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Restaurant Chef Cooking Games

Restaurant Chef Cooking Games for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Giochi Studios located at The Enterprise Building Office No.2 Lahore. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I do like the game but it is too hard and the hands are weird they stuck to the grill and streched and could not do anything else it does not give you enough serving time and cannot get past the first level my advice is to be prepared for any glitches!πŸ’©
Hard to play.. this could be a fun game but it's difficult to control and there's things that need tweaking. One... when making a chicken salad, you go to the fridge and remove chicken. Then it instructs you to grill but there's nothing telling you what the grill is. It looks like a dishwasher. Also you can't carry more than two plates. In a restaurant, a waiter could carry three plates. Since there's so many tables and only one order, no reason to put that customer at the farthest table.
I gave it two less star because when I want to grilled fish it does not work and yet I didn't complete this level .so, something should be done for it . But excluding this , the game is great.
This game is too glitchy to enjoy. Furthermore, it is difficult to control the character using the flimsy joy stick. This game would probably be enjoyable if the developers actually took time to enhance the graphics, remove the glitches, and improve overall gameplay.
I don't know... The walking is very slow and the graphics are very bad im going to uninstall this and play BTS WORLD way better than this I'm sorry...
This game is the worst game I ever played too many ads and when I try to move my hands in the game it does not work
it's really bad design. ..game is supposed to be about cooking not to how to find things or how to hold things...no introductions or tutorials after one task UNINSTALL!
Graphics are good, but you can barely do anything, for example I'm putting the pizza sauce on the pizza and it won't let me put the bottle down.
worst game ever played It is so difficult to even give the menu and we are given time to cook it's so hard 😣
The whole idea is good but the execution is poor, movement controls are very sluggish and clumsy, walking is mind numbingly slow and the screen swipe sensitivity is like ice, meaning itll carry on moving even after you've taken your finger off your screen making it hard to find the tiny precise point of pick up for most items, so you waste time by sliding over objects unable too find the exact point you need to pick up
i dont even have an experience because i downloaded this game two days ago and its not even opening so that means i have wasted my money please fix dis problem
I gotta say, it's one of the worse games out there ngl but it has potential, the controls is the worst part but the gameplay is just fine by it self. I can't wait to see what the devs can do to make this game better ^-^
Great idea for a game but it could have been done so much better. The controls are hard. It glitches way to much. It is just poorly done. This game has the potential to be great if it is done right.
I Love this game and the music! it makes the experience relaxing and stress free. Even on my old phone the only issue I had was my burger running away ,and that was hilarious to me,while I eventually caught my burger XD Other than that the game overall runs smooth and is easy to understand with the dialogue. PLEASE UPDATE THIS GAME im waiting to cook more foods!!
The game is okay... The controls of picking objects up is difficult though. Maybe they should improve that. And maybe add customer characters too When I got to the pizza level, the chicken pieces won't add up in the dough even when I take and press saucing position. Please fix that. I had to restart the same level multiple times.
Kind of weird, the way the chef looks on the loading screen, the pictures on the wall. Also why do they need to know my age and gender? Idk I found it funny and a bit weird
I love this game but I finished a level with 1 min left but it said something after I gave them there food I couldn't see what it said so idk if I passed or I reached the end it was the one with two salads and I had no idea pls help me I need to know
we need more games like this it's kinda hard to start XD In my opinion, but it's cool cause finding a game like this is "rare" what I say if there was no, timer it would be good because, it's nerve racking
Worst game ever. I tried to put the menu down but it did not work.Please do not download this game if you know what's best for you.Please.
Can you add sensitivity setting in this game? Because it's so hard to control the look and hard to pick item especially the small item..
i love this game. this is the 3rd time i install this game. i never get bored. i suggest my friends to install this game. controls are so good. many dishes to prepare and the time limit makes me so exciting. so nice game ever!!!!
It sucked. When i first started to play it wouldnt work. I barely culd move and they dont give you enough time. It is a really bad game you can barely do anything i hate it. It honestly made me hella mad
At the first level I was having a verrry hard time because I need to adjust my motion and make it faster... When I completed the level I was soooo Happy then when I was on the pizza level the toppings doesn't work and that's where I'm stuck now!! Please fix it... I was really enjoying the game until those bugs came
this is total rubbish... where the hell is the grilled where is should put the chicken. this is slow. you guys need more time to cook. like an hour because you can hardly find the things at time. it requires too much.
Uhm the games ok but theres way way too many ads and sometimes it wont chop and hell pls fix this bug
it is very nice to play a game this good good game how it is very very interesting game I like this game that's why I'm giving wansa this is first level now another 34567 level please open the game and something is missing in the game please remind
too many adds, strange graphics, impossible controls. Good idea and all but I just find it really uncomfortable to play and wouldnt recommend this.
Worse game ever. Have the concept but too hard to handle every action. My burger not put in the right place even i try hard to put in the highlighted box. It flew slowly into the kitchen.. Shocked. Flying burger.. LoL
This game could be interesting and cool if the chef walked faster and cooked faster. For being timed it should definitely be that way. Also i cant get past the burger making level. There isnt any written directions on how to make the burgers and i cant drop the patties right. They are placed off the plate sometimes and its frustrating. Thats only the second level so i dont really know if i can explore the rest of the game. Maybe its a glitch? Too bad im having issues with it.
It is a very nice game but the problem is that when u want to get to the frige it is difficult to control and also it has a problem u r trying to grab sometimes i recommend this for people who like cooking games and challenges but its the controlling but everything else is good😘😘
it was too hard too control always felt like I was walking sideways could not pick up the menu to get started
it is the worst game because it doesnt guides us only. When i opened this game i found that it was telling to pick up the menu card i didnt knew only that were is the menu card. Till now in my life i have played many of the games in which i see a help button in this game when i was not able to find the menu card i have searched the help option everywhere but it was not there so i finally uninatalled it
This game is bad. When i tried to set stuff down it would fall on the floor and it makes me sick because of how fast it gose when you look around. I really would like to say it was a good game but as soon as i started playing it i hated it. Sorry but yall need to fix this game.
dumb game. No intsructions whatsoever as to how to play. Absolute waste of precious dataπŸ‘Ždo NOT download
I cant even complete level 1 because it doesn't show me where the hell the knife is...So instead I definitely deleted it πŸ™„πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ 
Love the game, but lots of bugs like I cant drop a certain object, the fish wont cook in the griller so I cant finish the grilled fish salad level HOPE YOU FIX THESE BUGS BUT OVER ALL THE GAME IS GREAT JUST LIKE THE CHEF MASTER SIMULATOR. ; p
Its four star to me because its verry fun to play but the problem is its so verry hard to put the leg in the griller
It's asks me if I want to watch a video to add extra time, but when I do it doesn't tie me the extra time which is annoying. I don't hate te game but I feel like if I want to be heard I have to tie it a 1 star. Please fix this issue.
Whenever I try to go the fridge... the walking option is not working.....😑😑 I feel very bad when this happens everytime.. but I like this aap very much.... I don't feel to uninstall.. but I can't go to second level... and I can't skip the first level ..then what can I do ..unfortunately I I have to uninstall this aap...
The control sucks, the time sucks, it's not a stress reliever butva stressful game! DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS, this is one of the worst game in the world!
I did not like this game because I couldn't find the menu anywhere thus I couldn't start the game I would not recommend this game to anyone.
I love this game .it is really a nest game for children and teenagers too. Its a fun game in which u never get bored
If there were on screen controls for picking up & dropping object it would be better. Way too many ads, can't actually enjoy the game. Fix it because i'd like to play it. Invest in some better development.
omg this game is so laggy and the time I mean its good but the time is just so aggravating I sorry for this review:( please don't think I'm a mean person I'm really not thank you for making the game though
The control, please developer... Fix it... It worse than I even thought.... The man put things down need 2-3sec.. Especially picking up things...and walking... Omg the snail are faster than πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
Good games but why I am theonly peoplein the games,there is no npc costumer please fix this and it will be a best games
I love cooking games but this is crazy.... How are u supposed to know what to do. I finally got pass the 1st level but after that it doesnt tell u what to do and after making 3 plates i still didnt complete the order... Crra zy... 24 hours to help me understand or i will be uninstalling ty
As soon as I opened the game, there was an ad. I understand that you need to show ads to make profit, but there's an ad after every single tap on the screen. It's rediculous. I couldn't even get past the questions before I got so annoyed, I had to close the app and delete it.
this game lags alot! for example when I wanted to chop the tomatoes , my hand twisted and broke apart from my body then the game shut down! I'm sorry but you have to fix your game. till you solve the problem I'm gonna uninstall it.
it is very hard to control it and i dont know how to play it. please show some demo first.i hope it can be fixed....😞
i hope this game don't have limited to cook and i wish that we can cook whatever we want. there are also too much ads and it is annoying that i have to uninstall it. this game has potential if developer take note on users' suggestions and complaints. πŸ˜€
I just got this game at this day and the first thing the game did is should me an add the I was like "o it's just one add right now "and I was wrong the should me another add when they ask me another question and I was like WHAT THE HECK why another add and then I deleted the game because you cant just show another person an add when they just opened the game I say DONT GET THIS GAME if you won't to suffer with addsssssssssssss >Γ·I
I agree to lowey aesthetics. He is right that it is rare. And like your post you sent. Thanks for sharing and thank you team for making this game up you are all a star & you lowey aesthetics you are a star & the rest of you. You are all stars. I play this game every hour starting from 9am till 10pm. 🀣🀣. Thank you
This game is sooo glitchy! ingredients disappear, must follow certain steps or game just quits with time on the clock. Ugh. Good concept but needs a lot of work. Nice try. Uninstalling.
I have never had so much trouble making a salad. played for three minutes and saw an ad for every minute of play time. Nothing was explained. Controls were SUPER touchy. All around bad experience.
every two seconds there is an ad the game has lag and it doesn't seem realistic only download if love games with the information above....
not that good. I love the aspect of the games your selector should be a bit bigger and a option for having the timer optional. overall 2 stars, if even the timer would be optional, 5 stars. it is just a amazing game.
Advertisement Advertisement Advertisement .. Within 30 seconds 2 advertisement pop out .. haven't get into game too, straight away uninstall πŸ™„
This game leaves a lot to be wanted for. It is funny and pretty entertaining. I'm extremely disappointed that there are such short time limits and no options for what you're cooking. If the limits were removed and you could choose what to cook, I think this should be a pretty good game.
Where to begin? Maybe with the HEAVY LAG, or with the lack of control over literally anything within the game. The most control you get is pushing the damned start button. I can't even rant about all of the problems this exscuse of a game has, there are too many.
I love it...except for one thing...I am not a fan of the level base cooking part...I would like either an update that deletes level...or make a new game...
this is so frsutating, first the sensitivity so bad, can't control it either. two, the precision of action box, is rather off not sometimes, but many times. the ads everywhere. action animation is really not useful
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The game is not good at all when you are picking something it does not waste of data 😑😑😑😑 I just download it and when started playing aaah hmmmm I had to uninstall it pls fix dis
so far SO GREAT!!! BEST most challenging most interactive and most realistic cooking game I have EVER played!! and I've played a lot of cooking games! I've been looking for a game like this for FOREVER its AMAZING!! GOOD JOB GUYS! 100 thumbs up! and being able to drop things and all that is so cool!
This is hilariously bugged. Nothing works as intended, everything is broken. The cutting board is in the oven, there is lettuce everywhere and the customer refuses to accept his meal. The problem, of course, is that none of this feels intentional. It's waaaay too ambitious. But it's ridiculous, it's silly and it's fun. Don't expect to play to win. Just go with the flow and uninstall when you inevitably get bored.
it was really awsome the first time i played it but afterwards when i went to play it again sometime later it repeats the meals, and i cant save! please change that.