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Vikings at War

Vikings at War for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by seal Media located at Sophienblatt 21 24103 Kiel. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is a combination of every bad cliche you can find: horrible building upgrade system, heros game with no rare heros, game thumbnail is some angry guy's face... The GUI and graphics are hideous, and it's so poorly optimized that it doesn't even run smoothly. I expected to be disappointed, but not this disappointed! P.s. the two stars are for the concept of a viking game with heros. In reality this game deserves 0 stars. Shame on you, whoever made this trash.
"Thanks for your feedback, we will forward this to the dev team" this must be your go to answer. I've played this game for some time now, and it use to be very enjoyable..... but you have DONE NOTHING to prevent the manipulation of the game by level1 trolls, cheat characters and cheat clans. I know for a fact many many tickets have been sent in and all anyone ever gets back is the "go to answer"..... eliminating these cheats or separating them from the real characters and clans is the answer.
I am level 2, tutorial wants me to win a battle versus another player and it matches with level 45s. I am completely out matched and even when I changed opponent multiple times and I am paired to battle more higher levels. They 1 hit me and I stand no chance to complete the tutorial because I have no more funds to swap opponent. Broken matching system, instant uninstall.
Like everything apart from the graphics .you can play for couple mins then the screen gets covered in lines going in different directions so that you can't see screen .I normally have time to collect resources and that's it only seems to happen when at your own camp .don't know if a graph bug or my tablet ...!!! Shame really may have to uninstall if carrys on
This game has a lot of potential, hope you will improve it more and keep it fun as it is Already.Please try and make it a bit more realistic like, then the game would be even better, and a bit easier to get coins.... But overall a pretty good game for a new game.Keep up the good work...
Great concept done WRONG. The greed that sweats from this game is comedy. I'm at an 11 Hall. I know now this game is all about 'hurry up and wait". Say you attack once, you need at least 15 to 20 minute wait time for battle points for you to attack a 2nd time ... unless! You give the developers some money, then you can continue playing. When you get this far into the game, you start to feel like to need to pay to play on top of a pay to win game. At this point, I open the game to close it again.
I love the game I've not found anything wrong with it at the moment but as time goes on what ever that you can do to make it better then what it is please do it
A game that is not a clone of any other games that I've played. Awesome! Suggestion to the developers, on Village Views, when there's people walking around and I collect resources, the people disappears. Would be nice not to see them disappear like that. Also, adding more blood to this game will make it more enjoyable (for me I suppose). great game though!
Lack of gameplay. Press a button and wait one hour and play with your credit card. No game in this game, it plays on its own and you are supposed to watch.
Great! Grind and grind. Can win easy. Can be pay to play but is still a simple fairness take the good with the bad. Great game would be cool to see more content, better graphics
5 years ago games had had more content than this game. Multiplayer is almost not existent. Riding on popularity of Vikings series. Time mostly spent on building, and it takes hours and days to build things - next too much popular practice, just to push people to buy silly but ridiculously expensive packages.
The game's very misleading in the play store, what I got is not at all, what was advertised. I guess it's kinda fun, but just not the game they make it look like to be
It is as slow as all damned hell, the entire game require's a ten gallon drum of coffee, due to it's extremely slow pass..... and not to menchern the some low life scum that play it !you play none stop for 24 hour's, and once you are logged off to get some sleep, you receive a message at 3:00 am in in the pissing morning informing you that your village is under attack, by a force that is much stronger than your's, Normally and especially after you have fought a heavy Skirmish and are recovering.
Its a good game but the only problems I am having is there needs to be a way to earn gold a little easier and being able to buy building time reducers with silver. Also it should be free to customize your character. I mean not everyone of us has the funds to continuously by gold with our cash all the time. Plus there is too many things in one daily quest just to finish one. At least make it a little easier.
Absolutely out-f***in-standing! you actually feel like a viking, raiding country after country, stealing their trade items to sell for yourself, fighting crazy clan battles that get up to 20v20! there is a tiny city building aspect to it but its not one of those "build 50 farms and 60 mines" kind of garbage games, just 1 type of building, max. trust me, if any of this sounds interesting to you, just try it, this game is awesome!
Good game but the "clan" feature need more functions and the "account" part has a serious problem, could you make it simpler please like other games (Google Play problems.)
A little faster for everything. Multi hits option like the opponant . trading gold for silver would be great . not a big pay to win fan. If you like a slow build game.
It realy need some more graphics, and and more free conquest map, and a stornger story line. The idea is really good and where its going, and the battles but i think it just needs a little bit more freedom, and detail in conquests.
This is a reasonably fun game, but as someone who does not spend real-world money on games, I found myself spending more time watching ads than actually playing the game.
Takes forever just to level up and I'm only a level five right now No game should ever be like that. You want a higher rating fix this issue? Now!!! I need a block button on chat rooms and i need faster lvl ups The worst game I've ever played in years. Allowing someone by the name of the outlaw and josey bully others Completely out of the game.
This is the best base building game I've ever played and I honestly cannot get enough of it 3 hours in and I never put it down
I find this game pleasing, its very interesting and engaging from pve to pvp to economic aspects and events. I rated 3 out of 5, just changed my rating to 1 after almost 2 months. This game has no rules whatsoever, no management, no admins, just a ticket support team that tells you maybe we'll fix things. Matchmaking is a joke to these guys and all events encourage to cheating the system. Nothing is punished, everything goes. Look for another game please.
If other players can attack you or you can attack other players it isn't a single player game. Also why can't I build things where I want?
UPDATE : Actually quite boring ; gold doesn't go far ,overpriced ,won't pay again. it costs alot (not exaggerating) like £10 just to customise your character and add decor......disappointing actually. but its worth a daily raid
Ok i like the game ill always play it because its easy to play. But Fun its just not there because you have to always wait unless you buy coin with real money. Now in all fairness why would i buy coin to watch a warrior just kick or swing a weapon cause thats all they do topped with having to wait just to battle. Yall are murdering this game. Yall got over 1 millon downloads but 3/4 of the people are inactive due to this. Boost your game player activity make the game better!
Fairly fun to play (this is your game, Viking fans, might be more historically accurate than you're used to, lol!) but socially closed, hard to get people to join a clan cuz best ones are listed first, burying others. Environment graphics are nice but characters & fighting graphics seriously suck. (Kicking, really?!) Hardly anyone around town, certainly no women or kids. Playable but feels unfinished with badly mediocre graphics and no way to build up a clan unless you bring in your own friends.
The game is excellent but I don't like the battling there's no control over the fight what so ever and at some point in time you actually have to spend money to continue the game to upgrade your Heroes I do not like this that is why I give it such a low rating to the developers note that doing such things in your game is going to lower the amount of people who download it I love the idea of the game but I do not like what has been done with the game!!!
It is really fun to play, i suggest that add some weathers, like rainy, snowy and add some background houses.
I downloaded this game because it look interesting and the longer you play it. you figure out it's a PAY TO WIN GAME. which I mean by this, if you dont pay for there character bonus pack. you'll always have a disadvantage... uninstalled because it was a pay to win game and you get bored very easily waiting for your healing to happen and then you go play a better game
Ragnar lothbrok is disappointed. I want you to play Mount and Blade and make something like that, there is steel and flesh for android but it lacks on many levels. This could be a huge game. Improve the graphics, put a storyline, take some inspiration from steel and flesh or mount and blade and tada ! You have the best game possible ! I want to change my rating to 5 star.
Should be able to play without been online. It's sticking. Still nothing done about it sadly. The games good., love the theory behind it but please.. Bigger maps, ofline option, be able to sail ships to other countries etc.. Any change any of this will happen
Too expensive to restore battle points. cant fight without them. Becomes boring fast. Can't make significant upgrades unless you fight for silver. Can't get silver without battle points. Takes way too long. There are better games out there
The mechanics are ok. Doesnt give much detail on the front end. But gamers can figure it out. Becomes dull very fast. Way too slow as far as build times.
The idea of the game is awesome. But I'm sure if you improved the graphics, add more things, make it so it doesn't look like it was made on a 2008 Dell computer. I'm sure this game could get pretty popular. But ya also the characters look and move like they were some type of Playdough creation, extremely unsettling
The game is very intresting and nice .it is realistic and has good controls, and it has many soldiwrs in war
Not much of a game once you level up a few times, it becomes a waiting game.I find myself having to wait 30 min+ for my battle points to recharge just to attack. Or hours for a settlement to level up. The whole wait hours to level up is a joke. And even a bigger joke to wait 30min to charge up just to attack.
Ive played all seal media games and there all the damn same different theme. As with the others when this one doesn't bring in the money like roads. It will be left with no new upgrades. Seal create something bloody new for a change.
a lot of potential, exelent graphic, but it's just not for those who can't spend real money on this EVERYTHING has a catch. Else, you can just sit and admire the pretty ships and houses. Also, tutorial won't help you when it comes to a lot of clan things.
WOW, this game is hard to PLAY! Had I not played the motorcycle and old west version, I wouldnt have got far at all. Nothing on the interface is labeled at all. All the buildings in town have no markings and look the same. IT is just like the other games they make only hard to figure out what anything does. It's like the game is only half done. But nothing is marked. The other games, easy to follow with no problem. You should play one of the other games to help you figure out this game.....
Great game so far but can you add the ability to create your own shield for your personal base and choose colours. Same with choosing your soldiers equipment and colours. Add more options for upgrading the look of your home base so everyone can look different. Maybe have different ships you can choose and add colours. Character need some improving they have terrible quality and look like a poor mine craft character. Overall just give players more freedom to upgrade. Kind of like how fallout allows you to build your own base and customize it to the way you want
The game sucks . played it for 3 minutes than it crashed and froze my phone . Never had so many issues with a mobile game in my life.
Great game in a great time era. I know it's a new game, but the game lacks things to do. I find myself coming online, fighting once or twice, upgrading a building and have literally nothing left to do. The fighting animations look pretty good, maybe instead of 1 person fighting each, maybe a team fighting? Might be a bit more immersive. Great job so far tho :)
I really enjoy this game, I only wish that there were more customization options for both my avatar and my village. maybe if I could use my avatar in war as well that would be quite cool, but over all I am enjoying this game
perfect game and so many options to play strategy and great graphic.........i saw happy that i found the great game like this to play in my free time thanks a lot to the team and company that they make good job like this thank you guys.......
You should really change the main house to decrese the building time. two weeks for a building is pathetic and unproductive. Make it so from a certain lvl all the building timers to be one week max. you still get gold use in wars,people wont think entirely that its pay-to-win and you make the game more active. who wants to progress faster will pay ,others will play. you can literally play 2 days a month with almost same outcome as if you play daily because of those bulding timers.