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Slots Vegas Magic™ Free Casino Slot Machine Game

Slots Vegas Magic™ Free Casino Slot Machine Game for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by Interlab Arts Ltd located at HaTaasiya 21 Ranaana, 4365411 Israel. The game is suitable for Teen (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Finally a fun game. I've downloaded and removed lots of slots games. This one actually let's you accumulate your winnings.
Like the game, graphics and nice winnings. Adds not too disturbing but the music is extremely irritating. Wish you had a option to turn off the music, but keep the sound.
I love this game, however it crashed on me once before and reinstalled and started over. Now I have over 57 trillion dollars and 1063 gems. I don't want to lose my long hard work to get where I am today. Can you please help me? Thank you.
I am very addicted to this game!! The payouts are great and ALL games are awesome to play. Just like the actual casino machine's. Good Luck and Enjoy !!!
Love the app GAME best so far From the Many I have played which were a disappointment! THANK YOU and ..BRAVO...for creating a fun and enjoyable FREE App Game! IF YOU CAN EXPAND THE GAME FOR SOCIAL GATHERING /CLUB /CHAT! THAT WOULD BE FANTASTIC❤️😚✌️🎉
Ok but on free spins don't give all chips spin lands on, jumps to next spin before giving chips, or don't give any chips on first or last spin on free spin run
I like the game, but it does not always pay what it should , again love ❤️ the game ,but I need better payouts.
Love the Casino games but wish a chat room, was connected whole I'm playing. It's more fun to meet ppl, and share the good news when you hit a jackpot.
I have played tons of slot games and this is truly the only one that you don't have to buy coins. The graphics are great, payouts are awesome and lots of bonuses. I don't mind the ads since the game is free. I only have 2 cons...1 is the piggy bank gets full very quickly and therefore it continuously bugs you to break it. I mean it's really a nuisance. 2 is it takes a long time to level up once you get passed a level. You won't be sorry, I promise.
I've been playing this app for awhile, and I'm having a blast... Never knowing what comes next and winning big... I recommend this app for anyone looking for some snappy action... Keep up the good work, folks... You really have a n enjoyable app here...! Vern - 9/03/20...
If I could give them no stars I would. Pathetic games that are slow. An ad feed at the bottom of the game (and it's faster than the actual game). And then making you watch an ad when. You get a bonus (one bonus in the 7 games I tried). And never any free spins. All they push is buying coins and pushing ads on you for revenue. This isn't a game, it's a money grab. One that I didn't (not should anyone) fall for.
Its a good game, however, the extra coins in the bonus collect areas could be a higher amount. I would give it a 5 if they were more.
I have over 45 QUADRILLION points and never spent a penny! Started when Covid hit - don't play every day with lawns to cut but every so often I will play.
Game and graphics are good. A big variety of the same game makes it boring though. Good for passing time. Better than most.
This is a good game but its not good business to keep enterrupt the player while thier playing thier game, i was a porter supervisor at #5 differrant Hotels here in Las Vegas Naveda and people get very very Mad. So you should wait atless 30 min. Befour you bother a person.tbe game all the Games are very good there Great.
I have been playing this game for a long time. Along with LOTS of friends and we all agree that you will never play another slot game anywhere else like this game. Simply put it's the best ever slot game available. You will not find a better game on the net. I can't thank the developers enough for a game that surpasses all others.
You just took 2 trillion points away from me. WHY????? It took me two weeks to get back to a trillion points. Hopefully they don't take them again. Well I have to do the"Update" lets see what happens to my points. I have over 7 Trillion. I'll let you know in a few minutes. They did fine with their" Update" didn't loose a point.
I've tried a number of different apps, this one has the top of my list for this type. Already at over 1.5 trillion, only had it short while, no forced to buy manipulations, great graphics, easy UI. I recommend it!!!
I love the double up, that the big reason I play this game and also fun. This game don't take all your money . Most all other slots company , when you won up to couple billion that when they start to take all your money. Is have alost commercial this only way these company make money I understand stand that. So far i have won $ 55 quadrillion+
Absolutely LOVE this app. The bonuses are hourly, the reels are generous and the JACKPOTS are HUGE. I've literally played on this app hours in a row and never the of it. 😊
Good time passer. The games all have a little twist to them that other games seem to have. Makes them original. And you win and loose, not just loose
Super dooper fun so far.thanks hard to find good casinos without getting thrown off all the time. I play inbetween doing things.working well so far.not having to dovso much club stuff just enough.
I Absolutely Love Love playing these Slots!! I have played many other online Vegas type slots, as well as lots of other types of games and this is by far My Favorite!!! I play whenever I start getting anxious and before I know it, I'm back to Me again. Great for when You have down time or just need to wind down. Keep up the great work Guys and Thanks from this 🎰 Gamer 🎮🖥......
Like the games...but the ads have gotten out of control! Today I got on and saw 7 ads - 4 for the same thing - before I could even start playing. What's up with that?
I enjoy this game. I may never see what's in the chest but those chilis sure add up. I've won over 26 billion so far. I don't win much on the line but I like it anyway. It's fun.
This game lets u win on low bets when u max bet it doesnt alevel play would be nice my experiance with real slot is alot i go every week to the casino and play .this program needs some work
I have learned how to gain more coins since my last rating of 2stars and joined a league! There are so many more games in one place than anywhere! I can't live without this slots site and neither will you!
Make more money here than on any other game.. what could improve is .. don't let the winnings be so enormous only to then take it away on spins that give nothing back... forcing us to buy coins... otherwise great game.. great graphics... great payouts
Love it. Only one problem. After achievement of 35q score in 3 months I had to change phones and result I lost my score and have to start over.
Get a grip....Noone is going to be bombarded with ADS. Too many better slots with no invasive, aggressive ADS. From the very start..uh uh. Nah. Uninstalled.
I would like it more if there were quest's. Also a way to get rid of the darn pig flashing on the screen all the time on " maxed out". Thanks.
Hi there 😉 who has tried it, why so that it's such a hassle with making of quick and easy deposits, but the hard withdrawal? 😒 The application is good enough, as I understood, this is a half-baked edition of the original website winrespin ✅ com, only this site works under license, gives free spins for new players and also lots of goodies ✅. Just for amusement compare, relax, amuse yourself🎮💋! If you tried it, then leave a like! 👍👍
Great game for those of us who don't have money to spend buying coins. It gives you the option to chose between casino odds or better odds. I love playing the slot games, but I don't have the money to buy the coins. Thank you so much!
I love to win...So far I'm happy with the slots winning...But I'm still looking for a Big Jackpot. The graphics are good
The ads have completely taken over...what's with the 30-second ads in the middle of a timed award period? I hardly ever play anymore...
Useless.....I have many red rubies and nowhere can I find a way to use them.....sendingva request to support is also useless, as l have sent several....with absolutely no reply.
Chilli con Wilds! It's nice to login in and get those 7 free spins on occasion. Having played for a while now I'll add that all the slots are the same, just different graphics. Gets boring
Gets stuck at google play after ads. Will not go back and finish your turn. Ruins free spins and whatever else you were trying to accomplish. It's stupid.
This game is one of the best casino game I have found yet, lot's of bonuses and just an all around fun game to play!!!!
I don't know about ALL the slots in this app (because I became bored from the monotony) but the first ten or so are essentially the same game only with different window dressings. The winnings are shamefully and uniformly low while the lack of bonus features illustrate a marked lack of creativity on the part of the developers. I don't care for the cartoony look. The whole thing is dreadfully boring. Don't waste your time.
It's going on me at first I was skeptical because I always take you a long time to win money on this one and make you lose money right away but it takes you a min but then you start seeing results..
I like the game but don't like that you have to unlock other slots to play and I don't like that its only 3 reels right now,I hope the other games down the row has more reels on them,I'm going to see.but so far I still got chips and am not broke,so far so good.ty
No variety of games. All are classic and boring. A constant banner ad at the bottom and pop-up ads while playing are excessive. Uninstall
I really like that "casino odds" vs. "casual play" is an option. Developer issues; it's ridiculous to shove the piggy bank in my face now that I'm virtually a quadrillionaire... otherwise it's great to play a game where I can win without a lot of frustration!
I am really enjoying this game it kind of takes my mind off of other stuff that be going on and I know it's just a game but I like the money that makes it much more funner it makes you come back to it loving this game
Love that can win an it doesn't take it back. I have played alot of other slots an they let u win an then take it back. This is the highest I have ever gotten on slots
So far l am enjoying myself playing theses games the payouts are good the graphics are good the only problem so far is that when you are playing the free spins and you get more while in the free spins round you don't get to play them l know this is a free game but still also another good thing about this site is you don't have to deal wit a lot of pop up ads
Love playing slots have been playing for a long time ,the graphics are amazing to see the controller their aren't really their you push the button and that's it the games are not letting a customer interact it self sustaining.
Exciting and habit forming. I have never had so much money! I wish all the games could have a max playing of 1 trillion. And looking forward to new games.
First slots where I can play each day and win greats slots. First time iv kept a game of slots . Normally I add then uninstall. Weeks later still playing these slots, great games, and awsome wins. Very addictive fun play
Good games although my one criticism is that most of the games are very similar. ie they look an d play the same. What is needed are games with more than three reels.
I have been playing this game and really enjoyed it until you took away my ability to watch videos to multiply my wins...that's the only way to win o. this game! IT SEEMS THE M0RE YOU PLAY THE LESS YOU WIN...NOT FAIR OR INDUCTIVE TO PROMOTING YOUR VIDEOS!
Utter trash. Ad after ad after ad. Anyone rating this good or above clearly haven't played any of the numerous slot apps, that don't require you to watch an Ad every minute.
Ive only been playing for a short while would give it a 5 stars but when you go to collect it freezes its happened a few times now getting annoying now over all good game fair payouts
Mixed review still 5 Star's. I really enjoy this app. Great graphics couple games I really like. Some games I don't care for but that's just personal preference. I highly recommend this app. The only thing I don't like and personally I think is rude. During a four minute double pay out the app will pop up do I want too break into my piggy bank or pop up for a review ect. This is rude I have 41 trillion+. I don't need break bank. Please consider stopping adds during four minute double pay out.
Well I can't believe it! A casino slot game that does NOT kick you out of the app every 60 seconds. I not only was able to play, but I hit jackpots at a decent pace. No clubs, no competitions, just sit down at a slot and play. And I mean play for hours! Y'all set the bar high with this one. 4stars cuz graphics are just average. Good job guys!
It was fun, but the magic is playing through the constant pop ups long enough to reach level 10. Then, once you're enjoying yourself and having fun, the magic is watching your winnings disappear! It's clever marketing to get you to watch ads or purchase coins. Even on casual, I went from having $127 million to nothing, in a matter of minutes. I've done this a few times after uninstalling and then trying again. Level 10 is where they decide to stop making the game fun.
It sucked you keep changing the bets. If the one playing change's it that is one thing but you people change it. Plus it only took 15 minute to lose so you can try to get me to play my money your crazy.
I enjoy playing the games the payouts are large unlike the other games I play the take your money and don't give back . I will tell all my friends to play also
I've tried almost every slot app in the play store. Vegas Magic slots are by far the best, no other app even comes close. This is the most entertaining slot app I've ever tried. I've accumulated over 7 and a half TRILLION points (coins) without spending one penny on the app. I very, VERY, seldom recommend any app to anyone, but I'm recommending this app to everyone. It's the best! My thanks to the developers!
After playing for over a week, I can tell you the pros and cons. Pros: 1: Lots of wins. Never need to buy chips. I have 380 billion in my first week. Cons: 1: Ads and nags. Constant ad at the bottom and popups to double your wins or leveling up. I don't mind the ads to level faster and even tried a couple slot games from their ads. Open a mystery gift. Break the piggy bank. The payout for these are unbalanced as well. Why would I break a piggy bank with a fraction of the chips I have? 2: Too many games. How can that be? They're all the same. Many games simply use graphics from a different slot. They should cut the games to one third and add some new games with multi-line and different bonus rounds. There are no unique bonus rounds. 3: Horribly balanced. Jackpots. Bet 60 million, win 10 million Jackpot but 1.6 billion on the spin. How hard can it be to up the jackpot to the player level? By the way, I won 3 jackpots while writing this review. I also can't find the dev responding so the advertisement method must be working for them. Odds are I'll delete the game in a couple of weeks.
This game is awesome lots of slots to choose from, all of them are fun I'm really enjoying all this game is offering
This is an excellent app. The only thing I don't like is the pop-up adds. Now they are in the game I'm playing taking time away from the game. Before it was the best casino game I ever played. I've spent years going through Nevada playing all the games. I totally enjoyed this one. Except for the lousy pop up adds. Please remove them and be the best again. Thank you Marty
I like the game is fast quick pay a lot of money it takes a lot of your money but the grabbing some good sound quality good whole damn good experience trying to get more people come but you need to try you won't regret the intensity and game is unbelievable cuz it's man you don't want to talk and you down in the bottom trying to find a way of getting something when you ain't got nothing is good game just stay with it appreciate them
I'm locked out of playing machines and into vip section. Only lets me play one app chosen (not my choice) game at a very low set bid. Can not up bid. Can not buy more coins or buy my piggy bank. I've been playing this app for long time and loved it, don't know what happened here but very dissatisfied that I can not play as I want to. If all was working I would rate a five!
Never got a chance to play ad after ad after ad. I kept thinking I was playing a game and it was an ad then another.
Hands down the best casino around! Unlike other slot games, you don't go broke the first hour you play. I really enjoy this app!
Good flow of cash! I get to play starting with 30-80m every day. It gets better when you can bet big.
Great fun! Some of the best slot games l've played. Fast paced, very good grahics. Really felt l could a game or two.
So soooooo much fun. Ads do not bother me at all. Easy to skip over them. This Is by far the best free slot game you can down load!!!
I love slot apps. But this one is one in itself with the insane amount of ads. U get an ad everytime u log in or out of this game, u get an ad after every big win. Hell u get ads just randomly while u r in the midle of a spin. Never ever have i seen so many ads before. What a joke. But i am guessing this game is run by a bunch of people that r as gay as this game. Plus there is no way they this game has a 4.6 rating. Only way is if they take average from all the negative feedback. Not worth it
Lots of fun slots and big wins for 😁😁😁🍸, you can't always mute some of the ads. If you are in a room full of people I don't want turn my volume off. Gets frustrating!
It's fun. I have a winning streak going on here. I have at this point in the game 24,000,000 coins and you level up quickly also. An exciting game you also get a lot of bonuses. You have to add this game to your collection. You won't be sorry, amazing game.
Treasure chests don't load ads and if you are lucky to get one it takes a long time to load or gets stuck!!!! Have played game a long time but ready to delete....no fun anymore!!!!!
Wow. After one hour of playing i had too much coins but bets level up so slowly than playing only max bet I was winning rapidly multiplying winnings with card game. I played game Around 5 hours I am on lev 32. Opened 20slots. 31to go. They all nearly the same. Boring. . To finish another 31 tables would destroy my battery. It would take tens of hours. Now is on autoplay an I have coins for 3000 pounds. I paid nothing. Boring game.
More u spend (not talkn bout money, da spends u entitled to, don't work out n your favor, it reminds me of a real casino, whereas da ODDS are against u) sometimes, u can win, it's all about control over the game, I'm not controlling da spends u figure it out. 💯💯💯😎😎😎😎
Love the music, graphics, challenges and offers to watch videos for .money . First time trying this app. Quincy becoming my favourite
Tedious. 40-second filler ads are excessive. If you want to sell ads, sell ads. Otherwise, keep the filler to 10 seconds. This game isn't fun at all.
Like this game,except you change the bet amount, I had 35 trillion ,about 2 minutes later I had 941 billion,I spent a lot of time getting my free play,disappointed I lost all my free play so fast.
WORST slots ever. You have to pay real money to increase your VIP level. There are so many adds it's obscene. If you actually win something you have to watch an add to get it, right in the middle of your spins. If you want to play another slot you have to watch an add to quit the one you're playing. The slots are pretty much all the same. There really isn't anything good about these slots. Don't waste your time!
Yeah the one i was on it was kind of getting a little boring i've been playing it it's a little too long it's already switch up to something different but haven't really played this one too much so i'll figure it out after i play a couple games of it all right talk to you
I like the little bit you are able to collect and allows me to play more and bigger bets keeps you busy and have a lot of fun
Have stuck to playing this game since the beginning of the lockdown to keep me close to home and avoid the virus itself. Since March 20, 2020 have built up a balance of about $208B.
every slot the same with just a different overlay. very boring and easy cash grab app. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Perfect game... entertaining.... surprise packages from boxes... gives levels.... free spins.... unpredictable.... it has a host of entertaining features..... I just enjoy... and enjoy... it... 👌
I very much have enjoyed playing this game, however, recently after game loads and I begin to play it prompts me to re-open game over and over again. VERY, VERY FRUSTRATING!!! PLEASE FIX!!!
This game can be very addictive but it also is fun.Without having to go to a casino.You don't have to play for money which mean you don't have to loose money.You can also learn how addictive a casino can be.Gamble can be addictive, so either play for fun.
Winnings are to far and inbetween to keep someone interested, they need to win as much as they lose. There are to many Casino apps out there to enjoy. If this apps wants to stay active, please loosen up on the restrictions on winning. Noone likes to lose all the time
I admit that I have been gone for a while, but i have been playing for about five minutes and my cummulative coin total is not advancing. Currently stuck on 2,356Q (i play 1B per spin). Whats going on ? !!! Ok, played a little more, went to bonus round twice, won 42.5B and cummulative coin total still did'nt advance. Please fix program. Thanks
One of the best slots games around. Always fair with card play and gives great welcome back credits. No glitch problems and great graphics!
Good fun play. Gave bad review before, I was wrong. My internet connection was abysmal so many apologies. Great game, luuuvv it.
I've played my share of online slots, so I wliwve I speak from a modicum of experience when I say that Slots Vegas Magic is probably the slickest, fastest slot app I've come across.
Great fun so far!!! But, they always ask you to rate them very shortly after you start playing. You really don't have time to honestly know if you like it or not...
Thoroughly enjoyable and very addictive with no risk of losing real actual money good job on that aspect,i would really like if you could feature more and more slots with bigger exceptional Jack pots and higher stakes thank you this app is 10 out of 10 a thoroughly enjoyable experience all round 2 thumbs up
Not enough significant LINE wins. Too many chests and free spins yield very little. Often ZERO. Also female solicitation ads should not be shown. Isn't that ILLEGAL.
pop ups during auto spin every minute or so asking if you want to pay money for chips. super annoying.
Meaningless pop-ups and non-functional pop-ups! The non-functional pop-ups delay playing time!! All you're interested is in money and not enjoyment. YOU ARE CANCELLED!!!!
Love the variety of different games. The winning are great, that's really what makes you want to play more.
Experience in heaven with the slots are terrible there's no winning of big jackpots whatsoever the people running these shows just want you to buy to spend money on these cards don't do it they have to prove that you can win the first before that even occurs try other slots what I recommend
This is the best game I have ever played,no behind the back lying,cheating and robbing.I have being playing this game for quite a looong time now,and I can tell everybody that is interested in playing a game,which is very enjoyable,without tricks,download this game,you won't be sorry!
Now youve gone and totally wrecked a messed up game! Youve gone and let idiot developers talk you into more ads. What are you thinhing??? I dont play games to be inundated with all these interruptions! It appears your wallets are more important than any customers!!!
This game cheats it takes points I'm in the billions and the more I play the more it takes they put ads on when you keep winning big I already broke the game and they continue to cheat me it's only obvious what they're doing I'm just letting people know so they won't play this game because not unless you like to get cheated they're sore losers and they're inconsiderate selfish and they are false advertisement in their game and I hope one day they stop being cheaters