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Untangle - Logic

Untangle - Logic for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by App2eleven located at Hayarden 11 Kiryat Motzkin Israel. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Simple but challenging. I like the game. But I wish the DOT were smaller or maybe more translucent. When several dots are close together, it's hard to know which one you're grabbing. But my biggest complaint is probably the fact that anytime you start the game over again, it starts playing the music again. And you can't mute from the Play screen. You have to go back 2 the list of all the games. If I find another version of this game, I will probably delete this one and upload the other one, if it has the mute features I want. Until then, I will keep playing this one
Ad central with no way of turning them off. There's not even an option to pay to turn them off. If the developers included an option to disable the ads. I would have given it 5 stars!
Love this! Gets more challenging as you go. Am on level ninety something and it's taking me longer to solve the tangles. Kind of frustrating. Lol Recommend. Highly enjoyable.
Pros: Wonderful game to kill time and exercise your brain at the same time. Beautiful graphics, musics and fireworks... Don't need gems or gold to play! Cons: Doesn' have individual players/users account.. if I play up to level 30 another player cannot play a new game on the same device and don't need to start at level 1.. It doesn't have stages/ level progession like most other games. Though I notice the level started off with the easy puzzle and gradually ends with the more difficult one...then repeats that pattern again. Conclusion: This is a great game to play and work out for the brain. It can still develope it to be more interesting and exciting.
I would give it five stars if there was a way to get rid of the ads. The only other complaint I have is that there aren't enough levels! :)
Change the music .... G mixolydian scale in reverse....something to stim the ol' grey cabbage....playing whilst be drunk lotsa laughs
dig this game alot.....simple and occupies my mind while rewarding me with the want to progress through levels..........
Simple. Minimal. Lacking in the best way possible. It's exactly what it says it is: you untangle a mess of lines. Absolutely perfect. If apps could be elected president, this one would have my vote. It's all it says it is. No lies. No tricks. Minimal ads, if any at all. I've had this app all of two weeks, and I've gotten four ads in total. It's fantastic. I can't think of a way to improve it. So very nice. Unless you want bright flashy colours and 1,000 ads, this is the perfect untangle app.
I have no patience untangling things like necklace chains! This game though is actually relaxing and I'm really enjoying the challenge!
At first I wasn't sure how to play because there was no tutorial please fix this game because I would like to be able to recommend this app to my friends and family
Nice game, fun and challenging. To get 5 stars add a mute button that saves my preference. Happy I found this one.
Interruption advertising, and it offers no way to keep the sound off. And when you do, it doesn't cover the absurdly loud adds
I love untangling games and this one is one of the best! My only complaint is that it doesn't encompass my entire screen. It would be easier to play if it used all my screen real estate. Thank you. Pixel 2 XL UPDATE: STILL A FUN GAME BUT A FEW TOO MANY ADS FOR THE AMOUNT OF MINUTES PLAYED. ONEPLUS 8 PRO
Pretty challenging, simple but hard enough to want to play more. The only bad thing I have to say is that sometimes you have to touch the circle twice in order to move it but it's not a big deal. Even if it doesn't get fixed I'll still play it
An ad that shows a booty shaking is not pleasant to see during the game. The dots are awkward to navigate. Maybe this game is better played on a tablet than a phone.
RELENTLESS apps that make the game experience frustrating and destroys any potential enjoyment you might get from untangling these puzzles. Avoid this game until they get their ads under control.
Love this classic game, this version has frequent ads and request to rate. That's about avg for free game.
Would you like an AD with your AD? Great because you'll gets ADs with ADs on top of ADs! You'll spend more time watching ADs than playing this game.
5 stars because it is exactly what it says it is. Easy to use. However, I honestly found it to be very boring.
I like the game mechanic but ads after every second or third level is annoying. If you can tolerate them, then this is actually fun. I, on the other hand, will pass.
I get that people make money on the ads but considering you get ads on the game screen, in between solving them and during solving them it makes "playing the game" more frustrating than enjoyable. You should just rename it "solving the multiple ways to close ads". I don't mind the small ad up top while working on the Untangle puzzle as it's out of the way and in between solving a puzzle might make sense if the puzzles took more than five seconds...
Fun and Challenging! The puzzles grow quickly in complexity. The ads are very non-intrusive and do not interfere work game play.
Hated how the music always comes on at start. Many times the puzzle was solved but it didn't register.
It's not a bad game,but would be better if the ads weren't so close to the game board. Too limited on space sometimes to move dots around. Otherwise a good game.
I've tried quite a few Untangles, and this is the most elegant. Ultimately they're all the same, but I like this one.
The game was fine, the ads made it unplayable. The last 3 levels I played were interrupted 4 or 5 times each by Google Play ads.
I love untangling games and this one is one of the best! My only complaint is that it doesn't encompass my entire screen. It would be easier to play if it used all my screen real estate. Thank you. Pixel 2 XL
Fun to play! I originally gave a higher note but downgraded it. When I reached higher levels, the app was very laggy and made it unpleasant to play. Performance should be fixed. But the main reason is that when I reached the last level, which takes some time to resolve, I was almost finished but I hit the reset button by accident, it reset the whole game without asking and I lost all the time and effort. It really annoyed me, there should be a confirmation.
This is what I was looking for! It's just untangling. There's no timer or penalties for extra moves... You can just sit and untangle to your heart's content (at least, if your heart is content with 150 levels anyway). 😊 Plenty of replayability though.
Fantastic pass time while in a waiting room or on a stakeout! LOL. All kidding aside always good to keep your brain activity in top shape. I have MS!
Its OK. D/L`d it a little bit ago. 42 puzzles so far in a short time. Wondering if it becomes challenging? Or am I just brilliant and didn't know it? lol Like Binky Boo said..for a child it is awesome! Big people? Ahem.
Early impression - love the BGM. Love that the lines change color as you move the connectors instead of only after you finish the move, really helps to show progress.
Thank you to Toni for the tutorial! It's easy enough that I would have figured it out but it's always nice knowing what to do going in to a game! I just started to play and so far it's so easy it's boring. There's no challenge, no skills involved, no thinking required, unless I'm missing something! Simply move the points around until they are green. I'm going to play a few more rounds. Perhaps it gets harder as you move along. If not, I'll uninstall. Maybe this was meant for young children, in which case, great game! For adults, not so much.
Is there a paid version? I'd pay for a version that doesn't have ads. Great concept but the ads stopping the music ruin it for me.
Horrible number of ads and no control over their volume. Level one, the intro, and the deluge of ads starts. Ridiculous.
On an old tablet: This app is so much fun, it uses logic skills and spacial relationships. Absolutely addictive. Great job on the design.
Interesting. Starts off simple, but gets complicated pretty quick. It's far from impossible though. You can sure manage, at least a couple dosen levels. Not exactly fun, but challenging and maybe a bit addictive.
Its's a fun app Im addictes to it already..id give it 5 stars but the ads..although short..are a bit much. I still love the app and would recommend it
Puzzling - well, it would be - it's a puzzle. You have to move the 'pins' until the 'elastic' strings no longer cross. Seems easy at first but can be confusing until you get the hang of it. I find it relaxing. Some will say it's frustrating. Good to while away a few idle minutes now and then :-)
Makes me laugh when people ask for tutorial . lol Common sence its name say it all. Un- tangle lol meaning get a broom ans sweep 😂😂 lol sorry i guess its pretty self explanatory. 4th time downloading it. Helps the Frontal lobe and Cognition to develop speed to solve problems and see things from a different angle
It took me two seconds to get over being confused by no tutorial, then the game was fun and relaxing. Green is good. Red is bad. Put your finger on a point. Drag that point until the puzzle turns green. If that point does not work; as far as, turning the puzzle green; or, if it turns the puzzle red, then try another point and finagle it until you get it right. There's the missing tutorial.