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Unicorn Catch

Unicorn Catch for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Shonduras Inc. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I do not want to give a bad review as i know my daughter will love the game, however, when we get to selecting a character and go to play the game the phone goes black, can still hear the music ect but just a black screen
Don't want to put a bad review but the game doesn't load, gets to a to Adley then shuts down. Is it something I'm doing?
Doesn't work on my son's phone (my old phone) works on my phone fine, what android is this made for? It's a great game though, my son loves Adley and Nico, he even watches some Shonduras videos. Keep up the good work
I watch your videos every day! Adley is so beautiful. What app are you gonna get next? Thank you and it's take ng so long.
My sister love playing this game and she also loves Adley. She love the drawing and the game. It's her favorite game. If you have a little sister then you should Definitely get this game!
Thank YOU SHONDURAS!! My 4year old girl is obsessed with your calls channel and shows...literally it is on 2 out of 3 TVs 247. This game is easy enough for her to play and her big brother and baby sister also play as well. One of the few shows and game that I feel fine about her watching without me having to hover over her to make sure what she is watching is age appropriate. Her 8year old brother even doesn't mind to watch your show. Your family is beautiful!! Thank u for all u all do!!
My sister loved this game that why i gave 5 stars . my sis loves to see a for adley vodeos when she saw that yall got a new game she was begging me to download it on my phone . My sis name is kaelyn and im katy
I used to play this game as the old version, but now it won't stop crashing for my little sister and she watches a for adley all the time but the game isn't working. If u have found out why it keeps crashing only on the newer version, please respond.
Love the game its awsome but yall should ad baby navy and how did you make the game cause me my friend and lil sis are a band trying to get big so how do you make a game
I think there should be a blaze mod where the unis are on fire and there a fire extinguisher icon and press the icon and it puts it out then you can get it sos if we're only supposed to right revues
I had redownloaded it but still needed to update it. Problems solved, the game and coloring pages are great, my 4 year old Anni loves getting to play as Adley πŸ’œ thank you!!!
My daughter loves the game especially the coloring part. She's been watching Adley a lot too. ☺️ One problem we noticed, the back button on the invasion mode doesn't work. We have to exit the game just to go back to the previous page. I hope that gets fixed. Thanks ☺️
This is great for kids, actually I even play it myself when I'm bored. Solid little bit of fun it is. Yay unicorns! Nice!
My daughter loves watching adely and thought it was sooo cool she could play her games great job and no ads even better!! Thank you
I gave a one star because after downloading my daughter couldn't play the game, and it keeps crashing. Utter waste of data. My daughter was looking forward eagerly to the play the game since she loves Adley too. She was disappointed that it doesn't work. Hope you fix the problem.
This is a great game for motor skills my 3-year-old daughter loves a for adley and to have her game she thinks it's so cool I think it's cool
Absolutely Awesome! When we found A For Adley we had no idea how much our Addy was going to love it! She considers you all like family and watches for "new videos" everyday and watches her favorite videos every other part of the day when the tv is on! She only plays games when we go places in the car, and Unicorn Catch is her favorite! Thank you so much Space Station Gaming family!!!
The game is great, except for some reason the coloring pages haven't worked for the last couple months. It will crash the app. My daughter is pretty disappointed.
I think Unicorn catch is a good game because Little ones can learn their numbers when they Catch the unicorns I love that my littel gril likes this game!
Game doesn't work. My son is able to select a character and mode. However once the game begins the first level is fine but once the second level begins he is unable to catch the unicorns. The character doesn't even move, it just sits in one position. He misses the unicorns then the game ends. He became so frustrated that he finally just gave up. We've tried restarting the device and uninstalling the app then reinstalling. Unfortunately still does the same thing.
Super bummed. My daughter loves adley and was looking forward to this game but it doesnt go passed the open screen. It lags and then shuts down every time.
My sister loves this game and on YouTube Nelly loves to watch adely and we watched every single video at least twice. My sister always wants to be like Adely
Total waste. I downloaded the game because my 2 youngest kids love Adley and Niko. The space play works okay on my cellphone but this on doesn't even load. The screen goes white and then the sound comes on and skips in and out. That is when the game crashes.
My boys love Adley and were so excited to find out that they could play this game. They love being able to play as Koopa! They only wish Adley could come play with them.
It wont work. I open it for her and it shows the game title and kicks us off before she can play. It opens but only for a second then boots her off.
I love this game because it's me by my favorite youtuber a for Adley in you can type in a code that brings E to her channel so I really loved this game.
Absolutely love this app. After the 4th July update it changed back to normal but its now stuck on the Halloween version. I've tried uninstalling app and reinstalling a few times but it still loads as Halloween on both my phone and my daughters phone. I made sure my phone was updated and even tried to click on the 'update' button in play store but it didn't work and that isn't there anymore just says 'open'.
My daughter is a huge fan of Adley show, huge fan of the game vary kid-friendly and we love the coloring pages .. We would give it 10 Stars if we could
Only the First level works, once the first level is passed the Adley character on the cloud doesn't move
My 3 year old daughter loves watching A for Adley. She was very excited to play this game and really enjoys herself. She especially loves the start of it with the jump/launch off of Adleys backyard trampoline!
Hi Adley, I would like to talk to you. uuumm Hi Navey and Niko :) and Mom and Shaun. Happy New Year! Thank You for the awesome games....Hunter
I cant get it to open past the loading screen, now i have a crying little girl who really wanted to play adleys game :( please fix the bug.
This game was very perfect for my child I have two girls and all they want to watch all day long is a for adley or the shonduras they are definitely part of that a for adley crew though
This game is fun for my little guy but the screen goes black after he chooses a character to use. It doesn't matter if he chooses fast play or regular play or which character is used.
Our daughter loves Adley and loves this game. She is upset today because she saw an add for the Christmas unicorn catch, and hers is stuck in Halloween. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalled with no luck. Please help.
Awesome game! My daughter is 5 and follows A for adley on YouTube. This was a fun way for her to feel included in the video and also have a new game for long car rides!
This game needs to be updated every time my little girl tries to use the coloring part of this app the entire app crashes.
I love unicorn catch but I'm pretty new I watch every and I watch The Best day ever and I miss having fun playing 1010
My 3 year old daughter is always pumped to see what new content Adley releases, & boy was she excited, to say the least, about this game! Keep the learning & fun coming, Adley & family! Great app!
I love this its works for me but.. when i opened the app it made creepy sounds and i backed out and i opened it again and it was making creeper sound i kept reopening it it was getting creepier and creepier and creepier and the unicorns was creepy and the cairters was creepier so i installed the app the reinstalled it and it was not creepy its was fan and super cool i like it i love!! it!!!its creepy too but its fun and love!❀❀❀😨😨😨😱😱😱
I've downloaded this game on two different android tablets, it begins to start up showing the space station apps screen and the a for adley screen then the game crashes. I've even deleted it and re-downloaded it and it's still crashing. I have downloaded it on my iphone and it works fine. Any way you could make this available on Android devices? By the way my kids adore adley and Niko and have been looking forward to this game! Thanks for all you do.
My sister love adley and she really want to play unicorn crash but it keeps kicking ous out I love adley to i think it's just wast of data hope you can fix it and hope you have a happy new year
My sister is a big fan of Adley and I saw a video of Adley reviewing her first game and I tried to search it at the Play Store and nothing showed up I was sad that it was only available for IOS and now it is available for android now I am so happy, thank you for making this game😊❀️😊 I recommend this game to young childrenπŸ’™
My girls love Adley and love this game but ours is stuck on Halloween mode. They were very excited for the Christmas update but it hasn't worked. Ive updated it,no luck. Uninstalled and Reinstalled, no luck. Am I doing something wrong?
Fun game! My daughter loves it. 3 stars because anytime we try to do the coloring pages the game quits and kicks us out.
It is an awesome game and adley if you are reading this i love your YouTube channel but I think it needs a little update i think that you can change the character 😁
If I could give this app more than five stars I would.Very well designed and I love the music.My daughter is a big fan of Adley,Niko and Navey and she watches her youtube channel all day every day.I love that it has no ads as well.Thank you for designing an app that my daughter loves.
The screen goes black and can hear the game once you are in game mode after picking a character. And of course since I got that far I allowed the app So not sure what's up but the girls are a little heartbroken
My daughter n I love watching A for Adley videos. Once she saw adley playing this game. She had to get it right away. My daughter loves this game now. Awsome game. And we love your videos! 😁
I have downloaded this for my daughter as she loves watching Adley play the game on YouTube but as soon as she picks her character,it knocks her off the game. Ive uninstalled and installed and still the same.
My daughter loves Adley so much. She just had to download this game. She loves playing any game Adley plays and this game is so special to her. Thank you for sharing your lives with us and making this game!
My 4 yr old daughter says this is the best game ever. She is obsessed. Not as much as watching A for Adley on YouTube. Literally would watch it 24/7
I'm giving you all a 5 star review! Don't know the game much but I appreciate all the fun family friendly content you put out for the world to enjoy!!! Thanks again, to you and your family!!! Keep up the great work!!! Ps my daughter LOVES Addley
Hi addley I like to YouTubers this game it's my favourite game I like you you're my favourite like your family even neko Navy and Sean and Jenny and you you're my favourite YouTuber can you please keep making more and more YouTubes I can't stop watching you you are my favourite YouTuber if I watch you every night which my Mum I've got phone and my mum won't let me what's your night-time by carefully sneak my phone at night-time and a what you all the time thank you for being my bestest YouTuber
Wow wow wow!!! Free, no adds, educational, fun and super safe for children to use!!! Thank you Adley for a lovely app!!!!
Hi been trying to install adleys games but all they do download but not opening. Is there anything we are doing wrong.my daughter loves your shows thanks in advance.richard.
I just downloaded this for my five girls and we all like it but just wanted to let you know that the first picture we colored is the one of the unicorn flying the kite. Well when we went to color the circle in the middle ribbon it also colors the unicorns legs the same color at the same time and if you color the legs back white then the circle in the ribbon goes back white also.
I love it it is cute and I'm a little girl love it forum a subscribe shondoris tell adley micbrid CoCo Kennard was just like her
I love because it is so fun and you get a lot of unicorns and my favorite one is a dally Koopa Nico and baby sister and all thisπŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜
Love this! My 4 year old loves to watch A for Adley! She was so excited that I downloaded this! I have started playing it too!
Great game. My girls love it. Only problem when choosing Adley on regular mode on level 2 she is stuck on left of screen and you can't move her. Playing on s10+ with latest android
Hi love the app shaun but its still freezing on the second leval. She tried using neko and that worked... My 6 year old grand daughter loves you guys especially swimming videos......i just installed this today
Great App. My daughter loves the games, but also doesn't get glued to the screen. Also appreciate that this is completely free, no ads, no nonsense. As a Dad, love it. As a gamer, love it. Thank you guys for such a great app
Thank you a million times for making this app, best ever!!! No ads no dang unlocking, no gems, no coins, absolutely perfect for my 4 year old and if you read this guys, her name is Abby and she loves Adley to death, asks if she could go over to Adleys every day lol, I sure wish we lived in Utah, sadly we are in Ohio, Highly recommend, best game ever, best family ever, we appreciate it this so much! Thank you!
My daughter loves this game and I find it entertaining for her as she doesn't keep fucus for a long time and this game helps with that. Thank you.
My son absolutely loves this game! With the exception that there is something wrong with the controls on the second level regular mode. Adley stays stuck in the left side of screen and can't be moved? But everything else is wonderful!❀
Love your YouTube Channel and Love you app. NO ads! NO in app-purchases ! NO worries about charges made accidently ! Thank you ! The Hinson Family !
When we get past the pick a character it goes black but still plays the music and does not load any further
My daughter loves to watch A for adley on YouTube, which made her want me to download the game. She tried to color one of the coloring pages, but when she clicks on the coloring page, it boots her out out of the whole game.
My three year old loves this game. She wakes up asking to watch adley. She loves her videos. Keep the videos and games coming.
had problems with a few glitches but the app is great, and support was immediately on point to try and address the problem upon rating it. My daughter loves Adley and this game.
Loving the App! My daughter loves Adley. She watches her everyday so when I saw she had an app I surpised her with it. She said "Thank you Adley" when she saw it! No ads and it's completely free! Big plus! She's playing it as we speak and has Adley videos playing on our tv! Awesome job guys!
Won't go past the beginning a for adley screen then the whole thing just shuts off. I hope it does get fixed we watch the show everyday and my daughter is so bummed she can't play the game she's 4 and her name's Aleya and she's your number one fan!
This game is really fun, i absolutely love it and i love watching a for adley shes super funny and kind I've been a day one fan πŸ™‚ i really hope she can say hi πŸ’•
I watch your video i love you like subscribe πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
My granddaughter watches A for Adley every day on YouTube. She LOVES this game. It helps with colors and counting. I especially love that it's FREE and NO ADS!
im 7 and i love it i wish i could gave her a hug but im in ohio i look weird i dont talk like what every one talks:( but i like it 900000% love it!!!!