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UP 9 Hexa Puzzle! Merge em all

UP 9 Hexa Puzzle! Merge em all for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Crazy Labs by TabTale located at 24 Raul Wallenberg, Ziv towers, Building D, Tel Aviv, Israel, 6971924. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
nice game. as a color blind person, the two tannish colors were too close for me to tell apart. i thought the game was impossible until i discovered the difference.
can't rate. don't know and can't find the rules... looks like it could be a challenge, but until i know what i'm supposed to be doing here, can't weigh in intelligently. Okay... a little smarter now, so: GREAT game!!! takes 5 min. to learn, a lifetime to master. Like GO. The only rule is: be all YOU can be and the game will reward you.
I was really enjoying it but then it stopped letting me watch any ads so I can't earn hammers, etc. Very frustrating. I also would have liked to known the instructions and some strategy before I started playing the first time.
Really loved this game but kept freezing on me. Tried quite a few times and waited it out but would freeze again. Has to uninstall it . Would give you 5 stars except for freezing part so I'll do 4.
Good game, fun, easy, strategy without being overwhelming. Constantly crashes and I lose my game, having to start over. Controls are a bit buggy too, sometimes I'll place a piece rather than spin it.
EDIT: What a bummer, the game is fun, but the ads are awful, just awful. From pop ups to free galaxy 8s, right in the middle of game play. Then losing games in the middle of playing. Really awful. The game would be fun, but I end up ticked off the entire time due to interruptions. Every game I play has ads, but this one has the worst and most intrusive ads. ** I quickly loved the game, but the ads are RIDICULOUS! I understand in order to keep it free there has to be some ads, but this game is swamped with them.
Game would be okay if you fixed all the problems. Takes too long to load then it freezes CONSTANTLY especially if you are playing well at the time. Definitely uninstalling!!!
It's an interesting concept, and a well-made presentation, but it's not compelling enough to make me want to keep playing, and the balance beween difficulty and “ad extortion” is way off. Also, the rules are arbitrary and not well explained, making strategy planning difficult or impossible. E for effort.
I like the game. I liked it better when I could watch the prize ads and use my hammer button and such. I can't do any of that and I feel myself getting frustrated and really not a fan anymore.
my phone busted no matter where I looked I couldn't find this game. I thought I was going to explode. for the love of God somehow somewhere there needs to be some way to find this game when you end up getting a new phone it takes all the stress from your life even just for a few minutes and it melts away I absolutely love this game please never leave me again
I used to play this game to kill time while waiting for an appointment. Now it has begun freezing up mid game and stays stuck. It freezes my entire phone so I cannot even force close it. Not enjoying so much and may uninstall.
game is fine, BUT: the developers are a bunch of idiots. in their greedy intentions they killed the game. For any feature used you wait 24 to 30 sec. Player can even forget what he requested by the end and, if he is not using it it loses. Lol. other thing is that the game is power hungry, eating up battery in no time, which translates into background activity that might not be all honest. good bye f...kers good luck in your future endeavors.
Fun game but it doesn't work right, makes it not fun😣wats wrong with this game all my other games work right
Fun, but ads would auto open the play store, and sometimes you couldn't close them. also, this game overheats my phone and eats through battery super fast. sad because I like the game.
I find this game great fun! But, the prizes, watch an ad for a hammer etc are ridiculous. They only randomly work. It's very annoying to have to watch 5+ ads to receive nothing & have to restart games.
Really fun game, but the ads popping up in the middle of gameplay and not being able to close them is obnoxious. And it overheated my phone so bad, ot automatically shut it down. Sorry, deleting. Too bad, the game was fun.
I would really like this game if the prizes worked. I play on android . Please fix . Thank you bunches. Thanks for fixing my game . Playing a lot. Very easy to play. Thank you for fixing the game for me. Play constantly.
This app is a resource hog. It eats battery and my phone gets hot when I play it. The adds get locked up and there is no way to exit them. Until they can make this more resource friendly I'm deleting it.
Really like this game, but it keeps freezing and shutting down. I loose my progress because it crashes. Disappointing bc it could be fun it I could play through a whole game.
Once when my screen isn't freezing and your sight is trying to hack my email... that may be bad for business.
Great game but unfortunately keeps crashing. I've uninstalled it and reinstalled it but still the problem reoccurs
WAS a really nice, fun puzzle game, before an update broke it. Ever since the 4/15/2020 update it just keeps crashing. Hoping the devs fix it soon.
They have made the game almost unplayable. The ads at the bottom freeze the game and cause it to crash
Obviously, if you have ads that we can't click out of when they are finished, that open the play store, instead of returning to the game, you surely don't expect people to play your game. Right?
I like this game, but there is a glitch that the game sometimes does not end even though there is no valid move except for maybe using a hammer which I do not want to waste. I hope they can fix it soon.
I love this game but each n every time i go to play it, it freezes up and doesnt respond! Very frustrating! Please fix it!
A bit hard to understand the concept but as soon as I got it, I was hooked! The only suggestion I have is I would love levels instead of just ongoing to beat a score.
Brilliant and challenging. Takes a while to get the knack. Much like chess, needing to visualise how your move will impact what happens next. Perfect balance of luck and skill.
I have loved the game, but every since I hit level 6 the ads have been coming in and making everything freeze. It won't let me play so please fix this issue.
Another garbage game where the ai is designed to withhold the numbers you need until you've blocked the space you need it for. Only NOW, it can also put it in the middle of a 4 piece unit so you have to screw yourself over further or still not be able to place it. These aren't strategy games, they're blatant tools of frustration and irritation. Avoid like the plague.
Awesome little concept. Takes all the best bits of Tetris and 2048, and gives a really cool little addictive puzzler
Fun game with a couple bugs to work out. Mid-game, it gave me an offer I declined. Not an external ad. Then it reset my game and score 27k+. Just reset me again for no reason.
Love the game. However the irregular freezing to the game is annoying, especially if I just started playing. Few bugs need fixing.
This game was great until they changed the ad delivery and ads started popping up in the middle of a game. It now pops up redirects to the play store over and over during game play. Deleted.
The game keeps closing in the middle of game play. When I reopen the game it is not where I left off. This usually happens after a great combo move. Would really love the game if this did not happen.
FREEZE FIX? I had the same issue, concerning the game freezing up my entire phone. Very frustrating. But, I found a simple fix that worked with my phone: Uninstall, then reinstall. Not sure how it worked, but it did. No more freezing for me. Hope it works for you guys. At least until the devs find a fix.
Wow this is the most unstable game I've ever played. I can't get through a single game without the app crashing. It's a fun, addictive game, but the amount of crashing is unbearable. Worse, after the crash, your score is lost. Others have mentioned this app is a resource hog and I agree, it just runs down your battery. Just a lot of problems that need to be fixed.
This is a really fun game, but it freezes up constantly! I've uninstalled it because it's too frustrating.
Fun and addictive. Even my young grandson likes it. It makes you think and use logic. I rarely give such good reviews but this game is hard to put down!
I love this game. So much so ,I paid for it. With that being said, I still see ads and can not stop them. Sometimes I don't see ads, then I do. I think I deserve a refund since I am playing the unpaid version anyway
The App is not good for your phone. Even setting my screen to the dimmest setting, after 5 minutes of play it would make my phone SO HOT. It would also randomly close the app in the middle of games. Also, the adds are every time a new game starts. It's annoying.
Fun game. I gave a three (3) for a few reasons: the videos to get more points don't work at all; the game freezes up a couple of times if you play for more than an hour; the game frequently gives you the last set of numbers that cannot fit on the board. When this happens, you have to pay 20 points to get the game to reset to a clear board.
I don't like this because every game there is an ad at the end and I know if it's free it needs ads but there are too many ads,I'm deleting this game!!
This stupid game forces ads after every single level with no option for ending them. Clicking the X on the ad does nothing, neither does using the back button. Ob oxious