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Unwanted Experiment

Unwanted Experiment for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Dark Dome. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence, Scary Content) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
what a brilliant game! loved the story telling. great graphics and the music was so beautiful too!! i recommended this game to all of my friends!! simply brilliant.
Yes I came to the part where you have to play the stereo and match the icons to the locked shelf , and I had all icons matching and drawer did not open!
Would have loved it to be longer, but I really enjoyed it! Only thing that was annoying was that I didn't see the arrow at the radio. I figured it needed power somehow, but I didn't realize I needed to turn it around until I got a hint. Otherwise, really fun and hope to see more!
It's such a shame that most of the puzzles and connections can't be made logically. Who will guess the number of beeps would help to open the lock of door? sounds meh.
Can you save Ari, if you are quick enough? Can you kill the scientist if you use the purple goo? Good enough to play through (excellent both the jump scares and the subdued unsettlingness), but I'm not (yet?) invested enough to replay it straight away. A couple puzzless too convoluted, but overall a really good balance. Looking forward to more content!
Fun playing it, had a bit of a trouble figuring out in the beginning but got the hang of the puzzles as I played on, well scripted and easy to use interface!
Puzzle difficulty was good, story line was interesting, graphics were good. The endings in these games are novel. I will continue checking out games from these devs. Nice that they are free, and the ads non-intrusive, for the most part. I don't mind watching an ad to get a hint, and the ads between achievements are short.
You should add a donate button for those who want to support! A very fun and short escape game with puzzles that weren't impossible to solve and didn't require memorizing two pages of codes. I agree with other reviewers that Dark Dome is definitely up there with Rusty Lake. Art style is distinct and yet feels nostalgic. Switching between characters was cool. Super generous with the ads as well, not too many. I replayed this right away to see if there were multiple endings, but there was just one
This was fun. Quite short, but good puzzles that made me work. Very Rusty Lake in style, but nowhere near as dark!
Great graphics with music to match. Control is a little bit laggy, there's a little pause (around β…“sec) after clicking item. Not so hard, especially if you're a die-hard fan of Rusty Lake games. Finished it within 1Β½ hour and no hint, I think it's better to add harder puzzles. Nonetheless it's superbly awesome, even more so because there's no intrusive ads, just a still ads once every 15 - 30 mins.
Great game. I really really like it. Keep it up. Godbless to all of you. I wish this game have many version or parts or another puzzle. So again keep it up guys
This was so smart, clean, and fun! None of the puzzles felt like they were tricks or purposefully vague, and when I did use the clue feature I didn't mind the ad feature at all. The advertisements were in the right place and never took away from the experience. Definitely would recommend for an hour or two to complete puzzle room!
Nice Storyline with really fun experience. Clues are hard, but by noticing little things you get them.
Had a fun time solving the puzzles, however the sliding puzzle(Fish Puzzle) was pretty irritating and I will request you to not add such puzzles.
Just a recycling of other games with the same puzzles and a bit of illogic to make it seem different.
Fantastic game. The art is fun and creepy, and the story was simple but also fairly creepy. A little short, but great nonetheless! And I'm stoked that if you needed a hint it didn't try to make you use "coins" or money, but simply had you watch an ad. I like that.
I genuinely love these types of games. The artwork is great. The controls are great. The gameplay is great.
very interesting and mindfullgame . IITIAN student must play this game without hint. I never play this type of game in my life.🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Dark Dome is rapidly becoming one of my favorite escape game publishers, up there with Rusty Lake, Neutral, and the Submachine series. Beautiful art, clever puzzles with logical (if tricky) solutions, a seamless interface, and a compelling story combine to make a phenomenal experience. I have played all three games currently out, and am eagerly awaiting their future releases.
Fun Game but very confusing at the beggining. It is like some puzzles are made confusing on purpose to rely on the ads.
This game is pretty hard to win without needing to search for the answers online, but it's still a really good game, A good story, I really enjoyed the drawings and the small animations! I think that's what other escape games are lacking; drawings and a story. All Dark dome games are perfect!
Excellent! Great job on this Rusty Lake- style game (similar art style with less of the dark undertones). I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, only wish it was longer!! Can't wait til the new game comes out!! :)
Great puzzle game. Some interesting twists on some puzzles, including one I solved by accident. I look forward to your next one.
If you like the Rusty Lake or Forbidden Hill series. You will like this. The answers are not too obivious, but solvable after some careful examination and thought. I didn't need to look at a walkthrough. Puzzles were challenging enough to occupy me for a few hours. Thanks. Good game.
Super impressed with this escape/puzzle game! After RL nothing else was comparable but this is a close second. I appreciate the creative storyline and challenging puzzles. Good job and will check out other games from Dark Dome :)
I loved this game so much if you likes this game i would also recommed you check out there other games which are just as good but i do prefer "nowhere house" as it takes more time
I've really enjoyed all your other games, however this one seems to gave a bug? I entered the correct combination into the padlock on the door, and I can't get it to open. It's really unfortunate because I'd love to finish this one.
Played this in search of something as good as Rusty Lake series. If it were longer it would be as good. Clever puzzles, clean art and story, spooky atmosphere (though less so than Rusty Lake). But it was only about an hour of play. Keep up the good work and the installments of Hidden Town mysteries! Will play the other Hidden Town titles to see if you were able to make them any longer.
I love the escape games from this creator and can't wait for more. The story lines are all creative and thought out, the puzzles are challenging but not impossible, the art style is super cool, and normally i turn sound off on games but not on these. 10/10 would recommend
One thing that I hate is, you can't skip puzzles using hints or something. I'm stuck on the puzzle where you need to arrange the tiles to match the fish painting and there's no way to skip that. Totally ruined what could have been a really good game.
There's this ad that pops up and there's no way of getting it off my screen. I even uninstalled the game and it still pops up. Now I can't finish the game.
Bloody brilliant . I cannot complain . Overall, absolutely engaging , visually as well . Can't wait for more from you guys !!
I love this game its amazing but its kinda hard- I have a idea for a new game (part 2) where you escape the prison. I also think that there should be a game that you play as chris (the guy in the notebook) please do this and give me some credit on those if ya do- anyway i highly recommend playing
Fun game. Not overly difficult. One glitch when selecting jar as game should get stuck. Was able to reset by exiting game and restarting. Otherwise, pretty enjoyable. Thanks
Didn't enjoy this one as much as the witch one...a couple of the puzzles were counterintuitive and so difficult that I needed to use the full set of hints to figure them out.
Was lookin for some good mad scientist-themed games, this one scratched that itch! Puzzles weren't too difficult but still made ya think. Perfect for someone like me who doesnt play many "escape the room"-type games. Pop-up ads were a tad annoying, but I wouldnt take a star for that. Developers gotta make money somehow yall :)
Definitely reminds me of Rusty Lake games. Easy enough that clues weren't as necessary. There's a 9-piece slider puzzle that will stop your progress unless you can do it, with no way to bypass it, though.
Awesome game! Keept me entertained and it was great all in one. The stories in these games are alwasy awesome as well. If played the girl in the window too and plan on playing nowhere house as well!
Nice game. Not quite as entertaining for me as the Rusty Lake games but well worth playing. Reasonable length. I despise slider puzzles and there is one in this game.
This series is one of the best series I have played in my life. Thank you for this game and I hope you make more games like it. πŸŒžπŸ€πŸ’–β£οΈπŸ’›πŸ­πŸ€πŸ»πŸŒΌπŸ§πŸ‘πŸ»
This was a great playthrough that had a room escape feel to it, love the mechanic of changing characters to solve problems and the puzzles were fun to figure out, though some were pretty hard and require thinking outside the box or just going for a hint. Story is very dark Americana feel even with devs coming from Peru and mysterious and interesting. Love the pulp comic look and feel as well. Check this out, so we can get More from DarkDome. Support Devs!
Overall great. However there is one puzzle that requires sound on, but the game doesn't let the player know that. I spent quite a while and had to get a few hints to discover that. That knocks off a full star.
Smart, fun and challenging to the right degree. Great game, as is The Girl in the Window. I'm off to begin Nowhere House now. Keep making these gems please devs!!
This game is so AMAZING! The puzzles are soo much fun!The most thing I loved was that you can get hints easily not like other games. The idea of the story is so Wonderful! The end is so unexpected, too. I wish they can make more games like this.
Overall very enjoyable! Sometimes in games like these I get too frustrated with the puzzles to enjoy it, like if they make no sense, but not this one. I'm only not giving five stars because the ads usually wind up being literally impossible for me to exit on my phone, making me have to exit the entire app and come back in, and often needing to redo sections because it hadn't saved.
My only complaint is that you can't skip puzzles and I'm hopeless with with sliding puzzles. Took me about 20 minutes. Everything else was great, thank you.
The puzzles are challenging but not super hard. Ads are not intrunsive (only when hints are needed) I love the graphics! Really enjoyed it!
I like games that are tricky but not impossible to solve and this one had a good balance. I like that the hints don't just give you the answer but really are clues to nudge you along. And the story was interesting too.
Wonderful game with original puzzles and beautiful graphics. Very relaxing. Can't wait for the new game! P. S. One little complaint: too many used items in the inventory by the end of the game.
Amazing gameplay! Great artwork! Pleasure to play the game. Looking forward to a hidden world universe! A suggestion would be to include spoken dialogue in the game. Quirky voices always go a long way!
Just like the other one its awesome and it really amazed me however its a little different and harder but it never change how i like the game ... So over all its very good ... Cant wait to play your next game 🀣
Wonderful game. Every aspect of the game is so well conceived; the storyline, the puzzles, even the way hints are presented, are all very clever. I totally enjoyed it from start to finish.
A great escape room game with well chosen music and style. Some of the puzzles were quite challenging, but not frustratingly so. Thanks so much!
Fun game. Puzzles weren't hard but they weren't too easy either. I couldn't see the bird but other than that, it went pretty well. I enjoyed it.
Interesting but short story, nice graphics, and it's easy to move around in the game. The game was challenging (I did get stuck a couple of times and needed a hint) but that's all part of the fun. I'm downloading the other Dark Dome games and can't wait to play them.
I usually provide feedback only after completing the game, but can't wait this time to express how I impressed by this game! I'm fan of puzzle games, completed hundreds and hundreds (I never use hints or walkthroughs, except very rare cases), and the "unwanted experiment" will be definitely in my "golden 10" collection of the best ever adventure-puzzle games. Love it.
Again, another beautiful game with exciting stories, packed with challenging puzzle, not disappointment at all
Oof played all three games of Dark Dome, and they were all short and fun! The animation and story is simple and nice! Ackkk expecting more!! Keep up the good work!
Well done! I enjoyed your novel aspects (ie: sink, origami & microscope features). Nice & clear drawing. There was room to expand the game to make it longer but it stands alone well. I really appreciate being able to silence adverts so my library audio book (via free Overdrive app - HIGHLY RECOMMEND!) can resume play. Thank you for an enjoyable mornings distraction.
Loved it! Some of the puzzle kicked my tushy, but I loved that it was a good challenge and the solutions made perfect sense. More please!
The puzzles were challenging enough for it to be entertaining and engaging but not too hard until you feel like giving up. The style was very nice. Enioyed it thoroughly πŸ‘πŸ»
Love this game so much!I wish it was longer but other than that it's awesome!Please keep making games like this!
I played all 3,they are incredible good,interesting,good stories and enjoyed very much,thank you πŸ‘Œ
Awesome game across the boards! Graphics, music, plot, atmosphere and puzzles are great. Please develop more games like this!
Oh! I loved the experience the puzzles were like two tier which I absolutely loved. The execution was smooth and the story line was good and not too complicated.
Honestly,some part of gameplay like the living origami animals and the tiny amoeba in the key made no sense,specially since the games plot is science fiction oriented not magic.
Fun escape game, 2nd in the series I played. Like how the story is developing so far. Got stuck at times and needed walk through where youtube helped. Looking forward for more. Probably my 2nd favorite after rusty lake cube escape series
Excellent, especially for a free game. The ads are not too intrusive, the puzzles were clever and fun to solve, great graphics, responsive controls, and I loved the dual characters working together between the locked door to escape.