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Underworld : The Shelter

Underworld : The Shelter for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Dreamplay Games located at 06149 서울시 강남구 테헤란로57길 17, 6층(역삼동) ㈜드림플레이게임즈. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
my god fix the goddam server connection issue, and i cant play ads on event so whats the point for that... and dont get me critic the game progression that very slow grinding bs... get your high horse dev the game already 2 years, and it still have fallout76 bugs 16 times the microtransaction huh...
Game is a lot of fun. However, many of the features in the game are not explained very well. Some of the solo play elements are also behind a SERIOUS grind wall. The autoexplore feature is also seriously lacking. The time to takes to collect items is much better spent doing it manually. The PvP is also a horrendous joke unfortunately. It lacks any kind of dynamic and basically just has your survivors bash a wall. Fun to play, ads are short, but needs serious work.
In essence, it tries to be a Fallout Shelter. However, there is a glaring gap in quality and gameplay. It has a unique (?), timebound system of going out on raids where you manually control movement which is challenging, but that's about it. There literally isn't much to do in your own base. Where Fallout Shelter has ENDLESS tasks for you to have to do as well as choose to do, this game is quite bland in comparison. Even aesthetically, it is lackluster though, the chibi figures are kinda cute.
Might have been a good game, but there are so many RRRRR upseting things. What I hate most, the lack of information, the pressure on you after installing on what they sell. 1) The lack information is for the selling stuff, like now there is about 10+ packages to buy, but i can check only 4 what is the content, what it does, what it gives, what does it mean. Very shady policy this kind of selling. 2) Another thing, expedition challenges. What kind of stupid person sets challenge for a timer and a certain equipment? Okay, I get .. but, how do you get that equipment? By exploring a map, okay. So you go, you find those items and guess what. The challenge require, i dont know, lets say a common rarity, dont know because the game lacks that kind of information. But i keep finding rare item, its the same that is required for challenge, but because of the quality, you cannot use it thus you cannot do the challenge. 3) Another thing, monster defense, for 2 weeks now, it says I used up all charges, could that only when i installed the game, for 2 weeks, this cannot be played, why? Why its not being reseted daily, weekly, something. Why there is zero information when I can play again? 4) Another thing, limited inventory. You are supposed to farm things but you cannot keep them? So you have to sell them, destroy them (often you get nothing), then you unlock something and it requires the items you just sold so you need to go and farm them again? Very stupid system. 5) Another thing, you can purchase bigger inventory with real money, okay, kinda acceptable, but removing items, clothes, from a person for a real money? Cmon, are you that stupid and desperate for some changes? Thats low, pathethic. Especially when you need to change clothes for the challenges. Thats very low. 6) Another thing, ads, very often. Easy to skip min/max game, but mostly, for games like this its okay to be offline and play without interuptions, but this game, hell no. There is no online feature, but the game is required to be online, nothing works offline, you cannot even go exploring. 7) Another thing, even when online, the servers dont often respond, errors, crashes, interstingly, it crashes only in town, never outside.
The game is okay. But i don't like the soundtrack. I think that better soundtrack will can make this game be a perfect one. The character is cute. Exploration system is nice. Would be good if the guide character or the narrator have his own voice. It will make the game feel more lively. and also the putting account name window have a little problem. the text that shown "only korean, chinese, english or number characters are available", some words are out of my screen display. Thanks :)
Its good to play but when i play this game it took too much time to load even though my connection is stronger it still useless only made my phone energy exhausted
the controls are good, the graphics are fine. but, I have to say the worst part of the game is everything, and I mean everything takes money. coins to upgrade people, coins to upgrade buildings, coins to open up levels, etc etc. the worst part is, that it takes high quality currency to detach equipment from characters. Really? These need to be addressed to make the game worthwhile.
It a kinna good game but bro the ab the ab bro it pop up on everything I click why 😭😭 and also you said it a offline game when I open it said network not connected 🤯🤯 it a very bad game to play plase don't play this game
it's good, but a lot of things are dependent on the special currency. As well, having a robot that deals little damage as i level up and deals the same from level 1 to level 10 is a huge handicap. I'd expect to be stronger with higher strength and levels, not just more hp which run out fast due to the contamination. It's a good game but some mechanics need improvement. I didn't find myself wanting to come back. Sorry.
Not a bad game. Grindy, and not really skill-based. Pay 10 bucks for a premium character and get awesome gear and guns. Game over then, it's boring and you just paid to win. Doesn't work on data traffic, insists that a "server request has been delayed", like I should care about that. Will only work on wifi which is why I barely even play it now. I need a game for when I'm commuting, not when I'm at home or at another place. I have better things to do then than play a mobile game. Disappointing.
Needs loads if work, walked out a room and back in then my health dropped drastically, leading me to die and lose all my goods from that mission. Optimize game please
Good game overall, though too many ads pop up. I don't mind ads where you get rewarded At least, but it seems every time your explorer returns you have to watch an add which eats up your data.
Ok so far, further review soon. 3/5 *'s due to me being new to the game, but obviously in-app purchases and commercials always a drawback also. Offline play could make it great, limiting sponsorship to devs, but games are best played freely, and on tabletops!
It's full of ads and requires an internet connection just to make sure you get them constantly. It would be a fun game otherwise. It's a shame they ruined it.
I really enjoy this game. It would be really neat if they turned this into something you could buy and play on the Nintendo switch w/o ads. Not a big fan of the multiplayer aspects, but it's fairly easy for me to just avoid other players and stick to the single player part of the game.
Multiple pay walls, multiple download this game now, and other annoyances before you can even create a character which takes away from even wanting to play the game, 1 start and uninstalled!
I love it and i love the Survival and such good Game i was looking for Survival so i download this and i was amazing And i download it fun anf bye peace
Really similar to Fallout Shelter, but less focus on personalizing the shelter and more on the exploration. It's a game you can pick up and fiddle with for 10 mins or play for two hours straight. The PVP aspects are a little confusing (I'm sure there's a reason, but it just says "unable to find match" randomly when I try and there's no explanation) but there IS PVP and the game receives fairly constant attention from the devs. It just seems to be getting better as it goes!
litterally impossible to play you cannot enter any name whatsoever i entered my fullname and was still taken
Okay, this is an interesting game to talk about....first of all, i love this game so much. Unique mechanics, great concept, and so many others that i will not mention. But there's one problem, it's the ads. I deeply understand that the developers need to eat and thrive too, and i'm not gonna complain about that. The real problem is, you guys keep showing us ads without our consent. After each level completed, an ad pop up. But what worse is when i got stuck on the "requesting ad" screen.
It's ok just very slow. I like rpg's but I can't say I dislike this game. It was kinda hard to get the hang of at first but I learn quickly. So it didn't really take long to catch on but it's really hard to get items. And the monsters are very agile and almost undefeatable. Compared to the players movement. But cool game play. Other then that I could play all day.
Great game. Pay attention during the tutorial and keep doing expeditions you will prosper eventually in the game. I havent fully gotten the hang of it yet because it's not just your 'run of the mill' underworld survivor game. Not everything is right in front of you and it doesn't just come right out and tell you things . You have to actually use your brain very entertaining but also drains battery life. Needs networkConnection. they should make the game where it dosent require itlike Fallout gam
I love this game but I really hate it so much too because of the ads, it's not that it keeps appearing which is TRUE, but it also CRASHED everytime the ads can't play. It stucks and if you restart, you got no reward or nothing even out of your battles. It SO SUCKS. and it happens often. I really love the gameplay and the management and all. But the aaddds and crashes. Please. I know u need money, so just fix the crashes. I'll let it pass about the ads. But if you get them all fixed, I'll give 5
So many promising mechanics and features, but the ads are far too plentiful and intrusive. Maybe it gets better later on, but a 30 second ad after a dungeon run that took maybe as long is a horrendous ratio. And with only a real money, limited use ad skip, I decided the game was not worth my time. If any of you devs read this and at some point get rid of the post exploration ads, hit me up and I'll come back. The fact that nearly everything else is ALSO gated behind ads is troublesome, but survivable, but that post exploration forced ad is the real deal breaker for me.
If they just made this game so that it could be purchased it would be great. But instead it's filled with ads and micro transactions that ruin it. It really would be a great game otherwise.
I like the vibe of it but the controls can be a bit annoying and hard. Don't know of its my phone or game's fault or both even. Would be nice if the control pad/button is locked in place as it at goes to somewhere else for a bit then returns in the center with my touch. It gets in the way. It might be better also if they have an option of where to lock in place the controls. Other than done, I like the game so far, only played for a bit of hours though.
Fun game, very similar to fallout shelter. So if you like that you'll probably like this, with more interactive exploration system. Only downside is sometimes I feel like I watch adds more than I play, but I guess you have the choice most of the time. The pass to not view adds is a tad expensive too. The controls can be annoying sometimes too, more notably in timed challenges.
Very buggy: getting stuck on loading screens, random error menu pop ups. Extreme number of ads and too high price for the ad-free add-on considering the state of the game and the fact it is a simple Fallout Shelter clone with some added mechanics, yet zero lore or storyline.
Interesting combat, good visuals, no apparent timers, this would be a very cool game if not for an ad requirement at some very immersive positions and I'm uninstalling because the ad after I finish an expedition isn't beneficial to me in anyway it's just there. Keep in mind that this is a management game so if an ad is at every other option/selection a player may forget a chain of ideas they had or may straight up feel like the ad is preventing progression even when it's not and it's beneficial
Not bad. I have two complaints though. First, why are the exploration missions limited? That makes no sense to me. That just makes them way easier than they already are. They should have unlimited time, and you should be able to leave wherever you want. Second, why the hell is any replaced clothing destroyed? That makes no sense at all. This one is the one that bothers me the most. Change that clothing issue and I'll give you 5 stars. The time length on expeditions is annoying but fine.
I was too hasty in my previous review. This game is a lot of fun when you first start, but it quickly gets too hard. You run out of hp way too fast and you can't do any of the challenges without homing shots, and getting those is rarer than getting unique items. You can play a mission looking for a specific item 30 times, and never find it. There is not enough replay value in the game for that repetition.
Good game but I hope they put an option where you can discard items you picked up so that you can replace it with better items. Please fix the requesting ad after finishing a level it sucks to lose all your items.
The game was okay, but the gear you're wearing seems like it does nothing in the way of stalling toxic effects, furthermore, the PvP set up (pay to find your opponent), I wouldn't have a problem with if the money didn't double every time I wanted to look for someone; I suppose I don't do PvP anyway, so the app to me would be better without it period.