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University Empire Tycoon -Idle

University Empire Tycoon -Idle for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Codigames located at Edificio Lanzadera Muelle de la Aduana S/N Marina Real Juan Carlos I Edificio Lanzadera 46024 Valencia. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Really disappointed with the wait time for this game, especially when we are only able to get one builder. The only way to access more is through real money. I feel like an option to buy more with x diamonds would help. I'm a big fan of the other tycoon games by thos company so I really hope to see improvements in the future to this game. It has amazing potential.
Plays similar to other codi empire tycoon games. Only see one location so far. Added new features like researching which is nice. Waiting on time instead of money. No ads to watch to cut that down. So you play for a few minutes starting the new research and construction, maybe buying/leveling the items in the room up (needs more) with the more money than you know what to do with, and wait a few more hours. Building level time fine. Room time 15 min max would be nice. Not hours for both.
I really love this game, it's very interesting and it keeps me coming every hour. The only problem I have is the amount of time it takes to build and upgrade things, but we inly have 1 free building team. I personally paid for an extra but some people might not like that. Overall it's interesting and the graphics are pretty good 👍🏿.
I really love this game! However I noticed a bug with the building times. Whenever i leave the app I noticed that the time to build stuff was taking longer than it said. I put a timer for 2 minutes as I had 2 minutes left for construction and as expected, after my 2 minute timer went off, the construction time was still the same on the app. Very annoying
They fixed a bug in a timely manner, so 2 stars instead of 1, overall. This could be a great game, all the makings are there. Unfortunately, it has become, literally, a waiting game. When most things take 2-6 hours to build and you can only build one thing at a time, and every building has upwards of 30 things to build, and there are over 10-15 buildings, you spend most of your time off-game waiting for construction to finish.
I really, really like this game. Good graphics, and its nice to see your university get bigger and bigger. However, the biggest downside is the ONE building "team" you get. It hard throttles the entire game where you end up waiting up to 12+ hrs for something to upgrade just to IMMEDIATELY do it again. You should at least have the base building team be two, or three maybe even put it behind your star rating or something. Probably going to uninstall rather than pay the 6.99 for another team. :(
So I kind of really genuinely love this app! Great graphics, barely any adds, (and if there are any they're short) cute, fun, and somewhat relaxing yet realistic! I love this app SO much. The little helper guy at the beginning might take a while but he helps you. I seriously can't express how much I love this game! (Btw my sis is going to college so it gives me like an idea and stuff) 5+stars!!!!!!
My favorite in the franchise so far. Upgrade of buildings take way too long to happen some as long as 8 hours. The option of one builder is a bit of a let down as well. The option of getting another builder is $5.99 which honestly makes very little sense. Being able to get builders for diamonds should be a possibility.
This game is quite good, one of the better idle games I've played. I like that your actions are directly influencing student's grades and motivation, which then inpacts on things like competitions, that's different. I have an issue, however, with the fact that my students' grades and motivation decrease *vastly* if I'm actively playing the game rather than just coming back after being idle. It shouldn't change like that and it's honestly pretty frustrating.
Its entertaining to see the cosmetic progression and the soundtrack reminds me of Scratchman Apoo! However it is extremely slow paced. Once you get the ball rolling the game becomes one that you check for a minute to press another button and create another loading bar. There is no substance other than making numbers climb. You can always pay a LOAD of money to make it faster though!
Update: my issue was resolved satisfactorily and honestly my only gripe left is how long some of the building/research time takes. Would love to see a way to reduce those times besides gems! I would honestly enjoy this more, but I was charged twice for the ad removal and it's still making me watch ads. I sent screenshots to tech support, hopefully I'll hear back soon. Willing to change my review if it gets fixed. Just wish upgrades and research didn't take so long.
It is a very fun game at the start but once things start to take a bit longer to build it gets a bit boring as there isn't much to do. One addition I think that would enhance the game is to make a drama department and you can choose what productions to put on and maybe who to cast in the productions. This could be done with the sports department as well. You could choose what sports to compete in and who should play. All in all it is fun to do whilst watching TV or being slightly distracted :)
Great game, unlike other idle games you can make steady progress and won't feel like you're "stuck" at some point. The only issue I have with the game is that the gemstones are not useful enough. They can be used to find good professors, or speed things up. That's it. 5/5 stars if you could (for example) buy builders with gemstones.
The game is really fun; I enjoy the gsmeplay more than other idle management games. But the timers stop anytime a video link is followed, so you can EITHER build a building OR you can increase money, but you can't do both. The timer also stops if you leave go out of the game but leave it open in the background. Once this issue is remedied (and buisling/research time is reduced, per the other reviews), I will rate this much, much higher.
Technically, I am one of the first players to play this game( I even pre-registered for it). Now that I look at it, you developers seriously put in quite a bit of hard work to make this game, along with many others, almost all of which I have played. The brilliant things about Codigames is that throughout the years, you have kept on improvising so much, that one game is better than the previous one. I have only one tiny concern- I want more building teams for free( even one more will do).
I love codigames! However, this time, the idea is awesome but it's not playable. I open app, start one construction and a research then there's nothing to do. If this was created like their other tycoon games with easy building and continuing leveling items up, then completing a university to move to next it would have been awesome! But I'm disappointed.
UPGRADE TIME IS TOO LONG; It's a fun game but I can't even play it really because I'm stuck waiting hours for buildings to upgrade and I'm not even that far yet. It's a bit annoying because I WOULD like to play it , but all I can do is go in and check if my upgrade is done and upgrade something else. You only get one builder to upgrade at a time unless you want to pay cash in the game and buying builders isn't just a couple bucks how I feel it should be, 5$ + depending on package deals.
Was really unique at first but suffers from many mechanics that don't balance, to make this a true idle game. You're encouraged to upgrade, but what's the point when money you bank is constantly capped? It makes upgrading less rewarding. And the 1 builder for EXCESSIVE building times make this almost too idle in the sense that I click into game, upgrade 1 thing, exit and return in 16 hours. It sucks the fun out of even "playing" this game because theres not actually much playing going on at all.
Overall a great and enjoyable game that has been keeping me busy for weeks. One two annoyances. 1). My students are not classifying for competitions any longer. I have good professors and usually use ones that are highly motivated and good amount of knowledge but still don't classify. Why? Very annoying. 2). Sometimes it'll say a building is done being constructed but when I open the app it still shows that it is still being completed. I am then forced to use some points to finish it.
I am a big fan of Codigames games and have played a few now and this game is no exception to that. Its a good game, a little off with responsiveness of touch but that can be fixed. My biggest gripe is how much money you need to sink into it to add builders, boosts to learning and bank, etc. I think builders should cost gems instead of $5 each, similar to games like clash of clans. I'm going to continue playing and seeing what kind of updates come out but hoping to see some QoL updates
It's a pretty game for me. But, The build takes too long I would rather watch ads to reduce build time. and, the professor room, is not used by professors but needs to be upgraded, the profs don't rest there either. I would like to recommend that hopefully there are clubs for students to join and more courses to come.
I love this game... It's very addicting... It's very easy to collect coins and diamonds... The only reason why I rated it 4 stars is the fact that it takes WAY TOO LONG TO UPGRADE... I just wish that if you can't reduce the time to build/upgrade the building... You can just add ads to shorten the time of the upgrade... That's all.
I wish there were more buildings/classes. As I have been playing since the week it came out and I will soon build the last building. maybe another 2 to 3 weeks there will nothing left to build/upgrade. I also wish there was more than one way to get more construction crews. I am used to commercials from the mid 2000s I can wait you guys out. But it would be nice if I could do more construction at the same time without spending real money.
this is such a great game, im loving it more than i expected. however research and building takes too long. i wish building and research isn't limited to 1 only considering how sometimes it takes 6 hours and i can't do anything. leveling up building is such a stress too. i hope we could just upgrade the whole department and the respective rooms is allowed to have their upgrades already instead of leveling the rooms again.
3/30/2021 I have only been playing for like 2 weeks now and haven't had much time to really take note of any bugs yet, I will update my review later Update 4/8/2021 So far the only things I would like to see improved is there should be more levels to play. Also I think it take to long for some research also updating the buildings take to long. I would like to see the student dorms to be like all the other buildings, add rooms and upgrades. Also the deans building should be like too. 👍
Fix the cafeteria dwell time! Currently the rest rooms use dwell properly, but the cafeteria has a dwell value of probably 1000. This should probably be changed to at least 15000. Otherwise the game is visually pleasing and the game plays very fairly (not NEEDING money). Its a shame that simple programming issues cause hiccups (like the cafeteria queue).
As with all games that CodiGames makes, it's high quality, doesn't *require* ads, and has a pretty long shelf life. Unfortunately, this shelf life is long because it takes way too long to upgrade something to a point that matters. If there was a way to get more builders without spending real money or take off build time by using something other than gems (which will run out fast if you use them on skipping build times), then this game would be 100% perfect.
While I very much like this game, I have had visual bugs (at least one with the department of art projector being OUTSIDE of the entire building. Secondly I absolutely hate how you have to pay to get more construction teams. I liked how in other ones you've made you could hire more construction with in game money instead of in real life money.
I love this game. Its very addictive and helps pass the time. My only complaint about the game is you can't upgrade more then one building or research more then one thing at a time. If they added a feature to where we could upgrade several buildings,classrooms, do more researches at one time i would be happier with it.
Some of the build times and even research times are beginning to get ridiculous. My biggest gripe however; For the first few days of playing the game, my students would win something from the competitions. Now, no matter what students I use, I always get same message: "Your students did not classify." My first 2 classroom buildings are maxed level, and I have really good professors in each classroom. But the max learning level doesn't go up even when I manage to get a better professor in a room.
I'm an avid player of all the codigames out. This one is very refreshing and different rather than just a copy of previous games with a different theme. I love it! This game is almost perfect, but the time it takes to update buildings is a bit ridiculous. I understand that you need to make money, but this is frustrating. I'm also worried that even with all the time it takes to upgrade everything, it's still a game that will be completed quickly and it doesn't look like there's much to do after.
I really like this game, but there are a couple things that I wish were different. #1 Building times take way to long to be finished. Even though you can finish it by using gems it would be a lot easier if you could use the in game money. #2 The only way you can get more builders is buy paying real money which is very annoying.
Very good game for what it's worth, simple tycoon with a lot of content. Recent bug when making the research master of time. Phillipe appears and says let me show you how to change the schedule and then when i tap the screen the game crashes. I am unable to play anymore as phillipe always pops up when i restart. Please address this bug. Issue solved. Clicking on the clock solved this.
I don't usually like these type of games, but this one has really held my interest. I love the concept, and I don't have many complaints about the execution. I do think that the builders should be left to in game currency rather than real dollars. I don't mind having to pay for the managers, but those prices are a little steep, in my opinion. I wouldn't let the highest exceed $9.99, and it's currently at $17.99. This is a great game though, and I hope to see devs make improvements along the way!
Good game, but money is earned too fast, so it has no fighting to stay afloat. Its more of just waiting to build something, buy everything possible, then build a new thing. It takes hours to build simple things like an upgraded bathroom, and if you misclick the construction button, you have to wait for it to finish
I love this, but there needs to be more to do. there's only so many things you can upgrade before you need to renovate the whole structure and you can only build one thing at a time because the developers are money hungry and want you to purchase an upgrade. you have to jump through way too many hoops and half of game play is waiting TWO DAYS, let me repeat that- TWO DAYS- for something to build so you can actually do something else. the contests are also ridiculously hard to win.
Decent game; however, you're only allowed to update one (or two depending on category) thing at a time (unless you spend real $). Alongside that, the updates are a bit lengthy in time to wait. Imagine going on, starting one update (not being able to do anything else) and than closing the game to wait 10 hours for the one update to finish. Suggestion: Make like a queue system where you can put multiple upgrades in order and they progress even when closed. Or just make more upgrades available.
It really is a fun game, but the game has been just frozen ever sincw I got the "Master of Time" thingy. Phillipe will shwo up on the screen when I open the game, say the "Great! You've unlocked the master of time" line, and then he disappears and there's nothing. Nothing happens after that, and I can't move, I can't buy or open anything, the entire game just freezes, making it unplayable.
Typically, I don't like codigames (sorry) the games they normally put out are boring or somewhat complicated, but described as addicting so I try them, this is the first one I have kept for longer then a month, I LOVE this game! (I even bought another equipo team)The building times are long however I check it all the time! (If we could watch videos to shorten the wait times it would be great) I love the upgrading the buildings. I would 10/10 reccomend it to anyone!
Great game but for some reason, all my students aren't classifying, I even tried putting my best students in the lower competitions but they're still not classifying and the help page does not mention that, how do I fix that because I can't complete my tasks now and I'm very behind. I hope this issue gets resolved soon because it's a really good and engaging game