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Village City - Island Simulation

Village City - Island Simulation for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Sparkling Society - Island Village Building Games located at Drie Akersstraat 13 2611 JR Delft The Netherlands. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I get lost for hours in it iv had 5,3 and now 1 I liked 5 but couldn't get much money then lost it I like this one just need more dimends and cash faster so can actually get enough money saved to buy more properties and land or make it to wear u can change money for diamonds something so u can progress a little faster
The game's good but the sizes of buildings go opposite of laws of plysics like SCP-3008 but right opposite too also I hate how we just need to keep on building parks and trees cuz then the happiness will go down if we don't plz fix that.
It's a good game unfortunately the prices to purchase new building are too high, the time for profit are upto 1 minute and above which make game complicated and boring 😴. You need to reduce the time of profit to make it easy to keep moving on.
It's a good city building game. I wished that there were more decorations though, not just trees and parks, maybe some fences, statues, and more road options for instance.
Love it. I installed it on 2 tablets. Plenty of opportunity to collect $ and diamonds to build a community
Building at first was fun but then to expand land or up buildings takes too much effort as you get further into it. I now need over 11,000,000 dollars to expand more land and that is going to take about a week to earn. To achieve what.....more waiting. 4 weeks of fun in this game, that is it. Going to delete after this comment.
It's a good game. That's what I'm gonna say. Very good game. You all should download it. I'm telling you it's a great game.
This game is so Crazy it is very nice on terms like its simulation,at first I was searching for a perfect game that can create your ideal place,So I found Storm8 studios which is rubbish,when I cook 22 hr macaroni and cheese,when it is on the right time my WIFI is out of signal so it will be dirty,But then I found this and snow city I was ammazed so I hope to guarantee that this update is worth it and I typed 456 words in this story,so thats it lately
Terrible, terrible privacy terms! Worst I have ever seen... Do not install, you are given them every right to rip off your personal files and data.
Terrible ad placement. Every 5 minutes an ad pops up, completely breaking concentration. Sorry, I'm out.
Nice little game! You actually have a chance to win diamonds as you progress so you don't have to pay-to-play as in their newer games.
awsome game its not a pay to win game and that is a rare gem to find now a days keep up the great work you guys are awsome love the gameplay and the in game rewards
I have been playing this game for years n I still love it. Only thing is I don't get updates n emails it keeps coming up error But really addicted πŸ˜€
A big disappointment that there were no paths, only roads, so the people could not be seen walking around - my favourite part - just a dead place with buildings but no people.
Spent almost $20 and it stops offering builds at level 51, waste of money I had 2500 citizens when I ran out of stuff to build, dumb. Plus they time the adds to pop up when your harvisting money, tricks you into clicking on adds and miss diamonds for watching the adds. Don't spend real money on this game, I could of hit level 51 ina few weeks without real cash. Dumb. Plus I ruined a white shirt shirt trying to get free diamonds during a dumb add bombardment. Stupid game and salsa they owe me $19
No option to convert money to diamonds, as the have progress most things you can only get in exchange for diamonds and the frequency of getting diamonds is very low.. so you have to wait forever to get a building for diamonds when the options to buy buildings with money are exhausted. Not sure if it's a deliberate attempt from the developer to trick the weak minded to buy diamonds with real money..
Its a hard game, on how you build a village, and very challenging on how you prevent your citizen always happyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
The game is okay i have been playing if for 3 days and I have no issues so far only that the adds are annoying
is just so difficult I spent time in to build a little plot space house type thingy and then what did it do it did absolutely nothing and it dropped me down to 44 diamond I couldn't even do nothing no more so I can suggest I give it to you for being a brand new person to the game and I read how to play it I read you guys's comments and it's still like doesn't seem like a four or five but it seems more of a 1/2 or 3 because it doesn't really work all like that so I'm just going to give it a 2
Looks like it would be enjoyable, but it won't let me find out. Every button I push lags for at least 20 seconds and multiple pushes. Sad. Hopefully it will be fixed.
There should be fields also and people working in city + night scene in city it will look more better and this is the best game ever I played 😎The thing is I liked this game very much but you can do land price less so it will be more easier plz
Plz add more buildings, houses and commercials , also earnings of diamonds from commercial . Day night cycle. Ships in motion I'm sea coming and going to port. Also increase the island size.
They put me level 1, I was on level 20, I don't appreciate that after I sent them my ID # and my version of the game. I really loved this game. I spent money on this game! Now their telling me to do something else, I'm very disappointed and thats not fair! They don't what to do what's right!
Always something to do. Unlike most games like this you aren't just waiting for cash to show up on a property. I really love the speed up 1 hour function. Keep up the good work
This is a great city sim. The game doesn't require real money to progress how you want ( just optional). The only downside is how zoomed out it is. On a smaller screen like mine, it would be nice to be able to get a bit closer. Currently, it's hard to place things exactly where you want them. It's not impossible though. Just somewhat inconvenient.
I have been playing this game for 2days now, I enjoy it but the fact that things are so expensive and I don't get much money in (even when I upgraded all working places) make it difficult for me to built the city fast .... but it's still a good game to play, makes you learn on how to spend money wisely :)
It really sucks because i lost all 3 my game village 1 & 2 and my tropic town i was over level 200 my game didnt back up and my phone restored now i lost all my progress amd they say they cant restore it. So it is not worth play this games and putting all that time and effort in a game and you just loose it. Rather syick woth the computer games...that is worth the time. I am very dissapointed and angry about this. Other games can restore your progress but not this ones. So sad....... not worth...
Very chill game. Enjoyable. Just wish it could turn 360 virtual, zoom even closer and add more land or another island. It doesn't need to be fancier in detail but just more options available; land and view wise.
I was prepared to give 5 Stars until my game conveniently became wiped out. I was on Level 39 and was really enjoying the game so much that I spent over $10 on the game. Two days later, it was like I had never played at all. Deleted all of your games. 2 Stars is being generous after what I just went through. i am thoroughly pissed.
The city building game starts off good but a day later it becomes very repetitive with building houses to aquire more people to work, building more work buildings to produce more income, and building more parks to keep people happy. That's it (at least so far). It needs variety. For example, if I build an arcade there should be a mini game to play IN the arcade. If I build a casino I should be able to gamble on slot machines. If I build a bank I should start acquiring interest on money.
Hi! I like your game. Although, there's one problem. When I quit the game and decided to watch some videos on youtube, I got back and read a note saying, "error, failed to extract resources by idk what." That's what it says. I hope you're just upgrading the game and hopefully won't last until tomorrow. Because I really am hooked on your game. I love it! Please fix it! I'm looking further to play on it anytime. For now, I'd give it a three.
This seemed to be a good game except the buttons did not respond to touch. So going thru the tutorial, it was already glitching and it became annoying very quick. If this bug gets corrected it would be a fun "go-at-your-own-pace" 5 star game.
It takes too long for everything to process. It loads everytime I click on something! It would take a 30 seconds for every step, even just by clicking continue.
It's a really easy going game although you can play whenever or wherever with it being offline , but be warned it's addictive !!! In a good way 😝
Addictive and fun! I'm not usually into apps or games but love this game. You need patience to wait and earn money, but it's worth it. Easy to play and not too many ads.
It pretty good and its just like others that you need to buy money in order to be free financial in the game. I am really looking for game that is like this but gives me more money in turnover
It was easy to earn money and diamonds. Although, when I use my mobile phone the screen is too small. Can't clearly see the roads when I build it behind large buildings. Also, it would've been easy if there are some copy/pasting when it comes to building decorations such as the trees instead of manually building it up one by one.
It is very nice game and in starting I spend more and more time on this game but slowly I spend less time because sometimes I have not enough money and diamond to buy the land or commercial buildings so it's my request that this game decrease the price of land or we could get more diamonds otherwise this game is perfect
Screen responsiveness is terrible. I have to click icons numerous times to make anything happen. Can't get past the tutorial.
Too many adds. One every 60 seconds at least. No option to spend 99 cents to turn them off forever. No way to auto collect money/smileys/diamons(rare). You're better buying a Kairosoft game.
The game is fun but the demands are always increasing whenever u buy a plot of land and the gems way 2low. Something should be done on dos
This is really a fun game. I don't like the length of time it takes to build/upgrade buildings but I've found that that's just the way of many of these simulation type games. Many of the prices of construction/upgrading are through the roof so watch your cash supply. Diamonds come pretty quick at first but then start to get scarce so don't be rash with them either. Overall, its a fantastic game and I would recommend it to anyone with spare time.
This is the most fun game I have ever played on a phone!! Great music and lots of other fun things. I dont have any issues!
Not sure why ppl are giving 5 stars. Takes forever to earn money to expand. Game is too slow and repetitive. Boring..
Looks cool, starts off fun but then everytime you buy property to build it raises the cost of the next land purchase. You save up money and purchase another pice of land and it raises the cost again. Takes forever to get enough money to even purchase anything and even 3x longer to collect jewls which are needed for some of the best buildings! It becomes extremely boring and frustrating!
Recenntly rated as 3 but there are lots of annoying things in this game. Rated 1 , means piece of s...) uninstalled
Interfering ads that pop up during game play just made me un install the game everything cost way more than what you make playing quite disappointing to say the least the game could be such a good game
Best city game around. Ads are not intrusive. You can unlock everything and play for a long time seeing your city grow. You can get in game currency easy enough to to buy special buildings. Overall it's a well put together game.
Its one of the awesome game that i ever played. There is so much to do and never boring. One thing that bugs me is that why not the profit is auto collect? If not that why not every time the profit due, the money is accumulated until we play it again. Overall this game is legittt i would suggest this game to friends
good game... i will give 5 if you guys make the building can be rotary, and can to zooming closely to the building.
This so sick game.the helper of boreing.when you very bored offline this game is help you to pass your time also this game is nice clean and etc.
Very poor response time. Couldn't even make it through the tutorial. Pressed next/continue and other buttons literally dozens if times before the game would acknowledge the input. Deleted immediately.
This is the best SIM game I've ever played, I have played hundreds of SIM games this is so far the best not too much ads it is a little to easy to level up and it's hard to make money but that's okay with me
A bit pricey but a lot of fun for all ages,filled with possibillities of skys the limit creativity,money management And real estate expansion.
The ads are so intrusive 😩 it's such a shame. It could have been such a great game... 20 minute play and I uninstalled
I love this game alot it respomds and does good people who complain please check you devices this game does very well in my devive😊
Its a ok game but can lag badly sometimes and when I tap on a item or word it acts like I'm not touching it, very anointing. Though it was my phone so turned the sensitivity up on my screen and didn't help. I have no problems with any other games so I know its not the phone.
So far I give 3 star first next time if I feel it very amazing game and different from the others games so I will rate it again. Tq
I think my opinion I give 2 star because I don't think the game is good very poor game plese some improve the game πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž