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Urban Drug Empire

Urban Drug Empire for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Cybertale Productions located at 3 Cathcart hill London. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence, War Themes, Drug Use) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It reminds me very much of the old DL game on pc back in the day. It's fun so far. I'm not sure if I'm just not seeing it but I would love a way to expand my inventory and maybe see drug price trends across each market. Other than that the game has been pretty good.
It's a fun game for sure, great concept and a good setup. Kills time and plus I think 99 cents is a fair price for the premium. There plenty of room for improvement though on the interface being more organized and easy to navigate. I would just suggest making the app in general more user friendly. Maybe something similar to what BitLife has done. I think that game should kind of be the "go to" model for games like this. Again good game and I look forward to seeing how the game improves.
Very interesting stock game, although some very bad bugs, like losing my progress when i exit the game, the free life for watching an ad is broken and doesnt work. And the travel menu seems a bit busted as it occasionally doesnt take a day to travel. The car gambleing mechanic makes zero sense, and at the moment can be used to just double your money as long as you win once. Combat is also weird as the more damage you do, the more damage the enemy does, makeing anything that doesnt one shot bad.
I am trying to buy premium and it doesn't let me purchase it. Super annoying because I hate the ads. But overall game is okay it's a bit boring there needs to be more to do in my opinion its quite basic.
It wasnt that good of an experience. Everytime that i would atart saving up it qould say how i dropped my wallet and it would happen like every other advance click. Peraonally I would not recommend, but it isn't a bad idea.
The game is great but you should make a feature that you came sell to famous people like juice wrld, ski mask, future and more
Its not a good game i died 10 time 3 of witch was old age and this game needs a list of high and low prices
Since updating the game I have encountered a few bugs. 1) sometimes you can't buy or sell drugs 2) jobs do not pay out 3) evading the cops sometimes freezes. Apart from these minor problems, the new UI looks great.
Awsome game, fun if your into this type of game. Even bought the premium version to support the creators. Just one tiny gripe with it. For some reason, I go into the options to turn off the game sound. But even if the sound option is off, the game sounds keep playing throughout the game. Also sometimes, it's hard to click the things to buy or sell. I click but dont move to the next "screen" with the quantities. Only after some clicks that it works. Keep up the updates, as the game is worth it!
Forced ads are a quick way to like 90% of gamers' delete options and 1 star reviews. How you gonna have forced ads every like 3 minutes and have a premium version stacked on top. Cash grab pos's. (Update in response to developer) I figured that. Why don't you just charge for the game? I spent way too much time watching forced ads to give the dev any money. Would be more likely to pay 99 cents or a couple bucks for the game than give money to a dev that wastes so much of my time.
Keeps breaking were i cant click on any drugs to buy/sell or advance day so game is basically broken for me but other than the constant having to reload the games not bad
I own everything after 2 hours play, there's no way to earn respect now and random events keep taking it away so ill be at zero in no time, worst £2.99 I've spent on any game, bought premium, its basically unlimited lives and no adverts.
The game is fun but it gets really boring because its just doing the same thing over and over and events happen way to often along with ads and when you buy everything there is nothing to do even if you start a new nothing different happens from your last life
I love this game, but i feel there needs to be more to spend your money on, houses, clothes, ect. I also had a bug where the months would continue to move up past 12 and was stuck in year 3. The game still worked fine, i was just getting up to month 150 year 3.
UDE is a pretty fun game with a lot of potential. I wish the game had more things to buy. You're allowed one lavish car unless you pay for the pro version. The random encounters can get pretty annoying so maybe adding bodyguards and the ability to pay off the police In the future could be nice. Maybe adding the addition for people to buy drugs for you in different cities could be helpful to fill your inventory faster. Looking forward to future updates
Its a pretty good game for 1 week or less! As theres nothing more to do. Plus there are more glithes as even if you are dead, just closs the game and if u will open it again you will be alive from where you have left. I guess its make it less interesting. And i guess it can be developed more interesting by adding feathers like marriage, children and pet etc,. There are room for changes and adding many good things. Keep it up!!👍
Great concept fir the game but it needs some work, its very simple witch helps the game out but its also its downfall as after awile the game is repetive and very boring. Aswell i could not find a way to gain health witch makes the whole grinding proccess worthless as you will always die at somepoint, cops/rival gangs are way to common. There so much potentiel in thus game but alot of work to get there :)
Game randomly broke. Couldn't do anything. Cant buy. Cant sell. Cant start a new game to try to fix it. All it will let me do is pass turns. So it's now broken, unplayable, and pointless. Don't waste your time unless they fix it.
Fun game, well worth paying to remove the adds or go premium though, supports the developer too who has done an amazing job so far, can't wait to see what future updates bring to the game. One suggestion though can the game remember settings, like turning vibration off everytime gets a little tiresome. Apart from that. A game well worth downloading if your like buying low and selling high, maybe some different difficulties, it is pretty easy to hit that million mark pretty quick.
Liked the game at first, but now with all my assets upgraded to max I get no payout from them. I did purchase the premium version. Why am I not getting paid now?
It's fun, I played for about four hours non stop then found out a pattern to make money. Buy crack not in Chicago and sell it in Chicago...that's it. Can you add more products and a bigger window of the price generator?
Ok first of all I just want to say AMAZING game great job on that guy's I even bought the premium version and the no ads but I've found one slight bug nothing too major but whenever I buy let's say I buy some odd 44 crack for whatever amount and after I buy all of it,it still says that there's 44 crack
A really nice game But at a point you'll start losing interest cause when you reach legend rank, there'll be nothing more left to do I think the game can be improved if more businesses are added Add more cars and other vehicles (planes, etc) I didn't like the fight mechanics I really didn't understand how can the guy infront also have the same guns as I have. Either ways the game is nice but nobody will like to play after reaching the highest levels.
I have played through this game several times now and really enjoy it, however I can understand people getting frustrated with it. I'm looking forward to future updates to see what extra options get added! To the creators, don't listen to the haters listen to the people who enjoy it and to support will continue!!
Great game for phone, Images and other things could look better than what they do, and probably more accesibilty options, also can't play on an android sim for some reason, Thank you for responding! You guys are amazing! ❤ keep up the great work. And I garauntee I will love it! ☺
Fun, needs more end game content. Game gets stale quick, able to get to end game in about an hour and a half of playing. Maybe add something like guards to defend from attacks for you, or hiring dealers underneath you. More advanced gun options and more business like options, besides just more businesses. Game feels like it's lacking content, but it is very fun to play until you get to the end game and it gets repetitive.
Since the update... this game is so bad.. before the update it was perfect.. the biggest issue is the drug prices... went from somewhat realistic to absolute hilarity... everything costs roughly the same.. terrible.. uninstalled to find a new game
Overall great game just needs more options on stuff to do and stuff to buy and we definitely need more options on making money without the drugs just for quick cash, along with a fully fleshed out gang management system I think it could be the best damn mobile game I've ever played.
Really fun except that there is A LOT of ads. I know y'all are getting paid when we watch ads but if you continue adding ads in your game (Like an insane amount) less people will play.. Also, it is extremely easy to die, even with a good weapon.
Very nice! Not pay to win in the slightest and that matters. It took a little bit of working out but after that it's easily the best game of its type.
After giving it another chance I think that the game is just badly developed, your character has pure bad luck and there are too many ads(every ~3 minutes). The events that happen are really buggy and they happen very often(fights, theft, car fixes, wallet lose). Must common bug is that you have to pay for your car repair when you don't even own a car. I think that it's too hard to master the game because of the bad events that happen very often. Can be easily made better.
Oh man... This game can be improve upon by adding new features and indeed a story line, making it extremely unique on its own! Also some interaction with NPC/character would be helpful too, for example you can heir petty dealers when you become like millionaire drug lord, cuz who dealing around drugs himself at that point you know. So including the hiring and upkeep aspects would great too. I'd expend the legal business aspect of the game. A drugs market graph would be appreciated too! So many i
I loved this game until the newest update that ruined the game. I bought the premium version about 1 year ago my first mobile ingame purchase but now they say they *balanced prices* now everything is to expensive and the drug prices lows are there highs before the update and they highs are only about 50 dollars higher than the lows and everything is like 40 times more expensive its impossible to play and now super BORING. please fix the game and bring it back to the greatest mobile game plz
It's a great new spin on a classic. Tons of potential, just needs more content which I'm sure the dev will add. Would love to see a crew update with stash houses, security, upgrades and other crews to rob, go to war, make pay for protection or make alliances. Keep up the good work though. Fun game.
Enjoy the game. I am a premium player and I will say that I am not disappointed. I don't play it as often as I used to but I catch myself playing for a couple of days and then putting it down for a few weeks and picking it back up and playing again. I've done this since I got the game and premium mode and NOT ONCE can I remember thinking to myself that I regretted paying for it. Not the best game in the world compared to most but honestly the best anywhere time killer I would buy again!
Its a decent game. But it doesn't make sense at all that killing someone or selling drugs doesn't contribute to respect. It be great to see a different kind of attack mode. Like when ppl go up to you to call you out on selling on their turf. Its less of an attack mode an more a defense mode. I'd like to see other kingpins in othere states an you'd have competition between them. You get to manage your own crew an arm them.
Since the update... this game is so bad.. before the update it was perfect.. the biggest issue is the drug prices... went from somewhat realistic to absolute hilarity... everything costs roughly the same.. terrible.. uninstalled to find a new game.. AND ANOTHER THING... WHEN YOU BUY AMMO WHY THE FFFF DOES IT ALWAYS MAX OUT THE AMMO SO YOU BUY UNNECESSARY AMMOUNTS AND WASTE YOUR MONEY... THIS GAME IS GARBAGE
I absolutely love this game its hope you guys give us more stuff it's really fun I only wish there was more involved to getting robbed and robbing people and maybe make the sales more realistic a little bit idk still love the game
A lot of potential, not a lot to do. Once you understand what the high and low prices are and have bought a decent gun and car, it's pretty much just rinse and repeat. More varied gameplay would make it more interesting and have more replay value, but as it is once you've figured it out there's not really any point in playing more. It's good concept and is fun for while, which is great for a free game. The ads aren't intrusive and I like the style.
The game are absolutely addicting, but there are various part that certainly can be improved. Game layout should be simplified. More action. More things to do then just trading. One thing that bother me looks like the year did not change for me, it stay 1 year and hundreds of month! Please fix it
I can't even buy drugs most of the time and even if i go to apply for a job or something the buttons won't work
Really fun game but everytime I start a new life within 30 mins I already bought more then half the stuff and theres this bug that everytime I'm in a fight and my opponent has 10% health and I have like 20% health I still somehow die after pressing attack.
This game has potential but it needs more things happening such as current events besides the police and gangs. Also the drugs maybe even a storyline or a loan shark who can front you money and it draws interest. After a certain time when your debt isn't paid hitmen start coming after you. Have a casino gamble its easy to simulate dice. There's so much you can do and can be written into code while keeping it simple.
Glitchy. If you buy a license and then go to jail you loose the license. You can buy another but not a car. My new character spawned with a AK and no ammo I was unable to use the nuckles in a fight because of it.
This game went completely downhill since I played it first. There have been a number of updates and I've just tried it again hoping it's finalised, but it's really bad. The storage for example is completely inaccurate. You have to enter name for every new game. Etc etc. Feels like work in progress, but it's been like that for years. Pity. Edit/reply to developer: I've uninstalled the game. Plenty of other games to continue wasting time on something dysfunctional. Sorry, I gave it a fair shot.
Pretty fun. Wish there was more content for non premium users. Here's a suggestion: maybe add an option to watch a certain amount of ads for 1 day premium? Edit: thanks for the response! Hopefully my idea turns into a reality! Im not too sure how much money each ad would earn (not alot probably) but if you were to make something like "view 100 ads" or whatever the equivalent would be equal to how much premium costs might be a good idea (depending on how many ads would have to be there)
Nope I couldn't even get into the game with the amount of ads. I have adhd and this was more of a headache trying to get past the adds. We get it. Yell broke
Far to easy and just lacking fun I clocked it with all upgrades just by dealing crack and heroin between Chicago and la also guns have a bug for some reason I only have my original ak when I buy the sub the ammo doesn't go down
I totaly love this game its awesome i totaly love how it Works when i first tíme finded that i can buy cacine and go to another state i was totaly amazed . But there are some thing what should be added and fixed 1. Selling your building (not just buying) 2. I wasnt able to buy more than 6 buildings i think 3. More drugs 4. More cities 5. With Machine gun u have infinite ammo (bug) 7.Some tutorial for beginers (but dont show prices!!!! ) Thats all what i can think about amazing game good job guy
Loved the game, just a few tips to inprove the gameplay, in my opiniom, there should be rewards for certain events such as respect+ if you decide to kill the people that fight you, more police bounty if you decide to kill them when they stop you and less police bounty the more they stop you and find you clean, as the time passes, one should be able to get fired from the legal job and to get to choose more legal jobs options, these are tips to make the game 100% perfect.
Played this game for a good 2 hours. Really addictive but then some things start to fall over. - once you get to 26 years old, it stops aging up (im in month 400 yr 7) - Leaderboards and achievement are not activated. - Events happen that make you lose respect but the only way to gain respect is to buy cars. Once purchased you can't bring your respect back up? Respect system seems pointless at this stage. List goes on but limited space! So much potential, I can't wait to see future updates!
It's a fun game but they need to add more to do. I downloaded it about an hour ago and have bought everything I can on the free version. Im also pretty sure I broke the game , I was able to accumulate 1.8 billion and now when I go to buy anything it will say buy -316000 of this item and after I buy it the quantity of that item goes up even higher.
I really loved it i was amazing the only thing that I didn't like was the buying buying amd selling part I think that it needs to be explained on what u gotta do cuz I had no clue amd I spent ages figuring it out but as soon as I did I loved it amazing game. I also think u should make a campaign and a sandbox mode where u can mess around making any drug u want.
Good start. Needs work. Price paid variable is inaccurate. It should average the paid price of all items of fame tour in that item shot...instead It sets price paid variable to the last price you paid. Add loan officers. Extremely difficult to level as a dealer. Its more like urban store manager because that is what you will do. The game is severely broken. If you do not wish fix it i could. If this game is still broken in 3 weeks I'll just make my own. If you fix the deficits i will rate bettr
No matter how much you heal you will always die before you can evem get to a point far enough in the game where you have a lot of progress, cops + rivals do way too much damage no matter what you do and the extra life doesn't even work, I watched 5 ads and no extra life but the developer gets his money.
Unplayable due to back button location being in front camera location. Dev claims to have fixed this and regularly promises false update dates. Edit- after dev response of this being fixed I reinstalled and it is NOT fixed. I'm using Google pixel 4a. 1/14/21 - still no update, still unplayable Edit 2/20/21 in mid January the dev said fix and update would be available by the end of the month. Still no update, still not fixed.
good game but no real goal to advance once you get to later in game. Also glitch that happens early in game giving you hundreds of an item instead of a few, giving you thousands of unearned dollars.
Cool concept looks like its an alpha version of the game...I beat the whole game in 30 minutes. Gave it 2 stars instead of 1 because it has potential. Unless you are reading this in 2023 or later don't bother with this one.
Everytime i try to go to a new menu, like the shop, i freeze and the only way to fix it is to close the game completely. Especially after buying something. The game will save what i just bought but not keep me where i flew to. Just a little bit buggy and freezes, if further updates end up fixing this, i can see it becoming as good as bitlife ❤
This is the first time I am dropping a review on playstore and it's because I love this game I just have to do it, it's a simple yet interesting game but the longer I played it got boring because I had nothing to purchase again, no more activities, my net worth was just growing even with out me selling drugs because of my investment though, I feel like there should be more activities yet still simple, if possible make it a multi-player, attack drug lords, destroy properties, revenge your members
I really like this game but could you add back the tips that let's you know where things are crashing and skyrocketing?
Good game but it keeps freezing and then restarting me really far back. The only way to fix the freezing that i have found, is to close the app completely. Otherwise you just get a black screen.
Really fun game. You should be able to interact with the environment more in this tho. More actions would be more entertaining, bar fights, driving, meeting different people, bigger suppliers, and cartel, having the option to smuggle there product for cheaper or make dumb decisions that can get you killed, idk. It'd give you something to do other than sell drugs and age, especially for the people who pay for unlimited mode. Side tasks would be a very entertaining feature to the game.
Overall it was fun but it has only 2-3 hours of gameplay. I had everything that is not premium and after that the game is pointless... It has several bugs like I couldn't buy shotgun ammo, it was buying submachine gun ammo. The car race bets were funcky, I've placed my bet on car 4, car 1 won the race and it said congratulations car 3 won! And everytime I reenter the game my age resets, but the progress I made in business stays, so I was 20 with 474 months and 36 years in business.
The game seems fun. Though if you manage to go to negative net worth there is no way to go back and u have to start to buy negative quantities which mess with the game
It's an amazing game with lots of potential, it's just really inconsistent at times. At one point I got arrested an served 8 years but was still the same age. There were also multiple times that it said my car was keyed when I didn't have one. Another problem that I have is that when I die and watch an ad for another try at my life, it doesn't work.
The first version of this game i would have given 5 stars. The upgraded version is terrible. You people who made can fix it or watch it go under.fire the guy who upgraded in to garbage.
I think the game has a lot of potential, but unfortunately with my device the game is unplayable. I have a Samsung Galaxy A11 and the back facing camera is in the very top left of my screen, and it blocks me from being able to click the back button in game. I really did like the concept of the game but unfortunately I can't play it.
Gameplay is alright. I feel the layout of playing options could be simplified. The one thing that I'm most upset about is the settings. Like many games, there is a vibration feature and sound. These can be turned off, BUT these settings have to be turned off again every time the app is closed and reopened or you start a new game. It's very annoying.
I didn't not find much problems with it not a pay to win you can finish the game without paying theres different endings you get the best ove got was reached household name and died a maxim age
This app has real potential but its SO BORING. It's really fun in the beginning but once you can buy the AK 47 and bullets for it you can kill anyone even cops. Boring. Once you can buy lots of properties to make enough money there is no point in playing. Buying everything doesnt matter. Having millions of dollars in a drug empire means I dont deal with cops or rival gangs. I pay people to do that for me. It is a ok game but it could be a really big game that I would buy for $10 USD
Its ok. nothing unique though, no new game+ unless you pay. You can skip unskipable ads by closing app and relaunching which is faster then waiting even for ads you can skip and it saves all your details so thats a +
This game is good, but the button to go back is inder my phone camera, and I can't play. I already bought the premium.
I shouldn't get pulled over if I don't own any drugs other than that it's pretty but you need to more cars add a camaro I bought stuff for the game so you guys should add a camaro
Fun game! only wish there was more to it, after I got to the assault rifle and all the cars it was pretty easy to keep eliminating cops and strangers, except it felt like it was every other day w the respect of 80, just wish there was more places and I feel like some prices could be adjusted as to where some are manufactured in that region. Keep updating love it!
I enjoy the game, but when it says your inventory size has been updated, it doesnt update so I'm stuck buying and selling in quantities of 10. No matter how much cash is in the bank. Also I tried buying the premium to get access to jewelry and the exotic cars but it doesnt do anything when I tap the button.
I was really enjoying this until "only 1 year left" and then it forcing my game to end when I was not finished.
The main reason I am giving 4 stars to this game is after certain time you can predict the prices of the drugs and when you become expert in predicting the prices it takes no time to become a billionaire in the game. In my experience I would like to see unpredictable price of drug, different types of rumours, and some more drugs options.
I saw this and thought oh cool, drug wars. No. Not at all, this game is nothing more than a joke. Ten tries to pass a driving test? Getting stopped by the cops six times in a row only to get killed by a fight in the club the next button push afterwards, come on now. This game could be awesome but the execution of the game is terrible.
Good concept, fun game, could do with being a bit more in depth. Also experienced a bug when I got arrested at age 24 and given a 5 year sentence, I did not age past 24 or go past that year despite playing hundreds of months into the future after i was released, also didn't get any prison activities to appear There's potential here though, definitely, keep it up 😊
Fun, but short ..once I got hang of it ,it didnt take me any more than 3 hrs to own all businesses and cars available in free mode . Maybe adding a few more things and the game will stay entertaining for a longer time . Overall ,I played it for 4 hrs in a train ride and it was fun.
1. Too many ads 2. Crashes and freezes when i shop 3. Literally makes no sense 4. Price plummeting is always true 5. Ads are too long and promote fake facts Another bug: Audio freaks out and requires multiple restarts to fix
Not bad. Wish they has a way to log into the game through Google and not just Facebook and Twitter. I do t use either of them so I can't buy anything because I don't want to lose it when/if I switch phones.
Great game overall, reminds me of bitlife alot. Would be amazing if you could do more and obtain different jobs, or choose a side job. If your going the bitlife route, make it more like it but drug related. Other than that i enjoy playing it. Also stops aging at 33 years old for female and 29 for male.
This game has lots of potential but every game I play the character stops aging after awhile and when I buy an ak I cant get any ammo for my hand gun I feel like there should be more places to go (Toronto, Berlin, Moscow .etc) the game needs more random events and you should be able to interact with other dealers and your gang
Im a returner to this game i used to play the game but stopped because i technically completed it, updates were made hoping it would be better than what was used to
I kinda like the game, but less interaction, need some upgrade in the game with more interaction with other people on the game.
I wanted to like this game, unfortunately my rear camera is located on the back button so I have to restart the game everytime I want to exit the current menu, PLEASE MOVE THE BACK BUTTON TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN OR MAKE IT VERY LARGE SO I CAN PLAY THIS GAME, I really want to play the game.
Has potential to do well but needs bugs worked out, I try to do the drivers test and it takes the 500 from me and doesn't give me a license, needs to be fixed asap
Unplayable. The only back button once you open up any of the menus, is a tiny arrow in the top left of the screen. That is where many screen cameras are located, so the button is not usable. So if you open a menu, you now have to force close the game to exit it. Also the game does not recognize swipe-back function Edit- after dev response of this being fixed I reinstalled and it is NOT fixed. I'm using Google pixel 4a. 1/14/21 - still no update, still unplayable
the game has potential but needs work in the random encounters, I have made it half way through only to get attacked by a rival gang member that ends in both of us dying regardless of how powerful my weapons are. personally if there was a option where the random encounters required skill instead of pure luck I'd feel the game would be more enjoyable
The app was great before the update. Ever since it's difficult to get started and the prices are just absurd. Some things are nice but it's needs to go back to how it was.
In all it has potential, but it's not quite there. It's a start of a good "choose your own life" type of game but it's missing a lot of pieces. There is so much more that can go into it and I believe the developer(s) still have a lot to add if they wish to continue. I wouldn't say the premium is worth buying right now, it does add elements to the game but it's only a little more than what you get for free. Definitely would buy if there was more to it. For now it's a good time waster, good game.
Very fun game love the layout of the game. It gets boring after you buy everything so I kinda suggest you try out like a mafia type thing so you can recruit people and dealers to deal drug for you and you can go to war with other mafia gangs still being offline though. Overall really good game highly suggest it to everyone.
Boring... Once you have a lil'money for the weapon, fun is over. You can never die, you can only buy and sell stuff 4ever... 😃 Later Edit: - limited days/months/years to gain as much as you can (Btw the months count doesn't work. I played till like 900months of year 1) - stronger police that can get you killed - a longer version where you can die if you reach 75 years of age (if months passing is fixed) - more amount of drugs that you can buy once you reach higher ranks Much more can be done
Game was decent befor the update. Now there is no more pop up events and most of the time it wont even let me click on anything.plz fix