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Victory Royale - PvP Battle Royale!

Victory Royale - PvP Battle Royale! for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Falcon Studios. located at West Pender Street 256 Viman Nagar, Pune Canada. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is like fortnite but og version and the gun wraps are awsome this game has chilly battels and i try to play with my friend it doesent work but i have poor wifi so thats for sure the reason i love this game its fun and the graphics are not bad i will be more relaxed if it showed to costumise you controls i like this games hard work really cool
Very good game in my opinion. I looked for awhile for a mobile game that is like fortnite. Like it alot
First thing First that The game is awesome!!! I enjoyed very much by playing this game. I have searched a lot games like crafting battle royale. Then I found it... Only reason I gave 4 star cauz some things are missing like Scope,reaload guns and Custom HUD settings. If u can add this options the game will be awesom and need to fix some bugs in game. My phone's ram is 2 GB but it lag a little bit in my phone..... If falcon studio reading then Thank u so much❀❀
This game is horrible...for starters I had to re-install this 3 times for it to load up.Then once it did load up my screen started to flash on and off,but,the thing is,when I exit the app the screen is fine Don't wast your storage on this.worst app
The game is good but it just the fact when you look its alittle to fast well for me but the game is good but work on the game i want to see inprovement
I gave it 3 stars because it's fun it's like fortnite but the only thing is we can't build walls if u guys add walls maybe it will be better and also when u try to change ur skin it says use but I push it and I can't use it so upgrade that also hopefully u guys listen to me do that plz thx!!!
Very good game only problem is the bugs I was the last person alive and the zone closed full but I didn't get a win and I just slowly died ease fix it and continue to update your game it has a future.
This game is trash! It was very glitchy and its not my wifi that's bad its the game. I understand that the game is in beta but there's other games that are in beta in there fantastic. Dont download the game your phone will literaly die.
This game is the worst battle royal game i never even have to play the even for 1 time and there's so many glitches and even i got a strong signal it still reconnecting so i deleted this game do not download this its the worst battle royal..and i even searched on how to fix the glitches but there's no tool for this game so i hope to the next update will fix bug fixes and more..Thank you
only a single map needs improvement on movement of character the map is looking enough because of absence of vehicles from the seen ignoring all of these issues stated above the game is a must play
The best game ever It's almost better than fortnite but the one problem I having is it break so slowhjhruur
It is terrible it has bad graphics (the grass sometimes doesn't even show up) it's laggy it has bad movement and it is a ripoff of like 3 other games combined
Good game but make it more like fortnite and when will you make the real version?please add battle pass too and Pickaxe, gliders and emotes also make more better graphics and also add live events at the end of the seasons add swimming features also and make the map bigger because it is very small. Please add an update in every 2 weeks. Other than that you did a great work for beta version
I i just experienced a glitch where there were 3 people left my team mate me and our enemy but, the storm was getting us, our enemy didnt lose health at all, but we kept getting knoked out. And for far it have been a fine game play.
Lots of bugs and copy cat game from another developer. Don't waste your time by installing this game. You will not find anyone playing with you. Not even bots. Just installed.
One the best game ever but there's a tiny little problem when I have scuad fights I can't go to the lobby but otherwise from that it's grateπŸ‘ŒπŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ˜„
What a game I really enjoyed this game very much what a wonderful games you have to play this game and you really like this game very much this game has many characters and now the new glider has to the launch is very wonderful games there are two mood 1 danger mood and classics you play this game with your friends what a wonderful game I recommended you to download this game now πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³
i gave 1 stare because every time i tap start the game close i try everything to fix this problem it didn't work if anyone knows how fix this problem feedback me
Good game, but i have one issue. The only thing is, when i went so crazy/excited to the game. Im waiting to load the game. Because what? IT TAKE HOURS/DAYS TO LOAD
the game doesn't load in properly and u need to change the sounds of the guns but other than that its alright and there's a glitch that I really like, u can get unlimited wood and when in last circle I check the whole thing but there's nobody there
best game every game that i have seen its all fake but this is not like thim nice game but it has many glitches
Very very good game but add team deathmatch.All things are in one map. Add emotes also in next update.
THE BEST GAME EVER!!! but pls add more map like airfield map etc. and pls dont remove 1 glitch cuz that glitch is the best! the glitch is If you found boxes that are 6 like a triangle you can get unli wood... so pls dont remove:)and also add many maps thank you!
This is not I what I thought . I download this and it force me to donlowad another 100 mbs and and there were glidches every. Please fix this problem. I want to play this game very much.
I know this game is in the beta stage still so I'll give you some feedback. The animation of the character needs a big improvement when the character walks, and when the character jumps it looks like it's falling from a ledge, also when you pick up ammo for a gun that goes to that gun it's only for that gun which is a bug because I tried picking up a gun that uses the same ammo but it had no ammo! There still are some bugs I need to talk about but I ran out of space. Keep working on the game!!!
hmmm this game is pretty good but the one ptoblem is the game is completly lag and its so bad i hope the developers fix this problem
Realy fun game I play this with my friend from during quarantine and we can talk onto there so 5 stars I hope you make better changes as well Well done!
The First download from playstore was fast but the in game download (100MB) takes too much time. If it only happened to me and it's my problem. I am sorry! Other than that this game is blast!
I love this game and this why i give 1 star 1.You need a stronger connection because you dont want to wait the loading 2.Its like fortnite and theres multiplayer and its bad 3.Why does everyone like it????
Worst game ever I played in my life After starting all the screen start shaking and colours merge with each other . It does not work properly in 2gb ram mobile .it is very very glitchy.don't download this game ! it is only waste of data and time.
The animation need alot of improvement and theres way to many gliches but the game is so fun to play.
This game is no hard or easy and and not sitting car and please setting the car you not pick up scrop you not to aim you death turn to a chicken and you download this game and you jump like a frog πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and you win the character start dancing and my favourite gun awm and AK 47 thank you
Honestly its remake of fortnite but theres alot different,the map is a little glitchy,but this is awesome,so I think it's just amazing. -graham
Uuhhh.. my character was just glitchy. I could only see my head and I can't turn my camera around properly. It has just a little lag Else everything is fine. Please try to fix it. I was having alot of trouble playing it.
This game is good but add some transport element etc. bicycle,sketboard like. Fix bug of some time lag
This game is hot trash i can't see anything when i play, the skins i can't see, and over all it takes 10 minutes to even start the game. I would put it at o but it's not an option
I had bad experience.because controls need to improve and first design a good map and controls and waiting lobby I waited 20 minutes otherwise in other games just 30 seconds (not comparing) and my character dissappeared and I could see only mask .5 stars if this game improves much good than now .
This game has potential. But the reason it isnt that great is because:1. Not that much weapon variety 2.I hate the fact that when you die in solos, you turn into a chicken and have to wait. 3. The map is bugged 4. No ammo all the time. 5. The builds are bugged and 6. The med kits dont heal full health. Plus theres no pc version. Other than that, awesome game.
I like this game but I hate its controls its sensivity its graphics I like it because this is the only in mb the other battle royale game are 3Gb FortniteπŸ’“ 2Gb Pubg😬etc. I can play in less😊space. I play it with my brothers with three mobiles which are low price and this is the only game which is instalable with my mobile and I play fortnite on PC I loveβ€πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’–πŸ’—πŸ’ŸπŸ‘fortnite and I hate pubg and my brother likes so that's why I play pubg once in a week.I have a youtube channel:Pro gamer 12
Good and amazing game but the lands are in black colour so please remove this bug otherwise this game is exllent for the app size thankyou
Its a great game,but it needs more improvement.like gadgets,characters and many more maps and features like fortnite.I dont care no matter how heavy the game size gets.I just want improvement.Which I don't expect it as it looks like the developer has abandoned the game.But still with great improvement,this game could be famous for people with 2GB RAM phones.
What is wrong with this game???? This game is the copy of fortnite and pubg. It makes no sense.......because when we break a car, we get woods. How is this possible??? And there is no option to open the bag. I would recommend to ban this game.
Really good but more game mode like fortnite pls I would be a dream come true i would give it 5 stars if has more game modes chat to friend and in game and if you do it people will give 5 stars and please do missions to get characters
U cant turn youre screen when u use youre picaxe and it auto builds and add a locker and emotes and change the jump and bend down add duos and update every 2 months and add guns like fortnite
The game is good but the graphics are terrible i would advice u to download it . it is a very good game Please work on the graphics quick i have been playing this game for one month
the reason i give 3 star because it need lots of time for loading when we click sign in and it need lots of improvement in graphics make graphics like pubg call of duty or at last free fire
This game is so muck like Fortnite. I love it! But the only thing is that the graphics are poor please fix this and the quality.
I really enjoy this game I already posted a video on YouTube about this game I just wish there was a reload button and I wish if you didn't use auto fire that whine you shoot that you can move the screen because I used no auto fire once and I couldn't shoot and move my screen at the same time
I wish I could rate 0 stars . This game is very poor. More need for improvement. Graphics are very poor. The places in the game are not named. The controls are very poor. U cannot set a location on the map. The map does not show u where u are going onless u view the map . U barely find weapons too
Very nice with good physics bit one problem is the shooting with out auto shoot . And add vice chat where to mark new map new weapons skins and and the shooting physics should be better πŸ˜πŸ™
Okay so I think this game would be good if I could play it when I finished installing it and tried to play it everything was all glitchy and the screen colours were merging with each other this games Graphics need some more coating
Graphics suck, laggy as hell, no instructions= this game if you could even call this one. was made by 4 year olds with crayons on a ihop menu.
I really like it me and my little cousin can't stop playing it always makes her laugh when she go's down and turn in to a chicken
This is a great replica of fortnite but i have two problems first the shooting button i cant touch it when I'm navigating then when i get eliminated i cant go back to the lobby when I touch the button it doesn't work .aside from that it's a really good game
It takes so much time to load, cant even play one time. Worst game ever. How could a person rate it 5-stars.
Very fun for when your bored I find in the reviews "make it more like Fortnite" which I hate because fortnite is bad and you have to pay real money to get stuff like I would rather pay money to get the game than in-game money and limitless
Very decent game though,I appriciet your efforts in making this. I suggest you for doing some optimisations as the game is very laggy.
After installing you have to download extra 95mb then after opening the display flickers and when I somehow start a match the flickering increases and the app closes automaticallyBAD APP😑😑
When I played this game I killed one squad and thats it. The circle closed and closed but no one is there. I searched the whole map until I die but they was never found until I ran out of meds. And sometimes when I went to squads they all leave and it becomes solo vs. squads.
Good game but there is one problem, the game is so laging and freezing. I tried to solve this problem by game booster but it did not worked, so I hope that developers work on this problem.
I give it a 3 becuse of this file storage.i would like to suggest that if you could move the in app downloads to google play so we dont have to wait that long of a time to play.becuse ti download the app it 35 space but when you get on the app it's over 300 space to play. Otherwise it's a decent game after all
It is a nice game its cotrols are nice and it is not easy but when the enymies are shooting at me I cant.... see them there is only blood in my screen . It is like fortnite.And try to make chatting device to cooperate with my teammates during battle.
This game is just like pubg or free fire but how the characters look like is not nice. Please you guys should change how the characters look
Best fortnite experienced game ever . 3 stars for the gameplay 2 stars for hoping that new stuff in the item shop will come soon
I vote it 4 stars because the game is good but my one problem is that you cant leave someone else's lobby. This is a very good game
This game has a lot of potential but you need to optimize it fix the storm damage cause it doesnt do a lot and people can syrvive it easily also when you revive plz make it so the health isnt a lot also plz show teammate health and plz add voice chat also show mire clearly when a team mate is knocked down also plz better the graphics also fix the glithes ingame i think hunter mode is cool and a nice edition but this game has a lot of potential also plz look into what ive said thank you so much.
The game is awesome but I gave 3 because the quality is bad and I cant find the other player in battle royale everything else is fantastic
Its a great app. But when your downloading it takes a long time. So i hope you can fix it. But its a great app its like fortnite. I really recomend to download this app!!