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[VIP]Missile Dude RPG tap-shot

[VIP]Missile Dude RPG tap-shot for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Dude Soft located at 800 N Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA 90012. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence, Occasional Swearing) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Terrible, ad filled and unoriginal. Just get tap titans for free. The audacity to charge microtransactions and have ads in a paid game is insane to me. Please, dont give this your money it is what is wrong with mobile games today.
This is really a great game I love the rpg thank you for making this. Alothough, some problems cause this had really no child graphics.
You are watching ads, and youll definitely missed them when the ads are out, dont know why keep playing it, but after reaching 2000s stages the ads wont be to helpful anymore for the enemies are insanely got to strong, i hate / love this game
It's an alright game but it requires many ads for basic things like automatic tapping, assuming you're not stocked on potions. But that's not the issue, the issue for me is that it isn't like an offline thing. Time doesn't run when you're not playing the game. It just pauses.
great game nice game play then the variety of things make the game more better keep it up and this is fun and a time killer thx for this gamr devsπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
This game is so fun and funny at the same time! If you are reading this check out the sales for this game I got it for free!!! I'm glad I took the time to install it and if you have to pay money well then... Money well spent!
theres a crash every 3 to 5 minutes please fix this I loved this game but the bugs the bugs! fix this bug pronto!...
I love the game it's super fun and let me think oh I I love the grammar it's a real yes and I love how everything is I just love the game
Nice game overall and thanks for tryi g to connect with us but it would better if the game would let you double tap or have multiple fibers tapping anywhere on the screen it would make it easier
I can't describe how good this game is, its really eazy and it's not really paid to win, I recommend this a lot and right now it's free.
It's like a computer game and what I love about the game is that you get 500 uraniam when you start the game (for beginners). Some more when you go to settings you get a 100 uraniam
Really fun, but where is developer? I tried to contact them, but never got a response. In game sale prices are not correct.
It's actually awesome, fun and great, but why there's no ADS in the game? Watching ads gives you a lot of cool stuff that would help you. But anyways, the game is amazing!
This is a very cute game hopefully the in game purchases will be less expensive but so far this is the bast taptap game ive ever played
This game is one of the best mobile Games I've played in a while,graphics?funny and cartoony,storyline?very good,easy?more of a challenge not to easy not Im Possible (p.s I don't really like how the rebirth type thing comes in kinda late)
This game I extremely fun not only you need to tap inorder to play but also you need to have surtain skills to reach more levels.
how can this game achieve a 4 star rating when its more boring than staring a turned off tv i dont know
I got it free and its a good game. I give 5 stars cuz it's not really a grinding game it's just a click till you give up for the day type of game. 5 STARS!!!
Is it really fun game recommend taking it out you have to tap to shoot your physique like a bunch of different types of missiles it's one of the best games I've ever played
Op Game I have ever seen reason:I Know Its In Money But It's Op And We Can Do Anything in this game but there is one problem and if @dude soft is reading this comment so please fix this problem as soon as possible so problem is we can't shoot on head and legs and also hands and any Thier weapon please fix this well this game is op
Very well made game all you have to do is tap the screen (sometimes spam it) but this is a well made game!
Dam, if your reading this and seeing if this is a good game, well let me tell ya it is dam GREAT! It's an awesome time waster, I've been looking for a good one and haven't found one until now, I could play this game for at least 5 hours, super addictive taping game, I highly recommend it. Although some of the ingame purchases are pricey, but who cares you don't really need em! GET IT
Great game nothing wrong but when you haven't bought new launcher for the power up there a spelling mistake saying lanucher or something like that XD
I like this game this is the best and other players complain by many tapping P.S Theres no easy way :) ilove this game so much thanks for creating this game :)
Ughhhhhhh...! I thought that if you signed in your google account, you can have this game on another device. I had this played on my mother's mobile device and with my account, but when I downloaded it in my mobile device and signed it in my google account, I can't have my progress back. huhuhuhu, pwease help.
I love it I don't know why but I do but can some one answer this question what does the VIP do? Cause I don't know
Its good and stressful too but its cool those red guys from portals defeating bosses and dungeon bosses its an adventure game. πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„
No discernible difference to the non "VIP" version. Game progress/save games from non "VIP" version are not recognised so upgrading will lose everything. Idle defense game with minimal gfx and aggressive start over again and again concept.
Update: a little hiccup with the purchase. but Dude Soft got back to me and refunded me....still a fun game! ...... when i went to purchase double speed for 2.99. it charged me but didnt work in the game. no support option that i could find either. good game otherwise.
I love this developer. His games are always well balanced, no pay to win, genuinely fun, and reminds me of old school flash games I used to play. Absolutely love it, only thing I'd change is the price of IAP's. The dev has some 100$ stuff for this game and that is obviously just a lot for a mobile game. The ad viewing rewards are fair and I'd gladly spend a little money, just not really sure why getting rid of ads is 100$....
I love it, it's fun, it's cool, it's everything (minus bad, and bad words) install it adesso!!! (adesso means now in italian )
very good game, its fast paced and is somehow relaxing in a strange way, I like games like this 5 star for this game!
Fun game, graphics are decent. Plenty of opportunities to upgrade your launcher and other assistants.
The game is very repetitive. I also didn't understand why they are charging money for this game. Even after buying this game the game is very much micro transaction heavy. All the missile and lunchers can only be obtained by micro transaction. Oh the game also contain the Ad. A paid game contain Ad.
Just get an autoclicker and you beat the game after upgrading a million times. Its as easy as that and I love it!
It is an addictive game and fun. But if you decide to pay ingame be careful of the currency you pay with. Apparently $ is more expensive than Β£. I got too excited and pressed too quick and spent more than I should have. Now triple speed is 5.99$ and if i pay with Β£ its Β£8.99. Some other microtran. Work normal. But honestly i m dissapointed that there is ingame scam. 1 star
I think it is a great game i have spentnno money and watched 0 ads and it's awesome would tell someone to get it
really fun and challenging at the start, i'll keep playing and see what happens more in the middle of the game
Very good also free don't understand what's so VIP about it though any way really fun but every things a bit expensive if you asked me also at one point the game goes super slow.
The game is amazing and a fun way for me to waiste time I really enjoy the upgrading and the things to do on the side to get loot.
It is a really fun game and easy to play the reason why I didn't give it a 5 star is because they should add auto shoot for every 2 seconds or so
I'm glad that this game was on sale for free because this version of the game isn't worth even a single cent, let alone $2. There doesn't seem to be any benefit to playing this version over the free version. Because there is no difference between this version and the free version I'm just going to copy and past my review for the free version. "This game starts off fine but after a while it becomes very repetitive. Some good things I can say about the game are the fact that you don't need an internet connection to play and the game doesn't shove microtransactions in your face every 5 seconds. However, those don't make the game good because of how repetitive the game becomes. The game basically becomes so repetitive that you pretty much need to spend a lot on microtransactions to have any fun with the game. I don't recommend this game at all."
It's just like the non premium version it's great for a offline game because it has literally no pop up ads. The only difference is that you get a bonus for getting this version.
30 percent of the time you will watch ads. ads, ads,ads. if you do not intend to buy anything and spend money it will get boring quite fast.
["In-app purchases","Supports in-app purchases",[null,2,null,[null,null,"https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/OHPOv1_KARAq6le0gvoUqeZ7Nr5SLmY5Jgbzutmg5LRcj3q_1lV_cgfPeuAB2mRFYDTC"] ] ]
Normally i would rate this 1 star but the sale made it 5 star anyways super adicting and fun, without the sale this would cost 21 QR!!!! but the sale saved me otherwise i would not even own this game in the first place, like i said super adicting and fun
This game is so addicting and its the first game on mobile i have ever played that only has adds to get you stuff insted of flinging an add in your face every second
This game is worth more. It is super fun and addicting the levels are none stop which i love also it is challenging which makes it a good game
Game is good all around but the problem I keep running into is that the game freezes then closes the game and I lose all progress. So I have to play in 3 minute intervals just so I can save progress. If I close the game then it saves but if it closes by itself then, no save.
This is so funnn lollll the stage where theres pack of meat with spikes closing on me is pretty challenging i like this game
It's a great time waster also 1% is 10 minutes, it looks easy but it might be??? Idk but Awesome game!
The free version and the VIP version is no different bruh 2$ for nothing I'm glad it was for free or I would get ripped of worse THIS GAME SUCKS in some ways the game can be good I guess this game is not recommended this game can suck.
Its real fun and i got it for free during an event or somthing, this wont effect my star rating but it was pretty hard to defeat stage 240 for me but one of the best mobile games that i probably wont uninstall for a long time
It's no rpg at all, all you do is tap, earn, upgrade, until you become a numb and lifeless zombie obsessed in doing rip n tear. colossal waste of time
It's very good and I don't have real money on my phone but thank you you make sale then I got it before it ends so thanks and your game is VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VER Great
I love the simplicity of this, and moreover, this game gives you an incredible experience to pass the time
Its a AWESOME game. Good job Dude Soft. Its the same as the free one! (Execpt for the lower price for double speed).
It's pretty good! Great gameplay, items and storyline. Though I got easily bored from the same thing over and over
the best game ever I hate when people put 1 star I know the ads can be very annoying but sometimes its bots
Its good but make a auto click buton in the store plz am tired of buy with my gem whatever they are and theys already one my bad
As soon as i played this game i realized, art is at its peak, beautiful game and very fun, and you can still have a very fun time playing it without spending any money!
Fun and entertaining game overall. But I have a problem, the double speed chip is labeled as 90% sale from 10.99$ to 0.99$. Yet when I want to purchase it, playstore says it will charge me for like 3.50$. Good thing I read before I pressed purchase. That's not a big difference, but why is it labeled as 0.99$ yet it costs 3.50$? I'll change my star review when I'll get a response.
This game is so incredibly ad heavy you can't make it 10 minutes without having to watch an ad. Its fun if you can get past that but for me it drives me up the wall. I am one of the people that for most games ill spend the money for no ads regardless of the cost most of the time if I think ill enjoy the game but this one does not even give you that.
For those of you rating 1 star because you do not know what does the VIP version give you extra, please read the description of the game. It gives you 500 uranium (the game's premium currency), 200 Leech to spend in the Leech Shop, and 5 potions which give you 3 minutes of auto-firing each. It is just a kickstart version of the normal free game.
The game gets boring and the vip version dose not do anything so thars no point in spending money to get vip just get the first game if you wanted to play😭😭😭
I like the game how it is but it could use a little bit more improvements to Marines and you have to buy other rocket launchers with prepaid money or just credit card in general and I feel like you guys should add weapons that cost mineral and you were uranium cuz honestly it's kind of unfair that you have to purchase those weapons with real money please
Really fun game. There rewarding system is great. And its easy to play. Overall a game worth downloading
Its great the gameplay can go on for hours or more because of all the things you get as you beat each level i like how they made a perfectly balanced amount of gems you get after each round and its also full with some strategy
fun to play, you can level up quickly I haven't progressed to far yet but I wish you could hold down the trigger instead of tapping..
Experience is so much annoying and irritating...no new levels..after 30 seconds you will be totally angry with what the developer has done to the game... so my suggestion is not to download this game... for the humanity of this world
Really (oddly) fun game really,Loving the secrets and how it's not THAT grindy for a clicker type game,didn't have any issues so far but maybe increase the mineral amount you gain a little? But so far it's really fun,by the way I learned about this game from Mattshae so yeah
these guys are thieves out and out , my little brother accidentally spent 100 euro on the uranium stuff , not only did they not give the uranium when i emailed them explaining what happened and asked to either be given my money back or at least give me the uranium i was blanked , i sent at least 4 emails and got no reply..... i sent them 5 months ago still no reply
Good game to waste a time. Can someone explain me what is the purpose of gold mining in this game? When I'm starting the game I'm getting information that i mined some gold, but i cant find it anywhere in game. I even got artifact which give me chance to get golden mineral but still don't know where i can spend this.
Its a really good game! The only problem is that you dont get much minerals. If you could make mineral earnings a bit better than this game would be perfect! Keep up the good work!
It gets repetitive, its just like any other idle game but this has a much worse pay wall, the concepts are exactly the same as other games it just has a different sprite so that it wont look like a direct copy. Glad I didn't buy this. Pay wall, repetitive playstyle, devs are not responding, did I also tell you that is not an RPG? Oh well... What more could you ask for?
its really nice that you can make a sale that was soo perfect for me so i can try out a new application for this game
At the beggining its fun but after u play it for a week it gets boring theirs really nothing to do so thats why i give it a 2 star
Good game and all but I am curious what is so vip about the game but other then that it is a really good game but maybe if you added watching an ad to get hell stones or uranium that would be really nice because it supports more people and will probably get more people on the game
whats the difference between this game in vip and the normal version? please tell me devs. good game altogether tho
Terrible design and drawing, stupid characters, heavy ads and pay to win type. Do not waste your time.
Cookie clicker, except with graphics that look like an intended rip-off of "The Binding of Isaac". If you like tapping repeatedly, or like spending money to buy items that will tap for you, then this is the game for you.
A fun and enjoyable game overall. Tons of weapons, upgrades, and new characters to hire. As you get farther there are sort of side quests that help make it not so repetitive. No forced ads, though ads are available that will allow you to process more quickly.
This game is amazing and oddly satisfying, you can destroy demons, bosses, portals, make upgrades, you have dungeons marines to help you out and most importantly crates to buff your missiles, this game has the key to my heart for some weird reason, I installed it yesterday and played it the whole day and didn't even realize it, It's extremely fun and well made and I'd like to see more games of this genre in the future. πŸ‘
Boring.. its only like we are only watching a video.. the gold that we earn and the difficulty are not balance..
This was a brilliant game untill i tried to buy the 3 speed launcher for Β£8.99 which i found extremely expensive,the launcher never arrived the game crashed and was in two minds to continue playing,it is such a good game that i have decided to play more, i hope you sort the problems soon!.And reimburse me.
At first it was fun but as you go through every level,you'll eventually get bored with most of the achievements unlocked
One of the best games I've ever played you can get different missles and different bugs to shoot and BOSSES super cool game good game to play if have stress ❀❀
Among mobile games, it's alright. Doesn't have a lot of ads, but watching ads is rewarded, sadly it's missing content. The marines are kind of weak compared to the automatic missile barrage and a bit better missiles. You got lootboxes for upgrades so... yeah... Overall ok, but after about 3 days of playing, you're done with it. Also higher idle speed is a payable option that increases in price? 2x is 1€, 3x is 5€, i can guess 4x is 10€. Also these prices are on "sale"
Amazing game love it no laging no ads (only if you want any good offers then there is gona be ad ofc) but the game is perfect
I've never been able to play this game. It only gets stuck in the loading screen. I do not have an issue with any apps on ny phone crashing but this game will mot load what so ever.
Would have given 5 stars, but it randomly crashes on me and I lose extra resources or have to fight a boss again. Samsung s10+
Love the funny graphics and I got thos when it was on the free deal and so far I have no regrets. I wish that there was a mose where you can be a demon bit I'm killing them so... keep up the good work love it a lot
Boring tapping game. Full of ads, microtransactions and freemium features. not worth the premium price. Don't buy.
Time killer. Decent UI. Great experience in terms of concept, enjoyable if you have time, but if not you can use ads to boost the speed of the game. No pay to win unless you want to support the devs.
It is fun how you have to chat just like typing games and that's why I like about it and all about the missiles you get different missiles for different kinds of damages that's why I like about the game
A game that is not worth more than a penny, and is just a normal, ad ridden, idle games that doesn't have any unique experiences.
Sooooooo fun!!! I recently got this game for free and have already made it to stage 180 in one hour. Upgrades are easy to get and the game even works offline so you can say goodbye to those dumb ads.
I've honestly always loved this game it's so simple yet so fun. I first played when I got my new phone and I haven't stopped. Good job on this game
This game gives me the experience of sitting in a 5 star restraunt and eating the most expensive food love this game although taooing a lot has giving my thump a little bit of pain but it's worth it getting the rockets love this game
Really good game I recommend it just don't talk about demons after playing. You can just ignore it. Very good, fun, and finger fun (that was kinda cringe). Get if you want, but you don't have to.
its fun but it was on discount it look boting but i tried it and it realy fun ppphhh.....and he thout I was gonna be boring