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Vampire Slasher Hero

Vampire Slasher Hero for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by mobirix located at #901 9F JEI PLATZ, 186 ,Gasan digital 1-ro Geumcheon-gu Seoul, Republic of Korea 08502 ASI|KR|KS013|SEOUL. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Horror) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The expedition timer suddenly not moving when I close the game, pls fix this. Update: no response. Uninstall.
Fun game, would be nice to see more then one attack for basic maybe adding more along with the first basic attack or choice of more of them, also characters to choose to play as. I nust started so ill be sure to add more ideas or edit what i have as i continue playing.
thanks to the GM update game and reduce time half by expedition time,but expedition time dint run when offline... thank you^^ i so disappointed expedition time dint work when offline.so i give 1 star. Thanks to G.M. update the expedition time...because i spent 30mins for my favorite game per day...i change my mind so i give 5 star^^
I love this game but i would love a could saving feature. It wod help a lot in case i have to transfer data
Still fun. Back then I got a new devise and it didn't want to work. But now it's playable and better than it used to be.
I got stuck on my current stage because I used all my troops on a 4hr expedition before going to sleep thinking that the timer will run even when the game is off. Anyway I'll probably let the game open for 4hrs just to get them back. Thank you for your response
Thanks for update make the visual more high prettier than before, it just the lag still got, just not worse than before.
Alittle bit unsatisfied with the expedition. You have to be on for it time to count. At least make it shorter And another one is World 7-1 , it like god mode .... Monster is stronger and coming like wave while my unit can't level up properly cuz there a chance of fail so hour of playing world 7-1 and then lost
Really liking this game it's challenging but fair as in you can complete the levels, my only negative is the expedition can only b completed while your playing and if all your units are on expedition you can't complete levels so you can't play kinda very stupid
(1) Expedition is app run based. (2) Boss' Invisible fear circle (3) No details on what proc does, ie curse or the chance or if they stack. (4) 1 to split second loading screen help tips. (5) Cheapshot boss attacks, ie homing black arcane capable of long snipe range. (6) Stun lock capable of killing any players and denied players of reactive use of dodge skill. (7) Expedition yield close to no resources, a 2h expedition gives 1,800+ gold, while an afk stage run give more in the time frame.
You die to quickly before you get a chance to play for long. Nice graphics though and they look like adults for a change not kids
The expedition timer wont reduce when we are offline, i think you can fix it so that the timer still running when we are offline and option to cancel the expedition
This game is very addictive. Just saw it and got into it, but if anything, I may update this review, otherwise, all good.
Had to change it to one star I put some people on an expedition 3 days ago and it still wont finish it just stays at 3 hours and 27 mins
A little overwhelming at first with all the stuff in lobby but if I take the time and read then the game becomes very fun
Was kinda a fun game, ads to get more gear simple, get to the second set of stages ad after every battle. Uninstalled. Heavy grinding cause no stamina, that many ads no thanks.
This game service keep running in background even after I killed it, why though ? Is this contain virus or something that keep it auto-run everytime ? Or was it intended to sapped those batteries and taking my data ?
The game is very good though it does need a few changes here and there. I like the fact that is f2p and offline which is perfect a bit annoying with the ads after each stage but cant really complain about it. But starting world 7...that is literally god mode tried a few builds, strategies with 0 succes of passing 7-1. Make the respawn rate of enemy lower or the hp scaling of enemy less. Hope you still update the game
It's a relaunch of vampire slasher game which i loved but sadly it was discontinued thank you for bringing this game back
this game is my dream 😂👍... you have playable character with skill tree and talents ... you can fight with ur units and there is different game mode and the game is offline ... but it is unfair after stage 5 and dungeon too they are so hard and the enemies can spam knock back and they kill even the werewolfs so fast by that in stage 6-11 the game is over when the blood crystal spawn two elite succusbuc they revive each other ... i hope u improve the balance in this game .
Literally impossible to defeat first boss without spending money or hours of grind. Avoid at all cost.
Got a problem where the game is not in HD, It's somewhat pixelated to me. Is there any fix for this? Edit: Fixed. Thanks for the support.
Game is above average for me. Good at killing time. Hope the devs would develop it furthere like another hero or style of fighting
Really great game , afraid of reaching later levels only because the levelling and gaining power for your character might be a little slow,,,also i cant seem to be able to upgrade my mercenaries
End of this legendary game with stupid "Expedition".Would you like to open the game and do nothing you must like it.For playing without merc. when you send them out whit specific to get more bonus.I'm waiting for 3 patches then just got the same solution from Dev.Delete and play another game XD.Good luck that I still have old version and I paid for all merc. and costume.
Please optimize the game for newer devices, i remember playing this game 3 years ago and did not experience any stuttering even using a low end phone.
Game is fun up to about stage 6 where it becomes impossibility hard. I'm stuck at the moment, unable to really get anywhere as none of the game modes can be beat at my level but the xp gain is so insignificant that I'm spending days doing the same levels over and over.
this is a simple game not bad but game curencey is expansive no idea why ... difficulty becomes insane and gold gather becomes hard just because Zzzz ... there is no Packs or interesting stuff to purchase or cool events ..over all game needs more work and a better price tag.
I was playing this game when it was called vampire slasher, LOVE this game, glad they post it on google store.
The difficulty after 6-12 to 7-1 is so much harder. Hordes of enemies that are strong coming all the time. Even the strongest build (shadow magic crit build) its still not enough. If you could go through the hours of grinding then this is a game for you. Nevertheless its a solid game. Just needs a minor tweaking to the difficulty after vampire lord.
Honestly one of the most fun games I have played in a long time. Please developers tell me you are still working on this game as its a hidden gem. I would love more!
I've been playing this game for years. Good to see it has got a relaunch in 2020 for newer devices. I wish the devs could update the main resolution to adapt to wide screens. And update the graphics and options.
Expedition count down seems to only work when I'm playing thee game and timer on pause when I go offline. Will not join expedition again as we can't progress when we are on expedition.
Good so far. Upgrading troops seems pointless as its hard to get upgrade when you have chance of downgrade. Pretty hooked at the moment, but money isn't really useful when you get to the upgrade with gems part : (
I like the game but the difficulty is spike up after world 6 because how can u freaking move when enemy spawn rate is so freaking studip and i kinda hate when boss have to much hp but after the grind and skill to dodge the attack sometime u just cant predict how u can dodge the special attack. Will be change to 5 star if u guys tell me how long u beat ur own game from start to finish (12 World clear).
Fun until I ran into a big that I can't get items saying that my inventory is full despite selling everything. Please fix.
1. Please add gilf login every days. 2. Watch ads for reviced ruby ( limit 1-3 ads in day - i sure peoples will not want see too much ads ) 3. I like boss male vampire in chapter 1 and Main characters looklike a girl, pls make him alike boss male vampire. Thank you. 4. Add MALE angel and animals in game. .........................................................................................................................
i admit even the game mechanics are simple, its quite fun and addictive keep it up can you make another game like this but with many different characters
It was far too boring after the fifth level or so because I'd say mostly the range of classes oh wait there is just one person to choose from in game. Besides the weak troops that eventually appear arent even memorable and I didn't like the graphics . Uninstalled
Its a good game but the difficulty spikes are high and there is an ad after each stage. I wouldnt mind the hours it takes to grind levels if the bosses were fair. The bosses have too much hp and deal too much damage. Seems like the dev wanted to make lots of ad rev from putting a dumb ad after each battle.
Played vanilla version before. Regarding unit/costume stats, how about locking certain stats or prevent lower stats value when using gems. Make a way to max the stats somehow or increase lower cap as hero level up. Decrease diff curve from stage 6-7 onward. Heal, area heal, AoE, knockback, resist debuff, resist knockback and stun in ONE MID GAME stage is too much Please balance the game, cant advance stage 6 for days now, cant complete dungeon 2 and defense 1 too even with top unit and skills?
Fantastic soundtrack, but it's just not enough to carry this game's dull wash rinse repeat Gameplay. I enjoyed the mechanics and the game, just couldn't get attached
I love the game so good and the orbs are so good and the effects are too good love and keep up the good work
When effect is turn on, game become laggy. Really? My phone can run well on other moba game with full effect, but this rpg effect make me laggy...
Fun game for start but as you progress u will slowly knew that merc is useless (yes of cos u still need them but they are just for blocking) i play until 7-1stage and the hardest part so far is boss fight cos your heroes seriously cant get near the boss you can just stand behind trying to used long range skill to damage boss as for normal stage there are 2minion so far tat is so hard to kill one is the one with sheild the other is sccubus
Like the game before update now all my troop in expedition and i can't do anything now the timer always reset and i don't want to keep the game running for 4 hours without doing anything
how to f win in this final stage in world 1 my damage to the boss is low as f even im lvl 12 and upgrade my items and skills so messed up.
Giving it a 4 star coz of the expedition system. You need to be playing the game for the timer to run. Hope you'll do something about this. Great game still 👌🏻
Terribly balanced game at stage twelve you will face a boss that deals 250+َ damage with maybe 5k health while you got 381 health and 60 dmg basic attack and skills 100 dmg... So you either pay a lot to win or grind for days and maybe get a chance to win your firat boss counter no thanks
Game runs alot smoother now! I couldn't even play with the lag I had before. Although the lag still comes up when there are tons of units on screen, I hope you can fix that too, but yeah! I'm pretty happy with the graphics. I've been enjoying the game so far, with so much to do, and so much more to improve. I think the lag is just the reason that holding the game back, thanks for the fun game guys!
Very nice game, played it a few years back when the max stage was only world 6, the new graphic update is very nice but one slight problem is the control pad gets stuck in one direction for awhile sometimes making control harder after update.
haha, it come out again. Nice game , but little bit lag when units come out a lot, although i use 12GB ram phone,hope can fix it
I play this game along time ago, and now, i see it again, hope it will continue to update, love this game
I have played this game few years ago. Thought it was removed forever. Bút now its back. Need some improvement in the graphic and buff our mercenary little bit cause they are too weak.