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UnNetHack for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by gurr. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 2.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this. However, my phone just died while playing. Once powered up again, my character name is prefilled as normal, but opening this game brings me to .. the new character creation screen. This is not the first time this has happened. The app still knows of my game, but will not open it to its previous state. Any fix for this? RIP Yuri, disintegrated by a depleted battery.
Nethack is an excellent game and UnNethack is an excellent extension. Many quality of life improvements, can't recommend it enough! Maybe bookmark the Nethack Wiki if you're just starting out.
I love this game ,it looks like things have changed since my last review, amazing game I glad it's here Thanks for making it possible
I'm really enjoying this variant and this port; the Moria branch, the Town and the Black Market are all the standout features. This is my #1 grade-wrecker now. It'd be nice if the developer could implement the full menu for using containers—especially the 'stash one item' command, which cuts out so much tedium. There are also crashes that seem to be specific to this port: wishing for magic items from a lamp, and attempting to genocide a class of creatures by its character (like 'L' for all lich-types). It does give me the right messages as it crashes for both of these (whatever the djinn says about magic items; "such creatures do not exist in this world") but since they are both patches I expect that it's the same bug.
Screw graphics. This is the best game available on a mobile phone. It is also better than the majority of big budget games. This port is an improvement on the pc-based original because of the superior control system and zoomability. It's turn based so you can leave games unfinished and come back to them whenever. It is endlessly re-playable and deep.. deeper than any other game I have played. Unnethack is slightly better than vanilla Nethack in my opinion.
Best port on any platform. I've been playing nethack for 20 years or so, and this is in my opinion, the best way to play it. Massively better than any of the iOS ports.
Great little port of NetHack. These games are great time-wasters while sitting around waiting for a meeting or appointment.
More tilesets please! Perhaps you could add an optional, more descriptive action menu (instead of only keybindings)?
Gurr, you actually make the interface work with a touchscreen, and your ports of (un)nethack are the best out there. Please do SLASH'EM.
Hey so I've submitted a bug report on this before, but the plane of water is buggy. First when I made it to them plane of water, the bubbles wouldn't move. So I saved the game... Now I can't load the save, the game just freezes up. I can send you my save if that would help you troubleshoot it, but I'd really hate to lose this character, it's the closest I've come to ascending a healer...
Classical game. The command interface has an implementation defect. For custom cmd sequences like Du the opening dialogue should be fully satisfied by the compound cmd and not require an extra OK tap. Those dialogues should be detected and not display.
Makes Nethack playable in a touchscreen. - Where can you download the source code for this version to fork?
Amazing game. Only game I play on mobile now, way better than more expensive and popular titles. Please keep updating this app. I would love to support you.
Excellent game. Endless hours have been poured into this. My only issue is itd be nice to have a little more positional customization for the hotkeys
As with your net hack version.these are excellent games but I can't play them because the command list in the help(the ?key)has so small fonts that in my 7"tablet is unreadable and these list are essential as there is a lot of command.Please make bigger fonts command list.Take a hint fro the command list in the angband variants by android.
A fun and simple keyboard game. I use it every now and then and have progressively gotten better. Controls can be a tad clunky.
If you can best this, you can truly call yourself a gamer. You will die in a glorious fashion and you'll love it.
UnNethack (and Nethack in general) is one of the greatest games of it's time and type I have ever played. I have been playing for only a few months and the game has already taken ahold of my interest. I would very much like it if you (and you alone) would make a port for dNethack. I realize that it is much larger, but that is why I like it. Mind you, I don't like SLASH'EM much (too big).
would be better if resurrecting my pet with wand of undead turning didnt crash my game every time i use it. EDIT - turns out it was becaude my saddles are still on top of their corpses. can't have anything sitting on top of their corpses.
Complete Nethack (and Roguelike) noob here. Always loved the idea of games like this but never made the leap. The tutorials included here made it easy to start playing, with a little patience. Once I dedicated a little time to customising the on-screen buttons (adding a directional keypad and a frequently-used combat/item management bit) I was simply breezing my way through the Dungeons of Doom, getting murdered in humiliating ways with the greatest of ease. I've only been playing a few days, but I'm already glad that I invested some time in getting to grips with the interface. This looks to be a challenging, varied and downright deep game that I'm really looking forward to exploring further. Top tip: adding custom labels to the buttons on-screen really helps with getting started, as does the easily accessible help menus (press ?)
Any chance we can get saved games backed up online somewhere so game doesn't get lost when switching devices or factory resetting phone? (i.e. backed up to Google, or Facebook like other apps do)
This is the best version of Nethack Ive played anywhere, even on PC. The interface is elegant yet simple, and doesnt interfere with the map, which is intuitively controlled. I just wish gurr would port SLASHEM, dNethack, or others, because this is the best way to play Nethack
L o n g time player. My favorite all time game. *nix, DOS, OS/2, Windows, now on Android - sweet. Deceptively complex, without need for all the graphics BS. I've tried the graphical versions and always come back to this one.
self assisted suicide. glad i don't know how profoundly many times I've died. good times. gurr has kindly made one of the top interfaces for nethack and unnethack. we are in a debt of gratitude.
Any chance you could compile with the paranoid flag? I'm tired of misclicking and killing my warhorse and rusting a bunch of my armor. Thanks.
You will only like this if you are already a fan of NetHack or roguelikes. But if you are, you're in for a treat. Ultra-customizable NetHack client with intuitive touch controls, configurable menus and tilesets, and virtually every feature you could want in a port. Magnificent.
Doesnt work on my phone . The moment I opened it it said "Thia game only supports older phones" , which, is umm ... something the devs should work on tbh . I gave the 3 stars just because I love nethack
Usability is better than any other client I've tried. The customizations make for a very efficient ascent.
Gurr's port of a totally keyboard based-game is unbelievably exemplary. The developer's gaze confuses you...