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Vikings II

Vikings II for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Plug in Digital located at Plug-in-Digital 72 rue Emile Zola 94260 Fresnes. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
"Contains ads" is an understatement. Every single thing you do in this game has an option to multiply with watching an ad. Sure it's optional, but I normally don't mind watching an ad to double rewards. It's a shame, too, because the art style is incredible and the gameplay is really fun. Would've easily been a 5 star review if not for so many ads.
After the first few levels, the game made the only clickable button the character upgrade button. After I ran out of currency, it would bring me to the store, but I had to reboot the game to continue playing. Upon reboot, I was shown an optional monthly subscription for a free phone game. Never seen something good attached to those. I'll pass. The gameplay was alright at best.
The actual game play is meh. Arcade shooter with no challenge beyond more and more HP for the enemies. I'd give it 3 or 4 if it weren't entirely built around getting you to watch ads for triple rewards, watch ads for up to x10 rewards, watch ads for free currency, watch ads for energy, randomly forcing you to watch ads, and the 'vip' even just doubles the bonus for watching ads rather than giving you the bonus without needing to watch them.
I don't think this game deserves better than 2 stars. First of all, lots of ads if you want more cash... I ended up playing 20 sec. A level for a 30 sec. Ad. Secondly, they propose you a VIP access which is totally useless not to mention excessively expensive per month. It is not worth it as there is a total of 220 levels which can be easily done with the regular Vikings. There are obviously better choices as a Shoot em up out there... I am questioning Gameranx for their monthly choices.
Fun, addicting even for someone who's not big on games. Got through all the characters but am bummed I can't get the last two as I have no interest in paying for a subscription.
It is a fun game... totally thought the last character you can get without spending money would be worth it but it's not. Now on to the endless levels
Still love it. I like the quick combat. What i dont like is the energy system. Hell its micro transations all over the place and ads so why limit my play. Then force an ad on me for MORE energy to play one lvl? Not good.
I really want to like this game. It's a simple Shmup controlled by dragging your character across the screen. For what it is, it is fun. But....oh God the adds. Adds to get more gold after each round. Adds that just randomly appear, adds to revive, adds to get energy in the shop, adds to spin a wheel, followed by an add to increase that reward. There is a VIP pass, but it is a monthly fee. And one of its perks is to increase the rewards for adds!
Everything is great about the game but its utterly destroyed by the amount of ads and even if you pay, they still make you watch ads for more stuff. Completely kills any fun and momentum
Awesome game.... Love the simplicity and how progressive it is. Would suggest more hero and villain character, and if possible add some other interesting scenes and an adventurous story line to it. Make it more interesting but keep it simple still.
I liked this game more before they "balanced" it and took out all the level up options. Now there is no thought to levelling up it is just add a level to the character you are using. No more figuring out do I want more money, speed, or power. My play time has dropped significantly since they made that change. They game wasn't hard before balancing, and it is even easier now. As for ads I can't think of a single time I've been forced to watch one... but I constantly do because it gives bonuses.
Choked by ads. Its free, there's ads i get it. But ads to revive, ads to get mjolnir, ads to double, ads to re-up energy, ads ads ads ads, unskippable adds after games. The ads are longer than the gameplay is. Perhaps look at shorter 5 sec ads for some things or have watching an add do "free revives for 3 games" or something. Its just too much and takes the player out of the game too often. Again, ads are expected, should just be implemented a little better.
Fun game until the rate our game thing starts to and continues to badger you to rate the game. No means no there should be a button for that. It was fun easy controls , loot and shoot ,dodge incoming enemies and pick up power ups. Again the badgering rate us is the only downfall i saw.
Very slow gameplay, you will spend more time in the menu screen and waiting for animations and waiting the "don't play ad, continue", then actually playing. Instead of finding ways to monetize and make us watch ads, focus on making the game more fun.
Great game! I've seen alot of this game concept alot but this version is much better for me it's better than space ships! Ads are stable not alot of ads and game play is cool!
I'll give it 5 stars simply because I've wasted more time playing this than I would have thought possible. Sure, it's repetitive, but it's a great time passer. There are tons of ads, but the developer has to make money somehow, and the ads are optional if you want to spend the rest of your life advancing in the game. Fun. Simple. Great way to pass time. Thanks!
Not a bad game at all. Too bad it's ruined with how hard the devs push $$$. Small things like constant pop ups for premium or make the "next" button appear but it's an ad button. If you have patience for these type of tactics then I highly recommend, I know the devs gotta make money somehow but if you don't enjoy having ads being shoved in your face then mb skip it.
A simple shoot em up. Tips for having fun with this: 1. Just play until you run out of energy for the day. The game's too repetitive to keep playing longer. 2. AIRPLANE MODE or put some money in the tip jar to avoid ads entirely. 3. Don't level up much for some needed challenge, and switch to new characters ASAP for some needed play variety. 4. The game ends at 300, no ending or special boss. Update 1/21: There's a new endless mode you can do 2/day. This easily wrecks the leveling economy.
Hey, honestly this really fun Game I play in my free time, I dont really see any issues I could say abou it. The sounds are really satisfying like the click sound and reward sound, the art is great too... The music is a little eehhhhh but honestly its not that bad, overall great game
This game does what many other games do wrong: lack of (actual) variety. Having characters unlocked after a number of levels are complete kind of takes away from using them. I do like how they are all the same at base but having to level them up to make em even close to useful makes it more annoying than anything. I understand the reason, but I don't agree with it
A basic, yet enthralling shmup with an offline earnings system which is quite good. My only issue, hence the 3 star rating, is that the app has force closed already, on level 9. It's not an issue enough to uninstall, so hopefully the issue will be addressed in a future update. Samsung S7 device on android v.8
This game is wonderful. The gameplay is really engaging and the graphics are beautiful. Even their add system is great. You won't have to view videos if you don't want to and there is no limit that I can find on gaining the regenerating energy that is used to play the game. The only issue is that you can over level your character and the game can become a little bit too easy, but this may have already been fixed in a patch. All in all, this is a nearly perfect game that deserves your attention!
I dont know why I cant use my coin to upgrade my hero... keep referring me to buy gem when I get more than enough coin to upgrade. Please help look into it.
This game is pretty easy. Not complex or any hard controls. You can beat the game within a week. Although it's a decent game it needs more. It gets boring after a while and needs some challenges to feel like getting to the next level is an accomplishment. Would give it a 3.5 star rating but it's worth the extra half star.
Controls are to sensitive. Edit: This is a good game, the art style is what I like most about it, and the controls are fine with a little practice. That being said, you'll need to watch advertisements (multipliers towards rewards and even large sums of gold/energy) if you want progression to be entertaining, and not a chore.
Was disappointed at first to see how different this was to the first game, which I love and have completed all objectives for several times. This took some getting used to but quickly become a new favourite too, much more tactical than this type of game usually is and the power scaling is excellent. Tre feels insanely overpowered, currently devastating everything with her ability. One minor bug that I have to turn vibration off every time I open the game even though it thinks it's already off
It's okay. The gameplay is basic and alright, but every level is very short and repetitive. They also try to trick you into watching ads by making you wait for the button to proceed without an ad. And constant requests for you to make a 5 star rating.
Not a terrible game. Ive played worse bulletstormers. It does have a lot of potential to be great. Levels so far are a little too short, the fluidity of the game needs some optimization, but worth the download for sure; you be the judge!
Like others said it's OK. Pretty smooth game play. Gets boring quickly as is very repetitive. But it is what it is described as. No more no less. You've been here before a hundred times so is meh.... But yeah. 3.5 stars if I could.
Way too many adds, too often!! Gameplay is fun, although it's basically Space Invaders, so hardly a new concept... Controls are a bit delayed too, moves about as slow as old school joystick controls. Overall, eh
All right .. the only thing that I've liked in this game is "Viking theme" .. that's it .. progressing system is bad .. reward system definitely bad (pay to have fun) ... Even the difficulty scale is bad .. take these notes .. fix your game ... Fix your VIP sub it's now woeking ( and remove ALL the ads not only the full screen ads) .. and maybe the game is worth playing .
I'm on level 12, took about 10 minutes of just staying in a straight line. I play the first Viking game a lot which is honestly better. If this game gets and endless run mode then I'll add a star, I enjoy the first one more as it's challenging trying to beat my score. The reviews complaining about ads are wrong and you will notice this if you actually play the game, the ads are not intrusive and mostly optional. Dev's need money too and if you want updates then accept the ads.
Good game. It lets you pick and choose when to view an ad to optimize your earnings. The art is beautiful and engaging. The controls are simple and responsive. My one real criticism is that the posters for the game boast "thousands of levels", when there's really only 300. Now that I've finished all of them, there's no option to reset, or replay old levels, so I guess I'm done lol.
Okay, I like this app, it's a great time spender so if you're bored most of the time (like me) you should get this app. It gets boring really fast but I guess it's fine. Too many ads but I guess it's fine. Other than that, it's an OK game. But don't get it if you're the type that don't like shooting non stop until you win. 😌😌😌👍👍👍