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Upgrade The Game

Upgrade The Game for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Suduck located at C/Rincón del cielo Nº 4, escalera 9 ,50022 Zaragoza, Spain. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game! Loved it! But there was one thing that happened, I reached max level on money income, and some how the income went from $20 a coin to $1 a coin. And now the game is HARD.
Really interesting concept, but not great execution. There are quite a few performance issues, my phone (S9+ in 2020) stutters when there are too many enemies on screen. Makes the game almost unplayable. As with the second game, it doesn't make sense to upgrade the graphics, it's easier without that upgrade and you get no real benefit to playing by upgrading them.
This app is very addicting and easy to play. With very few add to be seen, I recommend this app to anyone with hands and eyes.
when I opened the game and heard the music for the game i started laughing and I INSTANTLY KNEW THIS GAME WAS PERFECT
Gameplay was just a dulll same old grind to get some upgrades. It doesn't feel very rewarding after unlocking the underwhelming missiles.
It looks nice. Might come back and give the fifth star. I'm planning on marathoning the 3 Upgrade the games games.
Now don't get me wrong its amazing expect the fact that we get tons of ads from left to right atleast 2 ads before i can play it, please change this, 4/5 would play again will play again
I enjoy the idea of upgrading, and this game takes that to the next level! Sadly it's obvious which upgrades you should go for: money and dps (both direct ship damage and abilities tie into this), the rest is worthless pretty much, but that isn't what drags my rating down per se. When I upgraded background to level 3, the game started to slow down tremendously, and since abilities are tied to real life seconds, not game ticks, they became practicly useless, and I got stuck due to lag at lvl 65
it's a great game but one thing is missing the no ads upgrade or at least the less ads upgrade I know you want to make some money of of the ads but come on man don't make me watch a ad every time I'm done upgrading its annoying.
I enjoyed that you literally have to upgrade everything, followed by the simple mechanic of touch the side of the screen, and the easy way to play. Great game, 9/10
Love the series, but would be better if you could select which level on the upgrade buttons. And the controls are annoying in the first game.
Forgot to rate this game too, F. This is slightly outdated and less fancy graphics and gameplay-wise but it's still really good.
nice concept and fun game. There is a problem where after you leave the shop there is an add which is fine but it turns of the game music so you have to manually turn it back on again every time you leave the shop
Do they consist of enemies? I have an idea: From time to time, allies or new objects will join the party. 1: Bomb at LV 4, Arrow at LV 0, Ignited Bomb at LV 10, Freezer (powerup energy) at LV 12, Melter at LV 14, Shocker at LV 20, Gravitational Switcher at LV 25, Auto Bomber at LV 30, UTG2 Ship at LV 40, Crusher at LV 50, Roller at LV 70, Spiker at LV 100, Fire Arrow, Ice Arrow and Shocking Arrow all at LV 125, and The Only Survivor at LV 200. Hope you add more! (Upgrade drops are more common)
Its a cool concept but it gets repetitive eventually but still worth playing for the first couple of hours or more
Fun little game where you upgrade every aspect of it. If there is a lag spike, though, the game will glitch out, causing the spaceship to become stuck in place and phase through the enemy spaceships, then proceeds to kick you back to the start menu. This wouldn't be so bad, but when you buy the enemy explosions upgrade, there are CONSTANT lag spikes. Oh, and one more thing. If you have your sound turned off during this glitch, an extremely loud burst of gameplay sound effects will play suddenly.
I liked the game, but it gets boring by when you reach the missile upgrades and everything else is at max. Maybe lower prices would do the thing.
Gives me hopes xD. I need to contact you dev, will help with testing or anything, git a few questions for ya!! Good concept and unique (first gane i find like this)
It's pretty fun, though I stopped playing when I realised I couldn't roll back to the default non-upgraded music. Ironically, the game lost its charm because of upgrades. (Well, that plus the constant laser fire noise made it really loud- even with my phone volume super-low.)
Awesome Game! Would Recommend To a Friend if i Had Any. UTG4 Recommendation: Planet: Neptune, at LVL 90. Description: A Very Large, Gassy, Cold, Blue Planet, No wonder why Helpers And Enemies Move 2.5% Slower Than LVL 80 Enemies.
I really like this game and would give it five stars but I think the amount of ads is a bit overkill. There is a banner ad that is always at the bottom of the game, which isn't that distracting, but there is always a full screen image or skippable video ad every time you leave the shop. It is annoying, and sometimes shows up after other actions too.
Great idea for a game. But one issue: The missile costs way too much. It costed $40,000 So I bought it. But the second upgrade costs $80,000?! The missle is so bad but it costs $40,000. But I'll rate it 5 Stars cuz it's a good game
I like Upgrade The Game 2/3 but not this one because there is no music in the game and has no planets or talking phones.
Fun. 5 stars if you fix the music. It ends when i go into the shop/new level. Also i love the starting music.
Fun ans creative game where you play a simplistic bullet hell themed game. The game starts out with simple squares as graphics until you start upgrading everything, from the graphics to the stats of the ship.
I love the game, but what is max level on missile delay and missile acceleration? Pls answer. Also I'd really like to play UTG 2 and 3. Thank you for making a great game! Reply:Thanks for the help! I'll make sure I'll play UTG 2 and 3!
Its different and its something you just keep on playing. You don't get bored of it so easily. I'm also glad there is a 2 and 3 because I'm almost done upgrading the game. :)
(To show my love about this game) I 💟 this game! Thank you so much for creating this game! But, I really wish you had Upgrade The Game 4! 😢😢😢 And two more things I want to tell you, is that at the boss level, I get hit sometimes with invisible bullets! PLEASE HELP! 😥😥! One more thing is that to get rid of ads, (even fixed no ads poping up when I exit the shop) All I have to do is, JUST TURN OFF THE WI-FI! this game can also play offline.
Neat concept. I like that you can upgrade basically everything including the main menu, game buttons and such. Game is a bit short and gets repetitive after all upgrades but it's not bad at all. Give it a try.
I've loved every version of the game 1 - 3 I hope you continue to make more and more of these! Thanks for being awesome and making this.