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Vampire Story - Hidden Object Adventure Games

Vampire Story - Hidden Object Adventure Games for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Crisp App Studio - Hidden Object Games located at 65049, Ivana Franka 55 Odessa, Ukraine. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence, Scary Content) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Pretty darn interesting. Enjoy the heck out of the puzzles and the object finds. Wish there were more levels.
update hidden Object game HOW ABOUT BLACK ROSE,Gravedigger Escape From OZ Shall i GO ON... These have character with voices they have scenarios they have movements not just where you was going to be sent, they tell a story they have Clues those too ARE Hidden OBJECT Games NOT Just Clicking🙄 😴😴FEST no no noI HATE GAMES LIKE THESE. THESE ARE NOT FUN FOR ME AT ALL 😡😡😡
Keeps turning itself off after just a few minutes or after I play a couple of game levels get played Fix it or I'm not going to be the first or the last person to complain about your game and uninstall it right after they send the feedback about your game apps poor interaction with users
Ok. So first of all, loved it at first, love that it isnt a game with a story line! (Find them time wasting and pointless) But for some reason it just won't let me progress on to more levels, doesnt matter what I try and im doing everything right, I've done everything I can see and it still nothing... what a shame 😔 (the icon with a snake were you have to complete the puzzle board with a tree wont complete)
It's AWESOME!!! With seizures your mind doesn't work like it used to and this is a great topic and fairly easy to do. Thanks!!! I would totally recommend this one to a few of my vamp friends that have memory issues as well. I don't spend much time on my phone, unless it's to pay bills or text/talk. It's pretty rare for me to not to do any of the Hidden Objects games but once I get started.....look out!!!
I enjoy hidden object games and really liked this one but it constantly freezes and you end up playing the same boards over and over because you have to close and reopening it.
It's fun and very interesting. It is little different for the other hidden object games I play. It is not to hard but it definitely keeps you thinking.
One of the crappiest games that I have ever played. It's just like the game trap for monsters but the graphics are worse. The character of the vampire is as scary as a teddy.
Too many ads, although they were short. Repetitive gameplay. No story that i am aware of. May get better as it progresses, but i was too bored to find out.
This is just another awesome hidden objects game by Crisp. In my opinion they are the best out of any others out there. Ive done most of them and hoping theres more in near future.
Great hidden objects, kind of a challenge to find objects which is great. The game keeps you into it.
This is not what I was looking for. There really isn't much for sound effects, there is the music, or no no sound. I had to start over because it didn't save my progress before I was done. I was expecting more...oh well.
This is so much fun! The graphics are awesome. The puzzles are tricky. And theres many kinds of puzzles. Nice job. I would recommend this to my friends. And its free! Nice job developers!
Wonderful game. Some items very cleverly hidden. A few items don't react after clicking on them. Frustrating.
It's the kind of games that utilizes your wits, intrigues your mind by conceptualizing the hiddeness of the objects saught that blends uniquely into the graphics of the story. Desiring mind game. Mental health.
So far so good really solid game love the panoramic view graphics are good some of the objects very well hidden some easier to find so overall balance is perfect mini games not to difficult adverts short and not to intrusive getting all the stars offers replayability ..well done developers hope you create more levels for this or more similar games story could be stronger my only criticsm it would help to keep the intrigue going but overall a worthy 4/5
Its a good game but im not a fan of repetitive scenes to get a better score or stars. Not sure wat the stars are for anyway. And its a little confusing as you dont no where you are and cant get back to where you were. However when you finally get to the actual hidden objects part its great! Not too easy but not really hard. I dont care about scores and stars. At all. I dont mind a different game or puzzle thrown in there but the rest...nah
I have several hidden objects games that I have given 5 stars, but this one deserves way more stars. Am having a lot of fun with this game. Thanks so much.
Different from other H O games, in a very good way. This game mixes it up nicely. I can see myself keeping this one on my tablet instead of just 'play and dump' the side scrolling through the scenes is refreshing. Thanks devs. You have just brought down my blood pressure (no ticking clock-count down). Beautiful gothic atmosphere.
The 3d effects are great some objects are hidden very cleverly. Very similar to trap for monsters game I played that game ten times great job to the designers.
Another superb Crisp App hidden object game. Crisp clear pictures, objects actually hidden within the scenes andnot just sprinkled in.
Just a good relaxing game To fill in a few minutes During the day. The game is a challenge And it really does take patience to find the items right in front of you
Great game! I love the 360 scenes, that's a new way to find things for me. I also loved the music! kinda wish it was a little longer though! all in all a great hidden object game with a Gothic twist!
Excellent I'm really enjoying these games, they've taken the time to really hide the objects to create a challenge. This is my third download this week... keep them coming
The game is fun items are easy to find interesting items no rush rush I really like this game! Thanks for making this great seek and fine game
My eyesight is bad and need a new prescription for glasses. You cannot zoom in to find objects in the scenes. Do not reccomend at all!
Like games that make you look for things, it helps me to see things in my won life that others miss .
I have played this game for 2 days now, and have deleted it. It is just repeating the same scenes all the time, with the same games. Obviously the objects are hidden in different places, but repetition is repetition! And that constant horrible tune. It never changes and really gets on your nerves.
The game plays very well but there's one room where you have to find an amulet and it always comes up after you've sold all the other pictures. Not realizing this each time can cost you a lot of time on your game
A nice change from match 3 games. Hidden objects are fun with occasional puzzles. Best of all...its free (so far anyway). Enjoyable.
I love this game, when you're tired and want to relax this game does it. It doesn't stress you out, you don't get angry or irritated due to not finding things you just relax. Thank you.
I love this style of game, different from other games,not to difficult and yet challenging enough to keep you intrigued!!Thanks guys!!
I don't get this game. While the graphics are awesome and being able to zoom in was a bonus, I had to redo the first level after I turned off the music. Then when I went to move further into the game, it had me doing the first level again but looking for different objects.
Good game. Don't have to buy anything to progress. No waiting to move to the next level. Mini games are no brainers but fun. Ads only 5 seconds
Very clever design. Smooth programming with no apparent glitches. Eerie music doesn't get in the way. Challenging game play with no harmful penalties. All in all, an addicting game.
Its a good game, as ive only just started to play i cannot really say too much about it, but the graphics are good, the fact that you can scrool to the left and right helps a great deal. So hopefully i can say a bit more about it further into the game.
Most of these type of hidden object games, I'll play for 10 minutes and quit because theres no instructions and you dont know what to do. This is the first one that im actually playing.