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Urban City Stories

Urban City Stories for PC and MAC

Is a Educational game developed by PlayToddlers located at Avenia VΓ­a LΓ‘ctea 28938 (MΓ³stoles) Madrid. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Educational game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game was fun but i didnt like that I could only go to the apartment and cafè and evey thing else i had to pay for so if they can improve that in any way i'd love that
stop hating this game it awesome and my little sister love it so much and my sister play this game every day i like almost download all of toddlers game keep up the good work :)
I LOVE UR GAMES SO MUCH. But there is a problem there are only the house and the cafe. I really want to explore the game thats why I give it a 4 star. I hope you can fix the problem!! Thank you.
I like this game so much it has everything i like but the only problem is that everything is locked πŸ™€ so i request you to please let the world enjoy your games you will be at top if you unlock some places please !! Thank you
Great game but make it free too buy things and it won't save the game with is a horrible thing cause I lose my progress
So boring can you even unlock the store something you only open like one places I wish the rest of the places like free so can you get all and all of them and it's very boring too but I mean I like it and all but just too boring that boring boringcharacter so the kids like why can't we just no by the whole stuff we can't think get it for free like it if you agree with me
Omg at first I thought this game was actually a good game and almost everything was free but then everything but 2 places arent?? Like "Hey mom can I have some food?" NO BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THE GROCERY STORE
This game is so cute and beautiful. This game is very fun and cool. The new Halloween update is so cool and great. love this game!!!!!!
This game is the worst. You can't even get into other places except your home because they are locked and you have to pay with real money. This game cannot be fun for kids if it's like this.
I like urban city I didn't notice this because it is Halloween I played a different it was not a Halloween it was normal πŸ˜‚ That's why I give it 5 stars
i get 5 stars beacuse when i start the game i go to the unlocks room and protend i have this room unlock and i play with it this is why i get them 2 stars.hi sorry for my hand writing because when i writed this i was 4 years old and now im 8 years old bye
I like this app because it's new and you can live in a life to be a urban family, snap pictures, etc. I like it shows surprises in updates like Halloween or Christmas and emotions. The urban city looks like a cross between a urban city in America and Japan.
My sister loves this game ❀️ but the only place unlocked is the cafe . She tried going to the police station, supermarket , club and grandma's house please make them for free because the things in her house are almost gone ! So please make all the places free
The first think mostly i have to say about this game is that it is awesome...but the only problem is that many of the locations are locked and...i really really want the grandma's house...but it's locked.. that's y i am disappointed..
Everything is locked I Downloaded this for my child and she came running and crying saying that she couldn't play So I took a look at the game and everything is locked 😀
This is a nice app but the main thing everything is locked and this app is based on app-purchases and this app is for kids so why you have locked please unlock all the places in every game of play-toddlers.........
This game is fine but I just wanted to say can you please add more rooms it ran out of entertainment for me for having only two places please change this so I can change my rating to 5 stars.
i really like this game but the only problem is, that you need to pay for a lot of things! So we would all apreciate it if you could change that problem...
3 stars...🀧I love the game so much because it's so realistic..u can change their clothes,clean,feed them,and lot of things...but there's some things that I don't like...πŸ˜”there's so many locked in the game... curiosity kills meeee😭I wanna go inside at grandma's house,at the bar,grocery...I need to pay real money 😭 πŸ˜”I love this app...but curiosity's bothering mehπŸ₯Ίβœ¨πŸ˜”
The game is good. But there are only 2 locations. Otherwise the game was so good. Then the game sample photo we look so good and all rooms see good all rooms are unlock.But we install this game there are 2 locations. This i see i have come angry. And i hate this game so much.
Really you need pay real money to get unlocked all... πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ add some ads and when ads done they can play in 15min. or 20min. you so adick on payments.😐😐
Good bad at the same but ok I'm mad and impressed but more rooms pls it is cool but you need to improve the quality and game itself πŸ˜‰ ok thanks but overall pretty good but not much to do I had a fight cause I did not know if 3\4 stars FIX OR else sorry but fix it pls 🀣 it would make my day
I think you need to put more stuff to do than just two things it gets pretty boring please stop just putting like two at least put if it's called I make a game you should put at least all of them except for one okay people !!!!!!!
So this game is so cool but I doulowd this game because its wold free but when I got in the game some place's are closed and I was a bit sad so I give it a 3
I like this game but i a little the one that i dont like it when i get out from the game,and then i get in to the game,but my character didn't save and i try to build again and when i want to sleep and then i get out from the game,and tomorrow i have to build it again can u plz update it so i can save it annot build it again😊 Ty if u wanna update it
I love this game so much but I can't download the full version of this app and that annoys me. Pls whoever that created or made this game should give guidelines on how to get the full version of this game as well as unlock other locations
I love your games playtoddlers you can pick a character the you can brush her hair you can color her hair and more ive super loved its
I wont lie and say i love the app πŸ˜‘it's terrible its very glitchy for some reason Also please fix the issue that i bought the game but it doesn't want to unlock the other buildings 😠😠 Other than that the game is fine πŸ˜’
I used to play this, but I deleted it. Because we only have the coffee shop and the house! The house is fine and all, but there's really nothing to do except roleplay the characters! I don't like how we need to pay like nearly everything in your games. Please, make all your games free!! You know, people out there can't even buy any! Your wasting people's money, so make it free! It's boring, so I deleted it. There are only like 2 locations you can go to, and then the rest are for you to pay! 😑😠
I love this game I would give it a hundred stars but there is no option of that so five it is but it takes very long to get in so I request you to pls fix that so that we can play it and can you pls unlock some of the places because only the house and cafe is open and I would nor perchase for it and I don't think other people either except for some people so I hope you can fix the long getting in thing and the stores thing thanks!!!!
I give it to you because it doesn't open for me when I go in the game it just red screen why does it happen open in my iPad?
When I sore this game and looked at the pictures of the games I through that it looked great and I was going to be In love with it! But... this game has disappointed me in lot of ways! The first way is that when you start the game it did end Give you any instructions at all, and I don't think it's just my phone! Secondly most of the stuff is locked and you have to pay real money! So once again the game has disappointed me! So when your looking at games to but consider not to buy this!
Urban city stories game was amazing game I am give 5 stars to this game but I will give 4 stars because it's ask real money to unlock Anther places like , police station and , Market etc etc. It's only one house. is available for this game. , So plz Remove that, and fix that to unlock. It's unlock after I will give 5 stars so plz fix That one........ Thanks 😊😊😊.
I LOVE IT!!!πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–am rating 5stars!😘 please make more games your the best 😁😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
I love it but you should've unlock all the rooms why can we have an enjoyful moment if you have to pay to unlock it all this is a good game but it's boring if you don't have all the roomsπŸ™„
This game has to pay for everything l though it's was free l don't like it l use another stuff so am removing it
Every time i open this app i cant get in. Please change that. Overall i got in once, and was very cool! I dont pay for more stuff. Even without all the other stuff, still a good game thats why i rate it 4 stars. I donloded this agian to try it and it did take a bit but i got in. Nothing works at all anymore. Do you need to have another app from this just to get in!?!
This is literally just a scene making game mixed with both Animal Crossing and Splatoon. Honestly? Could not resist installing. It just feels like all of the hairstyles ingame and in the promo images are from both games. But then again, paywalls, paywalls, paywalls. Understandable, but I feel like the promotional images should at least tell us what's free content with the installation and what isn't. But hey, who am I to complain? I can't make games.
This is the the best me and my cousin were playing alongside family and even in night we snuck in the cafe steal some food and drinks or even tablets
I like this game alot but please make it free on this game and the other ones too pls. My mom doesnt let me pay for stuff like that.
I love this game when I first downloaded keep in mind I'm 11 I wanted a game u can roleplay in and stuff I found this and said this is for toddlers I'll give it a try and u did it's a great game but pls unlock more things I don't wanna waste my money.
When I first played it the game was boring then I told my parents to buy the game for me and they did😁 and they did and I played the game and it was a good game keep up the good work πŸ‘but still unlock some places for some people if thier parents says no byeπŸ‘‹
It's kind of a good game but when you go into the old lady's house there's a little girl. In the bank there's a poster on the floor with the word lost and a picture of the little girl. Why would you put this in a children's game?!
I only dislike that fact that some of the gear and hair and items are kinda like splatoon,but otherwise,i love your games! Edit: I mean,sense you have a prop in this thats basically a nintendo swich,i wouldn't be suprised if you copied splatoon 1 & 2 but thats okay with me! Its just...weird that one of my favourite games is copying another favourite game that ive been playing longer.
Everything is locked and this is a kids game and they would need their parents to unlock the stores I could've rated better
Its a very good game and very intersting but all the games are closed i downloaded all the game ,but my net waste downaloding a waste game, very boring only in a game only two are opened only waste of time . Only time waste..... Very bad
I love this game so much.... but the only problem is, there is only some places... so much places are locked. Like the club, super market, train station, outfit buying shop and the granny's house.... all are locked. So please unlock all the places.. i am waiting....please do it fast... really liked the game so much... WAITING..........
It's an amazing game, I'm ten an di still play it the only thing is u can't rlly get much things on it without paying,
This is a great game when I downloaded it for my little girl miah she loves it she still plays it and she is 16 years old and i got it for her when she was 3 years old but make more free not just two please
hi this is a great game but I can't go for other shop all its lock that meens i have to pay in a real cash but the coffee shop is open just one shop is open and I had a condo but i want to go in supermarket but icant go its lock cause the children is hungry and we dont have foods and money please open the other shop but i will give this Five star for you fix the problem thank you β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️
I give only 1 star because when i was going to install this game i was thinking that this game will be wonderful but when i download it and play it , than i realise that this game is just a boring , boring game ever πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
I really like play toddlers but I really like if they added something new because II want to be something like a pool party place but then it's a bit for like you can watch a video for 10 minutes to be free because like everything's money in my mother doesn't like doing that sometimes like paying like things like that journalists going to stores Do something with this sorry What I said just like
This game is like you'r other Game's i don't blame it..but its fun a bit but basically i know what is locked but only five pieaces to spare not much but its fun don't complete you'r money$$ i have 567000000 Ph. Money$$ but we need to save money to make more exuses but we need to be in a trouble bit i get a bit anger bc its complecated i rated it Five stars ;)
I love the game. But what I do not like is we have to pay for most of the locations and I don't have any money and I can't place more then 2 or 4 things in the coborts or on the tables. So I would love the game more if that could change πŸ˜”
This game was really fun at first because there were a lot of buildings I would have gave a five star but when went on the game I was stuck on the home screen I so I came off the app and went back on but it wasn't working I also deleted it and downloaded it back but it still wasn't working.I also tried to download it on my sister's phone but it still wasn't working.
This game is for toddlers and you make mostly all of your games loched and these games are pretty fun but man, you gotta unlock them this game is for BABIES and if they press a button they buy it and that's a HUGE problem so please fix it and make these games free
I like this app but you need to download all the game and it thasin need a wifi ivin its good and its pretty cool to
I hate this game we can only go to 2 places 2 places! And we have to pay to get the other places isnt that a waste off money i mean like what a rip off cant they atleast make some buildings unlocked thats it im gonna delete this game
This is a very nice game I love I never get bored with this game But I have a request that plz add a car which connects to your other games . And you make so awe some games. Urban city , centralhospital and vacation stories are my favorite I sujjest all of you to download them please add a car then it will be much fun . Thank you for making this all games .
Hello its me again please i will rate the app 2 because many people just say that no more place like its just 2 place cafe and home please fix that i will rate the app 5 star but can you please unlock more place and just 1 place they just keep 1 star to 3 star only and just unlock place so that they give you 4star to 5star and me to i will give this a 5star review but can you please unlock some place to play not paying them playing them
Everything is locked πŸ”’. it's. annoying fix the problem please. otherwise people won't. play the game so if you want to be admired fix this problem please but thanks for creating the game ,I still haven't uninstall the game so fix it please 😎😎😎
I love all the games like this.. but a lot of places are locked, which makes it less fun! Please make the locations free!
I love this game. but there are so many ads. Please remove these ads.. and everything is locked only one house is unlocked even malls are locked
I like it but some place are locked u can not watch some ads,and also I need to pay is there is another way?!
It's a fun game but only a few things are unlocked and I'm a bit disappointed by that because I really wanted to go shopping Nad the characters don't interact with the things we give them like the photos it's good but those flaws are the ones that make me want to hate the game.
This game is so fire because of the people but only one place is in the game I have to pay but friends love it
I love this game because I love playing pretend! But alot of the things are locked and you have to pay for them (which I did because I couldn't resist). There are also no ads, you can change the outfits, the skin color, the hair color, the hair style, the beard style. There is a cafe and a house that is unlocked and the rest are locked but there are also a grandmother's house a store a clothing store and a club.
Hi, I really like your games but the problem is that you have to pay for a lot of stuff, most of your games you have to pay but at least make a few more stuff free like I mean the police station and stuff, please if you're reading this, other than that it's great
i mean its a good game but like when ever we eat the food it doesnt come back it only comes back if you exit the game which is a little anoying and you only get like 2 places that you can go i know that the only way to get more places to go is to buy it at least just give us more places cause only 2 is not much but it still a good game.
I don't even like this game this I played it and the only place is it has is the coffee shop in the apartment like that's dumb like you need a fix your game you need to unlock all these other places and let people play them because if you're not going to do that you're not going to get good ratings so you need to fix that
This game is superb I love this game I played this game since I was six year and now I am gonna be 9 right the rooms are not unlocked and also a lot of places are locked it needs money which I don't like please try to improve this problems please
Ive played it once before. Its okay, but really. Why make the game free when you have to pay 99% of everything, everyone, and everyplace. Oh. And, since when did you start doing a collab with Ninento?? I saw the Straw boater, cyciling shirt, a grizzo shirt, and a cap and glasses all from Splatoon. Really man.. Ninento never said they did a collab with you πŸ˜‘
The game is really nice especially wgen you unlock all the places it was so good,but i gave it four stars cause why cant we save the game,when i buy clothes or foods,when i open the game again it was all gone and the house was messy again,plsss add a save progress,and all and all its good you just need to use money and if you want many gamers to play this game add a where you can collect money game and purchase the places using this,thankyou😊😊😊
I love this game but there are alots of place that we need to buy it But i still play this game because its an cool game
I love this game!!!!But their are some stuff Id like to change.First Id like more rooms to be open.Then you can put them in a car.2 you only can go to like 2 places!!!3 and lastly the art is very poor and badley drawn please fix this and whats made me sad is it's a good game this is just sadπŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜žπŸ˜ž!!!!
This Is a good game but the problem is that you locked other things. This game could be more fun if you unlock everything. Also this is a kids game so why do you lock it. Hope you fix this problem. Thank you πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»
I don't like it because everything got to be locked they want us to pay for everything they're trying to take our money and that's the only reason why I don't like it is everything is locked that's why I don't like it because everything is so locked you can't even do nothing all you got to do is say the hotel
It was the best game ever!! But only four stars because there are many locked places and my mother don't like that because it contains real money. Sometimes it tells me were do you live when I want to pay money and my mother don't want to show it but anyways I will delete this game😠😠😑😬
I don't know but why u lock each place and we have to buy it with real money. U should remove this thing, other everything was very good.l liked ur characters and the graphics. I want u to remove unlocking the places with real πŸ’΅ money. Children can't enjoy ur game if it like this.
I really love your games but my only wish is that everything is free but maybe you could watch a ad to unlock stuff cuz I have your doctor game and the ladies can't have babies cuz it's locked and I like to think of this as a family so In the game my favorite character is a man and he has a little boy and a wife those are my favorite and the man wants another baby and so does the ladie and the little boy so if you could only make it $1 that would be epic
Its nice but the only problem we have to pay this game to play the full version its not fun its don't make us fun like the other game that have to pay to unlock the full version im tried playing on my games and the games like this. Pls fix it πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ we want to play free games.
I wouldd like to love this game before many months but now a days it isn't working. Whenever I on the game , red colour screen appears in front of me. Now u only tell me the solution 😩😫😣 . Plz. Pls. Pls. Pls. Plz. Plz.
It's actually not like that. Like when u go to a shop its a lock that u have to play for real money u can only go to one shop nothing else and like if explor its going like a cycle that its the same place all the time that's why I gave it 1 star
It's great very fun but the thing is you got to pay for the other stuff could you make all of your games free because like paying for something small is like "c'mon man"
The game is so much fun but it is not that fair because we have to pay to unlock places but i think you should change it like to unlock places you could do quizes so childern can also learn from this game to and you can also make alot of more charecters in the game like maybe grandma and a mom and a dad and a grandpa and maybe a child or a baby but it is still an amazing game i am going to give it a four!
This game is bad I love it but every thing is locked can you just make an update without purchased thing
The game is fine but a few more updates I would like are: I would love to have a 'create your own character' option and also please add pets. Add a fire station and also add a school. I know you have a individual app for that but still would be cool if you add it. Even better if you make a seperate app by adding all your apps into one single game (kinda like toca and miga world). I know this is out of topic of what I was saying but you know just a idea of your next game. Edit:No update till now!
This game is very awesome but ads are so many but I give them 5 stars 2 rooms are unlock but this game is awesome download this game now
This game was the first game I download on my phone and I liked it and deleted it but when I downloaded it again it was worse and I didn't like it
I didn't like the game . Means it would be a great game but everything is locked only boring places are open . Very bad play toddlers. Means I am not putting you down for no reason , there is reason you should have opened every places and must put a lot of people. There is only 5, 6 people in the game . And other play toddlers game was super fun I reallly liked it . But this so boring . I thought it would be so much fun . But it turned out to be really boring . Thats why I gave only 1 stars .
This is a sad sad game I find it pretty ridiculous that only your house and the cafe is open EVERYTHING else is seriously locked it's sooo upsetting. What's the point of playing it if there's nothing to do? I thought I was gonna really like this game but I proved myself wrong this is the reason why your keep getting bad reviews from people that's why No one has this game that's why you suck. Please I am begging you like a dog just please unlock everything and maybe this game will be good fix it!
All the places are locked except for the apartment and the cafe this game sucks why do you need to pay for the other places i hate it😑 you must open the other places so that you may get good reviews and stop making us pay some of us have more important things to do with our money instead of waisting it on some stupid game open the other places and stop making us pay
I hate and like this game because they only unlock the cafe and the houses like had to be plenty it is only two and one is the Grandma place they should have unlock that place to because you have to take care of her ...and of course the super market (super 7 ) is it only soup that they should drink and coffee ,tea ,water, and the juices In the fridge. so they should have even made other foods . And they should have unlock the police station and the bank .And even the train station the train
I like these types of games, but the thing is only the the cafe and apartment is open rest all is locked!!!! This is not fair😠😠😠😠😠😠😠!!,I hope all players agree,and I hope Urban stories , will make some more things free!!πŸ˜”!!Thank you..
I like this game very much,but only the house and the Cafe is unlocked.I like unlock to the train station, the grandma's house,and the grocery shop.
I agree with everyone unlock these thing and there should be 3 or 4 beds not 2 and more dinner chairs and a tv and many more
It's very CUTE!!!! I would recommend if you would update it and add more stuff in it. The characters are very cute but can you make more? There is some stuff to pay. But the game gets boring easily. Still very CUTE!
Whyyy!? It's just like all your other games!! We have to buy everything!! The only two places we have are the apartment and the cafe you have limited characters and by that I mean like five 😐 Don't mooch money off of us not all of your players have millions to use on games like this! This is why you have bad reviews!!!! I don't recommend this game unless you have millions of dollars to spare!!! And you need to hear our voices were basically screaming and shouting of the rooftops! PLEASE FIX IT
This game is great but the only problem is absolutely everything is locked. Please make these places free and not premium. This will definately bump up the game's ratings from 3 to 5.
Do not download this game 😑because 1 Only cafe and the house are unlocked.2 The house and cafe being the only thing unlocked is NEVER updated which makes the game frustrating and boring 3. At least unlock the supermarket and granny's house. 4 Create more space in the house like at least two floors so that there will be more space for the wardrobes because u can only put two items in the wardrobe which makes the house very untidy because of the close on the floor.
This game is the best game I have ever played but I have a request can we unlock items by seing adds please, Item means all the shops and all, If you will do this you will get very nice reviews,,πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
This is the worst game all the malls and places are closed never mind say nothing is open! How can we play the? Pls don't download pls or fix this problem after you fix I will install ok😠😠
I gave it 4 stars because you have to pay for everything that you want and there's not even a 30 minute trial so that you can have a go.
This is good it's amazing that a problem is that the things you have opened are quit boring all good locations are locked please open them, if not than open thoes for only 2✌days please please.
I got this game excited. But, there really ain't anything to be excited about in this game. All the places are pretty much locked. :/ pls make the places all opened!!! FOR FREE!! Very boring...most likely for 3+ if not- 5-. PLEASE, PLEASE! CHANGE THE PLACES OPEN AND MAKE I MORE EXCITINGER! Me:Downloaded (excited) Me (when I play the game): WORTHLESS
I love this game ist fun but there's one thing I don't like about it why don't you make it like you can go around without unlocking places I'm giving it a 3 rating untill you make it were you don't have to unlock the places.😁
Honestly, I have never seen another game on PlayStore with super graphics, control and movement of people. I'm very sorry to hear that the full version is not free. Please make your game full version free. Please ......πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜
Why should the game cost real money. Well I think you should fix this game because some of us will start hating this game and more like this. Please fix this game it should use at least data either than real money.l give this game 1star😠
I luv this game though i dont have the full version its dope but i recommend to fellow gamers to only download if they are willing to make in app purchases.
the game is so bad .It didn't open anything only the house and cafe. The ATM bank but I can't buy anything with that money.And the game need a lots of time to open.If the game wants 5 star so the game have to open all the place and and the time to open.Thank you.(please check the problems)