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Vampires Dark Rising

Vampires Dark Rising for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Kwaai Software LLC located at 5016 Mary Louise Ct. Morrow Ohio 45152. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It can lag a lot of the time could be better they don't really take into consideration European players so the time difference for events makes a huge difference
Love it ..... My favorite pass time when ive only got a few minutes and need to relax my brain a sec..
Cool game but sucks for events since I can't play certain events on my phone. Have to login through pc on facebook. Because of that I will not play it anymore. Hope you can make it where you can play the full game without using the pc or by not using facebook.if you ever put it on a website to play online hit me up and I will start playing again. But that's probably not going to happen so goodbye and good luck.
It would be nice if you could customise your character and earn and unlock armore and unlock familiers to go on or with your avatar but a good game anyhow.
HIGHLY discouraged from playing this game. I get there is nothing they can do for players who excessively attack lower levels, but come on. If you want people to play this game there should definitely be a line between what level of players can attack another. I am literally level 18. And this level 520 has attacked me Every. Single. Day. 10 times a day. I've spent money on this game, I enjoyed it at first but now I think I am going to pay to have it permanently deleted. It isn't fun anymore.
Not enough people play, it's super boring.. The small amount who play take the game way out of context and make the game even worse. So a game that sucks and then sucks more.
Learn from my experience i played for 3 years dont bother especialy if your underage this should be an 18+ game the devs do next to nothing to monitor this game filthy language and full on verbal abuse are an every day thing here and iv seen porno pics as avis again AVOID THIS GAME!!!
It's a fun game, the best vampire RPG for mobile as a matter of fact. Since the players you add to your coven are the players you'll see in your scream box everyone is kind to each other for the most part. The game isn't pay to win at all and you can go far without ever spending a penny. My only complaint about the game would be it's lack of content. I'm one of those players who levels his vampire slowly (Level 83 Age 487) but outside of events it seems like there isn't really anything to do.
The continued allowing of some players to have multiple accounts , while others aren't allowed has ruined the game. Need to enforce your own terms of service as well as googles
Update - issue was resolved. Giving 4 stars as it due to delay from support. I've played this game for a few months and was decent level with great stats. It required me to log in yesterday and it's all reverted back to the beginning basically with a new vamp code, beginning level and age, plus none of my stats, powers, skill points, literally nothing. Contacted support and... nothing, no reply at all. Will happily fix review if my game gets fixed back to what it was.
been playing since it was on MySpace... isnt too complicated & absolutely love the awards & achievements!
It is a simple game, missions and socialization is not bad but players need to be less rude and abusive for this game to be fun. a lot of psychological abuse from many players, male players denigrate women. a lot of perverts trying to find online sex. I don't intend to stay is a highly toxic environment
What is going on? When I send messages, it just turns into random numbers. Also, the screen keeps dragging itself to the sides.
This game is full of abusive people, this player who threatens people if others talk to the players that he hates even lists them and kills them then insults them saying if you talk to trash you are trash. Lot of foul language, lot of harassment
Have short time playing, the game is fine the players whoever are abusive, they use threats sarcasm even racist comments to attack other players. Best way to play be silent don't make friends concentrate on building your Vampire. Not so many players tho on this app I have played way more better games than this one.
I used to play this on my iPad but can't play it on my android phone. It keeps saying it needs an internet connection when I try to log in but the wi Fi is working.
Cyber bullying during game play and behind the scenes. There is a group of players that are high levels that bully and intimidate other players. Some of these players are also developers of the game and use this advantage to enforce their bullying tactics and intimidation. Parents beware that the developers believe cyber bullying is OK but you will be banned for anything that group doesn't like, guised under TOS.
The platform of this game is not so bad, not much to do tho the players made the game boring big players constantly attack new ones, the public chat is dedicated to either complaint about other players getting relics or to trash talk other players. Xenophobia, and phycological warfare is on the menu daily and not moderated by the devs. I don't think I will play much is a very sick environment.
UI is busy and not user friendly. I prefer more customization. Run out of energy after 3 seconds of play. Not entertaining, but with tweaking they might eventually come up with something decent.
Wasted data keeps on telling me i need to have an efficient internet connection when i try to sign up then kicks me out, and my connection is efficient since i was still able to play my other online games
Great Game but No Sound for such a good game it should have sound I don't Really like playing Games with No sound .. Please put sound in this game Thx 😁
Love it have played for YEARS but they changed tge name and i lost it. So glad to have found it again. They had a similar one for zombies but i cant find that one either. *** ADD zfrvsk***
This is going to sound silly but I played this right back at the beginning, I was obsessed with it, had a good coven and for a while I was untouchable! Sadly that account is long gone, so I'm starting anew. I completely forgot about it for years but randomly found it again and wow, the nostalgia is real. Sure, it's changed a bit but it's just great to revisit it! Could just be the younger me talking but I'm loving it.
Hey. I love the game but since i spent 20fp to delete my account it won't let me make a new one. Says I've reached the number of allowed accounts. I have screenshots of both error popups. If you could fix this I'd appreciate it and change to 5 star. Thanks
Too many immature people causing unnecessary drama, the cyber bullying is very high in this game. Caution Parents do not allow impressionable teens or young adults play.
Not a bad game however players like (Heartless) she is a game/ cyber bully and keeps killing low level players for her own benefit. Makes it hard to level and creates a stressful environment in a game that should be relaxing.
I love this game would be 5 stars but I just loaded it up and now I'm stuck o the loading screen idk what to do if you help. me fix this it will be 5 stars
This game is so very boring and extremely lame. There's many things wrong with the way it's set up the list would go on. Save yourself the time/trouble and find something else, speaking from someone who found out the hard way.
The ex players in the comments complaining about being hit by higher levels are probably children who never even made it past level twenty. The only time you can be hit by players 5 levels higher than you is in events, once you're in the 100s, or after someone has placed you on the hitlist. This game is one of the fairest and most well balanced RPG's I've ever played, and I game a lot. If it had more content like alliances and possibly even turf wars it would be perfect.
It says that another account cannot be made because their are too many people playing. I wish to play.
I love the game ... And i would like to see more events on this game that be very amazing if you guys could make it happen thanks !
I like the game but I bought an addons and it said payment cancelled so I tried again and it worked but on my bank account it took out the payment twice. so I ended up losing 10 dollars for a addon. if possible can I be refunded at least 4 of the 10 dollars I lost here.
Good game, never encountered any problems, nor bullies. Besides, this is a war game, if you are getting attacked, man up and beat your attacker in a fair fight instead of crying about it in reviews. Other than that, I saw people complaining about 18+ avis. You all need to learn that the devs cannot do anything about Avis, since they are managed by Gravatar, and not by them. However, I do agree that this game is not for kids. It is very annoying to have babies posting on my wall.
Don't get me wrong, I loved playing this game, I truly did ... but, some how something I don't think I even did happened to where each day I would hop on and get even further into the negatives in my bank. I tried looking up ways to deal with to hopeful me out so I could get back to enjoying the again. Nothing. I tried looking around in game to see if there was something I could do to resolve the issue. Nothing. Deleted the account for hope. IT DENIED ME FROM CREATING ANOTHER!!!
Used to love playing this game, it's now completely unplayable due to the lag issues, hope they fix this soon but I'm not holding my breath.
It's a awesome game. You can meet great people. But there is a fam Sb that are nothing but bullies. killer Blondie is their leader and always out to get lower levels. She will sit on you, self claim you and so will her other peeps. They call her KB for short. There are lots of great people. But yet you have the higher levels who mostly take their age and levels for be bullies and picking on ones they don't like. I have seen many get banned. But KB hasn't been and yet she is one of the worst .
It's a great game. Sometimes can be glitchy but very simple text based RPG game. Be careful because lots of bullies are on this platform. Not recommended for young children.
Can you please fix vdr every time i access my coven list to add bffs or remove players my whole game hangs up thanks hopefully you can fix it
i cant even create a character. i says i need internet connection but i already am connected to the net... 😰
I absolutely love this game! Have had no issues with it depite other players. It's a great way to pass time, and quite addicting. Definitely my favorite mobile game so far, besides Pokemon Go.
Do NOT believe the 13+ rating on this game. This game is totally inappropriate for anyone under 18 due to the players language, scream content and behavior. It can be abusive and many players will harass and threaten you unchecked by the developers. They say in their TOS that conduct is monitored and reviewed but this is not the case. The game itself is fun but until real action is taken by the developers, take the utmost caution in allowing your kids on here. So far, the developers only care about your spending habits, not your experience.
A great little game. So much like an old game I played on myspace back in the day. One of the best things for me is i temporarily lost internet and this runs perfect on my phone even after I ran out of high speed data and it dropped down to 2g speed.
Devs haven't update it for a long time says I need wifi I do will try signing up in website. Will tell how it goes.
I was trying to create an account but it says "Maximum number of allowed accounts has been reached" Please fix this🥺
Was fun but players like coffee drinker, who place u on hitlist 20 mil times a day, 4 doing nothing to him/her, really suck the fun outta the game. Makes it hard to play and enjoy this game. If ppl like that were taken from game. Im sure more would play. For now, im done with this very good game.
Faster paced 'mafia wars' type game. Aesthetic is rudimentary and screams early aughts, but I love that kinda shizz. The same cycle of events happen again and again with little instruction or variation. Some more polish and maybe an organized 'crew' system wouldn't be amiss here. Overall, enjoying it alot more than I thought.