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US Conflict — Tank Battles

US Conflict — Tank Battles for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by 4Flash located at 6-6-7 Maenocho Itabashi-ku Tokyo, 174-0063 Japan. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence, War Themes) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is great and i live that fact that u can watch ads to get coins in order to play for free but ingame it keeps disconnecting me and and wasteing my coins and then after i watch like 2 ads it wont have anymore ads to watch for a long while sometimes the rest of the day and if that gets fixed and we can watch ads anytime and get coins personally i think the game would be complete
The game is very great i love it very much..but i would like to suggest put a sandbox mode where you can do simulation of wars. control enemy control your troops and like an ambush or something like creating a film set you get my point😁 that would be awesome please add some of that😁
Before the coin update the game was good, I payed 6 bucks to get free multi-player and I have to repay now for some damn reason because coins were added in instead of me just having to pay for unlimited multi-player time, this was truly a good game before, now I have to keep repaying and repaying to play a game I enjoy
First of all this game is great. This game is very addicting and time consuming. I can already tell this game is going to be very popular very soon. Although Its a very good game I feel that you guys should add a sandbox mode, and add more units, and possibly aircraft and some anti air weapons like flak. I understand if this would take you a while because you might have to fix some bugs, even though I didn't see any. All in all this is a great game with great potential.
The reason it is 2 star instead of 5 is because there is no sandbox mode. EDIT. Ok a few things wrong with game. One, the ai cheats i've captured all the radio towers and it still came up with tanks it should be that if u capture all towers then ai should have no way of collecting money for tank. Second. The ai make ur tanks blow up for no damn reason i had tanks at base and they all just blew up. Third game "die" when u get close to ending game.4 ai hit u from the shadows so u cant hit them.
Hey sorry and thanks I didn't notice the ai feature. Hey can yhall make it so were when a player leaves a game that has other players the other players receive all of the player that left the game(discounted) units+ towers along with the cash divided up to the remaining players of that players team or just do that with the units at least and reset the towers or make them reattainable to that players teammates so they don't have to rely on the enemies to take it to take it back.alsomakeadiscord
This game is very good and realistic war strategy game. I like to play this game a lot, but this game could add more realistic things, like you could repair your allies vehicles and new vehicles. I hope this game would perform better offline too. I am waiting for next update!!
Difficult game. Strategy is next level. Historically accurate. Excellent game in my oppinion. Closest game to the original/classic "Command&Conquer" Great, Awesome, even go as far to make the statment That it is "EPIC" THANK YOU GUYS FOR SUCH A BASIC, GOOD GAME.
Could you please help me? Game is awesome, I enjoy it. But there are problems. Firstly, I had tokens but after weeks of not playing game, they all disappeared. I don't mind it so much though. And secondly, it's the most annoying problem about offline Single Player: AI airstrikes completely wipe out my army when difficulty is increased. How can I protect my expensive troops from them? Could you please add some defence against airstrikes or just make airstrikes optional when we start single player
Very good strategy game it really gets me pumped up, though i only have one problem everytime i select multiplayer it crashes to menu screen and my multiplayer tokens still gets deducted after crashing I've restarted the game a few times and check if there's problem in my connection but that doesn't seem to be the case, I've lost over 20 multiplayer tokens so far when it crashes.
I love the game, The only thing I would like in this would be a tech tree along with more types of units on the game, even if you don't add this, it's better than the other games I've play in my life.
Pretty good but i have some complaints. First off the snow option makes the game lag horribly, this should be toggled by individual players, not the lobby creator. Second infantry cost too much. And third is that airstrikes have way too much range and cost far too little. This ends up meaning that infantry and towed artillery (which cost an arm and a leg) are totally useless because a 2k cost airstrike can obliterate a 4-7.5k cost gunpiece at equal or longer range. That just isn't good design.
Amazing no other word could describe it. Really good game wish they could go more on some vehicles or artillery like for the Germans a flack 88 or a half track in 3 different varieties same with the Russian would love to have a good katyusha rocket or a KV 2 same with the other countries. And having a engineer or something on that line that could build special equipment tank traps or other things like bar wire. But honestly I enjoy these game and to have it on my phone makes it awesome.
I love it! The real time, the units involved, the ability to upgrade each individually and way the enemy AI adapts and gets more and more challenging, its addictive and loads of fun. The only thing i feel it is missing is specialized aircraft like air transports, paratroopers specifically and fighter aircraft like spitefires or dive bombers. Bombers more like B-17s. Otherwise, it is fantastic!
I like the game but only wish it have more to offer like new units for the nations and maps. Im tried of play the same nations on the same maps with the same uints it does not mine me but wish it had new unit to offer and new game mode to offer with more advanced map. I still give this game a 5 star because I see alot of opportunity in this game in my opinion if it had rate scale of 10 out of 10 I will give it a 10. if you guys do the updates but as of right now, I have a 7 out of 10.
The game itself actually looks promising. Finally an RTS on mobile that gives you free reign over unit control and base building. However there is one GIANT problem. The tutorial is a nightmare. There are usually two types. Those that explain how to do something then let you try attempt it and those that hold your hand and force you to perform one action after the other making you unable to do anything else until that is complete. This game has the latter and it gets very annoying very quickly.
Great game but I find that occasionally it feels a bit janky like on mission 2 I built up a massive army and stormed the enemy base so there was no more armor coming from the enemy. And I leveled the whole base command center and all. But then they just kept try to build it up and up again. So I was forced to just sit some flame throwers and Pershings there for the whole map. An option to keep wreckages and craters might be nice so then you see the destruction on the battle field.
Why only 4 stars don't get me wrong over all the game is great, but need actual working base defense's then a "FAKE BUNKER" that just sits there and looks nice has no real functionality. I know cannons you can put up to defend, but why put a base bunker in the game just to look nice?
Potential to be an awesome game (basically CoH Lite) but it's just too hard on mobile. Plus my artillery won't fire despite the enemy being within range which is annoying. Ended up uninstalling, couldn't get past the tutorial.
Its awesome & great! C&C: Generals & Commando like game, now in mobile phone.. Great Campaign Mission.. WW2 environment, unit & buildings.. Nice graphics.. Nice unit capabilities & behavior.. ☺️☺️☺️ I wish, that the programmer or the maker of this game put support up to 90° view (Top View).. 😅😅😅
I believe its playable, I enjoy the concept and mechanics. Im not big fan of strategy games unless its like this. My only problem is I would like to adjust the difficulty just incase i cant beat a certain level. It would be more fun for everyone to enjoy the gameplay and story you have going on.
I like the game, and I see no probs with the purchases. I do wish that they'd add aerial transport vehicles to transport tanks by air. Some mobile cruise missle launcher and other great stuffs. Graphics are also great and the game play isn't that hard to understand. My only problem is that units would usually make unnecessary turns when moving in mass numbers, which makes congestion and makes the forward units vulnerable to attacks. I think some improvements to the AI and so on and it'll be 5S
Finally I've been looking for a great RTS for a long time for mobile I grew up on command and conquer this game is amazing controls are awesome maps r great an much space to battle in of ever want some ideas I have some this will be a game I play for a long time
Amazing gameplay, amazing details, amazing strategy game. It's just great! Silk smooth FPS, teardrop notch fullscreen support, great graphics. It can have some modifications here and there but other than small bugs the game is enjoyable and epic.
I literally cannot stop playing this, I love this kind of game. Where you can create your own situations and use tactics. Thank you for making this. I really like playing this. I once started a game at 9:30 PM, and played until 1:10 AM. And I also have some ideas on how to improve the game, map creator, drawing the pathe units take (but you would have to click a button from the unit menu) ect ect. Thanks again. Have a great day.
I've played all the free missions that were unlocked and they weren't bad at all. My only criticism would be that there aren't that many missions available for free. But this doesn't make the game bad seeing as you've still got the option to play multilayer, BUT this has it's little issues too. Mainly because of the fact that you only really invite random people to your lobby, which can be a bit of a bummer when your trying to play competitive multilayer with on of your best friends. 8/10
Love this game! Packed with action and tactics/base building cant wait to see yet to come🙌👌 ideas:Land,Air,Sea Combat like more infrantry types/Choppers/Jets/Boats/Subs etc.,Weather Cycles,Advance Destructable Environment,More BaseDefences,Nukes/Napalm Strikes,Medics(for infrantry),Survival/ZombieMode?,LevelCreator/CustomMode, i would love take actual controll of what ever you are like become them and dive in the action and wreck stuff as a feature
For starters don't listen to their employees giving in good reviews because it's a lie. The game goes as each Tower you own the more money you get to build units. So if you don't own a tower then you get no money to build and here's the catch I own all the towers and they overwhelm my military units. So why don't you developers explain this to me in the review section bet you won't
This is a very great game, honestly one of my favorites on phone and there aren't many good phone games. One problem tho, while I'm playing the game, it will randomly freeze and crash sometimes and if you've spent 30 mins on one mission and haven't saved, it crashes and fcks everything. I play on a galaxy S8 so idk if this is a device to game problem or what but If it gets fixed I'll give it 5 stars. Plz fix bc I really genuinely like this game lol
It is a good game but please add more countries and at-air cannons I would love to see a special for the commander and Commander vehicle where you can drop paratroopers that would be cool and if you can reply please do.
Thank you for checking that out if there is an issue with that exploit! Btw this game is absolutely perfect. I used to play World Warfare, but it just takes too long, some people cant play an online session that lasts 7 days straight. You guys should make different game modes, nukes maybe? Also it would be amazing if you guys were the FIRST to put a real time modern war sim. What could go wrong? Full spectrum warfare land, air and sea. Just ideas
A great game, it's like command conquer. Probably the best mobile game I've ever played. Though, when I try to select, multiple units in an area it zooms in instead of selecting. Maybe you should add a mode on the side to select units.
Hello I would have gave this game a 5 star but I have been experiencing a issue.The game has been lagging and I have to close the app and then reopen it to make it restart and it won't happen again for another 7 to 15 minutes. I really love this game and I am hoping I could be a game developer some day. I just wanted to give this news to your team and hope this will be resolved soon. Thank you for taking your time with the game and making a game I will play for hours.
Literally one of the best mobile ww2 games I've ever played. I think the only problem is kinda infantry being by themselves like rifleman I think they could be like in a squad of 4 or 5 and machines gunners will be like 3-4 and rocket launcher at least 2 and medics to like 3 and commander stays the same and snipers. It's a very fun game I just would think have troops into squads will definitely make more expened battlefield alot more fun and interesting but keep up the great work guys!!
This game was great for mobile, A good mix of strategy, and warfare with a multitude of vehicles and troops combined, One thing I would suggest is to keep the enemy's base destroyed rather than it keep auto building, as I'd keep my troops there for the whole game, then I cant use em anymore, great game non the less!
The game is great but i don't like that we buy full version and you only give 4 missions so please at least you keep free the 1st campaign please. By the way the game is great. One more thing I want to add that they are saying that you are banned to use multiplayer please fix it please.
Listen you guys have revolutionized mobile rts games ! This is the kind of strategy game everyone wants! You can improve things and also add some things that are missing such as ·add more units and as well as nation specific units i know you added some but we need more ·air units possibly??! ·infantry needs to be able to fortify or make fortifications on the field as well as being able to occupy buildings ·allow more ai on a single map to make a more dynamic game ·ability to create maps
It was a good game, but this is the second time all my progress has been deleted and now it says I have to pay for the game a second time. If the dev can resolve this, which they should be able to, I'll change this review, until then it stands.
Game is very challenging. I don't like that the difficulty is self adjusting. Game is very fun though. The support is awsome. I found that the medics wouldn't heal troops. I contacted support and they responded very quickly. Problem was fixed within a couple of days. Great job!
Just wondering if you could add a part to where someone else's units get transfered to the commander when they get disconnected. Also where the repair trucks can heal allied units. I don't know if this is also a glitch but do you think you could fix the token system where after I'm forced to watch an ad after a game it doesn't give me a token. By the way it says I have one token but it doesn't work and says I don't have one... Overall though you are doing great. Thank you for listening. :)