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Is a Role Playing game developed by Ateam Inc. located at 〒450-6432 名古屋市中村区名駅3丁目28番12号 大名古屋ビルヂング32F Dainagoya Building 32F, 28-12 Meieki 3-chome, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya 450-6432, Japan. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

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You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I have mixed feelings about this game. Played it almost since it started, for several years now, showing it has potential. Lots of positive features. No space, so I'll put here the negatives. Battle 3D cameras need adjusting to bring the enemy in the viewport. RNG needs adjusting to take into account previous rolls. More filters and sort options in object collection lists. Load times between areas need reducing. English translation needs more attention. Coordinate buff names with their debuffs.
Bad start.. when I want to download resource it always said "failed download resource" idk but I'm really sure my connection is good sooo pls fix it!
The game is good, but it's too take a long time for waiting loading screen. Sometime, there's a pop up tell about connection problem, but there's not problem detected at another apps or games.
I love it if I could give it a higher rating I would the only thing is, is that my summon luck sucks but the app is the best
Well I really enjoy this game but the main problem is those new heroes with unbelievable rates ,that made the game boring cuz if u don't have one don't think about arena at all ,wish u'll fix that.
Never spent a cent. Still enjoying it a lot. Diamonds are quite easy to get for beginners really. Got a few decent heros from the free diamonds too :)
Cool i think this should be on my phone and sureily on my stuff to it's cool can't wait to meet the creator soon hope hes nice of couse and my dog tryes to take my phone some times....But at first it just keeped on close and it never let me in!! That's the reason it gets 4 stars tho.........
Keeps say resource download failed. I've uninstalled and reinstalled twice. Cleared the cache. I have a great internet connection. So the problem is not on my part. Wanted to contact them and the email they have set up doesn't work. Please fix this.
Worse connection ever cause I have the game on tablet and phone but the connection on my phone is terrible. But the same wifi. Gosh fix it.
It is awesome and I don't think it has any problems except the loading or it's my phone making it load
This is a great game. Good job Ateam! The graphics are great, the battles are nice because you can do them by yourself, or you can put it on autoplay. Its easy to get gems, and sometimes when there are events, you can get like 4000 gems just for logging in! The heroes are really cool looking, and its easy to level them up. U need (I forgot what they're called) to do most things, but its super easy to get more than 5 mil. I have really good heroes and I havent spent 1 penny. Awesome game, 100\10.
I used to give this game 5 stars but lately the game has gone so pay to win that it is very difficult to keep playing without spending a lot of money. The events are becoming very boring with bad rewards and the game is a chore to play. It is a real shame because it is actually a very good game and fun to play but I think that the game needs to be more generous for its rewards and start giving out higher rates for the summons
The game is good. But i want to suggest something especially in grading boost. Can we get/farm some grade boost from hero quest? But make it 1% drop rate. Its hard to save dias especially to free player just to summon and get the same hero which gives the material for the grade boost and turn the specific hero into red grade. I hope you will consider my suggestion for the improvement of the game
I've loved this game since it came out. The gameplay is much easier than many other RPGs out there, so I took a quick liking to this one. There's many different interesting tasks, quests, mini-games, etc. that keep you busy within this game and it's very easy to get hooked. I recommend anyone who loves RPGs to try this one out.
Is it just me? or the game does not load? It says the server is currently undergoing maintenance. I have waited a day and it's still on maintenance. Helppppp
It is a very good game in my opinion because it is very addicting and just fun in general so if your looking to play a really good game for hours on end then go ahead this will change your gaming experience or just your life in general so thanks for reading this😁
Not f2p if you want to actually play the game in any depth. Even if you do spend money the gacha are so rigged that you don't get any good characters. My advice would be to improve the appearance rate and add more powerful characters to the video summons. Until this gets better balanced it's not worth your time.
Another potentially amazing Gacha game utterly ruined by game-breaking units that will steamroll you just by looking at you, with developers thinking that "rarity" somehow justifies this broken element, when the reality is 95% of the people who have them broke TOS in order to obtain them by "rerolling" 180 times, instead of spending the thousands of dollars required on terrible RNG to obtain them. Terrible designers will never learn.
Was fun originally but has become pay to play if you want any of the new characters and gear. Not that it matters since they constantly add new characters that are more OP than the last set.
I love this game so much and I think everything, except a few things are great. I hate how I, a player for 2+ years, can rarely get any SSR heroes but a new player of like 2 weeks can get apoc, catalysts and many other from yggdra summon. I also don't like the drop rates of basically every summon. Unless it's a Step 4 or 5 guaranteed summon the rates suck. I also don't like the fact that 17,000 diamonds is 79.99 BUT 10k are free ....so I'm paying 80 bucks for 7k diamonds? Fix that to like 30k
This game second from top friendly games for F2P like 7K from Netmarble. Nice event, a bunch freebie to collect even Gem like kind (200+ 💎 per days for pure Daily Quest & Arena). Many said it P2W games myb the're wasteful in consuming gems without saving it. cuz in this game have periodic summons event for guarantee get powerful hero. But minus on hero skill to unbalanced Op unlike 7k who regularly revamp skill if to op. Exmpl Lindrum, he more weak then his predecessor Catalyst Asuka.
I like the game it has amazing chibi waifus and amazingly done splash art it is a gacha so you will need some luck but the game is generous with diamonds
Played for about an hour its not a bad game its actually pretty good they give lots of free units in the beginning and are very generous with rewards for new players pull rates arent great but I'll keep playing for a bit anyways so far so good 👍🏻
Its a very good game. I've been playing it for just 2 days and I'm already addicted to it. The graphics are just amazing and the music is great. But whenever I play this game, my phone gets really hot in just 5 minutes. I dont know the reason but I really like this app and I hope to see some awesome updates in the future.✨
Ive been playing this game for about 4 o years now and im still playing this game after 4 years. So its good enough to keep my interest for about half a decade i think that definitely deserves 5 stars. I see a lot of comments complaining about summon rates but i think its just unlucky people who are mad at their luck. I usually get atleast one fetured hero in the period of how long the featured summon lasts and there is always a garuteed summon after so many tries ive got more than i can lvl
I am currently stuck looping the intro to Expedition, when it finishes, it prompts me to click on the fountain, and then it tells me the connection has been lost or something lIke that. yes my internet is fine, how would I have typed this if not..... and I just put 30$ in the game, and now I cant play. and I dont know if this was fixed in the past "I can't exit the victory screen in valhalla onslaught"
Love this game the graphics are good and i love the characters very f2p friendly great work on this gem
Always got disconnected. Summoning rate is very very very low. 0.00016% for apoc / cata units. They just get ur money. Dont install this game.
There's a system in this game where you watch 5 ads(up to 10, every 3 hours) to gain a free 10 roll of the typical "diamond summon," and it's essentially your life blood. Even if you throw lots of money at the game for the more special characters you still want these to work properly. They do not. I would give this game a 4 or 5 normally, but I can take a star off(and then some) for every time the sub 5 minute process of watching ads has taken me nearly an hour because they simply don't load.
It's been pretty generous with Comeback Players, with all that Gems and other free stuffs, but my only problem is the continuous surge of good heroes that it's actually hard to keep up with the current game meta especially if you missed a banner or so. Sadly the free diamonds aren't enough to get what you want because the pull rates were kinda bad.
Fair gatcha need brains altho bit Grindy but fun and challenging it may also be confusing and lots of characters so you need to read it out
Bad captcha, no fair summoning, limited event only for high level players, too much clicking to open the targeted window, poor UI interface, heroes properties confusing a little and have to see loading bar, missing some information for some items. I got bored so fast just from opening window.
Used to be 5 star but now there is too much with every update you can get even stronger as the limit is pushed but what about the people who have spent so long playing but cant spend all of their time to keep up? Plus its honestly really pay to play with rare characters being so rare money is the only way to get them before even less common but more powerful characters come out its ridiculous this game used to be fun but now it feels like such a hassle to play I'll probably just sell my account.
I would give 0 stars of my phone allowed me to. I have installed and uninstalled this game at least 11 times now purely because I thought that I could get One Punch Man, but I have gone to all the lengths and even spent $25.00 gifts cards on this stuipd as thing. I kept lookong at youtube videos of people getting him FIRST TRY!!! Was that even real; were they all just for shock value?? I have tried diamond generaters and hopelessly looked for free hacks for the app ALL JUST TO GET ONE PUNCH MAN!
Overall the game is not bad, generous with the gacha pulls and diamond graphic isn't bad but i think the art might not be to some people's taste. The reason why i am giving 3 star instead of 5 is the ridiculous amount of loading screens there are in the game, every button i press there is a 3-5second loading screen... even from pressing mission, summons, heros, etc there is a loading screen..
Ateam if you ever read this highly doubt it but if you do then please make it easier to save your data because the way it is now takes a while and it is sometimes not worth going threw all the trouble because you might still end up losing all your data if even 1 accident is made
I've always loved this adorable game over the years. Awesome characters.👾👾👾🤖🤖🤖it took me awhile to figure out how to fully develop characters, but i think i finally figured the game out.lol
This one is actually really fun! I've been going through a few gachas this past week trying to find my faves, and I think this one is on the permanent rotation. The game is really fair with its draws and giveaways, and there's a LOT to do. I can promise you won't be bored. Plus, the translation is exceptional, which is always a plus in my book.
Definitely a good game to pass the time with. However, it can get repetitive quickly and it's difficult to get the characters you want without dumping a ton of money into it.
The server is not stable, so lag and many issue i cant even login when its just have 6 day for world raid, u should anticipate and make ur server better not so fkn overload like this, i've playing for 2 year, so fix it ateam,,,
DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!!! The GREEDY DEVS completely ruin any potential this game has. This game makes all other gacha games seem like a bargain and I've played a lot. You literally have to spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to get collab heroes you want. The real money packs are way too expensive for how little they give you. The new Extremely OP Apolacalypse collab heroes will cost you about 2000$ for pity. Not to mention you need limited heroes for an advantage in all the new events.
Constant crashes, worse, right off the bat, the intro scene = crash, the first battle demo = crash, the first use of the big skill = crash... me taking this game and throwing it into the TRASH.
It's good, I just wish rates on rare characters for events were higher and we didn't have to spend 6,000-8'000 gems to have a chance of getting one. The campaign, connect battles, and pvp are all done well and I think this game is really good. Edit: lowered my rating down 2 stars as video summon doesn't work even though the ads "finish" but don't give me a reward. Kinda unfair if you ask me.
Not even close to as fun and F2P friendly as it used to be. Yall still havent gotten it together. Now you have a halloween event going at the same time another xmas event is going to start? Too much at once and too much of a grind. SCBs are now not even really possible unless u pull for the newest hero either. Halloween part two event should have been after new years. Absolute joke.
Why cant i logged in to the game now?? it says my connection is unstable while i could watch youtube at 1080p... what just happen to my connection? Are kidding me?
The drop rate is ridiculous. Can't get a quite nice character with drop rate 50% but get a basic character with 0.080% of drop rate. This game just want u to pay more if u want better character
Its was great until last night i cant log in at all and its stayed like that ...i want to cry iv been playing this for 2 years and hundreads of dollars spemt please help me recover my account
Played on bluestacks for a over a week, got 5 red chars and a team of level 68 chars. With one maintenance session yesterday , rendered my game useless without warning. Valkyrie's comment was basically TOO bad, play on mobile device or Steam on pc, NOTE playing on Steam gives you a version of Valkyrie that does NOT give you all the extras that the mobile version does. Its a good thing i didnt spend anymore than 20.00 on items. NOT Loyal to its customer base.
The game gives a lot of currency at start but then it f you up with the rate up banners you pull the valkyries from. E.g. There is a banner right now that ends in 7 or so hours which has pull rate up for 3 units of my choosing. The banner said 5x increase in drop rate for my chosen units, with every 10 pull. I made 5x 10 pulls and guess what.... None of the units dropped. 2 of the 10 pulls didnt even have 3* in them. The game is a waste of your time.
Valkyrie connect is a good game and when I tell it's a good game it's a good game ex the story i love it some people might think this story is incredibly average but i sure enjoy the characters i just started the game and the characters aren't all that bad nor perfect either it's just normal that's all from what I can see but the designs are the best thing it makes up for the lack of characters the designs are best in the game and I love it i would talk about it longer but I'm cutting short here
Great mobile game for playing when you're bored. With constant updates and great player support, you'll never be without something to do. And while you can buy extra currency, it's not a necessity, as there are multiple ways to accumulate the main currency over time. And now, there's even a PC release on steam. With accessibility, longevity, and a fun atmosphere, you'll have a hard time putting it down.
Very generous with the summons, free diamonds and quests to get more diamonds. It's very easy to play without spending. Also, the collabs are awesome!
Definitely a good gacha game, however power creep is severe. Lots to do at all times, never seem to run out of things occupying my time at any given moment. Been playing for four years now, on and off. Recommend giving it a try at least.
I'm f2p player but manages to got apoc hero and 2 catalyst heroes. some endgame content are hard to do for f2p player but not impossible, the key are be patient
addictive, very nice to look at, fun w friends, (mostly) good events etc... HOWEVER, once u hit level cap it becomes a p2w mess, and the premium currency is shamelessly overpriced. still enjoyable though.
I saw a friend playing this game and at first I didn't think anything of it 🤔,until I got a chance to play and I must say it's a addictive.😊😊😊😊😊😊😎😎 👍👍
After the recent update I have over 3400 hero tickets that are almost impossible to use. The amount in the field starts at your total amount of tickets rather then starting at 1. To use only 10 I would have to push that tiny button over 3000 times. This is awful.
This game use to be really fun. Now it's just used for spending money. I do love the new heroes and collabs but their skills are drastic compared to the old heroes. It's weird how theyre used for story mode but not even used for battles. Please rework on the old heroes.
game has a multitude of adorable and powerful characters, but it's very exspensive and hard to get them while also having a limited number of banners.the game gives you more stamina than you are capible of collecting causing there to be red dots on the screen. it's hard to get enough mama to do anything with. And from my expirience the game has taken to crashing every few minutes and lagges. It's hard to get soul crystals for characters since they come in such small amounts after their quests.
i love all the characters, they are unique and most importantly i love when they collab with many animes, such as SNK, One punch Man and etc.
Ill say the game used to be awesome but the sucky summon rates an unbalanced arena is why lots of the pros went into hiatus or quit many of em were my friends. its bad enough your whale locked events and gear is triggering enough but the Fact lvl 59's can beat lvl 70's is just plain garbage also the fact the higher level players get horrid summon rates is just wrong(ps did winter celebration twice i got trash changin it to 2 stars games to money hungry until they fix those rates
Wish I could get back all the time and money I've put into this game. Game has become pay to win and there is no loyalty to long term players or characters in the game. Players constantly rerolling news accounts just for newest characters have become too prolofic and are taking the top competitive spots consistently. Any f2p accounts ar forced into a constant grind or accepting they will never do well. Can guarantee any good reviews are from new players only. Seasoned players treated poorly.
Well I really enjoy this game it has a lot of options and events which is great you don't really need to purchase cause you can play without there's no bad thing in it which can make me delete it but I suggest if you could add more options to get diamonds cause after you finish all the hero quests you have and the main quest become harder it's preferable to add other ways but it's still good I recommend it.
Awesome game! Great story, characters, tutorial, interface, events, artwork, and gacha! 5/5 Awesome! I'll recommend to others!
Still early into the game, but I'm enjoying it so far. Great rewards. Easy play and love the graphics!
Basic like other games of its type. The only thing that bothers me is the speed of UI and interface with loading screens.
The gameplay is great I love the characters and animations this game it amazing but it won't let me update the game three stars
I've begun to hate this game I've had the most terrible luck when it comes to summons and I'm just fed up of trying! Update: got double sort in one go, thanks ateam
The rates are horrible wich is the main reason i deleted the game in the first place and i dont like how the gems increase when summoning. Like what xame into ur mind when adding that? Anothsr thing is that gems arent easy to get and game gets very boring because i cant get any 5 stars
Worst rates in any summons I've ever seen. Despite pity summons I still never get the hero I want and on the best banners I never get anything and no pity. I love this game but I'm done with it until money-team fixes their game. Red grade basically money locked so arena is useless now since all the cash shoppers automatically win due to gold frames. I am sick of it and just making a statement about it. AVOID THIS GAME.
Rates are atrocious, while the game is indeed fun, do not expect to do anything late-end game without spending money. PVP and PVE are dominated by the need to pull the best units and equipment. The new director gave a little hope, but now it's worse than it once was. Play something else.
I think it's been a year since I started playing this game. I downloaded due to the Fairy Tail event they had. My favorite part of this game is the different events and the anime collaborations. Can't say something I don't like about it. Works and runs really smooth.
Usually I can login smoothly without problem, but today suddenly, I can't get connected, stuck at login screen, it's just keep saying, check your connection while I'm on WiFi, clear cache does nothing.... It's only happen in this game, smh.
It's an amazing game except whenever i try to backup my data it shows to much of problems so please in near future plz add an option of joining by Facebook plz
Somehow my data transfer got changed i remember having the asuka with her unit as a charcter what happened to it
I used to play this game but after coming back to New types of characters that give so many buffs they're unbelievably strong. Can't progress against them as ftp in arena. Can barely get connect battles at 3 our 4 star, even at high combat level of 200k and I've tried element matching and everything. There are so many op characters with low rates that it's impossible to do most end game content without them. One is a healer and healers are so rare in this game it's insane.
Hero rates too low..not worth spending money or diamond in event..im so regret playing this game for a few weeks.really waste my time n effort..going to uninstall after this..
Valkyrie connect is a fun game. However it's RNG rates sometimes leave it lacking. The game itself can be fun to play and addicting at times. However becoming a hardcore fan of this game will be heartbreaking. It's summon rates on anything are abismal and can leave you dissatisfied. Where in other games, events are fun and ment to give you access to all/most of the event content. Valkyrie connect keeps alot of its best content behind a pay wall where the rates can be just down right frustrating.
Animation is kinda laggy and story is just thrown at you without enough explanation but its kinda nice as a time waster for me
I have been playing this game for about 3 years the game has gotten A LOT better since then ranking up you're hero's is A LOT easier then it was 3 years ago you get over 6000+ gems for FREE when you start the game and get even more doing mission's and get more from doing hero quest playing as a starter get you by far the most rewards when first playing the game also when you reach into mid-end game you don't need broken hero's to play all the old hero's get OVERLY slept on by most of the players
PROS: Character designs are great. CONS: If you want to get the characters that are useful, the rate is literally 0.186% FOR ONE top tier hero or spend around $800(usually more) to get that hero. YOU LITERALLY HAVE BETTER ODDS GAMBLING AT A CASINO. As a veteran player since the start, I beg you.. PLEASE DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. In order for Ateam and this game to grow it needs to first respect its player base.
huge gacha with very low chances of getting anything useful. at one point, had an issue with the game incorrectly not giving me a guaranteed unit. took customer service 2-3 days per reply then a week before giving me the final answer of "too bad". game was fun, but the customer service is absolute trash. do not recommend.
Worst rates in any gacha game I've played. A pity, really, considering how amazing the game looks. It's very evident the effort and passion that goes to character models and voice acting, mainly in colab. Watching the character model of Lezard Valeth(I'm a huge VP fan)and hearing his original voice actor brought a nice feeling of nostalgia and happiness. All of these things are overwritten by this company's greed. Players are poorly rewarded and punished for playing.Unless you whale lots, skip.
Very relaxing and fun gacha game. Love the colabs and flashy animation. As a beginner it way to easy. Love the characters and hopefully it gets harder and requires more stategy.
its my day 3 since I started playing this and tons of rewards for newbies are waiting, cute characters with burst skills , this game deserves more than 5 stars in my opinion, do not listen to the negative comments. keep up the good work A Team developers and god bless you all...
It's a nice game. The rates for some overpowered characters are way low but not too low so its not that much of a big deal. Most of the time, a single character would be the literal difference if your team is good or not(Ex: I had a 120k team but someones 210k team just because they didnt have a full team of Ygdra characters).
You know, I really like this game even I lost my account about 3 times but I still play it until now. But sometimes this game so boredom since I need to keep watching it when I doing CB and it's took sooo looooooong times. Can you at least give auto repeat for that!!!
I've been playing this game basically since it released. Am I good at it? No. Probably because I'm F2P, but mostly because I just log on to collect new heroes like I'm filling out a Pokemon index. It gives me the same satisfaction as crossing off items on a grocery list. Also, they've had some fun collabs in the past, so that's usually what keeps me hooked in the long run.
Game is amazing, however, LAG SPIKES. Everytime I do a connect battle, I get a lag spike every 5 seconds until I restart the app. Game runs completely smoothly until then. What's the point of connect battles if they lag out my game? It's so painful to play when I can't even see what's happening due to all of the lag spikes. Please fix this.
I would like diamonds to be easier to obtain like through hero quest method but on key quests. Otherwise it's a great game due to graphics and everything and I've had decent enough luck because the luck is randomized so people shouldn't be complaining for not getting a feautured hero from non guaranteed summons, that's their fault.
Edit 2: almost one year playing, currently the game keep releasing new heroes that barely used in one banner raid, then forgotten, and those Apocalypse heroes are unbalanced, with ridiculous rate (0,125%)that only whales that can get them, because you can get pity chest after spending a lot of diamonds, don't ever bother to do arena because those Apocalypse heroes can wreck your whole team in matter of seconds... Simply said, all those whales gonna find this game easy, while f2p struggling hard.
I played this game in the past. But 7 days ago i decided to reinstall and start over. So once in awhile when i level up, the level don't go up. Today was the case again. I was lvl 55 and i leveled up to level 55!!!! Really. Again?? And it happened a few times to level up but not really to level up. Not o mention the crappy rate at summons :)
I saw all the negative feedback and thought I would try it for myself, the game is just another simple heavily overpriced gatcha with basic gameplay
Its a gotcha game. Get reeled in with the fancy intros, start needing mats, spend money on rerolls. You know the drill.
NOT FREE TO PLAY FRIENDLY AT ALL.The gameplay isn't bad but you need a huge range of units and weapons to do end-game content all of which aren't free and have horrible summon rates. It can cost a couple hundred dollars to reach the final steps of most banners. Some banners don't even have a pity system. You also need to summon duplicate heroes to reach their max red grade. The amount of daily free stamina is quite bad as well and makes free to play progression extremely slow.
was about to start the game,, but always crash on download inside game,, clear cache 10x and still cant start the game. What a trash
When additional data download is pressed it freeze and enter hang mode at my mobile hawawie I want to reduced my star rate due to weak connection especially summon bugs which reduce the Summoning rate or repetive along foul nonsense draw rate of Summoning. But cant ur cross over rocks....... Best but it need Erotic gallary worth our pay hehe
I want to give 5 star but the drop rate of this games is really like...... I spend almost 25k diamond but no apocalypse heroes. Then how much do i have to spend 100k diamond then maybe there is a chance or still no.
I would give it a 5 but for mobile users we would always get stuck on the loading screen of the starting menu
Nice design, nice graphics and nice collaboration. I wish it will colab with BOFURI anime. Like what happen in Unison League now
Only "complaint" is that the tutorial is almost too short for how many events/summons/equipment forging options they have. Otherwise 5*