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Vikings: War of Clans

Vikings: War of Clans for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Plarium LLC located at Plarium LLC 075 Creekside Drive, Suite 100 Portage, MI 49024 United States. The game is suitable for Teen (Fantasy Violence, Alcohol Reference) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Glitches and won't start up even on wifi or constantly have restarts (which was told I'm signing in to much even though was game kicking me out) i can get into all other apps and play except this game . And it's very very very expensive to play and you often lose things and they won't reimburse
It's a good game, but if you go into it you'll have to either be prepared to spend a lot of gold to speed up your progress quickly or spend more gold in order to buy peace shields to avoid people several base levels higher than you deciding to attack just because they can. As for "more experienced enemy", buzz-off. The game is full of people at level 20+ attacking people half their level because it's unbalanced; it's an incredibly easy fight for them and they don't have a penalty in raiding.
Cool and not too complicated. Took some getting used to, as do most things, but the concept is simple and making progress isn't dreadful. I gave 4 stars because I would like the animations to be a bit more interesting but the rest I'm happy with. All in all, great strategy game.
Fun to play, clan is a worldwide group of friendly teammates, heavy on machine load, mostly fault free, tempting to spend money which is a bottomless pit. (Feed a homeless person and you will feel better than spending money on computer games.) Slow but steady advancement gives the game sticking power. Even those at the top level seem to find new challenges and become leaders of their team.
Since the latest update, this mobile game is no longer mobile for me because I can only get on and play when I'm connected to Wi-Fi which is extremely inconvenient and frustrating at best. To add to the frustration, the "Towers" event during Fury doesn't show up or update appropriately on the mini map causing you to miss out while others are able to see and attack towers. This has been an issue since Fury first started. Unacceptable Plarium! I would give ZERO stars if I could!
This game is becoming unplayable! The lag and the blue circles seem to start about the same time as cvc, making it hard to play and hold sieges.. Getting tired of paying money to build myself up and not being able to play properly.. Might be time to find a new game not made by Plarium.. And when you complain, all you ever get is that their servers are fine so it must be at my end.. I guess my whole clan has dodgy gear at the same time, all over the world!
Would be 5 if the issues are addressed. All the glitches in the game need to be fixed before Plarium adds any more to the game. They also need to stop the canned responses and blaming individual players for the glitches and admit there is a lot problem and fix the problems. It is a great game and addictive, but they are loosing players because of the glitches and them not dealing with the problems. Once again, no glitches fixed and Plariums standard answer of blaming the player..
I'm total furious with Plarium it's been 3 days battling with signing on, they won't admit that their new update impacted all players using data. They will send you responses that it's your device that has a problem but in fact it's their servers. Since this update all players not using wireless internet are complaining but Plarium will say check your connection, clear cache or redownload the game. Its quite upsetting considering the amount of money we spend on data and years on this game.
I'll update when I've played more. So far it seems like Total War, but an online version made for mobile, it seems fun
While this game is pretty good in terms of graphics and gameplay, its latest update, Hellheim, is a piece of garbage - it's boring, repetitive and completely random. I've been trying to finish 10.7 at 3 stars in hellheim at hero level 50 for 2 weeks now, to no avail while sone people make it at 47-48. Its not subject to players skill or anything, just pure luck . This is not the kind of content that makes you come back wanting more. Avoid this game its not worth your time at all.
Can't play over mobile data. Have to have Wi-Fi to play. It's a good game that is very nice to those who want to spend just a lil. Fix the mobile data issue! Literally just this game.. i can play way more graphic intense games than this over data just fine. *edit after their response: i already had sent in a support request detailing it. They gave me the lame response of try uninstalling, clear your cache, yada yada. I'm not the only one with this problem. Stop with the automated responses.
This game came close to the end for many of us who have play it more then 5 years. Putting an game inside the game, like Hellheim, just becouse you cannt sell alone that game becouse is not atractive. Putting a gambling game inside the game with those max 70% chance to upgrade gear to lvl9. Lag getting worst in fury every time. And so many other things but i will not writte a novel here. Its a strategy game, no gambling game, no center game for other games. But you start to not see this way
There is a gear upgrade system for your hero that is broken and Palarium refuses to address it after submitting multiple tickets. Ive failed 9 straight times upgrading at 75%. Statistically after 3 straight failures all subsequent attempts would be a 99% and above chance of success. Statistically Ive somehow hit the lottery 6 straight times, yet Palarium continues to reply that nothing is wrong.
Game waS fun, but is starting to seem very shady. Buy a bunch of marks for hell & now that I have 90k marks....spending 5k marks & not even getting one boost. This is happening a lot more often. There seem to be some kind of favoritism. Beside fury towers working better for certain kingdoms & blue circles always others. Now cvc sh siege can have 1 TRILLION points difference? Ek run sh siege. We GAIN points from our os. EK didnt hit. We defend all marches. Ek still have 1T points more. How?
Like all plarium games, you will eventually feel the need to spend money to speed up progress. Unless you are fortunate, you will be forced to practice self control. Other than that side note, I give the game 5 stars on account of it being a fairly simple and friendly environment. Not hard to navigate and easy to figure out. The music is also quite lovely.
Would be 5 if the issues are addressed. All the glitches in the game need to be fixed before Plarium adds any more to the game. They also need to stop the canned responses and blaming individual players for the glitches and admit there is a lot problem and fix the problems. It is a great game and addictive, but they are loosing players because of the glitches and them not dealing with the problems.
I have been playing for a long time but now I can't get the game to load. 3rd time this happened in less than 1 month. Not only do I lose my troops and resources, I also lose much of my hard earned influence. Can't get back to where I was without spending lots of real $$$! Now I can't get it to open at all. The tech person at my carrier went through my phone, updated anything that could cause a problem. Still won't load past 75%. He says it's the game.
Been playing this game for about 18 months. Spent a lot of time and money on it. The game quality has gotten so terrible I gave away my stronghold and quit the game. Plarium support blames your device and internet connection even though MAJORITY of the players expirience the same issues. I don't recommend this game to anyone. Too expensive and too time consuming for a broken game.
So I'm on mobile Android and I can't finish the tutorial. When I go and try to attack someone it just says: Connection lost please try again. But my internet connection is perfectly fine. It's not worth downloading... And thx Duggo for wasting 10 mins of my life.
Game is pretty awful. Downloaded to support a streamer but that game is absolutely awful. Full pay to win. Within 15 seconds of my peace treaty ending, a player with double my palace level, teleported their base next to mine, smashed me repeatedly until all of my troops were dead and resources plundered, and then teleported away. Wow. Cool. Much. Fun. Not.
Game will not Play on mobile data. Plarium walks you through Uninstalling game clearing cache. That's the issue, they updated game to only use wifi. Latest update saw Gear with an upgrade option requiring materials. Higher levels have a lower rate of success and even with having all minimum materials Plarium has stated its "impossible" to get 100% success 100% of the time. Meaning more money to spend in game. If you're just starting game don't bother! Will take you too long and thousands!
This game is not pay to win, it is simply pay to play. At this point in the game I am forced to either pay money to advance my buildings and troops or wait 7 weeks for a building to get done. It takes at least 3 days to train enough troops to be viable. It takes about the same amount to heal those troops after someone with 1 billion points takes you out. There are a thousand games like this out there, but none I've seen that force you to actually pay to be competitive.
Game ,despite advertised otherwise IS NOT free to play! Only way you can MAYBE have a shot is by spending copious amounts of money and even then you have no guarantees at all! Last upgrades forces you to gamble items ( obscene amount required cannot be obtained unless you pay in real money).without those upgrades you simply are not competitive enough Constant gliches leading to you losing everything and same copy and paste answer from plarium: not our responsability
So many glitches in the game And the creators don't try to make the game fair When they are players that just don't play fair
Make sure you have access to other devices! After spending loads of cash building my town and getting to a powerful position one of the infamous updates rendered many devices unable to log into the game. It has been months since I was able to play on my phone so I can only play at home now on my laptop. Hundreds of clan members simply gave up after this happened, beware if you spend money and get sucked in!
Bugs, bugs, bugs! But they dont care, since they got the cash flow from top players. Fury towers not showing up on the map, crazy lag during onslaughts on strongholds. Everyone should quit this game so they would start fixing it instead of replying with generic replies and adding new features with stupid low chance system (gear and hellheim).
Wish i could do a 0 with the blackmail you people allow. People in my kingdom going " do as i say or my friends in plarium will restrict your access or kick you out of the kingdom". I sent a ticket, they said dont worry about but then i get a warning in game. Hmm seems like their on their side, sad as a company you shouldn't have sides in kingdom disputes but you do.
Not installed, Never Played, Still Paid for! I look forward to hearing from Plarium to explain this! I am NOT A GAMER l read books + your game is NOT installed on either my tablet or phone and yet so far this year you have managed to take out close to.$100 From my bank causing me more shite having to keep changing card no's etc not to mention fees etc. I am a Disabled Pensioner and you keep doing this Shite to me! I am Beyond Over your company.
This game is absolute trash. In events that matter expect constant lag and being unable to play. Its a waste of time and money If it wasn't for the fact I had to give it 1 star, I'd have given it a 0. They will tell you to clear cache and check Internet stability... What a joke. It's their servers and the just take more money and fix nothing
Pay to play game, that requires more and more money in order to stay competitive. If you don't constantly dump in huge amounts of money there is really no enjoyment. Many big players leaving doing to put game play/performance. Developers only care about profit and don't care to fix issues.
After your downtime and downloading new updates I cannot even load the game.Fix this. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and still no luck. I don't have a g mail account only email. Still not working and now having problem with launcher. Please help!
Just changed my 4 star to 1 star. I've spent money in this game and now it won't even open like it used to. Only time I can get it to open is on wifi, otherwise it just stays at 75% and then says"can't connect to server".
Have played this game for a long time now - its a good game, fun and interactive. However from direct experience Plarium does not police players who cheat with bots and autoclickers which is frustrating and unfair. The other problem is while it is free to play you'll soon learn that you won't be competitive in the game until you pay some cash - growth is very slow without money and its impossible to win competitions against players with deep pockets.
I would have given -10 if there was an option. Spent a lot in this game with pathetic customer service. Even if fault is their's, they will never accept it nor rectify it. I faced the same problem three times in a row and had proof and screenshots but they didn't accept it. Don't spent time and money in this game you will be looted.
been playing for awhile now, i really dont like the packs for purchase program. we are told it is based on what i do when i buy, but it doesnt seem that way when the prices on packs available are nowhere near the cost of my previous purchases. also the idea of having to wait for weeks to get cheap packs doesnt seem like a good idea to me. if people buy you see what they are buying and there you go price wise. i spend weekly cuz i love the game
Love it. It does get expensive to play the higher you go. Very fun though. It is possible to pass levels without bank offers, but very slow going without
Great Game, best I've played of its genre. It's pay to win but gives you a couple of weeks free fun before the upgrade times become enormous.
So far, so good. I'll get back to this review and give the game a more substantive rating after I've spent some more time with it. So far as I can tell now, though, this game is intuitive, engaging, and highly social. The game also isn't inundated by ads, though of course there are some pay-to-play options. As far as I know, you can develop incredibly well, and relatively quickly, without having to drop a dime.
Too many automated players. There is no counter or balancing mechanics to this. Had a player hit me for 10k lumber over my current 1mil vault cap. This lack of buffer locks out any advancement when players do this, given building costs. After contacting support: "We don't see anything wrong, provide evidence." I cannot provide evidence, it's your server, you should be able to see and the speed at which things happen I cannot even grab a screenshot.
Played for years, and lived it. Until I changed devices and could not remember my password. I contacted support and requested a password reset over 10 times. No response...needless to say all of the time and money put into the game has been wasted.
Great but lags sometimes. I love the game, however it does lag sometimes and that is my reason for not giving 5 stars. The creators need to fix the lagging issue.
Ah vikings, a game you love to hate. Super fun but the programers refuse to fix current issues and just keep adding new things that worsen current issues. Not going to bother responding in game because I'll just receive a generic unhelpful response, so I'll leave this here - fix the lag and blue circles before adding holmgang back 😊😊😊
If im not on WiFi the game won't load. Ive sent multiple tickets about the issue and it has yet to be fixed. Update...still not fixed or acknowledged by a developer. I did get an email asking to do a survey on how they did.
Plarium has demonstrated over the years they cannot put a quality product out to the public. Every year the game becomes more and more unstable. Lags and blue circles have become a daily problem. Despite the issues, Plarium continues to push out money-making updates that only create more glitches, bugs and lags. Where the game use to be about hardwork and strategy, new updates make upgrades dependent on Vegas-like slot machine odds. Do not play this game!
This suck now game won't load lots of money years of play wasted. Pity I loved it now it's such of waste of hours of time and hundreds of dollars....ok here is update can't even get on the contact plarium to send complaint. I have recently put hundreds of dollars into this game and can't play ... What's up with that? How about refunds on all the boosts upgrades etc. PS I did everything I could and was asked to fix myself . Ok new update not working at all ....got on for min more $$ and zip
Very fun game but can get glitchy. Last thing you want in a war game is a glitch UPDATE Glitch is awful during busy times in global events. Expensive updates continue to be added and quality of play continues to get worse.
Will love it even more when that bunch of bellends V01K1 leave our KD. Only there to keep us weakened. :/ in terms of developers. Not particularly helpful when there was an accidental spend on my account. Just means I'll not spend another penny with them to avoid future risk. Enjoy the game still.
Clicking and upgrading things with a nordic melody playing.havent spent anything yet. They seem to hook you up with money and resources in the beginning.im only a few days in. Pretty good offers for spending real cash but I'm holding off until I get a feel for the game
Fantastic their should be more games like Vikings it an intense game of keeking your clan safe at all means ,protect your people , destroy your enamies ,Grow and get strong , create a legend among other clans ,just a great game to be playing.
Stupid game wont load past the tutorial of trying to do the "attack" Edit: finally got the game to work after all this time. And I'll say now im loving the freedom to choose where i place my items and stuff. Edit Edit: You're Welcome! I just started yesterday and i already have close to 300k influence. Ive been playing for less than 24 hours.
After many years of playing you have ruined the game with these additions. The stupid new town building and holghelm are the end of investing money in your game. You could have added new weapons and armor or such things. I don't see myself continuing gaming much longer.
Game in general is good, Research is very long compared to any other game i have played along with the buildings, on the app when trying to open resources or trying to use speed ups my game freezes for atleast 30 seconds EDIT: i have tried everything down to uninstalling the game nothing works. Also you should lower the research times as they are ridiculously high.
If you are thinking of starting this game think again. I still play because I have spent a lot of time and a bit of cash getting to where I am. It could be so much better if the developers took any notice of the players suggestions and complaints. Edit after plariums usual BS reply. I have a clan. I get the pitiful rewards. I laugh at your idiotic replies πŸ˜‚
Game was fun, after update it just lags and always an issue loading. Plarium always sends the same response stating their servers are in working order, game is running as designed, clear game cache, something wrong with "your" internet connection. Everything works just fine on my $1100 Android, just not "YOUR" game
I've been playing this game for about 4 years now and with all these updates it seems it's getting worse. I've spent plenty of money and still do yet it's not enough for plarium to fix their servers and glitches. Since the last update I haven't been able to play using mobile data only wifi. I'm an IT so I know what I'm doing when it comes to trying to resolve and fix things but they screwed up their code and messed up the game for plenty of players not just me. FIX IT, it's your responsibility.
On my Samsung Galaxy A71 5G the game went offline and could not be recovered; error messages kept insisting servers had no internet connection. All my other apps worked fine. I've now loaded the game on an older, slower Galaxy and so far it's working (fingers crossed).
Another automated response from "Lack of support team" Alot of fun. Continues to change and get better. Support is auto-mated and unhelpful. Otherwise, would be 5 ⭐ game. Your game will not load on mobile data after last update. I have 2 devices with 2 different carriers and have posted several tickets all replied to by I need to do such and such... it's not on my end. Please look into it. I put in several tickets, so far no fix.
Great game. I don't feel it's intuitive, but maybe that's got more to do with my lack of gamer expertise. Advice; get in a good clan. ENJOY
Bottom line - growth costs money - and the reward you get for your patronage is a multitude of underhanded adjustments that lower your rewards. You might play anyway.. spend a bit here and there and imagine you're getting somewhere.. til one day - POOF! The great army you spent months, even YEARS growing is GONE thanks to some game reset/freeze, glitch, or inevitably...a very poorly timed update- like this one. This game is the playstore equivalent of burning money.
Just a good city simulation, resource management etc. Spending real world money does help, but if you are clever you can play this for free, easily.
I had just given a three star rating with an explanation as to why, but after the response I got from the developer that made it completely obvious they hadn't even read what I said and then tried to tell me why I was wrong, I had to drop my rating by a star.
Game have become better. It's easier to gain gold, VIP points and other resources than it was six months ago. Just don't understand why small clans are excluded from the new game mode, you could have divided it into leagues based on power but no. Support team is excellent.
Too many upgrades , too many player demands, not enough bug fixing. Been playing for over 2 years. Sadly, this is the end of the line for me.
Used to be able to play thia game using mobile data. Now can't. Gets stuck at 75%. Plenty of complaints in here with the same problem but Plarium refuses to acknowledge it. They just tell you to play the game using wi-fi. What a joke. Uninstalled the game.
This game used to be fun but changes have ruined it. It has become more expensive for a worse product. If you are not prepared to spend at least $300 a month it is not the game for you. Even if you are you will get frustrated with the lag in the game and the appalling response when you raise it as a problem. Many people are quitting the game. Plarium only seem interested in putting in game features that make people spend more, not making the game better. And raising issues gets lame and patronising responses like the one below. Uniting with others is what everyone does as soon as they start, but thanks for the incredibly unhelpful advice
Good game : you have fun , you have new friends and you have hazard too . Takes little time to learn all nyansses , but you always can find some surprizes !!! Good game ! !!
I see alot of comments on game speed and lag i would suggest you check your set up on pc or device... never had an issue with shield drops either. The game has improved alot in the last year was once a case of spending dollars to get ahead but now with achievement available for gold you can get your game up and running alot quicker
Game is great. Very addictive. Need couple improvements. Totems should be can bought in clan store... Am reading reviews and can't believe it what people saying. Who are you guys??? Am playing more then two years. Yes game lag sometimes but nothing special. Am playing on phone with 1G ram and never had serious issue. Also playing on laptop old 10 years and I just can say THANK YOU PLARIUM. You don't have to spend a money if you know what you doing. Clan mate's always helping + achieve gold
hard to use, certainly compared to PC serio usly terrible Do Not Waste time nor Money here!!πŸ•΅πŸ˜  "What kid of problems" they rightly ask.. & no live copable link = just thoughtless!! game, serious concerns of being able to play on a different / new phone, let alone being able to play "phone vershion" on PC. And there reply; sent too developer web site?? Seriously, Sad Certainly, as I said: sent too a learning course, or dead link.
There needs to be something in place to stop players from blocking achievement locations. Players make alts and leave them sit there so you cant move there and get it. Cant message those players when its 9 plus weeks since last visit. Its seriously ridiculous and something needs done about it.
Nice graphics, unfortunately, unless you want to spend a boatload of money you are at the mercy of those who do. If you think that spending for a bubble will save you... think again... they can bribe your bubble and continue at taking you, even worse, they can attack your farmers and you MUST pay in gold to resurrect them or you continue getting the flashing, floating red crosses until you do. My opinion? This game is frustrating, expensive and it blows
This used to be a great game, the best I've ever played, but the constant updates to add new stuff has broken it almost completely. Sad but plarium focus is on adding new stuff to persuade players to part with more bucks rather than sticking to what they do well and fixing the broken stuff in the core game.
The biggest ripoff in the world of gaming. If you like to be stolen from, like being disappointed, being heartbroken, frustrated,... know how it is to work and spend for days and weeks only to have the game CHEAT AND STEAL to take what you work for... or fall victim to one of many glitches...then tell you , sorry... for the thousandth time.. but not reimberse you... Not sure why they haven't been arrested for fraud, or FCC violations.... guess its a jurisdiction thing... RUN FROM THIS GAME
Stopped playing, way to much money. Altho its free to play.. you will never get anywhere if you play free. And if you want to excel.. you will pay thousands of dollars.
people need to update their reviews....Plarium, you are doing great. keep on making this game even better
This is a really fun game. By the comments where it says that it's pay to win is all lies. They just weren't patient enough. I have fun helping my clan mates and the wars that we fight in. This game has changed for the betterπŸ‘
Bluecircles, Lag, Unplayable, No game balance, Support lying about game balance and helps out only players that pay 1000's of $ each month. Game is underpar, and has outgrown the platform and user numbers it has, and Plarium haven't done anything to fix it in years. They are only adding new bugs and bluecircles making the game even more unplayable for the players. Avoid anything from Plarium/Aristocrat PS. And the message below is also their usual response. (Good luck, have fun)
I love this game. Played for 3 years. It seems like to keep the top cash spenders happy plarium keeps adding updates before fixing old bugs and game issues. Lets be clear. This is a casino disguised as a game. Normal everyday people cannot keep up with players who drop 2 grand or more a week. That being said I still play and it's still fun. Just gotta find a clan and stay in your league of spending I guess... Then the developers give very generic responses instead of solutions.
Does not match pictures and battle sequences displayed. There's also nothing preventing a trillion influence person from going around and attacking who ever they want. So good luck once you get higher in levels because you are going to be non stopped attached by people who spent hundreds on the game. The battle algorithm is rediculous and some one with far less power can manage to destroy you with very little amount of troops. There needs to be a power sepperation. Waste of time and money.
You cannot conrol anything. The game takes over and dors not ler go. On pc is betyer. Sugestions: 1. Allow me to Exit of the tutorial and go back again. 2allow me to look through any email account that I have not only through Google. 3. Ask if I have an account. do not send meet anywhere you choose
Played this game for 3 years and last week uninstalled it. I can proudly say that I have not slept better or been more stress free since deleting everything about this game from my life, used to be fun, now it's just being milked for every last penny before they shut down the servers for it which are also always on the verge of melt down all day every day. 10/10 do NOT recommend
Chances were recently introduced for gear upgrades. At a stated 70% chance (no 100% option), you may easily still fail 3 or more attempts in a row. Even with free gold, don't expect to be able to upgrade your gear for under $500 to $600 USD (and that's just gear cost). The failure rate is high. Update: Your response does not make any sense. You can only use legendary (highest quality) material as is for the 1-9 upgrades. Do you have a secret tier nobody knows about? Another blanket response πŸ˜”
Having planets game for about two-and-a-half years in the beginning it was rough but now it's starting to smooth out and become a awesome game to play still needs a little work but in overall I love playing this game.
if you lose your password or forget which email you happened to register your game account too like I did you're just out of luck they expect you to know things that nobody could possibly know after 32 weeks of not being able to access their account. I have tried to take care of this three different times and they don't want to help me get my account recovered to keep asking for information I would have no way of knowing being unable to access it for 40+ weeks
Your going to see development stop because they focusing on raid just like they did with terminator. They are after ur money much better games by better devs. Dont waste thousanda thousands here. 2 years later: almost no updates. Many good companies come out of israel such as wix. Plarium aint one of them
Been playing the game for years, it used to be amazing. However with each update they break it a little more, it's not about the quality of the game to plarium anymore it's about how they can tweak it to require players to keep spending. Should have stopped adding content after t6 and spent a year or two polishing the games performance. Not a 5 star game anymore, it was before the developers got greedy.
ludicrous pay to win pukefest. baits you into "micro" transactions of 2-200$ plus international service charges. hyperbolic curve requires ridiculous amounts of resources to level. so bad you should avoid the entire company. according to their own website it takes over 382 years to build a max level palace (not counting other requirements) without speed boosts, but this game is "free" and you are not "required" to buy.
Quite enjoyed the game until I got to level 20 then it really was pay to play. 49 weeks to do a level 25 buildings without paid currency.
Game ruined by turning into lottery game with helheim. You will throw your money on nothing. This is only game where you have less then 5% chance to pass last node even you are maxed player. So, dont waste your time and money. I played this game till helheim update. Now, its game which different treat players.
Very expensive. Every kingdom has an idiot that sabatoges events for the soul purpose of causing your clan to lose. Very bad lag during key events. Same game server issues for over a year.
Love it. It does get expensive to play the higher you go. Very fun though. It is possible to pass levels without bank offers, but very slow going without. I am in a good clan. I've been playing a long time!!
They don't care about the players. They only care about money. Game has serious lag time. Bonus they give are cheap. This is a money trap game.
Money taking lag filled game only focused on separating you from your wallet. Better off getting mugged in New York. You keep more of your money and the police care more than the help desk here. Played for years and I finally rate it based on their performance.
The techs treat you like they hate you. Been playing 4 years, out of 20 times the game messed up, they resolves 0 problems.
Played the game for about 4 years now and spent over 1000$ on it.Thing is it only gets more expensive as u progress, playing from one good offer to the next.Recently a clanmate that spent probably over 10k$ just got banned from in-game purchases forever over a mistake they don't even wanna disclose (probably for letting real life interfere with the game and getting zeroed by mistake) and u realize that if u stop spending then the game is just unplayable.So see u in 194w when my troops train up