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Vacation Hotel Stories

Vacation Hotel Stories for PC and MAC

Is a Educational game developed by PlayToddlers located at Avenia VΓ­a LΓ‘ctea 28938 (MΓ³stoles) Madrid. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Educational game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Waste game ever wasting time only 1 hotel is unlocked and the down part and everything Is locked so I gave 1 star πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ™„πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜€πŸ˜ΎπŸ˜Ύ
I love this game the only problem is you have to pay to go to other rooms buti still love it you have a pool and a hall and one room
Do not get the game there is only ONE unlocked room the themed park , forest snow park and beach are locked and so are the rest of the hotel is locked and I spent my own money for this stupid game like you HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME KNOW!!!!!!!!! Quick and unistall while you still can! You have to be wise enough NOT TO SPEND YOUR MONEY ON THIS TRASHY GAME BE WISE. SAVE ME πŸ‘ΈπŸ™To: Play Toddlers
Why we always have to buy rooms there are only some rooms unlocked including theme park and i love love love this game and when i saw a thumbnail i was very excited to play this game but when i downloaded so i was just like shocked that how and why it's so irratating when we have to give money. I promise u that i will change my review if u will add more rooms and ulock the locked rooms.
I like this game but you only get to do two things its would be nice if you opened the resturaunt gave us one bus from the ones you ride to travel give us one more room and add more characters,i hope this review was helpfull
Your games are very nice but the problem is that when ever we start it again, the whole progress is wasted and the game starts from beginning The second thing is you people take very much time to make new games. So try to make games rapidly s that we can have more interesting games to play
If you want to go somewhere you have to unlock it but I like the game if want to go to another room same thing
I know i know I'm a 7 year old kid but i let the characters talk and they talk with my sister's characters so it's kinda fun i guess
i love it so much fun and enjoy it while you're out there for a while and then you will have the same time and you know what you wantme to come back and forth between the hours I work in progress but I'mgoing to the store and get it from the store to get to see you in a few weekse
I really should give this really 0 stars because you just do role play in the house not even go to a restaurant just swim to the lobby that's what you gonna do all day if you play this game if kids play this game of course there going to begged there parents to buy the full version and there parents can't afford that so I suggest that you can only watch ads to unlocked places don't tell that play toddlers would not achieved money but they can have more and more players and would rate this 5 star
I love this game. I payed for the full Version of it. There are no glitches are anything. Although The only thing I would like fixed is for the game to be free. I understand you made the game to earn money, but alot of people want to have fun and play. Some people can't afford purchasing games. So please make the game free for kids to have fun. Thank you. And if you can afford buying the full version I defintely recommend it. Stay safe!!!
Seriously!? This game is worst than pepi games. All you can do is just stare at the entrance. You don't have to pay for it. Add two options, give a hard equation,and if its correct, let us use it for a few minuets. Second, just pay for it. I'll only change my review if you fix this.Now thats all i have to say for this horrible game, toodles.
Okay so I would give it five stars but problem we only have one room that's not cool most hotels have every room can't you just make it like a normal Hotel like if it was in real life you would want to have your own room to shar
My experience on this game is very bad because you cannot access any rooms except for probably like one or two make it so we can have all rooms I know you're trying to make money but why are you just trying to block out all these rooms we're not going to buy the full version in a long time me and my family can afford it and other families don't even have money so what are you trying to do make it so this game is just for you normally play one room that's not very fun πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ‘Ώ
WHAT A RIP-OFF!!! I didn't even play for 5 minutes before I realized that the only things that you could play for free is the BOTTOM AND MIDDLE FLOORS OF THE HOTEL! You can't go on vacation! ALL you can do is use the hotel!! The developers are obviously GREEDY for money! Don't play this game! I guareentee you will uninstall it in 5 minutes! I love the design, but thats the ONLY thing thats actually fun. DON'T INSTALL.
This game may be fun but l hate that only a few rooms are unlocked and those rooms are the ones which have amazing things . And l also hate that it only has a the hotel unlocked and not the other ones like the theme park , snow , forest and the last one thats why l sa fix this game thats how alot of people will download it because it will now behaving aleast 10 characters unlocked and more rooms and places.
I so much love this game,my only problem is that they are many people but just one room and you need to pay for any other room even restaurant
This game is very good once you buy the version and it's fun but I think that this company never really reads their customers opinions so I'm just saying make like one FREE GAME and you'll have a lot more money that you get for people purchasing it I hope you read this .
Like everyone else was saying it is a fun game but there could be a few more room's that are for free. I think that if there were more free room's ratings would be higher and there would be more people playing. So I really hope you can improve by putting in more room's that do not cost money.
I dont like this because there are basically all of the rooms are locked so that is why i dont like this game and can you unlock all of the rooms that you cant go in or move on so UNLOCK THEM NOW plz and if you have it or geting it waning it only has one room that u can go in SO dont fall for the trick they want u to give them it so they can get rich if all of you fall for it u know the places u cant go because that is locked all of them yea i know its bad
I love it just because people jabe problems about the rooms it so fun for kids at the age 3-10 its so fun and the rooms that are locked i dont realy care about them because the kids can like pretend or like make a charcters vicashion or what ever it so helpfull I have installed all of the games that the creater has made i love it it keeps my kid intertand i love it i dont care what people say.Creater if you read this all i jave to say to you is dont let the mean words get to you your the best.
Everything is not free I really wanted to be free but it doesn't let us 2 $99 that's a lot okay so you can make everything free I would love this game but at least some are open but not all of them so yeah
Everything except 1 room and the waiting room was locked, it sucks! If you unlock more rooms I will be sure to rate this game 5 stars, also the rest of your games!
Well , I think you can improve . I gave you only 2 stars because I install it but then I directly removed it , because every thing is locked there is only 1 or 2 rooms opened so this was a great game but if you can unlock some of the locked rooms it will be much better .πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
First I thought this game was stupid because THERE was one room but when I bought him the whole set it was so worth it my kid can play that game when his angry sad or happy even im so glad I bought those places
This game is great but there only a few rooms unlocked it would be great if more bedrooms and the restaurant was unlocked and you should add a few more characters
Really,I will not give you 5 stars and I wanted to give you 0 because,rooms are locked,beach are locked, snow are locked, park are locked,forest are locked at least make many people? Then you have some games like " urban city, hospital stories, home stories,shopping stories,day care stories,school stories..I don't like these games.And my mom and dad want to pay money for unlock these,No absolute NO...This is the worst game ever ever and ever I played. 0 for your games.. Please unlock everything.
You have to buy the room s there is like only one room for you to stay in I was really excited but then my excitement went down πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ I perfer don't get it but if you want to buy it you can this is my opinion
REALLY!!! You guys think that kids will enjoy playing a game that you can only go in one room. I guess that it is fun. But you can only go in one of the rooms. The rest of them are for money. Kids can't enjoy the game if you only play one of the rooms because they won't play it. So please unlock all the rooms. And my name is not Ashor. I'm a girl.
This game is very nice but I give it 3 cuz there is only on room unlocked and we have to pay real money to get those rooms. So please unlock all the rooms and the tourist places I really request you 😒. I hope you will do it😁😁.
I love this game but,almost every thing is locked! And all of your games haves every thing locked.I hope you make the places and the characters free it would mean a lot and it will help you get great rates!
It's ok.But why adds and need to buy things just for the kids,I think that you need to change this now because I'm spending it on this game I have no Money.Could you improve this please.😟😞
This is nice game but we have to pay for all room yeah I no because playtodlers all game is paying but we got nice 1 room and a small park like a waterfall . But I am so sad πŸ˜”πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ˜­ because I want theme park and the forest πŸ˜£πŸ˜”πŸ€§πŸ˜Ώ
Ok fun game yay but why is there one room open and why can't u go any were else but that one room and the downstairs without paying at least put 2 more rooms open some people don't want to have to pay for like rooms I understand u want to make money of the game but to plz make it more places and rooms to visit UNDERSTAND GOOD but I recommend this game and this is a kids game so make ur game more free stuff ok GOOD
This game is absolutely amazing but I give it 4 because there is only one room unlocked and the others cost money can youu unlock them all just for a week like an offer or something please.....But this game very good!
I have the same problem with everyone else I don't like paying for this can you just like put a sign pay for it for ever or for watch a tad and you'll get it this everything open for 10 minutes cuz I seen other apps do that and I really like those apps and I give those apps 10 Stars if you can please not trying to be mean I'm a really nice person
I love this game because they have suitcases and you can open them and they have a Nintendo turn off the television
I absolutely love this game. I think it's fun and semi-educational for kids and it's so cute!!! But when i first got it the first 5 mins i was like...why is it that there only some rooms unlocked??? Like, if you want kids to have fun playing this game then you should probably just make it free. But i like that the price for the full version is pretty cheap too. If you are looking for a fun game to install then definitley install this one. I LOVE Playtoddlers so plz make more games.
The game is very nice but why I gave 3 stars because the problem is you need to unlock all levels . They are only the ground floor in unlocked except the kitchen and in 1 floor only 1 room is unlocked . So you need to unlock all levels so you get good reviews.😊
I love this game so much It's just that almost all locations are locked and we have to pay real money to unlock them Please do something about it. Please.
What why would you make all of the games like this one have to have locked rooms and places? I like the game is awesome πŸ₯°but I don't like the locked rooms and places its making me feel like you made the games so we can give you money and that's all you want. Pls make the games unlocked places and rooms and i will change the review pls but the rest of the games is πŸ₯°so pls unlock them i don't have any online money just my mom and dad but they don't let me have their money 😒 so pls unlock it 😭
I did not like it when it had only one room, but when I saw the indoor pool I started to like itπŸ‘πŸ’œ and played until i had bedtime.πŸ“
I loved the experience so much, But I didnt like how I had to pay for the app to unlock rooms and characters.
I hate the games you have made coz there are lock I dont want your games anymore ive only one star for the unlock rooms or things like supcase and food and the game controler in the hotel game and I most like sweet home but not any rooms there are unlock I hope you can make the no lock there because I really like the game or yours but I really wish to unlock the lock rooms but ni I cant need money to pay it im super sad to not unlock it oh and if u dont unlock it can u free all rooms can u?
My love😊 the games of play toddlers.. I am requesting to make more interesting games...I am waiting for new games of play toddlers....😊 (But I about 1 thing I am not happy for ☹ that is some rooms are locked please open that ..)
i like this game but you can only go to two places and you cant go to the mountin and one room is open and you should have all the rooms open if we have to pay to go to the mountins why.
I really like this game but . I give it four stars because most places are locked at least open like only two more for us this game will be mwe
This game is nice.and I like itπŸ™‚πŸ™‚ but visiting places, restaurantand a lot of characters are locked. But , that's not a problem for me.I love play toddlers 😍😘πŸ₯°
This is the worst game ever as it doesn't even download its the worst game . i waited fpr houra and i even didnt sleep at night for thia game then i even satrted crying and i even deleted my game for this game but i was to wrong I waited days but still it didnt download i felt really bad thia was my last day waiting i decided i am not gping ro download it and gave up it was so stressful i didint even sleep beacyse wanted it sooo badly dont download this game and . They deserve ve it .
This is a great game! It would be even more great if there where more things open!!! But no everything is with money... i don't recomand this game for those who don'rt like spending in app purcahses. If u are ok with the idea of spend in apps thean its a great game
This is a nice game.....with attractive graphic...rhe only thing i don't like about this game if you want the full version you need to pay money..otherwise the nice..☺☺☺☺
Good game, but every where and some rooms are locked and we need to pay real money to open it. I'm not giving any money to unlock. And I'm also sure that many people won't give money to unlock. So please correct itπŸ™. Thank you I hope you can correct it ☺️.
I rated this game a three stars because it does not allow you to go anywhere other than the hotel and certain rooms of the hotel are locked I am really disappointed ☹️ if it at least had more unlocked rooms it would be all good .... But do not download this game πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘Ώ.
Daphne Deline is right all rooms are locked. You can only get the hotel which by the way is only one room. let us watch an ad to unlock more rooms Stop MAKING US PAY FOR THE FULL VERSION!
Toddlers games are worse I have played ever! Why all the things are locked? Please it is a humble request from me do not download this game. This is not a game they are just earning money from this. I have not enjoyed this game one time is even. If you can check this game and improve it then please check the game. It is not a game it is just a timepass. it will take 15 to 20 minutes to arrange the home or the hotel or the hospital and can't understand what to do in it properly. 🀯🀯🀯🀯
This game is wonderful I give this game two stars because of in this game most of the rooms are locked so please open all the rooms because there was no fun in one room and pool so please fix it but the game is best if you fix this game then it can be most wonderful
The most disgusting game...is this! Almost every single thing is locked and i can't stand it any longer!! I think its time you Make it unlocked. This is for kids! Kids can't pay!! Im a 7 year old and im using my moms Account since i was 4. And litterally...WORST!!!! Now that i think about it my towns better..if you just make every game Have all the rooms complete i will try it and Play FOREVER! But your not i was requesting this since i was 5 yrs. Old...now shoo get your a$$ out of here! Bruhhh
I give it 3 star because,It's the good game but entrusting places are locked like beach, snow mountain, forest, theme park and some rooms please unlocked them all .so it is very good game πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
To play toddlers... Are you even listening to the people? This game of yours is good but there's problems about it and get your fans are giving you steps to improvement in your game yet YOU AREN'T LISTENING!!😠😀 I like this game I really do but everytime I download one of your games I see : 'Get the full version now for only £2.99 ! Like dude are you serious!? This games are aimed for little kids but I'm 12 and Im still playing these games because they look good but they should be BETTER!
Rlly good I liked it in my eyes anyway BUT u have to pay for all the visits u only get one room I don't rlly like it I got bored of it now
You don't have all the hotel you have to pay 3.99 it's dumb. I have only one room and they have a small little pool and a smoothie place. It's boring because they have a beach, a ski resort, a forest, and a themed park that's locked. I deleted this game those reasons any way I hope you enjoy.
Hello,I'm just saying I don't recommend this app almost EVERYTHING is for money!!!. I feel like you should make ATLEAST one more free place to go really I would rate this 0 but I couldn't awful greedy app😣 I think its greedy and its EVEN worse then those pepi games can't ANYONE make these apps FREE?!? I looked at 'in app purchases' and I thought oh ok just a few purchases but NO I do not recommend ☹ also just make more things free never playing any games from the creator,awful app sorry,
I love this game but i give it one star because its boring i agree with the other one you are only allowed in one room and if we dont pay we cant really do anything please change the money for ad so we can adleast do something in this game!
It's for kids, right? Then why purchases?! There are lots of kids who would like to play this game but is not able because of these purchases! Sometimes their parents would not allow to give money just for a game! Im really sure that if those rooms were free then you would have get 5 stars. Disappointed 🀐
Do not get the game there is only ONE unlocked room the themed park , forest snow park and beach are locked and so are the rest of the hotel is locked and I spent that stupid for this stupid game like you HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME KNOW!!!!!!!!! Quick and unistall while you still can! You have to be wise enough NOT TO SPEND YOUR MONEY ON THIS TRASHY GAME BE WISE. PLZ SAVE ME πŸ‘ΈπŸ™To: Play Toddlers
The game is really nice but i wish that all the levels were unlcked. The worst part is that when you want to unlock the levels you have to pay real money from your bank acount but other than that the game is really good and you can do really cool things yeah i like the game.πŸ’™βœŒ
Very good game like it's my dream game but the reason I gave four,Stars is that there is olny 2 room unlocked but it's like so good I never seen so cool game
I liked it so I give it five stars because it is the fun game and you get to pick up things and you get to have get some money and and and and it's so much so it's so fun to play I played it 1,000 times a day
Actually at first I'm using my dad's account I'm second of all This game is suitable for kids but the problem that why many types of them need money kids don't enjoy when you lock it and I never can pay you for it and not to be rude but kids are uninstalling the games for you because you put a lot of them by money we just have kitchen living room and the garden at the house one it is soo boring this hotel game is not like a hotel game for me unless you make them free so it can be fair please.
Okay, game I guess... Everything you have to pay for, I've seen better games. And why one room is free, everything else $2 99 I didn't like it. There's no up to this game please make atleast 3 room's open I mean it's too much atleast lower the price or take it away I saw a game watch an add to use so why not?
I love the game because this game is so fun the all of the games of this app is i download like central hospital daycare kids game but i can rate 4stars because many have locked with all places i can rate 5 stars when this game is level up and had no more locked room_😊
I love the detail of a game, there's so many interactive items! Yet...All the rooms are locked! I get access to, One hotel room, The Lobby, And the pool. I would like it if maybe we could just watch an ad to unlock rooms? Please?
Awesome game just make all the rooms for free and if you made it for free so much people might want to get urban city
Worst, worst game ever it doesn't have anything. It only have main room and 1st floor 1 room and then rest of the places are locked example restaurant, park, beach, snow mountain, forest and then we can't enjoy the game and barbie dream house adventures game is gooder game because that have fun and not very much locked and that game have only some things locked and in this game lots of things are locked and I am requesting to people don't download this game and more games of play toddler
Everything is the most perfect, but the reason i dont give 2 more stars is cause it is more good if it dont have any purchase to unlock it.. some people cant afford it, just like me. So, i hope that you will fix this so that this game will be more better.
This game is super fun! Even though there is one room,I still find ways to have much much fun in this game!
It's not that bad but there's only one room in the hotel open the rest of the game you have to pay for so get it and try it if you want but I really wouldn't if you want to pay for it
I like it though I wish that all rooms were unlocked. Also Playtoddlers for this game I think you should make a luggage shop for free so you can buy luggage with the pretend money and then you can edit your luggage with stickers Etc.!
Me and my siblings have been playing this game for 3 years! I gave it a 5 star because you get to roleplay in this game!! It is also fun, i purchased the lock ones 3 years ago too..
This game is not fun as i thought all the rooms are locked only one room is locked please atleast try to unlock two rooms like the beach and the cafe, i mean how can you go to a holiday without eating or enjoying ,please im begging you try to unlock other rooms.
Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh meaning that this game is the worst of all games and it's so annoying that the other places like the forest, beach, park, the rooms and the snow area have refused to unlock. That's why I rated this game one star
I hate that all of the fun places and rooms are locked . Kids play this and they are NOT adults . Even if they ask parents they refuse .... and all of the others playtoddler games are like this.. FIX IT some people cant afford it.😑 make the game better and not costly kids should have a fun experience with this game.
its just that all the country's whatever are locked at least the beach and the snow mountain has be unlocked all of your games of rooms are locked just a few of them a free at least but pls fix it
I like this game but in all of ur games they cost money and that very common sense so 1:I want them all unlock because kids are sad just with one room 2: kids could just try hacks and 3: kids could cry because there mum and dad can't afford it and that's sad it makes the kids cry and all day they try so please unlock. All the rooms thank you a lot I like this game just do it please.:-)
It is a nice game . But it is boring too. The interesting places are lock .Thats why It is boring game I have deleted 60 times .Because it is a boring game and it's every game is boring .So please what ever is lock in this game. Please unlock them.I hope people found this helpful and Please unlock all charecter and places
There is only one room and we could not also go on snowy , jungle areas etc.And there are very less characters in the game. Please fix this problem. Anyways this game is nice
This game is definitely fun πŸ€—, and it is so enjoyable for me plus the payment is pretty cheap I have to say it is very worth it I mean I can pay for it but what about other people that can't i really wish it was free but awesome game very good i love it 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩
I do not like this. Its almost like you gotta buy EVERYTHING you even have to buy a hotel room! If you do not like buying things, I think you should not buy this Toddler game.
Ok pls don't get angry it's my opinion, there are only a few rooms, you need to pay for all the rooms and most of the characters are locked u need to pay for them too. Not to be rude or anything but I think u just want to take out money I mean most games don't do that so pls change it. Thank you
I hate this game because all of them are locked. This is why I give 1 star . I cant unlock some of the people in this game . Please fix this .thank you for your help.
It's a good game, my daughter likes to play this but the thing that is that you have to pay for the other rooms and im only giving 3 stars because the room have to pay for and not much characters. Please make these games with 3 free rooms.
At first I thought the game was fun but second it wasn't fun we only I do not like it the game the game the confusing the confusing I do not like the games we only have one room please please fixπŸ–₯πŸ–₯πŸ–₯πŸ–₯πŸ–₯πŸ–₯πŸ–₯πŸ–₯
This game is awesome........ #But the mistakes are: -There is only 1 room unlocked. -There is no place unlocked. #The good things are: -It is 3d. -Nice clothes. #Things to complete: -Unlock places and also rooms. OTHER THAN THAT IT IS A VERY NICE GAME SO I GIVE IT A THUMBS UP πŸ‘
Photos of character interaction DON'T happen in game. The characters do NOT interact with anything you put in their hands, nor with their surroundings unlike the promo screen caps.
Everything is mostly locked but it is a fun game although only the pool the reception desk and one room are open please make the game free so kids can have fun it would be better if like put some things in the game for freeπŸ˜€
This game isn't as exciting as I thought, I mean only a few rooms were unlocked, lobby and room 1 1 not even the snow, theme park ect was unlocked. I think this game has potential but no body will like it if this is the case. I'd suggest maybe a 24 hour free trial, then I might consider keeping the game instead of downloading it playing it for 5mins then deleteing it. I hope people found this helpful and the makers of the app will consider this.