One thing I could suggest would possibly be giving buddy a room we could decorate? However overall I think it's an amazing game that's kept me personally hooked for a long time.
Fun but it gets in the way sometimes I would want it to actually take my apps like you know hold them but you don't have to do it or listen it would be cute though but you know make it an option
I love it! It's so amazing i like having my little buddy run around my screen doing funny stuff lol there's a few bad glitches tho, for example when I turn my phone on the side for like a video or game the buddy will get stuck walking in the middle of my phone instead of at the bottom, another glitch is for the astronaut skin when floating the skin will glitch and the buddy never comes back down
It's fun, and I love it! It's funny how you can drop it and POOF! Parachute! It's super funny. I also like how you can put him or her in his or her cage! And I love how he walks around, and plays! Another thing I like is that he follows you and breaks free from the game. 5-5 stars!!!
WillChangeIfFixed:You can only watch 1 ad every 15 minutes. Maybe a limit like 5-10 every 2 hours but don't make me open the app every 15 minutes for 40 coins when it cost 1999 for most items. The minigames are atrocious, not the games but their functionality and rewards. Apple catch, cactus dash, flappy buddy are unplayable and appear to run at 5 fps, my device is more than enough though...The rewards are very low. It's also hard to earn exp and level. I think feeding him is the only way to lvl
I download virtual buddy to see how far machine coding has evolved but I think after I interacted with it, coding has gone backwards in development. Sorry but that's just my view. A block figure that you can dress up? It's 2020 not 1980!
It is a legitimate buddy that walks along your screen no matter what you do apart from turn off your phone
Hello there! I'm trying the game and seems nice, just the "tip run" mini-game is not working at the moment.
Just some suggestions :maybe add some more animation and interactions, also buddy's clothing, keep up the excellent work 😉👍
Maybe a mini game where buddy hides in a app in you phone? Or if you pull up your key board hes walks across the top of it and not the bottom(in the way of my space bar)? I just think it would be cool to play with him a bit more while not in the app. Like throwing him in the air and catching him makes him happy? Make him free roam, Like jump ontop of apps on the home screen? Just some thoughts. But its still a fun app.
Thank you for listening to me. For bringing back the game. Thanks! Although, I prefer the first one the one called (Virtual Pet : BUDDY). Upload the first one back
okay i first i got it and i was like this will be really good it can go onto my tiktok and then i see its really good animation really fun dress up i just like what could be added is like more animations like carrying pretend folders and like making a little home in the bottom of the screen and climing up the screen like in buddy one. but apart from that its a really fun game 4/5
Charming little guy. Best screen pet I've found so far. Doesn't need too much looking after but not boring either
I have to give this app a 10/10! It's really fun to compare my little buddy to my friends buddies at school and it is really fun to mess around with when you are bored!
He is a good kind of company to have on your phone so you dont feel lonly while you are goinv on you apps
Pretty cool. You can mess with it. Lock it up. Feed it. Shower. Sleep. Parachute. Its fun. Walks back and forth on yourscreen doing random things. Throw it against the wall. Lol. They should allow us to have 2 of these... the can interact with each other and what-not. Have them play... then fight... and make up. Idk...
Takes forever to unlock things. Could add some more spice to it. For example secret codes, secret games, and the flappy bird game is not very smooth,but otherwise OK. Also I can't seem to find Buddy 1?
i loved the first version and this new version is great aswell but i cant figure out how to put him in the cage or is that no longer an option? itd also be pretty cool if instead of him walking back and forth he could do other things, maybe some furniture or him climbing a ladder. pretty much anything.
Amazing but is there any chance of getting more buddies that can show up randomly? + can they be able to walk all over the screen? Can there be an annoying mode?
This I very funny to have a little person walk around your screen and you can throw him around, I recommend this if you are board or if you just love great quality apps.😁👍
love the game but if you could add an option to were on the phone theres furniture and platforms that you can place like fridge chairs again platforms and stuff it would be great and also customizable mini games or somthing sorry if its to much to ask for but it would be great but other wise its a really great game love it alot keep up the great work
WHY IS BUDDY ON YOUR SCREEN AT ALL TIMES. I tried to play among us and it was not a good idea. I kept on accidentally clicking it. Please improve this.
Definitely could use rounding out. The headphones don't work when playing music unless you manually hide and release it while music is playing (headphones don't always engage when buddy is already active), and I wish the buddy could interact with the phone itself more, like crawling on and over apps and widgets as well, and walling on the keyboard when its raised, also if it could stop and sit down. Little things like that. It really is a wonderful little app though, so definitely download it!
Why buy anything you can't bring it with you when you switch phones I spent good hard earned money but you loose everything actually I have the same phone had a problem and had to factory reset and lost everything I paid for?
Great virtual pet game, few problems though. The mini games are rubbish I think there's only one were u can actually get a decent amount of coins. Also when he/she baths there heads on backwards? That's just lazy.
5 stars, needs a bed rather than meditating, possibly a house of some sort that spawns when it goes to sleep? More ways to make money aswell, accessories for the buddy to use and wear, more general animations, more control over the buddy when its on screen, like commands to do certain actions? please do, I really enjoy this app, mines entertaining climbing around my screen!
Pretty cute design and pretty fun. But the games are a bit... Off. They're either so laggy and quick or the buddy's movement is so exaggerated that it's impossible to play for long-term periods.
I love this ❤️ I have buddy 1 and buddy 2 and I have them both out I find it very funny that you can lock them up at the side of your screen YOU NEED THIS APP Oh and yes I have real pets as well
for almost 3 years , I have been trying to find this app because my sister used to have it on her phone when she was 10 and i was 8. i am now 13 and found it by chance scrolling through my play store. just like how i can remember it. still love it !!
it was OK and pretty cute but boring :/ the buddy just kind of walked around your screen and the mini games were mediocre. also after installing it my phone lagged extremely hard so I had to uninstall it.
The character and its customizable features are very likeable. I feel like if there were more animations and features to choose from as well as higher coin rewards in the mini-games, I could give this 5 stars. Regardless, worth a download.
Buddy is on my screen right now it is fun and it dose not disappear as often as shimeji which are like this
I loved the game i was first introduced to it and i love it now. It was a bit weird for me at first because this seems like a whole new game from the old one. Is it possible to get back what you bought in the first version or is it different? Sorry I'm just trying to figure things out again.
I had tge first version of this app 5 years ago and have waited for a second app for years,i love this app,it was worth the wait!
I wish this one was as good as the first one, for one: this buddy is SOOO big its really distracting when im doing other stuff, if it was a bit smaller it'd be great! It dose come with a lot of new animations and clothing that the first buddy didnt have, but i feel lile thats its only plus! It doesn't come with a parachute on it own, you have to but that with coins, witch by the way... WHY IS EVERYTHING 1,999 COINS??!?!
Adorable little app, I reccomend if you want a little dude running around your screen. Would be cool if you could have more than one but adorable either way. Things are a little bit expensive with the coins and you don't get alot from minigames so that's something I'd like to be changed.
It's super cute but dosen't always add coins when the Buddy digs them up onscreen. Maybe 1/3 of the time it adds even when it says you recieved coins. Also more things to do with the Buddy would be fun. It's always on the keyboard so I wish you could have him walk upside down on top the screen or something so he's less in the way. The cage is fine but this would be good too. Maybe more buddies and the option for baby buddies. Make a home for it. Something like that. Otherwise very cute