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verydice for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by SquareTwo Inc located at 548 Market St #76263 San Francisco, California 94104-5401. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
best app ever,it's the only one I've ever played and actually got something.So glad I stumbled upon Verydice😊😊
So worth the 2min a day... I like to save my daily spin wheel rolls for a week and do lots of spinning all at once. Would and have recommended this game/app to many. I cant s speak for the prizes or delivery since i am still saving up for items that cost a bit more tickets... My only complaint is the quantity of push notifications I recieve each day.... TO MANY, but i dont want to turn them off either since they help me remember to get my daily spins...
So today 4/8/21 i tried to log in and get my free rolls, i was on day 5. It said they were updating and any progress i had on Daily rolls would still be available when it was up and running. Yet it set me back to day 1. Thanks for nothing fix it and I'll put you back at 5 stars.
I miss the old verydice when I was allowed to get stuff with 2000 tickets. Then you went and took off the 4,6,8000 prizes as well. It's like everytime I go to save up for the next one, you take it off. Then I forget about the app bcus what's the point now?
Since they changed the products and then how you redeem your tickets for the prizes or electronic gift cards it's been super smooth sailing!! I 've always loved very dice probably ALWAYS will but they definitely have stepped there game up!!!! 💯 Great job very dice!!
I dont like this new update. I saved so many tickets to get an item and then saw the item ticket price multipled itself. It was better before when the items weren't so up there (redeem prices) other than that its worth a try . they just need to fix that because many of us have an issue with this new Upgrade. we want them to be affordable and have motivation to get stuff for free. but now its not fun because you have to save like 20,000 to even get anything nice or decent. FIX THIS PLEASE!!!
I have been playing this game for eight years wateing for something worth haveing to cash out on and there never is if i get a gift card my 72000 equals a total of $20 dollars and they keep raiseing the ticket cost. Also you will never when the drawing. The same people win everytime just look it not luck or random dont waste your time.
As of today i am editing my review from 5 ⭐ to 1⭐ because yet again the app will not even let me open it . It keeps closing . I enjoy this app please fix this. My edit is it still is not fixed . The technical support did not fix the issue
Good to play and stack coins. Downside is you get very limited rolls a day. I save them up and use them but it takes a long time.
** Thank you Square Two Inc. for your response! I assumed the boards were nothing more than a simple background. I've changed it back to Classic and have my doubles and basketball game back!! :) So, I'm updating my rating back to 5 stars!**Just updated and there's no more rewards for rolling doubles? I loved playing the basketball game that came with rolling doubles!! HATE the new update! Hate the look of it, everything!! I might just delete it after this!! If something isnt broke, don't fix it!!
The overall app is pretty good but, the cost of gifts keep going up and still gave a few bugs. The screen to get rolls for videos you get shorted for 6 rolls you get 4 or 5. Very seldom do you get the full 6.
This is a great game to play. I let my grandkids do it. I would rate this app a 5 but they started that you have to watch a video before you spin. I dont have a problem with this. What I have a problem with is that some of their videos will open play store. I dont like this. If they are opening this app, what other apps are they going to let them open.
At 71 years old, I try to keep my mind active in deferent way. The activities I do need to be fun and rewarding. Being able to get prices for playing is great!!
I love this game! You truly do get real life stuff from playing this game. It takes a little while to build your tickets up so you can redeem for a prize but it's worth it. I have redeemed my tickets 5 times so far and I usually get my items within a week. So far, I've gotten a nice sherpa blanket, an organizing bag, 2 different personal care tools and I can't remember what my very 1st item was. Rarely, I purchase rolls but majority of the time I just do my daily free spin. Thanks verydice!
I know I've been editing my review a lot, but I really want an update where all the ticket prices are a lot lower so that people won't have to wait to get what they want.
At the beginning it was very fair but now every time I try to log in it says unfortunately very dice has stopped and plus the items got way too pricey so is not worth the time anymore.
This is a game you actually win stuff I like it. Not a scam at all. I've redeemed my tickets 5 times already.
Love this game, even though it takes forever to build up a decent amount of spins and/or tickets. The products you can buy with your tickets seem to be reasonable quality. I've bought a few items with my tickets, and all but one of them are still holding up perfect. One of the items is a bluetooth shower speaker, had it over a year now, and it still works like new.
It froze up after i won a scratch off again. This has happened before . it isnt right and needs to be fixed i lose tickets because of that . I do like this game alot. But the side issues are quite over whelming. I want surveys to be worth more rolls. I take to many surveys and get few rolls . and i want my scratch off back! Rip off . 😠
scam. i had 62000 entries in a raffle and still no win? this app used to be good, now it's a joke. thanks for nothing ib assure you i will be spreading the word about this sham if an app.
I was skeptical but decided to go ahead and play to see what happens...i got enough tickets to order a 23 set of gorgeous makeup brushes i got them in the mail in the same amount of time they told me they would, and they all was in perfect condition, my husband got me a huge makeup box for Christmas so was super excited to put these brushes in there and use them !!!!... update... I'm still loving this I have gotten everything in perfect condition
This use to be a good app when ticket prices were lower. Now they have taken off a lot of the offers, and increased the amount of tickets you would need to get gift cards. Sad to say, it's no longer worth the time.
This app has greatly improved since the last time I tried to use it. I just got back on it and I am earning a certain ampunt of rolls per min. that I play games that they suggest. Glad to see a way to earn rolls besides taking surveys. Really enjoying this app.
I have been playing for over 3 years and I still enjoy the game. My only complaint is that when I started playing I could get things for 2000 tickets. I would really enjoy that again.
I really like very dice. I've claimed 3 gifts and they were exactly what was advertised. It's rolling dice for tickets which get me gifts.
Great game and great way to earn free stuff... I absolutely love it.. Would be nice though if we could transfer tickets between each other maybe you guys could work on that...
Wish the daily free was still free without ads. But I cashed in points for an object in the 10,000 points category on Saturday evening, and it was delivered by Amazon on Sunday morning.
Won a bunch of tickets from lucky 7's and classic doubles. I hit the bonus tab to redeem the tickets and the amount i was supposed to get has not been added on there yet so therefore there has been several bugs. Fix it or i will uninstall it!! Very frustrating!!
I like the game I do I've gotten an item from there. But, You guys raised the prices on the 6k up shop (don't bother me)and now I have to watch ads for rolls? I look forward to collecting rolls at the end of my day but now I just don't, the reason why would be nice and I'll change my review becuase I dont understand the hard work of creating apps. Thanks
Giving it 1 star for the simple fact that that for the last 4 days ive had major problems with vidoes NOT wanting to load for the majority of the day and when it does i can only get 1-3 vidoes able to watch then nothing!!ive been playing this app for 2 and a half years and for past12-14 months its been nothing but problems with videos loading ..every time i try surveys it keeps saying i dont qaulify the few times ive entered the raffels for the 1000 /3000 rolls i can never win very disapointed
Simple game, great time passer and I have actually cashed in my points several times for items and have not once had an issue.
Great app, had a minor issue and it was fixed immediately. These are legit prizes you simply search what your looking for and it the tickets required are displayed. I've got 3 gifts already and shipping is fantastic, items arrived 1-2 days after I ordered them!
Dont bother. The prices to redeem tickets has gotten insane. The methods to collect free games to win these now super expensive items have gotten incredibly hard as well. Don't bother trust me. Ive been playing for over a year and its gone WAY DOWN HILL.
Downloaded a game for dice. Got the credit for 75 rolls but they disappeared before I could activate them. Frustrating to spend 2 days getting to the required level, only to get no reward.
Would be nice if there were random chances to gain more rolls/tickets without having to spend hours in the app, purchasing rolls/products or downloading a bunch of apps and completing tasks that take weeks for the average person to complete.
This is easy to play and there are a lot of opportunities to win. I actually won a $25 gift card from Walmart. You can also save your points and use them to order things from the app. I have done this a few times and got things like makeup brushes and adult coloring books. I didn't even have to pay shipping. It's totally legit!
tacks to long to earn anything then sometimes people don't send your stuff don't use this app. it is a wast of time. it tuck be me 2 months to earn 7000 for garbage i can just buy from Dollar store
The rolling of the dice is fun, there are lots of ways to get free rolls and the delivery of items is unbelievably fast. I like that they send you a receipt that states this is a gift. Wonderful
I used to use this app all the time in the first couple years. I even spent my money to buy rolls, spent several hours completing offers, completing surveys and referring others to try this app out. I loved it so much and redeemed some things. Now I don't even play anymore and I know alot of people quit playing as much. The ticket prices are outrageous. For the time spent trying to get enough tickets for a item, you could buy it for much cheaper at Amazon. Go back to fairer ticket prices
Love the game and getting free stuff. But the eyeshadow palettes i buy with points seem to be less and less of them everytiime i look. Please Dont take all the eyeshodow pallets off ❤
I've been able to use my Google play money to buy rolls for over a year. Now the app says "transaction declined" and even with an update and restart it will not accept that form of payment. I'm extremely frustrated with this!!!.. This issue was quickly resolved in less than 24 hours. Thank you very much. I love this game and getting so many fun items!!
Been playing this game for quite a awhile now and have bought from catalog a few times. One of the few games that does what it offers for playing.
I totally love this app!! I set my phone to remind me everyday to spin, I've received about 6 or more (absolutely) free items. The items ship quickly and this is one game that means free🤣
Great gaming experience I've been playing this game now for 3 years. I play it everyday on the bonus spends for the diamond spinner I have gotten more than 15 I have gotten up to 100 on there & the prizes are fabulous I love it! But I also watch the app videos I do the surveys and on occasion I do buy some spins but it's not very often that I buy spins but I play this game very often you've got to do it 2-3 times a day to be able to get your rolls up like they're supposed to be for your tickets.
I watch videos for free spins and only receive half of the rolls if that majority of the time and also dont receive most of my servey rolls either. I wonder why you can't contact support anymore it's really annoying too many issues not worth the time or effort if they dont live up to their end of things! A couple years ago I'd reccomend this app now I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
This game dose not let me do all the tasks. The sponsered ads wont even work so i can get free rolls i also dont get all of my rolls for watching the videos i watch 6 videos and only get 4 rolls thats not fair. once this is fixed i will give it ten stars it is an overal awsome and fun game.
I love this game you get free stuff please update you spinning wheel for more rolls or to be available to share your rolls with a friend or something free for Christmas or birthday is only ideas the new videos from Yahoo is annoying
I've never gotten over 15 on the bonus game and they raised all the ticket prices on the items. Thinking about deleting it. No fun anymore.The ads take me to the app store then back to watch the ad again. So annoying. Used to be a cool fun app but not so much anymore,takes forever to save up for prizes over 10,000. Disappointed.
it so easy to redeem you tickets. Your ads don't go off and you don't get your doing 3 more today.i play games for extra rolls.im not get the extra rolls. I'm playing 4 games please check this. I've deleted all but one of the games for extra rolls gardeners scape haven't got my rolls in over a month. Please check this and tell me why
Its a fun game couple of bugs like on the board sevens it gets stuck and don't ever give you the scratch card but when you get the right amount of tickets it sends what you pick and fast that is why the five stars
I've played for a couple years and still haven't been able to exchange tokens for anything decent. The gift card forget it your playing for years unless you spend your money. Make it easier to win stuff.
It's been awesome thank you so much I wish u didn't have to push a button to join the live tournament when you roll cause I rolled all 500 dice to realize I didn't push a button & it was the second time The 1dt time i had 300 rolls but that's okay cause maybe I'll have good luck next time if i remember to push the correct button lol Thank u though I also wish u could earn more dice at a time or u could spend the wheel more often than 1 time in twenty four hrs I even have others playing this game
Anyone else have their saved items deleted? i did and i tried contacting support, but they were not helpful. i would like my saved items back so i can actually redeem my points i have saved. otherwise, i love this game and the items I have received.
Love this app. Get on everyday and spin the wheel. Collect your rolls, roll the dice, save your tickets. Then just go shopping. I have recieved 5 or 6 packages already. 3 sets of makeup brushes( all great quality), couple phone cases. Ill say it again. I LOVE THIS APP.
Very simple to use. Takes a little time to save up tickets, but so far I have received all items I have traded for.
There are a lot of issues of video not playing and giving the rolls. There are also issues with the surveys locking up and not getting rolls. Overall this is a fun game.
I have been having trouble with the App for over a week. I can't even spin the wheel or watch a video without the App crashing. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 4 times with no luck. I am losing tokens everyday by not being able to play. I did contact customers service with no results. Daily player for over 4 years!
Previously this app used to be my favourite have redeemed so many items. But currently I am unable to login to my own account which has 200000+ tickets and 152+ rolls they asked me to clear the cache so I can have space in my phone which I already did.. I have enough space but still can't login..my husband tried to login from my phone and his account started while I can't.. I don't know how should I redeem my tickets n use my rolls... I had 1 extra acc not 4 and I have been active 2.5 years.
The videos do not award rolls again. They were working fine when showing the 3 segment Yahoo but today you switched back to regular short videos and no rolls awarded. Since the last update things have not worked. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and restarting my phone still doesnt help. IF ITS NOT BROKE DONT FIX IT you just end up screwing it up! OH And dont tell me to use the help center I did and never got a response. Dont answer this review with a generic response irritating
Love the app, when I first started out there where 2k items now the cheapest is 10k, I get about 4k tickets watching all the ads ever hour for 24 hour a day I even set a alarm at night every hour but since the cheapest is now 10k its a lot harder to get but still good app. Also I have gotten over 100 items and the coustmer soupport is really good.
so happy to have this app But when I installed slots app to earn more rolls, made it to level 20, it took an hour, and I never was awarded my free verydice rolls. disappointing. mislead I guess. time to uninstall 2 apps now
I really liked very dice at first. You would get between 5 and 10 rolls a day, plus if you rolled everyday for a week they would give you a bonus. Then they changed their daily roll to include 2 and 3 rolls, so now you usually get 5 rolls a day. There ticket prices use to be lower as well. You could actually save up enough to buy something. Now you would have to save up for a year or two to get anything good.
Its fun but does take a while to build up if you dont refer friends or do the survey tasks. The prizes are cool though and i always get my stuff no problem.
To date, all of the items I've ordered have arrived safe and sound, but this doesn't excuse the inconvenience I have to go through regarding a glitchy catalog (often freezes when high-res items are shown) and high prices. I get that price increases are due to outside influences, but this would be more forgivable if gameplay is adjusted to make up for this (surveys/offers aren't always reliable). Tournaments aren't helping much, as ONLY the top players benefit. Overall, this isn't very enjoyable.
Love this app, just gotta be patient with it if you don't want to spend any money! But i have already redeemed prizes two or three times over, so its definitely a legit game, no scams!! :)
I did like this app and have gotten things before. Unfortunately, this week I can no longer watch videos to get spins. It won't even let me click on the sponsored ads. It just says they are unavailable. I can still watch the 6 videos, but not the 20 sponsored ad videos.
at first I thought this was just a big scam like so many of the other apps out there but folks it's real. It takes awhile to get the tickets up but it's worth it. Okay so updaye... I would watch the videos but I was not getting any of my roles for several days I contacted support. The reply said it could take 7 to 10 business days. They had the problem taking care of and less than 24 hours absolutely amazing to me
I absolutely love verydice. So much fun and so easy. I'd recommend it to anyone. Just redeemed my tickets for beautiful earrings. I can't wait to receive them.
This has been my all time favorite game for the last 2-3 years and now my videos will not play and when I get on the game within 5-10 minutes if not before it says unfortunately the game has stopped?
i would give it 5 stars but every time i get on it logs me out and i have to unstall it restart my phone then install it so i can get to my account. Update: everytime i want to get on it. It shows a white screen the exits me oug and says verydice has stopped working it has been doing this for 3 or 4 days
Used to really enjoy this app and have redeemed several times but now that the prices have been increased so much and the lower ticket amount selections are gone its not as enjoyable. Takes awhile to save up tickets and now that they prices are so much higher its not really worth it. Also i won a 5$ raffle gift card awhile back and still never recieved it.
Love this game. I have already won gift cards n spent them. They do payout. U can also spend points on the catalog lots of stuff just about anything u search for they have it. Fun just keep rolling. Keep up the good work..
FREE... FREE.. FREE! the only thing it costs for u to get these free products is ur spare time. All items r shipped for free too. Don't get no better than that
I can say its certainly not a scam. I am not as pleased with it as I once was. A year ago you got about twice as much for your tickets. However, I would still give a 5 star rating if they would give us back the Amazon, Walmart, or even Ebay gift cards, or let us obtain Visa gift cards so we could get what we want. I had been saving for a 25 dollar gift card from Amazon and they suddenly cancelled that option the day I was finally going to be able to afford the card with no warning.
If you love free stuff this is the game for you!! Most of us already play games on our phones so why not get free stuff for playing.
I really enjoy playing verydice this game is so fun and exciting you roll your dice and collect tickets then when you get enough to purchase what you want or see what you want you purchase it free of charge you pay nothing I purchased 13 items so far and I'm still collecting my tickets to get more stuff this game is so awesome I love it download this app. And sit back and roll your dice and have fun 👍Thank you verydice inventories for inventing this game.
Ever since I updated to Android 10, verydice crashes on me every time I open it. Please resolve this problem. Otherwise great game!
Never got any rolls. Everytime it was going to give me a free roll it just glitched and made me wait another 24 hours just for it to do the same thing. Do not download.
2336527 for rolls! This is one of the only apps of its kind that I've seen that actually pay out. I've redeemed multiple items over the last few years so I can attest that it does work! Sadly though, over the years I've noticed the prices climbing and climbing. Two years ago, 6k tickets got you so many different items. Nowadays, 12k is the "standard" and the 2k value section is totally gone. It's nice to do on the toilet or to watch your hourly ads though! Free item here or there, it's nice. :)
Love this app!! You really get the items they offer. Good stuff too!!! Just wish the points accumilated faster.
Great game love it able to get pretty much anything I search for on this game great stuff just great game in general but you should go back to the lowest ticket price being 6,000 it's so much better that way by raising to 10,000 being the minimum is going cause the loss of players and that is not good for business you got to change it back to being 6,000 as the minimum ticket price
i love the game but since i got a new phone and tried to open the app it won't load i been waiting for a hour now i downloaded it uninstalled and reinstalled it and it still wont work please fix the problem
Awesome, ice gotten gift cards and itens from this app. Gift cards come in same day and the items ive gitten came in quick and were exactly what i expected. Love this app.
thanks for the 50 rolls AND Happy Easter and God Bless. It would be nice if you could see the pictures of the products that are not shown when you are redeeming your points and it also would be great if the game would fix the technical issues. Please and thank you.
I love this app! Guys, there are so many apps that are a waste of time. Yes, it does take a little while to rack up tickets, but i promise, its real. I have already gotten an 8 pack of batteries, a necklace, some nail stickers and today i got an eye shadow palette with 12 shades. And the shipping was super fast. Cant say enough positive things..... Definitely worth it, 100%.
Why is the app crashing every time I try to spin the wheel or watch an ad? It's very frustrating. Given the most recent reviews, it's not just doing this with me. Shame.
Ok for iphone it doesnt have the option to allow you to download games and play them for rolls i didnt know that very dice has a gaming feature on it for Android only, and til i Got my android phone i was watching videos on it til i looked on very dice while watching them and it has games to download for so many rolls per min awesome feature for android!!
I used to love this game but now that they changed it to where you have to watch that stupid bingo add everyday just to get your free rolls is really annoying. I know apps pretty much always have adds which is understandable but to have to watch it everyday is the problem.
Loved this game until creator changed it for the worse. Now when u roll on doubles board, and u get doubles, the basketball game now is in slow motion! It's awful. I used to win big on this. Now I win a third of what I used to when the game wasn't in slow-mo mode! ~ Not a happy camper
Install this app yesterday but the surveys are just so annoying like I have spent 30 mins and that survey just stuck at the end and I haven't get any roll for that 30 mins😡😡😡 same thing happens for 15-20mins surveys also🤬👿 please solve that problem or I will uninstall this app. Nobody would spend hours and not getting any roll😖😤
Been playing everyday, about 99% of the time. The redemption categories have been drastically reduced as it used to have 2k, 4k, 8k choices but now it's up to 10k tickets and it takes 2x as long to earn tickets. Playing solely out of habit at this point. Bring back the excitement!
Fun way to pass 30 seconds rwal quick. Wish the spin was twice daily would make for a better game play expierience. Cannot wait to cash in for my first prize.
ive Already got 4-5 different things on here & it is AWESOME!! hands down. LOVE this app!!! BEST APP EVER!!!
At first i didnt believe you'd actually for real get the prizes you choose once you had enough points but YOU DO! ITS LEGIT! Awesome Game & not cheap products either! This was my true feelings for the last 2 yrs or more. Recently though the game has had changes..most of them aren't bad. The items have gone tremendously up in the amount it cost & the items value is quite a bit lower. Biggest complaint is when it gets to the 7th day to spin for more than 10 spins it skips & will start [email protected]
I LOVE THIS APP...BUT recently it doesn't seem to work for me. It just messes my phone up. SAD!😢 Don't wait download this app NOW! I just finished writing reviews on a few apps that are total SCAMS! While I was at it I thought I should drop in here and give KUDOS for being an honest app! LOVE this app! I order and receive stuff all the time! Thank you for being EXACTLY what you say you are VERYDICES ROCKS!!!
There's a very serious bug problem or something is very seriously wrong with verydivedice now it's needs a very serious update soon. Theorem research survey keeps freezing slow and doesn't let me continue the surveys anymore and tap research is another very serious problem every survey from that always disqualifies me to much and it never rewards me rolls and there's no more ad videos only some but I don't get much rewarded no more verydice please update this app with better bug fixes please
I abaolutely love this app. Ive been playing for about 3 years and Ive won about 275,000 tickets which ive redeemed for about 15 items/gift cards. I have never had any issues with my orders- products are always exactly as described if not better, and the delivery is always fast. The best part though is that you can play, win and order stuff w/o paying a cent..even shipping. Of course the option to spend $$ is there for ppl like me who wanna win more or quicker, but its not mandatory. Great app!
this is my favorite of all games i play and the stuff u can get is so awesome thanks 4 not being a scam..peace and love..im still loving the game i wish there were more in the catalog but i love the game..still love it.its the only game i play.thanks THE only thing that i dont agree with is that EVERYTHING has went SKY HIGH..It takes 4ever 2 get anything worth as many tickets as they want 4 the items...
Love it but app closes down when u try to redeem tickets it was fun game cant get nothing now licks me out whyyyyyy
Redeemed two things from here and both of them arrived in a quick manner. I got what I wanted. Great app, recommend.
Unable to win anything I've had this game for a while now, literally play daily, but have yet to get anything but one 5 dollar gift card and that was over a year ago
3.1.21 EDIT.. in the last 5 weeks, something happened so now unskippable ads play before each roll, the 5k & 8k prize options are gone the lowest is 10k and after playing for 4+yrs,"winning" multiple things, its not worth it now. Soon as i can reddem my built up tickets, Im uninstalling&you shouldnt bother.
I have been playing this game for over a year now, never had problems til recently. The game wont load, it immediately shuts down and asks to send feedback which I have twice. I have uninstalled reinstalled then when I try to login in shuts down again. I have 21K tickets that I have been saving up to buy my son a cool toy, so now I cant even get back into the game so what happened?!?!
Well been playing for a month and traded in my points for an Amazon $25 gift card. Received it within an hour. Love playing it on breaks. Watch ads or take surveys to get rolls. Would give 5 stars but they lowered the amount of ads you can watch from six an hour to 4. But now they have not offered Amazon or Walmart cards for months. Exchanged points for a diffrent company and deleting this app. The other apps I use always offers what I want. Not saying its a bad app to get cards but not for me.
use to really enjoy this app and never had problems with the surveys . it use to reward me each time i did a survey now nothing. It seems like a lot of people are having the same problem so is there any plans on fixing it soon.
at first I didn't like the newer updates and I still prefer being able to do 1 jackpot everyday. and after 10 days/jackpots in a row win 10,000 tickets. the new mechanics make you use alot of rolls to win due to competing with others to win the tournaments. but even if you dont win you get your tickets for each roll and jackpot you won. I already won 1 tournament odo I didnt place hi I won some tournament tickets so it's real you can place top 10 in tournaments.
this is a joke. I put in over 300000 raffle tickets in an pdf course I'm not the winner. this has happened to a lot of my friends. nothing but a straight rip off.. me an my group of friends are uninstalling.
I love this game, but the Ads have NOT worked for me since the first week of November 2020. Can someone look up why that is? My daughter is able to watch the ads on her game.
no longer play due to no more 2000 ticket rewards. only thing that excited me Update* When trying to cash out a reward. Its says 4000 tickets. Then when I press place order it still says 4000 tickets but after it is ordered and I go to order history it charged me 6000 tickets
it so easy to redeem you tickets. Your ads don't go off and you don't get your doing 3 more today.i play games for extra rolls.im not get the extra rolls. I'm playing 4 games please check this. I've deleted all but one of the games for extra rolls gardeners scape haven't got my rolls in over a month. Please check this and tell me why When you transferred the phones I didn't get my tickets you just went with they new phone which took away 4500 or so tickets
Love this app but lately I've had the worst problems with it freezing on the part were you watch videos to get dice. It won't re direct me to surveys so it gets frozen and I don't get paid. I've lost so MANY dice I'm almost to the point of not playing anymore. I've messaged your app with no reply several times. Then it keeps saying I can't be logged in on multiple devices when I've only been on my cell phone so it kicks me out and makes me start over. I spend my money here might not anymore.
Have ordered several items for years. Always quick delivery of exactly what i ordered. Love getting free stuff for playing games!! Average probably a gift 3-4 times a year. Patience is key 😁
Used to give you decent spins now mostly just 4s app has gone down hill raised the cost of EVERYTHING. Now its so hard to get enough points for anything decent! Too bad! was one of my favorites now it feels like a waste playing raffle is a joke too played everyday for so long never won a thing. I just gave up playing now. Now stupid ad before spin???really? RIDICULOUS! App has gone down hill fast sadly! Doubt i will keep raffles r a joke never once have 1 won a darn thing in 2 yrs of playing
Was loving this game at first great spin rewards. However I never get over 15 on the diamond spin. Lately now I dont get anything over 4 spin wins. Whats up with that. It makes feel like its a waist of time. The fun is being taken out it. Now i play whenever because its not exciting anymore. Plus you have added ads now. Step up your game and I will return my loyalty.
I enjoy this game and appreciate that I can use my tickets to buy items without having to pay shipping.
Absolutely love this game. As long as i remember to play once a day my points add up pretty quicky to purchase items.
I loved this game until recently. It freezes up my phone and i cant use my phone for a while until it restarts itself. Very upset about this. This game used to be so enjoyable and I would redeem tickets a lot. Such a shame this game has done a complete 360. I wont be recommending this game anymore.
I really do love this app, but I think it would be really nice if the ticket prices were lower, I know alot of other people would like that and instead of having to wait for 3 years to get 275,000 tickets, I really do hope that the ticket prices will be alot lower.