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Unmatched Air Traffic Control

Unmatched Air Traffic Control for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Vector3D Studios located at Punta del Este - Uruguay. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Best ATC game on the mobile market, gameplay is fun and intuitive. Could use updates more often, however.
Each and everything of this game from the beginning was fastastic and is fantastic...and the new updates are icing on the cake..... Bt plz a small request if u could add more indian flights and add bangladeshi,nepali,etc flights would be vry thankful.... Moreover plz add original airports like Heathrow,Delhi,Mumbai,etc...I will be greately thankful to u WHEN WILL THE NEW UPDATE WILL ARRIVE..??? CANT WAIT TO SEE IT..Its still SEPTEMER and we didnt get a new update..waiting for it desperately.
This is the best ATC game ever! When people say it's too expensive, ITS NOT! Yes, it does take a while when you first start playing, but if you keep playing, get the gates (I know, takes a while) and then for 20K you can buy your next airport. At this stage you ARE making money. You can get roughly 2-3K every 5 take-offs and when when you purchase your next airport you can get roughly 3-5K every 5 take-offs. Although I said this is the best game, there could be room for improvement.
Oh my god the lag is real, I've been loving this game since I downloaded but now it's just doesn't feel the same why is it so lagy, I played on the s21 Ultra for goodness sake? Another problem is the slow update it was nice before but now the game is getting a bit old and boring spice it up with new update and new contents. So yeah beside the lag and the same old same old contents everything else is great.
Good game. But would live for the aircraft to not use the while runway when landing. Also, there should be additions of newer planes and liveries. Other than that, this game needs to be updated overall.
The reason I rated 3 stars is because its kinda a bit boring, but when will be the next update? Because i like it to include all plane liveries and all plane types that can be free or cost the money made from promotions, also a concorde and airbus beluga bundle for 200 cash, which is the cash made from promotions. Lastly, a free emergency services button with some choices in which emergency services I need to deploy, and a free multiplayer. I hope my wish really cane true.
Since i have a very good knowledge of planes and passion about the whole aeronautical industry this game is very addictive for mw.love it 5 stars 🌟
Unable to start the game. Gives an error that "Check your internet connection". I have full 2gb 4g internet connection available also im able to view videos on YouTube and play other games, But not this one. Tried mobile restart and also reinstalling the game but with no different result. Tired of this issue hence rated one star, fix this and get some more updates on the game.
This app eats the battery like a hog. Please fix. Also, the landings are not a contributor to points. Why? Please give some points for landings as well.
It is a good game. However I do not see why you have to connect to the internet evnthought I only wanna play single player. Also, can you make it so you make I dunno like 100 every in game hour instead of about 50 every time a plane turn round.
It is very very very very very very very terrible because when I open it it and start to play it says unfortunately unmatched air traffic control is stopped and it is telling reading data from cloud and then it tells sometimes that no internet connection and what about the planes they are expensive i have request to make it free price and unlock all the planes what a shame😠
Need to add more realistic airports. Thailand, Canada, New York, australia, new Zealand, Dubai, Doha, Germany, Finland, Ireland, England, china, Hong Kong, Fiji, Switzerland, Japan, Korea and Singapore. Should also add Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand (Bangkok or Phuket)
The game is great, but the 2019 update added all the cool features (such as multiplayer) under a subscription system. This is doomed to fail, much like every other Android game with a subscription service. You can get 1-2 full games for that price which you can still play after that month. Shame because it is a great game. Edit: 9 dollars per week. Per. Week. Let that thought sink in before installing this.
This is the awesone and very near realistic simulator game. Basically, it isn't ATC, its GROUND CONTROL. Only few things to add and this will be the #1 simulator air trafic game. Pls add: 1. Plane speed and altimeter. 2. Some ground crew people. 3. Real Airports 3. Communication voice.
The Game is out standing... but, there are many aircraft are missing in the real aircraft like QDash-8000.....and I request you to add spice jet livery,Goair and vistara.... according to me you can develop more realistic aircraft...International realistic air port you can add more if you can... apart from that game play are best...and aircraft Ligh's should be original not fake. How much time it will take for update 🀣🀣🀣etna late kon karta πŸ˜‚
Hard to progress when it takes forever to earn coins. Purchasing coins isn't a great option either due to the cost. Great game but definitely overpriced or very time consuming if you want to progress.
I gave one star because I wanted to review and I would give 0 stars because my game I not starting only. It shows "VECTOR 3D" after that it comes fully black and I still 10 mins and was coming same still and I had downloaded it from play store only. Please fix this problem. I have played this game before. It's excellent but because of this I have to give 1 star. I wanted to give 0 stars.
It would be so nice if you work on addition of new airports such as Indian airports and observed no private air traffic. Could add some private traffic either, and few army planes. Please work on addition of new airports, private planes, army planes,
Very good game a few things I would change. I would like it if the in game money didnt cost as much as it does to buy, i think it's way overpriced. Secondly i would add over head traffic to make it more realistic, eg planes that aren't landing still have to make one or two communications with you. Make it a bit easier to get new airports and planes and terminals as it is a very slow game at the minute so maybe make it easier to earn money. Make it so emergency landings can happen on any airport.
After the last update I lost all the airports and airplanes,I sent few emails and not even a single reply to rectify the problem. πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
This game is very beautiful. Graphics of the game are very good, it looks like the original but I am appealing to the developer that, he develops such a railway station master game. There will be opportunities for trains to arrive on different platforms and depart at the right time and to choose the country of player choice in this game.
Unsatisfactory After a update of 450 mb there is no ne thing for free users only those are allowed to use realistic view how paid for that. What's that. Its really suck's. 🀨
Game is good. Slow to advance. After unlocking a gate, the latest update was released and even after restoring from the cloud, I lost the gate. Now in order to get to level 7 I need to pay to unlock 2 gates instead of just 1. Starting to lose interest unless developers can fix that issue.
Hi.. your latest update not working properly on one plus 7 pro devices its keep on lagging it's more like taking pause for few milli second before airplane moves this lag was not there earlier. Rating reduced bcoz of issue in new version will change rating once issue is fixed
Update features are great. One star due to it not allowing you to play if already offline (such as when playing on a plane), which is 98% of when playing for me. Also, regular speed needs a dramatic increase. Far too slow and now 4x after update is far too fast. Time between each aircraft landing and pushback is way shorter. A 2x speed option would be perfect. Will 5 star again if offline access restored.
I have been playing this game from the start as soon as it was realised on play store. But now its online I have left it out.... it's also a but outdated. Would really appreciate if you could make a offline mode as well and add more realistic airports for less cost. But the new aircraft are amazing. The details are awesome. It's just that its online that I dont like. I would really appreciate if this ATC game would be offline.
It's fun to be honest if you think about it. You can look inside the airplane how cool is that play it for free 😁 you can unlock new airports and stuff. anyway why the airports are expensive? Can you make Jet2 in this game please 757 rocky mountains please please send the 757 Jet2 thank you πŸ‘
Erased all my progress. I had like over a million dollars and all aircraft and everything unlocked. Go to play for the 1st time in a while and everything is gone. Not sure I want to replay everything. Really disappointed
Please do include more b777, b777 freighters, b787 variants, a350 variants, 747-8 (including freighters), a330 variants, a340, Philippine airlines 777 and cebu pacific. Hope to see this additional aircraft and airline in the future upgrade. Thank you so much.
After updating it keeps telling me that "loading data from cloud" and then says that i should check my network connection...it's refused to open..please do something on this..!
With the new update I can't get back my 700000 coins and all my unlocked aircrafts, airports and gates. I loved that game but I don't want to start from the beginning after playing hundreds of hours.
Lately, I loved this game, but when I got new phone - Huawei Mate 20 lite, the game doesn't load at all. It's a great game and i hope you can do something to let me play it again.
New version would be great, but the aircraft details on the right hand side of the screen are to small to see on a phone. Also, buggy. I've sent an email.
This game is a huge scam...it doesn't have customer support and I'm in need of help; The game kept crashing and I reinstalled it, but the coins I had bought and the unlocked achievements were all gone...making me start from 0?! Wth...Don't waste your time on a game with zero support
Can you add detailed aircrafts: DC-10, md-80, md-90 fokker 70, airbus a330, airbus a330neo, airbus a350 Concorde, airbus a300, airbus a310, airbus beluga and airbus beluga extra large?
As of Monday 18th January 2021 the game refuses to allow me to finish a shift? It keeps reloading the game with only two planes left to depart? Developer's please fix this as I love this game! It is okay developer, I have fixed the issue!
The game is great, but there I'd point out some things. 1. It's VERY expensive I mean you can play for free, but a lot of times buying a livery or airport can be very time consuming, so you resort to paying money just so you can unlock it. 2. Needs more airports I'm not gonna complain about the current airports, but add something like Ninoy Aquino Airport in Manila to provide a challenge since the runways are intersecting with each other. 3. It crashes on my device often.
Hi thanks for the update but I am not happy that it keeps saying this device is not available for augmented reality which I tried it on Samsung s2 tablet and my phone Samsung s6 please fix this update for augmented reality so it will allow my devices through
So this game is okay, but the fact that literraly every thing is locked is frusturating. I have a suggustion. Add a sandbox mode where all planes, liveries, airlines, and airports are unlocked. And when you play that you don't earn coins.
Very good game but there should be some more planes like ATR's, Airbus A330, A350, Dash Q400. And please add some more realistic airports like dubai, mumbai, london Heathrow etc. And please add the new airlines as well who recently entered the market like Vistara and many more.
Great game with even voice commands to control the game. Recent updates are glitchy. Payout is really less and to open a new airport, it takes a real long time.... Really long time. Even though the emergencies are enabled, nothing came up even after 30 mins of playing
This game needs an update now. We need something new and interesting including plane models and different takeoff lengths for smaller and bigger planes. We also want new Airports like including London Heathrow and Johannesburg airports and also snow storms to spice up the game.
Amazing game! Enjoy playing..also request you if u cut down the charges of the parkings as 3000 and 7000 is too huge no..we feel like instead of taking the parking place we purchase a new aircrafts...and now there are more new aircrafts come up..so if you can try and update more new aircrafts...
I really love playing this. I enjoy all the features it has. However, I'd like to have another real airport added in the future. Can you please take as an idea El Dorado airport from Bogota or any colombian airport. I'd like to have one.
Nice game. Would expect more complex airports of the world in default airports. Please include more aircrafts including the Airforce 1 aircraft. Military aircrafts and their bases would be greatly appreciated. Please include even more emergency situations, aircraft landing gear view and more extreme weather conditions while takeoffs and landings. Please include realtime aircraft pilot and ATC conversation when aircraft contacts the airport ATC and while takeoffs. Please consider above points.
This game is awesome, but kindly add some new levery like A350-1000, C17 globmaster, Antonov 225 and some military aircrafts. Add some VIP, VVIP and presidential and privet jets landing. Helicopters and add some ground staff also which make it look you are really sitting in the ATC tower. Add some turbolense and crosswind landings and other emergency. And the final kindly add some more realistic airports and more leveries. Open some hangers so emergency planes will be move there to mentainence.
Very good game I loved the way everything placed.... Additional to it I also want to see weather changing environment, more visual effects of airport to see, multiple terminals, runways, and private planes..... Hope to see this update soon.
Add more realistic airports please, like china (Guangzhou, shanghai, Hainan), Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo), Korea (Seoul), Germany (Frankfurt, Berlin), Austria (Vienna), Switzerland (Zurich), Australia (Sydney), Fiji (Nadi), New Zealand (Auckland), Hawaii, HK, Dubai, Doha, Greece (Athens, Santorini), Singapore, Malaysia (KL), USA (NY, Miami, San Francisco), CANADA (Toronto), Vietnam (Saigon, Hanoi), Thailand (Bangkok, Phuket) Would be awesome!
This not a bad game to be exact i love it i play this game everywhere but i have a few problems you need to fix 1. The coins are really hard to get for locking new gates and airports pls make coins easier 2. The game glitches out and it makes me not to enter the game and last 3. Make new airports i just love this game if you improve this i will give you 5 stars in. My next review.
fantastic game and please add airlines like vistara,go air,spice jet and 777-300ER airindia ,Jet airways,etihad,Ethiopian,turkish airlines and please add aircrafts like,B777-200LR,B747F,A330-200F,B777F,B737-800F, Bombardier Dash Q-400,B787-9 DREAMLINER,B747-800F,A350-1000XWB, B747-200B,and please add airports like VABB-BOM MUMBAI,INDIA,LEMD-ADOLFO SAUREZ AIRPORT,VIDP-NEW DELHI,INDIA,EGLL HEATHROW,ENGLAND .
This game is great i like it but please add a new realistic airport like Kualanamu(Medan) or Soekarno Hatta (Jakarta) and new airline like Sriwijaya air Citilink A 330 Neo and Garuda Indonesia 777 Citilink atr and The aircraft movement is very stiff during take off Edit:did the developer read my comments?
This is the best ATC game, I have ever played...This is the only game I have installed in my cell phone...love to play it all the time..it will get better if people are shown sitting inside the planes while using the internal cam/view of plane..and also pilots must be shown sitting in the cockpit..cockpit view should be enhanced/improved then this game will become even better..thanks...please add more airports also and upgrade/update the game as soon as possible..waiting for its updates restless
It's definitely a great game, very realistic. But there's this issue... The button to talk to the pilots (press and hold button)its not working correctly. Other than that it's pretty amazing
The game keeps on crashing everytime i open it, now because of this issue the game looks like a trash. Fix this so i can install your game again and give a good rating. OMG!!i look up to rhe details of the game and the last update was November 2019,, did the developer of this suddenly abandon this game.
I like this game lot, BUT please decrease the costs of gate's, airport s and airplanes please and that the money income is a little bit more. Then I will rate this game 5 Stars.
the distance between when the plane landed too fast and the pushback plane was too slow Nat Perfect Timing ....
It's fun to be honest if you think about it. You can look inside the airplane how cool is that play it for free 😁 you can unlock new airports and stuff. anyway why the airports are expensive? Can you make Jet2 in this game please 757 rocky mountains please please send the 757 Jet2 thank you
Are the game directors here dead?why there is no update?the year is coming to an end,& we want see a big change on forthcoming update!,also make an option to choose plane and livery like real flight simulator and real time!
This game is great I wanted play this type of but it need some update. when its raining add some puddles after the rain and water effects add ground workers please add helicopter in all airports and made takeoff from the helipad and add 3 or 4 buses medium and small aircrafts add military aircrafts and small airplanes like Cessna and please add bags while taking baggage add new emergency like belly landing runaway overun and overshoot add new cars transport it woukd be great if u add these.
It was good. But it needs to update and add more realistic airports and realistic aircraft and airline.
The update is good,more of the same please. This is the best atc sim out there and you do not have to spend money if you do not want to.It takes time to build up coins but if you are patient it is worth it. Keep up the good work developers. My only criticism is that they do not reply to emails,they could improve on that.
I used to enjoy this and play it a lot but in the latest version I get a mind numbing buzzing and crackling from the speakers which makes it unplayable if any audio is selected.
It's alright besides the lag when you fast forward the time. I play it on my Samsung s21+ and it lags really badly, even when I don't fast forward the time it lags as the planes are moving. It's like it glitches out when they go to take off.
Dear Devs, the Game is fun but I found an issue. I use One Plus Nord which is undoubtedly one of the best phones out there in all aspects yet this is the only game in which I hear the broken sounds when I play. The speaking of ATC controllers, pilots is not clear and garbled and extremely slow. Plz look into it and I will increase my rating once it's fixed.
The Update today automatically reduced my Monetary Gains by 17,000 & you Loose All your Airports that you purchased as it restarts each time from 'Cloud' memory. Dont waste your time on this game that you dont progress on, that's been spoilt by an Update.
I love this game. I played almost everytime. But, if you can make it run a little bit faster like 5x or 6x faster (now 4x) it will be great. Because it sometimes when you play it with big airport like Ngurah Rai it feels slow even I run with 4x fast. Thanks. Edit : please make it run offline mode.
can it possibly take any longer to earn coins? if you dont spend money you have to spend a ridiculous amount of time before you unlock the "good"levels... still fun to play...
Well I would say I love the game as I always had however in the new update I can no longer get passed the loading screen, I was really excited for the new update but now I cant even play the game, extreme disappointment. The rest was a previous review on how I used to feel about the game. Love the game and I always have being that I love airplanes and am working towards becoming an air traffic controller.
pls add India like Delhi lucknow and kanpur and Indian airlines also like indigo spicejet vistara jet airways and go air pls add in detailed aircraft and add atr and make price low of airport and aircraft
Need more updates and improve in this game, and need world's all international airports, need flights arrivals and departures details. Finally need more world's passengers and cargoes flights. Do it quickly please...
Nice game but have to wait 5 planes to takeoff for coins and price to purchase coins is very high takes looooooooong time to play
I love this game. Easy to understand controls and good of fun. I am airplane fanatic and find this has a high level of realism. I am disappointed in two things however. I had unlocked several airports and for some reason my game save regressed and I lost two airports. I like the game enough I was going to support by purchasing coins but the value is not good imo. Second, I got the VIP weekly subscription but none of the perks that I was expecting. Still a solid game. Visuals are amazing!
This game is so real and so good and I give this 5 stars. It wiser when this game update to 2020 version, because I think it will be better and people will more rate this game with 5 stars. That's for my feedback, thank you. I hope this game will be update soon.
I used to give this app a 5 starts but recently i been having problems that when it's shows the loading screen after I pick my chosen airport it's says it doesn't work then it tell me it has stopped working, Please fix this, for niw 1 start is being rated from me, thank please fix this bug.
Can your team add some Indian realistic airport for example BOM Mumbai airport...The airport has two run ways which intersect each other...and in this game we can't see any airport which has intersecting runways ....please look on this comment...and we are curious for new updates.... Thank you
High resource cost. Its very hard to get upgraded. And the developer hardly brings any updates. Good game but very monotonous. I feel like downloading mod and play freely.
It is a fun game to play. However it takes too long to earn enough money to upgrade and the cost of buying "game money" outrageously expensive.
It's good game but it doesn't have any updates for years and I don't like this way and they also remove the voice control which I love it and love using it
I have been playing this since the start but has lost all the interest as recently i purshased coins. I was debited but didn't recieve any coins. I even wrote email to your team but Nathing happened. Then i purshased more coins again played alot also opened realistic airport and most of the aircrafts but then to my surprise suddenly lost all the data whatever i had won in the game. Simple Pathetic services by your team. No redressel from your support desk. Very unhappy by these recent events.
I've been playing this game for a while and love it. Since I updated to a new phone (OnePlus 8 Pro) the game doesn't start up. I just get a black screen. Maybe a future update could fix this? 🀞
Fun at first, then you realise how expensive the gates are, then how expensive the bigger and more intresting airports are... you find out you can buy new planes and liveries, but what's the point? You end up just playing and waiting for something intresting to happen, and then you delete it out of boredom. Fix your game.
Excellent game! Be aware that it is heavy on resources. Works wonderfully on Android emulator LD for PC! Game crashes on Bluestacks Android emulator. I have Dell Inspiron PC 3471, i3 9100 20 GB RAM and UHD 630 inbuilt graphics! One can make coins if you know which planes give maximum coins. Refer to Unmatched air traffic control fandom online! Once you open two to three airports, you can play any airport to make money! Pls add more int'l airports and also add Concorde plane!
Not satisfactory.the old version is good but not this.these people turned to commercial.interface and skins are not good.and when I plays 4x speed it's lagging frames in that speed very worst in my mate 20 pro.and I thought the reviews in below are fake.just see their editings they done and number of times they posted in just one month.
add Malaysian Kuala Lumpur International Airport...KLIA/WMKK airport and if you add this airport you'll have to add KLIA2 too because this two airports are beside each other and this airport is unique......Please....hope to see it in the next update... Next year update maybe??
Love the game, request following: 1. Add an expert mode where incoming planes should be more frequent and make the game tougher to play 2. Add cockpit voices starting from "minimums" then from 500 upto 50 before touchdown 3. Allow different taxiways to be used once plane clears runway instead of always going through the centre of the length of the taxiway 4. Pushback should be allowed even during mayday and storms event so that at least we could ready the planes for takeoff Thanks for creating
fantastic game and please add airlines like vistara,go air,spice jet and 777-300ER airindia ,Jet airways,etihad,Ethiopian,turkish airlines and please add aircrafts like,B777-200LR,B747F,A330-200F,B777F,B737-800F,Dash Q-400,787-9 DREAMLINER,A220-200,A350-1000XWB, B747-200B,and please add airports like VABB-BOM MUMBAI,INDIA,LEMD-ADOLFO SAUREZ AIRPORT,VIDP-NEW DELHI,INDIA,EGLL HEATHROW,ENGLAND .
We get lest money. So hard for us to open gate and new airport. This game please not dowload it. You need to spend money. Lots of money to play it for long time.
Its a good gameπŸ‘. However, its really hard you get coinsπŸ’°. So its really hard to unlock all airportsπŸ›«. You have to play 4hours a day to get 3000 coins 🧐. So its 4 stars⭐.
1 of the best simulator. I Love it so much, my concerns are: 1. Add more real Airports especially LAX, Denver, Dubai, Johannesburg, Mumbai, Delhi, O'Hare international, Heathrow, Amsterdam, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, New Zealand, and New York.
I love the game!! But the only thing is that the data is saved into the cloud. I want the data to be local so I can play offline just like the old days with version 2018.?? Please can you devs make a local data storage. Thank you!
The game is great but unlike in the previous versions the app doesn't open if there's no internet connection, it will just run without internet if it already loaded, I've downloaded it so I can play it offline but it turns out that I need an internet connection before it can load and play it offline. I hope this will be answered and fixed.
Very nice game. Good News is, I like the detailed planes and the air traffic control seems fun for you guys to play. The Bad news is, The game money may kinda be slow but it gives you kinda a medium amount. And the other thing is that, You need to add more planes like the following: B787-900,A321XLR, B777-300, Any B777X,Tu-154 and many more 😁. So next update I hope you added those. πŸ‘πŸ»
So I really like this game, but I have been playing since 2018, so when I played this game, Its actually getting boring, and need some few updates, what I want you guys to add is few airports in the Philippines, USA, Japan, Indonesia and more, It would be a better game if you add those, Bye!
Game is great, although it's quite boring and monotonous at the same time, but this game needs more frequent updates. The Devs need to stop releasing a year's worth of updates at one go, and that to, at the very end of that year. It is much better if there were monthly updates. I know cuz of the pandemic, y'all couldn't do much, but I do hope that after it ends, y'all can update the game more frequently. I think this way, more hype could be created in the game
Good quality, love the game, hope to expect better quality for the next update.Keep going with your development.But next time if someone just starting to play the game,please give them some early money so they can purchase some aircraft and gates.
Lovely game appart from three things. 1. Next to no explination on how to do things or use features e.g. voice commands, i had to find stuff on the internet and their youtube still not satisfied but it will have to do for now. 2. Purchases with real money such as the "vip lounge" which gives access to upgrades to airports and multiplayer are farr to expensive and its a weekly/monthly payment on top of it being expensive. 3. Ingame purchases are quite expensive took me 2hours. Cant write more...
The game is amazing. Been playing for 3 years on and off. However the recent update causes the game on my phone to "crash" after the loading screen. Hope the devs can resolve this issue soon.
Waited so long for the update and when we get it, the game has become so slow. Before, everything was so smooth, but now even at 4x the graphics and play arent smooth anymore. Please do something about it!!!!
From the latest update, for me it is still lacking, for the airplane on the Boeing 777 there is no change the same as before the update, then I see jetstar has not been there and the realistic airport has only increased by two, I beg to be further improved so that more people want to try it, thank you
This game is so real and so good and I give this 5 stars because it has HD Graphic and great at whole gameplay. It wiser when this game update to 2021 version, because I think it will be better and people will more rate this game with 5 stars. That's for my feedback, thank you. I hope this game will be update soon.
This is one of best app in its graphics. Ease of control. When new airports will be added? There is no new addition since last 2 years.
Wonderful game. Need more controls in this for detail guidance to landing n takeoff flights. Also Antonov flights to be added. When we will get update with new airport?
There is a problem with the weekly subscription priceing it says 8.99 for the weekly subscription but on the payment it says 10.99 a week please change the 8.99 on the in game purchase, it gives people a false sense of payment
It finally loaded on my LG Phone. Thank you. I have all the airports on my laptop. Love the game and the different liveries. Also the views outside the plane windows. Could you do a 737 in Texas Flag livery? Thank you. ☺😊☺😊
Second review: still lvie the game now more fun since I opened more airports and wanted to ask if you can make one of the realistic airports San Francisco International (SFO). Thanks love the game keep up the good work.
Great update love what was done play turning beautiful small bug play arriving to fast need to slow down little but overall is great game
Fun game but found one glitch. I had around mid 40k to 50k in ingame currency as I finish playing. Today, my currency reads 2,400. What happened? My atc level and successful outbound flights are correct though. Anyone else experience this?
The game overall is good but can you fix this issue, when I delete the game so i can download the other game, then when i download this game again, i press the button that says "Restore progress on cloud",it says data already synchronized so i lost my data, then when i buy coins from the shop, it says transaction failed. So please fix it. But can you add more airports in the game like Manila International and Seattle Tacoma and more airlines and planes. I like the game overall.
This game would be perfect if more updates were coming. I heard about more airports like LAX being made but I dont know if thats true. It would be nice if they gave us a release date on when they'll be done.
I have been playing this game since 1 year and its a good game. I would love playing this game but the reason giving to 2 star is its very expensive. The amount you guyz charged to opned the gates are very high and the amount we recived in completing levels are so less so it is very difficult to stick this game... So please look in to this and slove the problem as soon as possible... Its request to give some more amount to us and reduce the gate prize to open please its request.
The game really is fun to play, albeit a bit grindy at times. However, on the Oneplus 7T Pro, the audio is very buggy (even after reinstall), and everything sounds like it's grinding on metal. Thus audio is currently unusable. As soon as this is fixed, this deserves 5 stars.
This not a bad game to be exact i love it i play this game everywhere but i have a few problems you need to fix 1. The coins are really hard to get for locking new gates and airports pls make coins easier 2. The game glitches out and it makes me not to enter the game and last 3. Make new airports i just love this game if you improve this i will give you 5 stars in. My next review. Also please can we write how much speed of our airplane to takeoff or land
Great Game! It let's us have an option. And it recognizes the real air traffic controllers who take care of us when flying. The graphics do need to be a bit better.
This game best for the people who love aviation but it needs some update like it needs ground workers like what they are not there and where are the luggage and it need some new ground vehicle like cleaner truck and traffic vehicles like bus and truck add new emergencies like belly landing, runway overrun and runway overshoot add new aircrafts and add military, private aircraft and add helicopters in all airports and make the helicopter take off from the helpad done
Anyone don't get angry this just points to fix the bugs *BUGS TO FIX* * on airplane storb and navigation lights not seen from window * at gran canaria airport on same time more then one airplane landing on same runway * wheels of airplanes not fully on ground * some airplanes cargo doors are half opened *at night time on ground there are no taxi lights *early rotation of big planes white take of *landing time front wheel light is not appear *Please check zooming there is sticking when you
We do not need play online all the time. The "cloud connect" ad the start ruin everything... Pitty,. It use to be a " the Great one" in my list.
The best ATC game I have ever played! There are a few additions that I think would make the over all gameplay better. Like the addition of some Realistic American Airports: JFK, Philadelphia, Orlando; just to name a few. I also think that adding a cheat sheet tab to the pause menu so that you don't have to memorize what A means or FDX stands for, or other stuff like that when using voice recognition. Being able to see the taxi way ID marks on the radar screen would also help w/ voice recognition
Edit: I don't really have much to say as it has alr been mentioned by others, except the excessive amount of time taken to just make a new update. Other games like World Of Airports are still able to roll out updates at least once a month. The last update that this game released dated to more than a yr ago. Update the game already. It's so much better to release smaller but more frequent updates rather than larger updates that take ages to be uploaded.
I love this game. However, please add more realistic airports to the game. Something like LHR, JFK or airports with intersecting runways.
Game is lagging and there is a bug you can't select C4 for cargo planes because of tower swich button. This would be absolutely amazing game if someone would care....
Now needs offline mode. And there's only a small amount of gates and planes, others need to be payed. Not worth it.
I just got the updated data last nite, mentioning there are new realistic airports...after it is downloaded i open the app and somehow all my data is reset to 0 like i am a new player again...please be advised things need to be done..thanks
No complaints whatsoever. Game is excellent, however I do think there should be more dialogue options for voice recognition. For example, phrases such as "Contact Departure", "Good Day", "Good Evening".
I mean it probably would be a good game if I could even get into it every time I try to open it it says internet connection failed and I have checked my internet several times the game simply doesn't work
This game was awesome. Unlike other simulator game, provider was very kind. download this app doesn't need to pay.... please add more realistic airport like haneda airport, hongkong, heathrow. Or the easiest airports to play like kualanamu (medan, indonesia), dusseldorf airport. Also please add b777-200 and a350-1000
Excellent game. Reminds of the old ATC3 English Edition days - this game is so well done I think it deserves a PC port. Endless hours of fun. Could I ask for Tallinn Airport as a new airport, or maybe Kai Tak?
I love this game and its very interesting...please include the aircrafts of flydubai,go air ,vistara,spicejet , etc which are not included in this game...and please include the aircrafts with theri every livery..eg: Air India express has more than 20 livery but only 4 livery's are included in this game.please include at least 6 of them......
This game is very fun and addicting, but for the future I got a few ideas, new planes, such as Q-400, Avro, A220, ATR42 and CRJ 200 to 1000. Some new airports such as Manchester International and a couple more. These are just ideas, you don't have to add them, it is your choice developers, as I said before this game is very fun and addicting and thank you.
I can't play this game unless i connected to the internet connection o can't choose tca aircraft & there is no place aircraft blue sky & today it is loading when i try to scroll down or up it doesn't happen it happen when i realy press hard on screen of my phone so please & i can't turn my when in press plane's cabin buttons so pls try fix these problems as i started to play this game everything that i bought restored to original position so plssss fix this problem or i will not play again
I like the game and all, its really good in my opinion, however there are a few things I would like, such as Runway markings and maybe that planes can go onto the taxiway without having to travel the entire runway distance
I've collected nearly 2 million points before this game was updated..You should have kept the existing point after updating this game .. Thanks.
nice game! things to improve: β€’ add the 777F β€’ make te ability that you can make your own airport and be atc of it β€’ the ability that you can change the timetable β€’ the AN225 that comes very rarely β€’ the 787-9 and 787-10 β€’ the 777-200 β€’ maybe for the airports, an airport with crossing runways so you have more difficulty and of course more liverys for the already existing aircraft. I would give 5 stars if there were some of the changes or all of them!!!
Nice game,,but the airports are not realistic,,,, and system is not good at all,,,,please make the game view more realistic,,,, beside the airport,,,make it vertual map like Microsoft flight simulator 2020,πŸ™‚
The Game is out standing... but, there are many aircraft are missing in the real aircraft like QDash-8000.....and I request you to add spice jet livery,Goair and vistara.... according to me you can develop more realistic aircraft...International realistic air port you can add more if you can... apart from that game play are best...and aircraft Ligh's should be original not fake. Still B787 dreamliner aircraft don't have rea light's l..and how come there always moon in the night πŸ˜‚
Great game, however can you implement a feature where you can activate/deactivate stands? In the first free airport I often use A1 as the stand for delayed planes. Thanks