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Undersea Solitaire Tripeaks

Undersea Solitaire Tripeaks for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Plarium Global Ltd located at Hamanofim ,1 Hertzliya, Israel, 46725. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is the solitare I like best. The characters are so cute and voices make me smile. Objectives added into the regular game are fine, but there's extra bonuses as well you can do.
I really like this game. If a level is too hard after playing it a few times you can win it. I am on level 847! Just since the new updated I can not use the game because everything on the right side of the screen is not working. The left side works fine but any button or card on the right side will not work.
Was great but with the latest update it got lame and it's now like every other mobile game. I liked that you could have multiple lives but now you only get five and they have that dumb league thing every other game has. I used to spend more time playing but now since they cut my lives to five I don't get to play as long.
It's 1/8/2021 and apparently there are no more levels to add to the story line. I guess I completed them all. *Update* 1/13/21, "New adventures coming soon" the game says. I was told there would be more to the adventure in December, now told end of January. I'm still holding out hope. 🀞 I'm sad I actually paid real money for some of the boosts only to find the storyline ended and I would just be playing levels for nothing.
I still give this game 5 stars and still love it. However, I am well beyond 2000 levels and waiting for more to be developed to be able to use my gems. I wish the game would give me the opportunity to swap the gathered gems for tokens to earn more rewards.
How many old levels are there before you become a champion? I've got enough gems to build, unfortunately that has new rules, too! I have lost interest. It's very disappointing. My granddaughter and I really like it until now.
Overall, the game is decent. Sometimes, its absolutely awful when zero cards match from your deck. The ads for prizes never works for me either. I also question why the challenges seem to decrease in awards. The pearl dive event used to give 6000. Then it went to 4000. Now only 2500. Why?
I really enjoy this game. The characters are cute and the game is simple, which I like. The only thing I dislike about all these games is being charged for some of the coins and other game pieces and then getting charged again by Tmobile! Somehow that just doesn't seem right!
This game is a lot of fun..It's free, and the ads are very minimal..Basically you only have to watch ads for bonus items, and they are short ads..The little crab that guides you through the game, is soooo cute! It has bright colors, and great graphics..I definitely recommend.
I love this game, it's so relaxing. The only problem I have is that I'm spending time much money in the higher levels over 500, some stuff should be free, not all but give me a break, I love it but spending time much money
I love the themes, the characters & the little bit of a storyline. It has great graphics and run smoothly. My biggest complaint is there isn't a mode to just play tri-peak solitaire without all of the challenges that make it hard and frustrating. I'd rather play it in a relaxing mode or even a reasonable time challenging mode, but either way - I want it without the obstacles.
Game is free, but you have to buy coins to purchase extra cards in order to finish the board you are on when you run out of cards. And you run out of cards before finishing the board you are on almost EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Maybe 1 in 7 can be solved with the cards you are initially dealt. Unless you want to repeat each board 3, 4, 5 or more times, this game will cost you a small fortune to play. This game is an excercise in frustration. Will probably uninstall.
This game is good looking and the story is fun. However the new changes are a big turn off. I am on level 552 and i played for about 10 minutes and now i am out of lives. So i now have to wait 25 minutes to play again. The game used to be generous with lives. No more. Its just a shame because i really enjoyed the game when it was casual. Sure you can use facebook and bug friends but i dont think i should have to pester people for a game.
Was one of my favorites until after level 2000, the development and ways to progress on the team just went downhill from there. We have clubs, but not enough ways to higher levels unless you have people on your team below level of 2000 and they can progress through completing a task. I have 600 plus gems, yet they are worthless to me because I can't use it for anything. Not interested in trivia or FB APP but solitaire.. losing interest big time. Fix it
I've left ratings but it keeps asking me to do it again. Not a huge deal but annoying. Love this game. Spend way too much time playing but it never gets old.
A really fun game if you like playing solitaire! Great graphics, characters interact and motivate you. Game easily loads up lives for you to play in about 20 min. I'm glad I tried this game!
I almost feel like the game is rigged. I'll run through 5 lives or more trying to past the same level... I love solitaire don't get me wrong but this concept is boring.
I do love Alfred and his friends! πŸ˜€ i have never had to pay anything to play this game, and i challenge myself not to use the boosrs. Love the themes for the different holidays. Santa Alfred is adorable. My only complaint is i have run out of things to build/repair. Don't understand the purpose of the globe in the corner of the screen or the circle of percent. When will we have something new to work on? I have all these gems and nowhere to use them... I would recomend this game to everyone.
I love this game and I play it when I'm waiting for something or I'm bored, but I literally cannot play it right now. Since the most recent update, I have had to "download assets" in order to just see what tasks I need to complete in order to progress, but every single time the download fails, so progression through the story is impossible. Left higher than one star in hopes this problem will be fixed.
Would have given 5 stars but you have some bugs to fix starting with the video ads for rewards or extra cards there have. Been countless times I've needed it and it keeps saying no videos available also the rewards on on special events should be 5k to 10k coins you make enough off people and ads why not reward us until that's fixed its gonna be 1 star from me and not to mention I'm at level 1994 so I've even alot on this app
Highly Addictiveβ™‘But so much fun. Graphics are cute, game play isn't to hard or to easy. Character are cute. Storyline is adorable. Constantly changing events. This is by far my favorite Solitaire game on this platform hands down!!!
This is by far one of the funnest games I have come across looking for games to play my phone from the Play store and I've always loved tri peaks solitaire but just the theme and story and background to the game that they made up with it makes it that much funner to play I love this game
Love this game!! Only downsides are that it takes too long to get hearts back and that there are no ads to watch to get more hearts. Other than that great game that is thoroughly enjoyable
This game is so addictive. The only negative thing that I have just noticed recently is the a notification will pop up explaining a rule of the game and will freeze the entire screen. Then I have to exit the game and start over. It has done this lately on every level. Very frustrating! πŸ˜–
Was a great game, gave it 5 stars, but now am taking one away because it keeps kicking me off. Right in the middle of a challenge. Dosent take coins or lives but if i am doing a bonus game it is done when i go back in. Very annoying! Working now thanks to support team. Fun game helps pass the time and forget the world for a little while
Fun game. Gets quite challenging though. Hard to get coins and lives without real money once you reach lv 70 or so.
I love this! All the project type games, where you earn stars or whatever to do the next project, are always match 3 games. It's fun to find a different game type. It's cute and fun. Super addictive.
One of the best game ever. Really love the graphics and the storyline. The reason I gave 4 stars is because the game freezes many times while playing. Edited: Please fix the lag while playing. It happens many times in a level. Please really love this game!
Another pay to win game. Don't bother. @The creator reply - there's a difference between challenging and impossible. Just admit that you want money and carry on. Again, just say you want money. You made this game basically impossible to play. You have tons of reviews saying the same thing.
The game is good but I'm tired of playing the same game over and over again there are no cards in the deck that why I play the same game over and over again plus way to many of the same cards show up . I had five 9's in one of the games how can you win ok
It Was A Fun Game, until The Glitches appeared in the Game, I'm getting fed up when Everytime I spin to get a present it cuts off saying no Internet when my Internet is Strong, Sort it out Please Grrrr.
This game was brilliant until the last 2 days and it keeps saying I have no Internet even though I have. Can't get bonuses or daily rewards
I like the little rewards and getting to build. Graphics are good. The little crab cheering you on, too cute. Not a lit of demands to pay. So many games; demand cash to level up, or get to the level up part. This doesn't.
I have to give props when they are due. I expected this to be yet another in a long line of greedy cash grabs, where the player has virtually no chance. I'm very happy to report that this is not the case here. Unlike almost all tripeaks, it costs ZERO to play each level. Further, if you need to restart the level, again it costs ZERO gold. The boosters are fairly generous, and I've gotten to level 50 very fast. This is the sort of game I will be happy to spend $$ to support. Bravo!
It was fun but after the upgrade you made it not as fun anymore. You should of kept it the way it was where we all can go to next level. Since upgrade none of the cards are the one you need, I know that the designer is making this game suck. Im about uninstall it that shows after reaching level 300 its not letting the cards match any cards you have on the board.
EDIT/UPDATE: The game is still fun, HOWEVER, I've learned that the only way to progress in this game is by spending $. It's incredulous to me to have +1700 lives but no lives or gems. So dissappointing! 2/3/21 ORIGINAL POST 8/10/20 The game has been a welcome new game. The graphics are wicked, the gameplay is smart but I have a few ideas that would make the game better for the players. I love the side games as well. Thank you for a fun Solitaire game πŸ πŸŸπŸ¬πŸ‹πŸ™πŸ³πŸ’πŸš
This game is awesome it's fun but yet challenging it keeps you on your toes please try it never know you might just like it.
I wait on reviewing a game until I've played several levels. IMO I rate this game so so. Although there's fun designs for building an undersea town, the problem lies in the higher levels of game play (500+). Once there, the game becomes so much more of a challenge that some levels took a whole day to complete...unless I spent $$. Once I did that I could pass levels like I was back at the beginning again. This made the game feel rigged in a sense I guess. I deleted it and play tri peaks instead.
I agree w the review below--it's taking too many hearts past level 500, which would be fine if it didn't take 30 minutes for your hearts to renew. It takes too many coins to use the extra cards, powerups, so you kinda get bored bc you can't play inbetween lives unless you wanna dump money in the game all the time.
Im a real person. Im always wondering if the good reviews are real reviews... Well im reading this game a 5 star because it deserves it! You don't stop at a certain level and in order to proceed you never to spend real money... Nope not like that at all. If your a card person and like this kind of solitare this is the best game I've ever played. And i have played a lot.
nice game except when you run out of lives and it says you can't watch an ad because you have no network connection, huh?
Fun tripeaks game. Animation cute. So far, fairly new to game, pretty easy. Hard enough it is fun. Ads are short and not as often as other games I've played. Lots of side games and rewards. Nice!
Great game, I really like that the "ad watching" is completely optional. Took a sec to get used to it when that option arrived in Jan, found it overwhelming at first, but I think the way it's since been limited so it's not there all the time is really good. Makes me more likely to take advantage of the bonuses it gives. And feels like a bonus instead of ads being thrown at you all the time! Good job guys!
Most games are pay to play. But I tell you what, im on level 367 and I love the little town im building its so cute. I havnt paid a dime into this game and I play it every day. I've had no issues and I love this game !
It's a fun game with user friendly controls and enjoyable challenges. However: 1. Powerups have to be selected at the beginning of the level, and you don't get to choose when you use them. The whirlwind is especially useless because it is placed into the draw pile wherever the game chooses, and it frequently removes three cards in a way that is actively harmful to your odds of winning. This decreased the level of enjoyment considerably. 2. Ads for bonuses won't play about 60% of the time.
Fun, cute, addicting little game. The customization of the buildings is a nice touch and a good reward. Easy enough to play without paying money, though it does prompt you with sales occasionally. Great game for kids, too!
You need to give more lives due to the fact that five lives is not enough to keep playing when you get to a higher level,,,and larger gold rewards because you have to use that to by extra cards,
despite what at least 1 other review says, you do NOT need to spend money to play and enjoy this game. I made it to level 300 in the first 2 weeks, spent no money, and may have only watched 1 or 2 ads for extra cards/lives. along with the many other ways to get rewards, such as lives, there's no need to spend a penny unless one wants, (especially in comparison to some other solitaire games). *(it also helps if you download another app FIRST, so look at the related apps before downloading).
I bought a package just to support these devs for making such a relaxing game. Nice music, nice atmosphere, anytime you want to relax, this is your game. Supporting the devs is something we must all do at times, especially when they are -not- greedy, just like the devs of this nice game. Mobile games have taken the wrong way with greedy pay-to-win policies. This is not one of those games. Congrats.
Very well organized and put together. The levels get progressively more difficult will that's nice. The story had been heartfelt and I find the little creatures adorable. But that little crab could work w little harder!
A MUST to download. Awesome game. Fun. Enjoyable. Addictive. The first game I go to, to play. I'm not into storyline's BUT Albert is cute with his work helmet on etc. that I enjoy watching and reading. Especially when he makes phone calls.. adorable. This game doesn't stressed you out as other games do. The graphics are excellent too. Thank you to the people who made this fun and enjoyable game. β€οΈπŸ‘β€οΈ
I've always liked tri peaks solitaire in general and this game has made it an adventure. It's fun building up the fish kingdom by playing what was basically a time waster. Very well done game. Some reviews said too hard or money grab but I disagree. Tri peaks solitaire has a strategy to it. The devs have done an excellent job taking a basic card game and making it more fun. Thanks
So upset with this new update. I used to have 8 lives now i only get 5 and one thing that made this game good was it only took 15 minutes to wait for a life now its 28 mins. Dont really enjoy this at all anymore shame cuz I am on level 2413 πŸ₯Ί
Great game, I really like that the "ad watching" is completely optional. I've recently had issues with no ads being available to play to get bonuses when I want them. I'm leader of an AII ranked group - can I give the group to another member? Will the group still be able to play on if I leave? Or will it kick everyone out/delete the whole group.
I liked this game, but develops aren't listening. The last update made it even harder by not giving tournament points unless you win. You really have to spend money once you get past level 1000. They just want money and don't seem to understand that people want to play to relax. It's beautiful and relaxing until it becomes so difficult to win. Extra cards cost 700 coins, but you typically only win 50-100. It's set up for you to have to pay.
That's good for the ppl that have beat all the levels that want to still play. But once you hit the 2000 levels thats when you don't get to move on to build items it just stops? Why is that? You can see that there is more things to build but you're not allow to. I don't link my games that are on my phone to facebook at all.
Cute like the graphics, music a bit annoying and there is a high pitch ... "beepbeepbeepbeep" "beepbeepbeepbeep" very high pitch which added to my Tinnitus...(thanks I pray that sound disipates I have enuf ringing noise 24/7.) Only due to that I unfortunately have to uninstall and I Loved that Excellent Crab graphic. Excellent creation. Creators: Please play game and listen closely to the sounds/music. ❀️If I fix that I'm back ❀️
Fun and totally adorable. More for kids but I'm an adult and love it πŸ˜€ lol. Disappointed that eventually you need to pay a few dollars to keep going but hey! That's right on Mark for the times I suppose
I have no love for this game. The decks are impossible. You legit have to pay to win. Worst solitaire game ever made. They keep saying the game gets a little more challenging but it gets impossible. Do not recommend.
Love solitaire of any kind that's challenging and gives rewards. Game won't let me download so I can't continue playing I tried to reach support 3X & you 1x. I have to say I'm disappointed ☹️ because you won't handle your problems.
I installed this app through rewards play and I have completed several of the task give to earn points and I have not received them. Have completed up to the "finish level 50 with in the first 24 hrs" . So I have not received any of my points earned for completion of tutorial, completion of level 20n or completion of level 50 with in first 24 hrs of installation of app.
I like this game. Tri Peaks card game to do tasks, interacting with the different fish characters, the soft calming music, getting to help build their ocean city and the all the items are colorful. It is a very nice and relaxing game. Even for adults. Please try it. I think you will enjoy it. Thank you designers for making this wonderful game.
Best game! It isn't set up as a "pay to win" type of game and I hope that never changes. I've been playing for a few weeks and am already on level 700 without spending any money what-so-ever, just utilized the ad option for gifts and took full advantage of the events they provide every week. I fully recommend this game for the people whom not only enjoy playing solitaire but also like being able to advance with the storyline/repairs without spending hundreds to do so.
Cute game love solitare graphics are excellent. Can play for long periods. Good job. As I get alot further in game I spent real money once. My free lives when I started was overwhelming. Now nothing much. I love card games with real solitaire so never win much. Five lives done. That's how I play now. Won't spent my point money that is stingy now so game goes quick. Glad you all think that is best
First of all I love this game. UI is best, game story is immersive, game play is challenging. Quests keep things interesting. But after certain levels the game feels rigged. There is a difference between challenging and money hungry rigged. That's why 4 stars. Sometimes I just want to delete it.
OMG... It takes me a long time to find a game that is cute, colourful, and cards, it also has a build a city, under water, cutest characters. I most definitely recommend this game...
This game has beautiful graphics and is super fun to play... at 1st. Then it gets too hard to win and you have to watch WAY TOO MANY Ads or purchase. I like Grand Harvest WAY better! Too bad I can't find it for Android. This game is no longer fun, it's exasperating!
I love this game but thinking about quitting it ....it is a lot of fun but seems like unless you actually buy stuff it is increasingly more difficult to gain tokens to play forward 😟
There's a difference in challenging and just impossible to win. I like a challenging game not an annoying one. Started off great then, of course, you couldn't win a single game without buying extra cards. The spin for extras doesn't ever work, why even put it on there. Then of course the specialty cards. Most games you can't win without the specialty cards and you rarely get them unless you buy them. This game just pisses you off!! Zero stars!!
I have enjoyed playing the game, but whenever i have the option to get more cards or a free gift, i am always told i am not connected to internet, which is not true, so i am always having to reboot phone. Frustrating, and not worth it
I enjoy the solitaire game. I have fun constructing in underwater city. Intend to play as often as I can.
This game is easily 5 stars, however since the latest update whenever I complete a challenge the claim prize screen appears but you are unable to claim it. It's game breaking! I cannot get further into the game as it will not let me collect the prize. There's also no way out of the screen so app must be closed completely out of. If this gets fixed, I'll update the rate to 5 stars. Fixed indeed! 5 stars have been granted!
Genuinely one of the worst solitaire games I've had the misery of trying. Once you get to level 80, the decks become impossible. You can make nearly every correct move, have 6 cards left and not get anything close to the one card left on the board. BUT if you spend coins, the next level is easier. It's a horrible game that caused me more frustration than fun. As you can see by their reply to my review, the game REQUIRES boosters to win. You get a couple a day, which means a couple levels per day
Updating my review. They've improved this a lot. Still challenging, but I'm able to solve every level. The harder ones take a few tries, but I can solve them. And there are a lot of fun incentives to help with the harder ones. Thanks guys!
Fun easy but challenging at the same time. Kids can play this game and adults can challenge them selves if they find it to easily, just play it as fast as you can and don't use any of the cheats then. Gets you BRAIN WORKING.
A really cute game of a tripeaks variant, with a story line and interesting plot. Well worth 5 ⭐. Really loads of fun.
Would have rated higher, but ran out of stuff to build already. Enjoy the game, but how do you get to the world ranking games? How long before there is more to build.
I loved this game but cannot even play it anymore, it freezes, it makes you lose turns, games, can't make moves. I've tried to get help but I can't get thru to them either, it's so frustrating. Moves slow to a point you can't even continue. I'm upset because I did enjoy playing very much and rebuilding the undersea town but I have to close it, after 4-5 games it starts to run slow then stops running at all and hard to get out of it. I hope you can fix the problems, I know I'm not only one.
The game was great until I reached a level where the game had to download new resources. After that the game became sluggish and seemed to pause at certain times. Touch screen input gets slow or unresponsive when starting a new level. I would have to exit out of the main screen on my phone then reenter it to continue where I left off. I'm not sure why I have to pay $2.99 to empty my full money vault.
Great tripeak solitare game. Cute story line that keeps you engaged with smaller goals to want you to continue playing.
This game is a lot of fun, but the coin amount to get extra cards to help finish your game is way too high. I will not waste my money for 700 coins for 5 extra cards, the levels are pretty hard but there's still no way I'm tempted to waste my money on something that will take up my coins really fast. If it was 100 coins for extra cards I'd consider purchasing, but as of now I will patiently wait for the free stuff.
Had to take a star away from my review. After last update it took all the live away that I had earned. Enjoy passing time with this app.
It's fun... sometimes I feel like the game's rigged to make you lose more than win or to spend gold coins for trick cards to help a possible win.... But other than that? Overall, a fun way to spend some time. =]
It has been a fun game to play. I was introduced to this game through app that say just play and collect points and gift cards. So I've been giving the app a try and playing several different games and this game has been a fun game to play. I'm hoping the other app will pay out Merry Christmas to you ya.
Easy game to play that doesn't require purchase of in game content, unlike Raid Shadow Legends that are overpriced and useless.
I enjoy this game but I had to reformat my phone and when I reinstalled the game, it does not give me the option to sign in with my Google play account. I do not have a FB account. I don't want to start the game all over again! Update: I emailed the game using the email provided in the help settings of the game but have never heard back.
UPDATE...I enjoy the game, even when it gets harder, and ask for lives we have to wait 24 hours just for one. I don't have a lot of friends who are playing the game. in addition to that, they're making me waste cards on purpose so I have to invest either coins or money Sometimes takes me a entire day to advance just two levels.. This keeps this way I will uninstall.
So far not a bad app to play & pass the time, I'm enjoying it. It has some petty good graphics & funny cartoon characters as well. Download this app so you can have fun too.
Very fun..It has a little variety in things to do. But I think it too challenging. I just want to give up and remove it at times. It can be frustrating. But I do have a certain amount of fun playing it.
Problem with latest update. The game has updated but, when accessing tasks in the game it says an update is required. When you try to download it consistently says 'Download failed'. I have tried downloading on WiFi and 4g with the same result. As I cannot access tasks, there is not much point in playing! Good game otherwise. Please fix the issue.
Just love this game. Alfred cracks me up when he talks on phone. Very much addicted. I play for hours.
Great Game. This game has the right amount of difficulty to keep you wanting to come back for more but not too difficult to where you feel like the game cant be defeated. It also gives enough boosts and lives to where you do not have to wait for days to build up enough coins to continue to play like other games. I love playing this game. Keeps me up all night long!
This is one of the better games to play, just not enough lives,and cost too much to get more. And the extra cards...forget that, I'd rather play and use all the lives than spend what's taken me forever to build up on just 5 cards.loosen up on either winning or coins.
I play a lot of tri peak solitaire games and this one is very fun, not overwhelmed with ads and in app purchase, it's just a fun game very addictive!!
This is a no-ad game, so it relies on you to buy stuff to move ahead. That's okay, they're a business after all. But the rewards have to be equal to the outlay of real money. They just aren't. It takes winning around twenty games just to put in a simple fountain. The construction of the world just takes too much effort for so little return. If the landscape actually changed, I'd be a much more faithful game player, but as it is, I will find another game to play once what I purchased is used up.
Ok that response was bs. One star for this game. Stop false advertising to make us watch ads that you get paid for! When playing and you run out of cards, it says get cards and you watch an ad for it but yet all it ever gives you is a extra life. Very deceptive! I don't want to watch an ad for more lives!! I WANT MORE CARDS LIKE IT SAYS GET CARDS!!!
I like this game but way too expensive for power ups. Your coins go way too fast and have to go thru too many cards before you get what you need. If not for that I'd give 5 stars
Best thing about this game is it doesn't cost anything to play. If you do pay for additional coins its for other things like decorations or power ups.
Great game, lots to do, no adds, doesn't constantly flash money deals at you, the money deal are very good value too.
Thought this game was for kids based on how easy it was and how cartoon-y it was, but the challenge level does increase. I like how, as long as you're willing to be patient, there is no need to ever spend money. Boosters are much too expensive and the game would be more enjoyable if the prizes were more often coins. That way i could take advantage of the boosters. As it is now most prizes are lives. I now have 43 lives which I just don't need. I get it though. The creator wants money to be spent
This game is fun at times. Ultimately it's extremely frustrating. Seems like it always forces you to use up every bonus hoping you'll buy some. It shouldn't take 18 attempts to beat 1 level. And now it's pay to play on the Harvest Path. So far I've spent 2000 coins to make it 1/3 of the way and the grand prize is currently 1700 coins. Hey game developer's, maybe the grand prize could actually be worth something like 10,000 coins. Maybe make it worth my wasted time.