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USP - ZX Spectrum Emulator

USP - ZX Spectrum Emulator for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by djdron. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Really good emulator has worked with everything I've tried on it so far and connects to websites for you to get games. I feel could be improved with more control options while the touch screen joystick does have a good selection of option for the various interfaces and the commonly used qaop it would be nice to be able to redefine it and some extra definable buttons would also be useful in portrait mode do get a space and enter key with the joystick option but only single button on landscape
After putting in big SD card in, formatted as internal memory, and mirroring internal memory, on Android 8.1 oreo, this emulator is not able to access internal memory/SD card with ZX spectrum programs directory , shows just /sdcard and /cache , and if going in there are no directories visible. Just /.. So cannot use offline with my files. Please fix it. Mostly like to listen music of games, and remember good old times. :) And what was possible to do on few KB of space :) by true programmers
A very "Meh!" emulator. Compared it to my real stereo-modified +2 and ZXDS (which I deem to have perfect emulation). This emu: 1. Has no multicolor support(or any color tricks of real thing); 2. The sound is wrong (center channel should be quieter than the sides); 3. Really blurry. Nearest neigbor magnification is uneven and annoying. No integer scaling. Overall experience is even poorer even than the real device (which is a feat!). I still have to carry my DS for proper Speky gaming on the go.
its like being in back to the future , takes you back to your childhood , all the games i grew up with
great app, love it! just one small thing missing when you toggle to "joystick control" with the mobile on horizontal it should have one more button on the right side. having problems playing allot of games on my phone because of that...
Doesn't seem to work after pie update. Impossible to access the controls or buttons. Tried swiping from all directions. Can just about see the fast forward button (dark gray on black?) but that's all
Need some advise about playing on a blaze tab plus as the controls are very hard to arrange for the tablet, I would pay good money for a app that worked 100% with the blaze as I love spectrum games. Any advise would be great
Great app! The only problem is that it's hard to figure out how to get the menu. The app should write at the beginning that the menu is accesible by dragging on the screen from the top. EDIT: Thanks for the reply, developer! :) It really is an amazing app. However, you are not right about fullscreen apps. I'm using lots of them and your app is the first I've ever seen to get the menu by swiping. What you're talking about is getting the phone's system menu, but I'm talking about the app's menu.
Works fine on my phone, but not on my Nvidia shield(even if it says it is compatible) , because I don't have a touch screen so there is no swipe down option. If there is any other way to access the menu would be great. Edit, I actually found out that it works, but forgot to change the review. Still in zx spectrum emulator I couldn't find a way to use the Nvidia gamepad, no matter what settings I change. It only works with keyboard.
Fantastic app, it really floods back the memories although the controls are a little dodgy and covers a lot of the screen but it's still a great app
This is awesome. Is there any way of changing the interface of my bluetooth controller (i.e. between kempston/sinclair/cursor etc)? It only registers as qaop, and on some games this isnt ideal. Thanks for the great app.
The "save state" mode doesn't work... Can't load a previous game in progress even using the "star" icon to do the save.
Amazing, such a blast from the past! Played Jet Set Willy for the first time in many years... 👍😊😁
I've just updated my review from one star to three, so far, as I have found the issue with this app... the top file-open and spanner buttons do not work on many occasions, such as my first, frustratingly, and so there was no way to open anything or get help or options etc! I imagine some others are having this same issue, as in the case of the person that said there were no instructions and no go. I don't like how that menu and spanner button are grey even when they DO work! It's not convincing when you see buttons that look greyed out! You may wish to add a little colour to these, devs? Anyway, now I'll access the DB's and hopefully will have an enjoyable experience. Then I'll return and update my review with, hopefully, 5 stars! I have a Samsung S4 Mini... cuz it's still a great phone and costing me pittance! This app takes about a minute before I get the main screen. I'm guessing that sometimes it doesn't all load correctly causing the top option buttons to be inactive. Devs may wish to investigate this on other devices. I imagine that most do not have this issue given the 4.4+ ratings.
Good emulator with BASIC command prompt and load/save functions. You can load game from storage of your device.
This is excellent. I wanted to play Professional Footballer on WOS, it stops the tape to enter your details. How do you start the tape again?
I have a Galaxy Tab A 10.5 , I can't access the menu ...I have tried swiping top to bottom and the black bar appears but no menu options ...it works on my phone just fine . Any ideas please?
Awesome, just awesome. One thing, I would allow user to reduce keyboard transparency in landscape mode of full screen. And add donate button into preferences. Thank you guys.
Sorry for 2 stars rating, just without the rating I cannot comment. My problem is that menu appears on Samsung galaxy s8 together with 'edge', if it is enabled, or does not appear at all, if edge is not enabled. So I cannot use the menu... Help! Update: Tested it once more and this time menu has worked. Weird. 'Edge' is a special Samsung galaxy s8 (and perhaps other Samsung smartphones) shortcuts menu. It interfered somehow with the application menu but now it is OK. Changed the rating to 4 stars. Anyway, big thanks to the developers!
Good app. Unfortunately, had to uninstall as I no longer have access to my game files. Also, cannot move files to required folder. It would be nice if the app could allow user to select folder.
The app looks great, works great, brings back to good old days... However, I miss the save state option that works. Namely, there is the star in the menu, but by clicking it, no state is saved. So there is the option, it's clear how to use it but it does not work.
I downloaded this because of the blackmirror bandersnatch CYOA. If someone could explain to me how this works or where to learn how this works so I can try out NOZHDYZE, that would be appreciated.
This is the best ZX Spectrum emulator for Android! I do have some minor issues though like game slow down, but it's still awesome!
Was a great emulator and still is,but since the update it's impossible to locate your roms,this needs sorting asap
I absolutely cannot recommend this app enough, if you like Sinclair You're going to love this! Perfect and interfaces with wos!! I love you man!
Brilliant! Great emulator. For those who say they can only see the main screen and keyboard, you need to swipe the top of the screen and it should give you options on which games to load. The only small downside is that there's no sound when the games are loading. I'd love to hear the good old Speccy 'noise' just to re-live the childhood memories again.
I use it often, this is the best Pentagon emulator on Android. Could you please add .tap files to the list of supported extensions? Also, AY music does not seem to play when .tap files are opened - could you please look into it?
This is great, takes me back. One issue which prevents a 5 star rating is when a game asks you to stop or play the tape. I don't know how and this stops me playing some of my favourite games. Does anyone know how to do this?
Great app, although I have a problem with it. When I go into landscape mode the keyboard goes across the entire screen and I can barely see what I'm doing in game. Searches through settings, couldn't find how to make it smaller. Other than that, this app is really amazing. Edit: yes, I knew there was a joystick mode, but the game I'm playing on this is elite which can only be played with a keyboard.
For some reason, I can't play a TRD game from the website. I was wanting to play "Anime Story" ("Three Sisters' Story" ZX Spectrum port from Chaos Constructions 2004), I was able to manage getting through the menu screen, but when I manage to play it, the game takes me back to the main Speccy screen. Could it be that the emulator can't read the file correctly? Apart from that, this is a great emulator.
What the heck happened I am trying to play games on speccy on my tablet and it just won't work I tried everything and nothing worked I can't access the vtros games on my tablet Please help
Excellent for getting a little ZX on the go, and the author has been working hard to improve it over the years. One of the first apps I install when I switch to a new phone. With screen filter turned off it looks quite crisp and it loads (virtual) tapes with far less hassle than the aging real hardware - which in any case wouldn't fit in the pocket! Also the flexible joystick mapping is quite handy since it seems no two games ever quite agree on the mapping
Yet another emulator which doesn't allow virtual keyboard and chooses to give a rubber keyboard key entry instead of the 48k+ model. This makes it a nightmare to play adventures. Try as I might I could not get the keyboard to delete, space is inconvenient and I have no idea how to save, even though there is save state. Good functionality for downloading games though.
itmls HORRIBLE. I t donent load roms. itb has a bkack screem and them it crawhes and crashe s my tablett . it thr sound donot ewrok and i get a koud beep. it also bat to responmg keyboard controls. it wss naot a satifyaing experence. it wont goninto foleders and incant vgo back ror sone reason. it also crashes when inl load .zip fles. it kepd lagginmg so bad i had to resart my device. it wil tyry to delete your saappps caz it takes up si mush spac . i cant beleve someone culd make such a thing
Looks the part, but I can't play the games with a game pad. All the original spectrum joysticks are options??? Is there a way to set it up to use a Bluetooth game pad?
I love this app, it works really well and has some great features. :) A great emulator, thanks! :) Five stars from me! :)