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Vestly for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Intelligration LLC. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Looks like fun, in principle, but you need to log on through Facebook, and I do not use Facebook. Too bad, I definitely wanted to use. If you allow other ways to sign up, I will re-install, but for now I am un-installing. Giving a 2 star rating based on lack of sign up options, but not giving 1 star because seems user-friendly and promises to pay cash based on performance of virtual portfolio.
This game is extremely educational, Vestly is full of important information a must have if you intend on investing real money in the future. Let me also mention I have only been using Vestly for 4 months and have received two actual checks from them. Free to play real money 60.00 real money unbelievable ! ! I'm in for life.
This app is misleading, I know it goes by the stock market and it changes everyday but the leaderboards you see when you enter the app shows people earning money only not any fluctuations. This is very very misleading to other people like me because they feel like they are doing something wrong since they are seeing others earning money only, not people who are experiencing the same results.
Wish it paid out more often or for certain things, making top investor of the day or art least give prizes for being in the top 20% for the day! I don't know that I'm learning anything new but it makes me more aware of the market!
Doesn't calculate returns properly. A lot of my stocks were up today, many around 8-10% yet it shows I'm down almost 4% for the day. Doesn't seem right especially seeing the same people stop the leaderboards everyday every month.
I like the app the only thing I would change up. Would be a begin tutorial for people that don't understand how to buy and sell stocks. Thank you for your time, as well as enjoy the rest of your evening.
This application is worth nonsense.couldn't show up anything and I advise no further installation of this app because it is a waste of time and data
Never really made it too high in the rankings but still enjoy trying. Sometimes they say there is unclaimed prize money that gets distributed but never was too hopeful of that. Well I just won $25 of this money so figured I'd give a good rating. $25 bucks from an app that I pay nothing to use, I'll take it!!!
Very good app especially if you want to learn about investing in stocks lots of knowledge good trivia
Facebook is required and I haven't had one for years and refuse to make a new account just for this. Leaderboards can be achieved through other means, it is unnecessary.
Game is rigged for certain people to win I have seen my stock values increase more than 1% and yet my points remain the same. But when the value drops they're quick to decrease the unfair points I have. No show of increase in points when stock value rises but a decrease for sure when value drops. Very disappointed may delete the app.
I have had the best up and down time of my life with this game. I'm losing, I'm winning, over and over for the month. Wow, it doesn't get better. And this is the first game I've ever played online that had actually paid out!!! I'm never quitting. Lol, but for real.
Always wanted to get involved with the stock market but didn't feel like I knew enough about it. I've learned a lot and the coolest thing is you get to start out with virtual money so there is really no risk :) love it!!
This is stupid! Why is there not a list of businesses to invest in? Why can't I watch the stocks on this app? How can I learn without this on the app? I'm not an investor how can i pick when I don't know what's there to choose from? I don't want what everyone already knows!
at first the game waa great but then i started to have problems. it says i bought dowdupont yesterday but i didnt. ok fine... today i look and its not in my stock list but the stock tanked and i lost over 300 points which is alot. so i tried to find the stock in the listing to purchase it but its not there. the game just has to many bugs. i bought dji... not dowdupoint. like i said. if your saying you sold them all off at the closing bell when i was at -7 points. how am i at -300 today????
This is absolutely a worthless waste of time. I make more money using the Stash app, trading REAL stock and actually getting the money right away rather than screwing around for months only to have the person who is in lead right now with 11k points and the person in 100th place with 2500 points. Winning anything is almost completely unattainable and when you do win, its a measly amount unless you get one of the top 3 prizes. I will be uninstalling a second time.
I gave it 1 star cause all u win is coins false information so unistalling this app! Don't download it!
Want to understand more about trading the trivia is fun and challenging to help with understanding what to do and just wish there was more of them
I don't have Facebook and I'm not getting it to play a game. I'll change it two star, because I didn't read the description till the end. Which is where Facebook is stated that it's required. I think that Facebook is required should be on top
Besides earning tickets, is there anything i do to win the monthly or other prizes? For example, now, I see few will be drawn after half an hour and the rest after 6 days
Fun game while trying to learn a few things. And mostly watching CNBC & BLOOMBERGTV ; PERIODICALLY FOXBUSINESS.
It's an awesome app to learn the stock market and I recently made it into the top 100 people thank Vestly
Like playing. Build trading skills. I dont like that they changed the payout schedule though. If yall change it again I will assume you are being greedy and will quit playing. But its free money!
Awesome app! ive won 45 so far! i love it!!! March 2021 I finished 19th place (the lowest I've been yet). I won 20 dollars. I'm really wanting better stocks and more wins.
Amazing app it's basically a fun game and if you win a prize there reliable and honest. They will pay you and even check up on you after your supposed to have gotten it. Just to make sure that you received your check and if not they'll take care of it.
This has been very i teresting me it is teaching me about the stock market as I had never really understood it before or how it worked but this is really enlightening! to buy stocks for free andthen have a chance to make at least a little money from them thats so awesome!
Good to learn a few things and win $$ while you learn. I know if you have time to research monthly cash is possible.p
The reason I am giving this rating is that I have not received payment for placing on a ranking back in September and it is now November and still waiting for payment. I have sent an email about not receiving payment. They have not responded yet.
This is the craziest, best gaming app ever. Oh my goodness, I have carried a minus points balance for nearly the whole 3 months that I have been playing Vestly lol, but it doesn't matter because this game is challenging and addicting. The Vestly support team are awesome. I have emailed the support team at least once a month, and each time I get a response from them immediately and have always had my issues solved. You go Vestly, I'm a happy Vestly participant. Sincerely, Julie (Kurleyfrye) 🤗
this is by far the best app to use to play when you've wanted to check out the stock world! ive been playing for a couple months now and have enjoyed myself learning. last night i looked at my profile and to my surprise I had won $45 Dollars. got nothing to lose but a whole lot to gain !!! woohoo
After playing this for a while, it clearly seems the game is rigged to have the same group of people constantly winning, how can, if the game restarts at zero each month, certain players instantly get 2500+ points on the first day of the month?
I thought this was a great app. to get some experience with stock which it has been but the downfall about this app. is that it lies. When it says that my stocks are down I go look and check and my stock is not down on the stock market, it's up. I don't like it when things or people lie to me. And how in the hell people get up high on the list I have no idea. I've sent out invites but no one is interested. I've looked at every stock and there's no good ones. Need different app!
Fake accounts with fake performance. The accounts listed are just random Facebook images from people that never even heard of the game. It's only a matter of time before Google catches up or enough people start asking questions why their images are being used before this app is down and the creator is off to prison.
Downloaded this onto my phone. Started it. Doesn't go past dollar sign. No signup page or login. Internet works fine. Uninstalled. Response to developer: There are better, safe & legal ways to verify customers online. Facebook has been proven to use customer data wrongly & illegally. I don't log into Facebook on this device. This is Google Playstore, keep your games that require Facebook log ins on Facebook. Again with your stock answer.
Haven't played very long but I already won $100. It's fun learning about trading stocks! Very beginer and user friendly!
I dont understand why u insist on us to join facebook. And if u dont the app wont work. Why is that? I dont like facebook. And many of you have done this. Wow. Why. I dont understand not eveyone likes ur facebook but u should force us to usee it. so hope all goes where ever. It may have been a good app. Too bad
Doesnt update at all. Market been open for 30 minutes and no refresh. Not ideal to "play" the stock market
Ok , it's okay it just won't let you pick so that you can win some of the top prizes it won't even let you get on board to even win ten dollars.
Vestly is a nice app to learn how to start investing. I have learned so much from this app. It got me started investing for real. Try it, it's free and you can win real money!
Love It! Very exciting. Was in 2nd place for a short time and almost won big! Still won't 50 bucks tho. I would for sure recommend It! It's free and there is nothing to lose.
I have had the same stalks since I started playing and the are all in the green honestly all over 3.0 and I still only have 100 points even though the stalks go up my points don't. the game has to be rigged because for weeks it's been the same people up at the top and all that keeps happening is there points keep going up and up.
This doesn't really seem like a game and I've been playing for 2 weeks this is my first time ever really doing anything involving stocks and I just won $100 it was easy just answering a trivia question a day and picking companies who I think are going to do well and selling the ones that don't.. It was pretty easy to submit my info for the payout and as soon as I receive it I will update my review
Awesome app, if you ever wanted to learn to trade stocks this is the app for you! It not only test your knowledge of the stock market, it test you each and everyday with short sells, buying stocks, trading stocks, trivia, etc. As you buy your stocks you watch your points go up and at the end of every months you win from $10 -$3000 depending on your ending balance. It couldn't be any easier, but best of all you control the board, you keep the stocks you want and sell those you don't. Let's Go!
Love Vestly! This is a great way to learn how the stock market works. It's great for beginners, like myself.
Challenging but fun! Vestly gives everyone the chance to play on the stock market without the risk. It costs nothing to and you can win real cash prizes all for investing virtual money.
This is an amazing app for learning to be a better invested. Wonderful for beginners wanting to learn how to work the stock market. I would Highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in stocks Over all experience with vestly has been wonderful. Thanks vestly I appreciate you and your platform for teaching me how the stock market works.
I enjoy the game! I'd like to suggest, it would greatly increase the value for all of us if we could study the trade history of the winners after each monthly competition ends. Thank you.
I haven't ranked high enough to win but I know nothing about stocks so that's not surprising. They randomly give unclaimed money to people. I can verify this. I randomly won $50 one day. I couldn't believe it and I'm very appreciative of it.
Won twice now!! great so far!!! its a rush to jump into the top 10-20% just to have a stock drop and u gotta hit the web quick ...a Little homework goes a long way... also, after only 2 weeks, won $45 in second chance drawing... Now $10 again.. awesome app
Great app, I've learned a lot, it's fun to play, and I just won $25 for this month! Can't complain about that and I have no experience with the stock market. It's fun to track the stocks and trade them with no risk
I have decided that I want to start investing but I don't know if I trust any of these places. I'm just a small time person and I don't know where to go but I will find a way. This game makes it easy but it's not the real thing. So, I think people can have lots of fun playing this game. I hope hope you do, you will learn stuff too about investing 😊
It took some practice and fallowing the news but I finally placed and won $20 not a fortune by far but only game I've played on the play store that actually cashed out a winning on. Thanks vestly just in time I need that $20
Wanted to give 5 would give 6 but you know... It only gets a 3 due to the fact I recieve notifications that im doing good and keep trying to open the app and it will not load past the dollar sign screen. This has happened like once before the update but since its been a do not pass go kinda thing 😢 Please fix soon I greatly enjoy this app as im sure many more would if it'd function and pays properly. Thank you!
tahis is the first month I've had it and i placed 59th! and this is the first one of those games that say you can win cash where you actually can win cash! i love this game and it's a challenge. thank you guys for filling up my spare time with something productive!
Vestly has given me the opportunity to try out my investment strategies. I have enjoyed the challenge.
This is fun. But unfortunately, there's some Pros and Cons. Pros: You can play for free and invest just like you do in the stock market. Cons: Limit of 3, you can't buy illliquid stocks which is a bummer...SMH! That's why I give it 4/5.
Great app, good for beginners trying to learn the basics of investing not to mention completely free you choose stocks to invest in and they send you a check of the profits at the end of the month so freaking amazing
I was all ready to give this a 5-star rating until I noticed something. I just did a quick glance and I saw two stocks which show they were purchased on the 6th of December and then sold on the 5th of December. How is that possible? This did occur on a weekend but I still don't see how that's relevant.
I like the app but i only got to use it one/two times, now it won't load past the dollar sign, and i tried on both of my phones.
I just won my first prize of $25. Havent received it yet but will update if it goes through! UPDATE: I got paid! Yay! So yes its ligit. Simple. And a great learning tool. Awesome!
One of my favorite apps! I've learned so much about stock trading in only 6 weeks. Now my husband has started using the app as well and we are enjoying this together. I love Vestly!
It is a great app so far. You do have to do your homework. I'm just hoping I can win one of the big prizes. Probably want but it is fun to learn and see the majority of my stalks grow. Looking into investing money and this help me determine what's the best ones or not.