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Up Left Out

Up Left Out for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Rainbow Train located at Miedzylesie 32 66-213 Skąpe. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Thanks for the fun puzzle! Enjoy playing it. It would be good if we can view all the levels after completion of the game, or at least some indication on which level is currently in during the game, I kept wondering how many levels are left while playing....
This game should be used in a master's level course in game design. The designers understand the concept of "show, don't tell" perfectly. The puzzles are extremely difficult, but fair. Oh, and no ads to be seen.
The game is challenging, but enjoyable. It starts easy and gets more complex as one completes each level. There were a few of the later puzzles that I needed to exit and restart fresh to be able to coordinate the pieces in a way that would solve that level.
NEED MORE LEVELS! I already own the other rainbow train games and have finished all but oO. The puzzles are fun and non repetitive and usually become quite complex. I just wish there was more! I finished this one in just under 3 hours or so.
Finally, a game that takes your boredom but not your money, its so simple but still makes you think to solve the puzzle, overall very fun.
This game reminds me of Unblock Me. It follow the same simple sliding concept, deceiving simple puzzles, and a good time drain for when you need to kill time. It's a great simple game that is language agnostic and for minds of all ages. I just wish there was a rotate left and rotate right button rather than a single rotation button.
I remember messaging the guy behind Rainbow Train years ago because I loved Hook so much and now, years later, his games are still such a joy to play. Not too hard, not too easy, and always satisfies you when you figure things out. I also love the soundtrack for this game.
This was brilliant, a very clever concept, elegant graphics, addictive and a genuine challenge to finish. There are no instructions, you figure it out for yourself, but it starts off very easy so you learn as it gets more difficult.
This is one of the best offline puzzle games I have played till date. Perfect level of difficulty. Got it on sale for free, but it is completely worth the price. No ads, and very minimalistic. All of the games from this developer is awesome!
Played the whole game. It was fun and got more challenging as the game moved along. Has similar elements to other game named clocki with new twists. To the Author of the game: I truly wish you would make a follow up to HOOK. HOOK was a fabulous game, as was Klocki. Only problem is the game ends when it starts getting good. Right at the time you wish it would go on much longer.
Fun, difficult for me because I never played a game like it and I am nearly 60, but for now it's fun. Grateful to developer for making an ad-free game, no in-app purchases, just generous thing to do. I know how time-consuming adding more levels would be for one person, so thanks for what you have done.
Great puzzle game. No timers or limited number of moves, slightly challenging but relaxing at the same time. The graphics are simple and pleasant, and the sound effects are very satisfying.
Despite poor naming, Up Left Out is one of the prettiest/cleanest and awesomest puzzle game out there. I can imagine some people would feel upset about the lack of tutorials but that's actually part of the experience. Whenever a new feature/level is unlocked, it's up to you to figure out what it does. I finished everything and sincerely wish there was more. Really nice, fun, and a bit challenging puzzle game. I played ~4 puzzle games from this developer and they're all nice! ❤️ Available offline
The game is simple. No ads, very peaceful. Nothing is thrown at you. You learn everything intuitively. I feel enriched and my logical skills feel refurbished! I liked it all in all.
Great puzzle game. The lack of a hint system made it very enjoyable to me. It makes you think in order to progress, not just push a button for a hint, quickly solve, then move on to the next level. It was very relaxing to play. Great way to wind down a day. I agree with many others, although there are pleanty of levels, when you reach the end it feels too short. Would love to see more.
Please add support for Google Play Games achievements. Just as a small reward for us players going through the game levels. Thanks.
This is a very short, but challenging game. It is very fun, no ads, and you just get started right away. 10/10
Its very fun as well as a good time killer app. Some levels will need a bit of thinking but they're not extremely hard and will not kill the fun and they bring satisfaction upon completing it.
Fun little puzzle game without any nagging or nickel and diming. It will take a total of a few hours to finish it all, although replayability is limited. Overall, it's worth the few dollars.
Good brain tickler. Some levels are quite tricky, but they're definitely worth the effort to complete. Shame there are so few levels though, hopefully there will be more added soon. I would happily pay for a longer version of this game. Congrats to the author.
Great game and concept but there needs to be a hint of some sort. Either for watching an ad or after playing that level for x amount of time, there needs to be hints. I get stuck and close the app.
Just. Wow. This is a greatest game ive ever played! It's brain challenging, There is no ads! Not. A. Single. One! I really enjoyed this! Thank you Rainbow For developing this great game! Thank you thank you thank you so much! But it's ended sadly, I have solved so much puzzles! I think its over 100! I am addicted to this! Thank You for such a game. I really enjoyed this game! This game is Super amazing compared to cash grab games Like the games of VOODOO. This game has no ads! Thank you! Thanks!
An offline game with unique mechanics and progressively harder puzzle. Simple yet elegant design and gameplay. Beautiful music that suits this game and calms your mind. No Ads. (You should also check other games made by this company. It's fun and unique.)
Super fun. Has kept me busy over the past 3 days and finally finished it! Making of the puzzles was delightfully thoughtful. Design of the app was the cherry on top.
Great little puzzle game! I'm glad it ends after many levels, otherwise I'd never have put down the phone!
Really worth the price. Great puzzle game, adds new, little mechanics as it goes and combines them with the old, making it refreshing. I really liked that it doesn't have a hint system too. Also very good level design.
Wonderful twist to a slider puzzle game. Hopefully more levels are released. The game does feel incomplete without a menu, level guide and settings that save. I personally dislike background music and sounds playing in a game. I'd rather not have the music turn on automatically every time I open the game.
I was pleasantly surprised with how good this game is. Purely original and creative concept, execution, and level design. Constantly plays on its mechanics in clever new ways. One of the best puzzle games I've played on mobile.
This is a fun little game. Although it needs a lot more puzzles. It would be nice if it had a timer and/or a "moves" tracker as the puzzles get progressively challenging. I'd like to see how quickly I can do each puzzle and how many moves it takes me to complete each puzzle. Other than that, it's a good fun game.
Excellent puzzles! Great sounds! Rich animations! Totally loved it! This may be the first and possibly last puzzle game i was addicted to. Most of the puzzle games will get bored easily. But not this one! This one is casual, soothing and sometimes confuses us to the core! 😎 Totally worth it.
From a fan of kinetic puzzles: Challenging, but not enough that I got fed up and used a guide or uninstalled, just enough to kick me into stubborn mode. For puzzles, that's what I consider the sweet spot. Well done!
The game is pretty great honestly. The levels are not too easy, but not too hard either. They provide a decent blend of difficulty while also being easy enough to learn the gimmicks in each of the levels. I always felt intrigued in solving the puzzle with every new level that popped up, but with 50 puzzles, it felt pretty short lived to be honest. If there were more levels with more gimmicks, I would definitely keep playing it.
Very nice puzzles, some are challenging but would appreciate solutions for those levels that are really tough(I've completed all puzzles but hoped there were solutions at some points). Also would have thought there would be a menu to see which levels you've completed/how many remaining however there is no menu at all.
Really fun! There was no tutorial but the game reveals all the mechanics bit by bit. This app unfortunately does not have unlimited levels, which was sad, but it made a good job keeping me hooked on it for a few days. A good game to play if you're bored, or if you wanna listen to a podcast in the bg. :)
I finished the game. It's decent enough. And yes, i got stuck at 1 level but just need more thinking time into it. I got it for free though. And so i give you 9/10 Stars for a decent game. Oh and this game doesn't need internet connection. So you can play offline. I will look up for another game from you. See you next time 😉
Amazing game. Free, no ads and enough content. The puzzles are medium dificulty. I got stuck on tow but only because I was stupid and I couldnt see the obvious.
So enjoyable! The puzzles are thought provoking and present the right amount of difficulty. Worth a buy.
A little on the easy side due to the freedom the mechanics give you. There was potential for more challenging levels, but there were only a few of them towards the end of the game. Could use a level selection menu.
Loved it! Wish it had more levels though. But i think thats how you feel about every good game. It didn't feel too short and unfinished, or too long that you lose interest. The puzzles are great! Not too hard. With a little concentration, you can complete every level. Engaging enough to keep you going too!
Nice little puzzler to pass time with, the graphics compliment the simplicity of the gameplay but not the complexity of how it works. Wish it had been longer as was enjoying the puzzles. But all in all a good puzzler worth a go.
This was the third game by this dev I've played. Just finished it today and loved it. It's a nice break from the day. Easy to pick up for a few minutes here and there.
Not only a great puzzle game, but a great game in general! None of the levels leave you feeling frustrated or dumb, but instead incentivize you to think through the puzzle. Very innovative and creative!!!!
It's a cool game with different gameplay. Quite challenging but not too hard. More levels would be great, though.
Love this game but wish it was longer. I had finished the game Unpuzzle at the end of last year and was looking for something similar so I was so happy to come across this and not disappointed at all! Highly recommended to everyone who likes puzzle games. Small request to the dev though... Make more levels or even better make sequel! 😉
What starts out as a fun, meditative puzzle game grows into one that is surprisingly deep and demanding. The learning curve and the wordless introduction to new mechanics which actually stick around for the rest of the game are all superb.
I've probably completed this about 7 times by now and I still enjoy it. It's quite simply a great pass time activity
Simple, stripped back and relaxing. Good fun. Wish there were more levels or even high difficulty though
Brilliant puzzle game. Beautiful sleek and intuitive design using no words at all but still conveying what each object does and how to use it. Great puzzles that made me feel very smart solving them. Highly recommended.
This is a very charming and simple puzzle game. The concepts are introduced very well even without any instructions popping up. I liked that there are no moves that are considered a mistake that needs a reset button to fix. Enjoyed my time with it, though it would have been nice if it was a bit longer. I love that there's only one puzzle that shows text afterwards and its thanking the player for playing the game
Great concept easy game to waste time with. Annoying that you can't see how many levels you have, how far through the game you are, I always play in silent so no idea re the music. Easy to control. I like the no tutorial or help, but don't like the non save if progress. Complete a puzzle, move forward, struggle move back previous level is open to be done again. Progress status would be nice. I think I have completed all puzzles but how do I know?
i review rarely like this gem i found.. its was the perfect game for me..i have tried many no of games but sooner or later become bored over the game.. and this game made me sad when i finished the levels .. i hope there should be many no of levels to solve.. keep the good work DEVELOPERS ! BE PROUD
Good idea but needs some polish. Lags badly on startup, doesn't have a tutorial, has no settings menu, and it hides the navigation & status bars automatically without an option to disable that. Besides that, it's a fun game that's challenging without being overly difficult.
Finished this game in just 1 day. Need more levels. If there are more levels than an only puchase it, otherwise don't pay for this game only for just one day. You will surely finish this game in 1 day.