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Virtua Tennis Challenge

Virtua Tennis Challenge for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by SEGA located at Sega of America, Inc 6400 Oak Canyon, Suite 100 Irvine, CA 92618. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game would've been the best game on earth if Sega could used the real life player faces in the game like jekovic, Nadal and the rest and also includes female players into the...what is the essence of all the money been made if u can't used it to purchase anything or upgrade ur player or facilities? Sega has been the most rated game industries before but now they re below average compare to this new gaming industries please used real life players, it will make the game more interesting
Nice game but in multiplayer mode replay cannot be skipped thats the problem with this so please fix it.
This game is truly amazing. Love everything. The controls the gameplay the graphics. Its all amazing. 5 stars is an understatement you guys deserve 25 stars. The physics and even the entire gameplay of doubles and singles. This is amazing!!!!
Game save is not working!!!! I always end up at the start of the game no matter how much I have advanced in SPT tournaments.
The Ads are ruining play experience!! I mean, we are okay with waiting , but then after a game when the ad pops out - the game crashes and is aborted Pathetic!! simply pathetic! It is painful to see what the recent developers have done to this game (with ads and crashing), which was so awesome(probably the best) once!
Earlier it was far better... Now the ads are just too much Like after every game it's ad... Go for it if you wanna see a 1-2 min ad after every 1-2 min game... (Don't get this unless you really wanna see some stupid ads)
You are bastards. This game is irritating. I wanted to give you zero Star. Every time you wanted us to lose a match the touch doesn't work. Particularly in a match against Theron Tenniel and in the finals.
After every game add are displayed. Are you promoting add or your game. It's annoying. Come up with different strategy.
The gameplay is quite realistic with great controls. However, the drop shot hardly ever works. Also, this game has been around for a while, yet no changes or updates (new players, story mode, female players etc.). I think we are due for an update to this amazing game.
This game is giving me a very nice experience of tennis as I love playing this sport very much and I was studying this sport from my college years but this game is missing only one feature that is customize yourself in SPT World Tourwhich I am expecting from the team of Sega so please try to do something about it and reply as soon as possible, A humble request from your game user.
I still think Virtua Tennis' swipe mode is the best way to play any tennis simulation game. However, we need to be able to find a way to spend our winnings in the game. New clothes, shoes, customized racquets, cars, houses, restaurants, vacations, businesses etc. This way you can open up the game to more targeted sponsors and the players get to enjoy their winnings
The challenges are same and repeated.so put different levels.we want to play with another opponent live.I want to play with opponent direct.Nice sport game.please it is boring.Please give online matches against other real players.😍❤.Please produce new graphicsand new designs.I want to take new tennis racquets.I want to change the racquets.Make it possible to select new wilson ,Head tennis brand racquets.🎾🎾🎾💕.I need to earn real money through this sport.Please create possibilties to get $.
Graphics and control are amazing. I tried 6-7 other tennis game apps and this one has what I'm looking for: ability to control movement of player, good graphics, and full sets of games (can choose 2/3 or 3/5 sets, and 1-6 games). The only complaint is ads and multiplayer is only bluetooth. If I have a good time with tournament, I'll consider paying for ad free.
4 stars for the gameplay and graphics. Best amongst all tennis games here. The Ads: It's inevitable, unless you pay. So, a simple tip - When you start getting the ads, just go to your home screen and open the game app as new (don't close the already existing tabs) and it will resume the gameplay ignoring the ad. To the developers: Could you introduce "Challenge" decision? It will be more interesting in that case. Also multiplayer over online rather than Bluetooth is more realistic! Thanks!
Thought I'd play a few games during a power cut, but can only play if I have an Internet connection. How stupid!
Such a useless, stupid game. Controller doesn't even work when playing tough opponents. Such a dishonest game. Annoying ads are unbearable.
The gameplay is great to only thing is that when you first play the game there's a lot of ads but the longer you play the ads will go away but anyway this game is great
I find it hard to move to the right . I think swipe mode for direction, buttons for shots maybe? Or atleast sensitivity adjustment. Or a configuration setup. Not sure. Love the graphics. More drop shot variations, they don't work well in the middle of court, maybe have. Standalone button. More realistic service. As in, it really doesn't matter about pace, only direction. The Big serve character really has no advantage.. Gear & skill to spend cash on. Play as Thereon atleast in exhibition.
Great game, but why is it that my progression is not saved ? Every morning I have to do over a new profile. After every game I see "auto saving", yet it is as if nothing is been saved. Please fix. This game should be getting five stars from me.
This game is great. Great gameplay and graphics. There is ads after every game but you can skip them. So nothing really bad about this.
I don't have much to say, it's a great game I started playing since 2015 before I couldn't find it till I encountered it again late 2020. I enjoy it so much with it's nice graphics and real-human quality moves... My game crashed though, I had to uninstall and reinstall to give it 5 star now. Wonderful, and my best android game so far because of its engaging features.
The best tennis game on Google Play. Only problem, devs are greedy. Since the last update you have to have internet connection just to get in the game...the game that you CAN NOT PLAY ONLINE, only offline. And btw. I paid for the ads-free version of this game just to see after the last update that the ads-free version is now unavailable.
The game does not allow an authentic (serve n) volley for the player; more so the player can't dropshot w/o having the ball bounce, that is catching the ball early. You need the ball to bounce before you can dropshot. Hence in case of net play (i.e. volleying) or approaching net, when you (accidentally or not) push the lob button, it lobs obviously and you may lose the point. Hence, please adjust volleying (and dropshot) for the player on net. 10q
The game is overall good but becomes predictable and mundane after some time. What I don't really understand is the concept of rankings and seedings. Usually in a tournament the top seeds meet each other only in the latter rounds. But in here the first 4 seeds may end up playing each other as early as the second round. Its not rocket science, but a very simple logic to arrange the tournament draw based on seedings.
The game is good, you can use touch button controls or swipe controls. There doesn't appear to be any pay to win mechanics or micro transactions. There are ads but you can pay 1.99 to have them removed but for some reason I still get ad bubbles for other sega games which is annoying, but the biggest annoyance is there aren't any women characters, 50 or so characters to play as but they're all men, this is unacceptable, I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone looking for a full tennis experience
Wow this game sucks, i would say gameplay and graphics are good but at some points in the tournament finals the opponent become unbeatable to the point that comptetion gets finished and you are bound to lose, thats not how you define difficulty of a game rather its just pure stress creator, i downloaded this game to kick stress rather it gave me more stress because being at hard level doesnt mean that competitor is unbeatable and the player loses his control and wandering i court like an idiot
I've been playing this game since long time and still I'm enjoying playing it in my leisure hour. Just change the keypad to swap and it will be much easy to play the game. The frequent pop ups ads in the Free mode is extremely annoying b'coz of which I'm rating the game only 4 star.
Great game ! Easy to play. Not complicated at all. Great motions of the player. No tricks or anything to buy to be a better player. Very fair. I love the game and I enjoy playing it. Waiting for the next tennis game with many improvements and features. SEGA great work! Keep it up )
The game is very good but playing only singles all by myself gets boring , so I've been trying to play a multiplayer for a almost 2 years now but I haven't been able to and more over it won't even show the wifi connection in the multiplayer . And the Bluetooth multiplayer won't even work , it'll keep searching for the other device and after two minutes it'll just say no devices connected , that is if I'm trying to host a game . It's a very good game I just hope y'all do something about it .
Once purchase the no ads feature, I can't play it offline, it's always saying I need to connect to the internet, I called that stupidity, plus even the no ads is purchased ads still showing sometimes, I've been scammed!
Love the game. Best tennis game available, just my opinion. Question.....Is there any way possible youz guyz could have the players able to change outfits? Other than that, cant think of any improvements or mods at this time. Plz hurry and get this done. Ty
I really like this game I think it's the best tennis game you will find on the app store by far ... I would only like to suggest that when you win tournaments that you can be able to upgrade your gear that will be awesome to add on to the game
This game is fun and the graphics are good for a phone. My character sometimes doesn't move and the AI Theron needs to be toned down. He gets his atomic forehand way too often, hits shots that I have no chance of getting to. When I serve out wide he always hits the ball at a ridiculous angle and my character is too slow to return the ball.
The bluetooth multiplayer mode is a sham. The ads pop up after each game and the connection drops because of the ads. I understand the need for ads to show but if it results in the game being unplayable, it makes no sense to play the game. In a way, the user is forced to pay for the ad free version and that too on both the mobiles on which Bluetooth mode game is being played.
3 things to improve: 1.Ads should be shown less commonly 2.Joystick should be virtual and it should operate on any place of the left hand side of the screen 3.Online multiplayer match option should be added
The game is great honestly, graphics, controls etc are good. My problem is they need to show number of aces and allow us to play as all characters. Also, this maybe farfetched but adding women would be good too.
Well One of the best tennis games , easily could have gotten a 5 star rating but the ADS!!!.They are just fricking everywhere. You can be assured of getting a ad after every set. Gameplay wise one of the best sport games I have played, graphics are bit above average, for controls opt for button system, so controls are very good. Swipe controls are dissapointing (not good enough). IF you can withstand the ads then this game is very good
pathetic experience to play. graphics are good and thatz it. swipe mode does not allow me to serve well. other modes does not allow me to get into good position .
I don't mind playing with ads cos they generate revenue but the olympus ad is really annoying. There is no option to skip it after a few seconds of watching it. And feels like the app is intentionally playing the same ad for every serve break and wasting time. I also exited the app by mistake and the game i was playing was lost. UI is alright but user experience is awful. I am deleting the game and also recommending not to download
The game is perfect but I wish if you could add female characters and also add more titles. Also it would be best if you can allow one to edit the kit of the players. Otherwise the game is great. Good job SEGA. Add Female Players.
I love the game but there are issues like we play tournament earn money but we can't spend money or we can't buy new clothes or equipment for players
This is a very good game and its controls are excillent but if this game start online multiplayer then i think it can achive world best game.thank u.
Great game graphics is realistic only problem is there's not alot of options and the game only allows you to play with ten players enstead of fifthy otherwise it's a great game
This game crashes after a match is won. It has a lot of bugs. There is no option to control the game sound and graphics. The developer needs to remove the bugs and fix the crash problem and improve the UI of the game. I'm uninstalling this app for now.
The ad system is just terrible why should I watch a 30 seconds ad each and every point scored it's waaaaay too much I mean an ad at the beginning of the match and at the end of it should be enough and tolerable but right now the game experience is garbage, I'll uninstall
Game has WAY too many ads. While the price of the game is not much, it is definitely not justified. Also, the controls are extremely too sticky and sometimes do not respond correctly to commands. Game play not just becomes repetitive but also becomes tiresome and if there were a star below 1, I would definitely give that. SEGA, you guys need to pull this game and STOP THE ADS!
Awesome graphics.. We can easily play until 500atp tournaments... 4 major tournaments has some hard..! so 1 issues we can play only allotted tournaments... Cannot update levels..
Ok, the ads are really annoying because they keep appearing at every single game so 4 times in 1 set. It is a dissapoinment to me because i have had this game when i was a child and i could play it with my friends without problem because of those ads.
Does not load on a Samsung Galaxy A50, but worked on my much older Samsung Galaxy S5...??? Disappointed!!! EDIT: I opened the game with data turned off, it loaded screen asking for age, turned data back on...now it works.
This is an excellent game been playing since 2015 but it has been exactly same. Will the devs add new features or modes to this game ?? May be they can add the world tour mode from the pc version to the android version, as that was very exciting and fun 👍🏻👍🏻 pls do it devs !!
So many ads. Loved the game play but ads sucks. If there were an option for less than 1 star rating, I would go for that option
This game is amazing this is the most realistic and addictive tennis game i ever played. THE game play is smooth, graphics or great and the controls are easy to use. But the only reason why i am giving it 4 stars is because u have to use wifi to play the game and you can only play multiplayer against your freinds through Bluetooth. You should add a offline and online mode and in the multiplayer mode u can actually play againts people from across the world in real time matches
No doubt that game is one of the bests. But I am facing problem with connection via bluetooth between galaxy f41 and redmi note 5. There is no problem with bluetooth connection otherwise. Both the mobile can connect with any other mobile like Le2 and can be enjoy the game. But those two cant found in searching in gameplay. Please help me out...anybody... Plz..
Why can't I restore my purchase after getting my new phone? Now I'm forced to watch ads on a game I already bought? Let me restore my pro version! No I do not want a refund, I want to play my game! 1 star for now and gonna use pirated/patched copy soon if this isn't fixed.
Firstly game play is very realistic. I love that, but some things that can change are; 1. Seedings, I shouldn't be playing number 2 in the second round, do proper seedings like in real life slams. 2. Gear, at some point ,with all my winnings, I shou be able to change gear, shoes, etc. With 100 million in winnings , I mean come on. 3. Once my player reaches #1 ,I should have another option to chooses a player I can develop and work up, like Michal Shen. 4. Females, hello? Please add ladies!!
I already purchased this game and its again showing me ads when i get to know the reason my purchase was reversed. I can't restore it please refund my money. I dont want to see advertisement after paying you guys.
By far the best tennis sim/game of you're looking for something a lot more substantial and satisfying than the cartoonish Tennis Clash. I remember the Virtua Tennis PC games and this seems to be a really nice port of it, so good memories intact especially the motion capture and swing actions. Controls take a bit of getting used to but once you get the hang of it, it plays seamlessly. The only thing I'd like to see an improvement on is the net play aspect where there's a volley option.
Sega now updates the FREE version of this game, but leaves the 2013 one left behind. Yeah, that's the one we PAID FOR, and Sega just doesn't five a F about us, their supporters. It's sad to witness the company whose consoles I grew up playing turning into this. I'll just keep the old one bc it doesn't require an internet connection to launch.
One of the best tennis games out there good action superb movement of player great game play lovely graphics clean nicely done ,would of give it 5 stars all day long but there seems to be something missing like playing other internet players in stead of just the computer and maybe upgrades for your player apart from that great job can't wait for new upgrade then I will give it 5 BIGERNS........👌✌😆
Stupid game, won't even start after the menu! I downloaded it 3_4 times, thought maybe it crashed but no, it just goes to this black screen &, stays like that. Worst experience!
Best Tennis game ive played on phone. But are those 30 secs ads really necessary after every point won? Before you finish watching you've lost the vibe to continue the game. Please fix this before you loose greatly.
One of the best tennis games you can play. Ive read some of the reviews that say there's too many ads in the free version. You only have to pay a small amount to get rid of them. The free version is to see if you like the game. The game is awesome in my opinion.
I like the game. But there are so many ads. I can't even play peacefully. Please reduce the amount of ads.There's a glith which makes a player's spt point over 1 crore. How is that even possible?
Cpu knows your input before the shot. Easy winners slowed down. Cpu do es all the way across court to get the point. Very hard is only hard because you don't hit with the power that you should and cpu knows the where you're aiming before the hit
If you paid to remove the ads it should be removed completely, everytime I restart the app the ads return, plus ads remove should be permanent even offline,
I have never done a review before, but have been playing this game for more than 5 years now. Excellent gameplay & fluidity, getting players in unique situations. I wish the developers will start a story mode, with more customization and registered real players. I love this game and will keep playing it untill I am old ! Thanks Sega, but please do a story mode with real players, real tournaments and real venues, then this will be the ultimate tennis gaming experience on any platform in my opinio
Very bad game, ad comes even after purchased this game. If you stop the ads in pro version i will definitely give 5 stars
I paid for the free ad version and now I can't get it back after I changed devices, still have to watch ads
Good game but... If you have paid for the ad free version the gamedoes not remember that you have and asked you to restore purchases... However, the game blanks this option out sometimes so even if you have bought the game you are left with the free adware version on occassions. Edit... Since paying for this game it seems they have removed the add free version.
Absolutely fabulous game play, with excellent graphics, which are just right for a game and not too much to handle. The tournaments are well constructed, the courts play differently, the ranking system is challenging and it can get very competitive, especially if you pick the Hard level of difficulty. Moreover it's a lot of fun and a great stress buster... Great work on it, thank you for making this so well... Kudos!
Great game, but make it more realistic. Like for example, the player should be able to make more errors. It is very easy to hit corners in this game. And if possible, make energy bar for a point or game, so that a player cannot endlessly keep on chasing the ball without getting tired. These will make it a better and more realistic game.
Kids game This game is for kids and who want to win Evey game Keeping in easy mode only works well When it comes to hard or very hard modes controls won't work and force you to go down in the game And controls position is not proper fingers have to be bent over to bottom of the screen to play any shot and to move around you have to press the nob and pull over When it comes to nob moving its really bad of including both movement and short direction in one control makes hard to handle
The game is superb fun and the graphics is so good... But the issue I have is the update, Sega should have updated it to have a story mode,female players, creating characters,new locations and ability to try any player using exhibition... And the ads is too much, please Sega work on it, I've been playing the game for years now.
Wonderful game.. but when you play Theron Tenniel in very hard difficulties, you lose control over player, your player hits very weak shots that are easily countered, while your opponent plays cross court shot with 99 level accuracy and your player can't even run to that ball, even if he does, he's forced to return a lofted ball followed by a not returnable powerful volley😡😡😡 this sucks
I NEVER write reviews but I had to on this game. It is an actual shame this one. The graphics are very good, the format is realistic and professional feeling and their us plenty of different options making it nice and flexible. All in all quite impressive but...what happened with the in-game controls?! OMG! UNBELIEVABLY FRUSTRATING!! If only the developers had got the controls right, this would be one of the greatest tennis games ever. But they didn't and it completely ruins the whole experience
Everything is good with this game.. except for the ads .. Ads come after winning every set ... Spoils the mood .... If u have plenty of time to waste for the ads that comes in between .. it's a must have game on your mobile I have uninstalled this game only because of ads nonsense
I like this game really beacause good graphics and camera setting dynamic.i use the controls by not joystick option only by moving finger playing.its nice to me and what others are thinking is i dont know its really nice one.
Very nice game for tennis lovers... Finally got the mobile version of sega tennis game .. a long awaited for me... Thanks sega.... A little bit disappointed with the moving cursor but thts the limitation of playing tennis with mobile... Also bit disappointed with dummy names used instead of real tennis stars like Serena Williams Djokovic and so on.... Rest love the game very much 💕💗❤️💘😊
played this for a long time but i realy got tired of the unrealistic gameplay of Theron. i dont lose a single point in any tournament bit then somehow u play that guy which ranks number 11-25 and he plays all these unrealistic shots and somehow gets unbeatable. total BS! fix the god damn game. i uninstalled it and wont touch it again before that player gets fixed to be more realistic. he totaly spoils the game. fact
I'd easily give this game a five star rating but for one gameplay absurdity and one really annoying bug. The inability to save a game mid - match is a major feature that is missed sorely. Its inclusion will be much appreciated. The bug, however, is massively annoying. I have the ad-free premium version of the game but whenever I move out of a networks range, the game somehow forgets this fact. When I reconnect to a network, it reverts back to the 'free' version and starts showing me ads.
If you like scripted games, this game is for you. Always the same scenario: If you are too strong for the game, it will ever find a way to beat you. My last match was 4 sets 5-0 before the CPU finish to beat me 7-6, 6-7, 6-7, 6-7. It's simple, when you dominate, it suddenly refuses to accept your tries go put the ball where you have kick it. Right? Left. Left? Right. Not possible with direction? No problem, let's the CPU doing super shot again, again and again and modify the direction! A joke.
I mean I get that it's ad supported. But do I really have to watch a thirty second ad after every single game? Can't it be at least after the set, I think that's more reasonable. I get that the devs need to get paid, but man, the experience is horrible. I know this would fall on deaf ears so this game isn't for me, uninstalled.
This game was good. But now so many ads. After every game they put one ad. Really so annoying. Would love to give minus 5 rating for so so many ads.
The game is ok, however at a point in each game usually from the second set, the opponent start's to hit every ball extremely hard from all positions even if you served with maximum power on the corner.
I purchased the premium version of this game. But there is less options to play around in the menu. And after winning one game, the game crashes automatically
It is good but we want new challenges.The challenges are same and repeated.so put different levels.we want to play with another opponent live.I want to play with opponent lively.Nice sport game.please it is boring.Please give online matches against other real players.😍❤.Please produce new graphicsand new designs.
I love the game, but something very odd happened. I have been the number ranked tennis player for a while, all of a sudden I am now number 49. I think there is an error with the game.
ई का बवासीर बना दिए हो। मारते हैं कलकत्ता जाता है कसाई महल्ला। Terrible controls. Graphics is good. Game play is also good. Too many ads but you can go ads free by purchasing, which understandable but terrible terrible controls.
It's a very mind blowing game which I have never played in mobile I was shocked to see that app we will really feel such that we are only playing the game I really hatsoff for this app creator I recommend for all of you to play this game
I wish someone at SEGA could think a way of making this game online multiplayer across internet servers My opinion if you take that direction you could definetlly burry Ultimate Tennis and all other pointless tennis games on android A TRUE tennis player miss a tennis game based only on user's skills All other tennis games have pointless character upgrades powers shoes etc wich are profanating the tennis game itself. your game has the best 3d graphics Make it online and it will be legendary !!
The best tennis game ever, but it'll be more fun if this game can play against online player so it feels real and also added women players as well.
Good game perhaps the best tennis games in play store . Only thing that is bad is ads after every set which is wrong ads can be after a game but not after every set
I paid for ad free , but I'm unable to restore my purchase. Please get back to be regarding the matter above
Good game however I've paid for this game and now they make me play the ad version. There is no option to restore the non-ad version which I paid for which makes for a disappointing gaming experience.
I'm a tennis player in real life, but this game simulates similarly to real life as well..but i find it a little hard controlling my shots to down the line and cross court .. but the drop is a total giveaway to the point.. every time i do a dropshot my ball flies up high and when it hits the ground my opponent will just easily smash it.. i hope this will change soon
This to me is the best tennis 🎾 game I've played.My issue is I've started winning games the more I learned.And once I get so far and get my coins up to move on.If I need to pause and come back or even leave the game my progress is taken away with my coins.I have to start all over and that's making me angry and much as I like the game,been thinking about deleting it.How, if possible, may I save my progress w/out losing my victories?🤔🤔🤔
I use to play this back in 2015, was enjoyable and fun until ads were introduced. It really annoying cos one cannot enjoy the game anymore.. Too much ads and it killed the gaming spirit
Game ruined by ads after every single game in a set an add pops up many of the them 30 seconds long that you can't skip very boring don't bother downloading this game.
Why can't I rate below one star??? I uninstalled it only after 15 minutes because the game is unresponsive and have too many adds. Waste of time and data.
It is called Challenge for a reason and that's one of the reasons why i like this game. This looks nice so another star for graphics alone. The controls are great and easy to learn. 5/5 Tennis game on MOBILE. It is a good port from pc/console to mobile. Really great game
after the ads finished, i went back to the game, and guess what? the screen is all black, nothing happened, i waited for almost 15 mins, i tried to restart the game but it still the same after the ads, stupid game, uninstalling right away!
This is the best tennis game I had ever played. It's very realistic, graphics are wonderful. There are only few drawbacks in this game; #1 it is almost impossible to hit an Ace and it doesn't show the number of Aces hit by the players; #2 we cannot change the player in the tournaments; #3 we cannot change the names of other players, #4 we cannot save the game whenever we want. If these lackings are fulfilled then it will definitely deserve 5 Stars.
What happened to the original controller ot this GREAT game. Its completely ruined! I've had this game for 5 years(Only played a few times since you changed the controller). Usto be the best tennis game EVER 😒
Nice graphics and good gameplay. I've been playing this game for years but I think I'll add one more star if the money gotten from competitions are not only spent on entering the competition. If it is possible to make provisions for other wearables such as a variety of the player's kits that'll be nice. Also, there are no status bars to show how the player has developed so far, hence it is not possible to know the players strength because only that of the opponent is shown.
I enjoy playing this game so much BUT the navigation is bad. I keep losing because inaccurate navigation.
Don't really understand the low ratings. This is a solid game. More realistic than all these other cartoon tennis games. It's console play with out the licensed stars names. Throw a couple dollars for no ads, problem solved.
One of the best Tennis games ever built. Could have easily 5 stars but, 1. no saving option available in the middle of the game 2. No online multiplayer available 3. The player reactions are very limited.. P.S- I am using the paid version..
yeah, the best tennis game i played so far. only thing i want to have in this game is saving the game. you cant leave the game and save it the next time you open. i really enjoy the game and i hope you add this "saving" feature like the other tennis game have. thanks
This is an absolutely amazing game,, But the reason why I gave it a 3 star rating was the continuous ads which were longer than 30 seconds that result in completely Breaking the flow and the momentum of the ongoin match and makes it, hate itself. I would highly appreciate if the ads are reduced to maximum 5 seconds and not shown after every single game, take care of this problem otherwise I will DELETE this game.
I just loved to play this game, but when i reach last set the game shows blank add, and i have to evade back to my phone and restart the match on again. Im really fed up of this useless things, and to illuminate this adds i have to pay, but i like watch videos which introduce me to new games but all are same! Just uninstalled the game will be back if u resolve this problem.
None of the things they say to do in training are right. It says to swipe for direction and power....but you don't swipe - you have to use the thumb gimbal. Then for movement....it says to touch on the court where you want your player to go - but that does nothing....you need to use the thumb gimbal for that to....and why in training is there only a one minute time limit ? Would be nice to practice until I can understand how it works....
Worst game, too sticky controls, multiplayer is worst, ad comes in between and the connection gets lost. Make a better game if you are developing.
Great title with full controller support, graphics, and a nice premium version. SEGA did a good job again by bringing quality to mobile. Unfortunately, I don't know how to play Tennis and suck at this game.
After latest update, uninstalling today. An ad after every game is too much. For the earlier rounds, that could be 4 ads for 8 to 10 strokes. Pissed off.
Earlier it was far better... Now the ads are just too much Like after every game it's ad... Go for it if you wanna see a 1-2 min ad after every 1-2 min game.🙄💀 (Don't get this unless you really wanna see some stupid ads)
How to get my old profile?? I played this game and won several matches.. Cant I restore my profile?? Seriously so many ads.. these ads will irritate. Worst game as per ads... No one is replying?? Why ?? Why dont u make this as online game as ads are mandatory and Internet is mandatory. Jus like Rummy or some other games, make ppl to feel competition and u can give prize money for that online option at next level. As per the graphics and all game is excellent. Try to make this online game.
There's too much ads than the actual game itself. The other games are definitely much better than this one.