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Underhand for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Spoopy Squad. The game is suitable for PEGI 7 (Implied Violence, Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The Great Old Ones send their approval. The graphics, the game play and the puzzle aspects of this deck building game are quite exquisite. The one problem is that foresight options of the second and first tier tend to fail once the second tier beings are successfully summoned.
Honestly one of the best games I've played on mobile. It's simple yet engaging, with an elegant design, fun puzzles to figure out, and a whole load of fun to play. I only wish there was more! I would totally pay for a game like this if it had more gods to work towards. I was a little sad with how quickly I had blown threw, and even then I still come back for more! 10/10 would recommend playing
Nice, simple game. No ads whatsoever, nothing to buy and can be finished over the course of a day. The final task is rightfully difficult (took me 2 years playing very sporadically) and ending is anticlimactic but absolutely worth a download. Major kudos!
Great game i would give it 5 stars but if the deck reshuffles and you picked one of the cards that allows you to see into the future then the 3 cards it supposed to show are invisible but still a good game.
Absolutly love this game! Its a perfect game to play when you're on your way somewhere and want to play a card game. The gameplay is pretty unique I would say as you dont play against anyone but yourself and the Lovecraftian gods that you are to awaken. Unlocking new gods results in new unlocked card decks which gives some really good change of paste and makes it so that you have to change your playstyle. Though I would have liked some more updates for it.
This game would've been a 5 star if it wasn't for 3 things: Bugs: The foresight bug will either crash the game or make you waste resources. Another bug stops progress through the Wendigo quest. Everytime I tried to do the quest, the game just sends me back to square one. Luck: I know the game needs luck to function, but sometimes you get put in games where you cant win, or its very hard to win. Very short: The game took me only around 4, maybe 5 hours. An endless gamemode would do wonders.
It's one of my favourite mobile games, it's challenging without being so difficult that it's annoying. The aesthetics of it are brilliant! The artwork is really nice, and the music and sound effects really get the atmosphere going, you can imagine yourself as a rich cultist from decades ago. I've yet to find another game that creates an atmosphere like this one does.
The game is fun and I like the concept. The art is great too. However, the game is heavily RNG based. Which is why I dont recommend if you know or suspect that you have bad luck. If your luck is bad then you're gonna have a bad time. Tho you cant blame the devs for your bad luck which is why I rate 5 stars. This one time I had the Catch of the Day event card and got All Hands On Deck option three times in a row AFTER I had already summoned that god. Nothing wrong with the game, just me.
Amazing game, no ads. Very few bugs with the exception of the forsight cards witch can occasionally get a bit buggy. Very fun. But a bit short if you get invested in it but apart from that 10/10
Thank you developer. Enjoyed so much and very intersting gamestyle. Looking forward for the developer to make an expansion /DLC/ similar game like this with paid version.
Does what it aims for, and I appreciate having a fun time-killer like this on my phone! My singular gripe is that you can sometimes get caught in resource loops that are difficult to escape, or somehow end up on the opposite spectrum of way too many resources and nothing to spend them on, so you get punished by dumping cards because the deck was insanely generous. Still, it never really feels like the game's fault, and it encourages me to plan ahead. I highly recommend this.
One of the best experiences on the play store. Just wish some of the card synergies would dig into a few more deeper stories. Perhaps stories like that play out for cops, similar to running out of food.
It's fun but the game simply doesn't work past the second god. And atleast in my experience my game crashed about 3 out of 5 times I tried to launch it. I hope the developers work on it but I'm it's current state it's very underwhelming
All in all, nice. Nice anesthetics, gives a real feel for Eldritch Cult management, and has a nice difficulty curve. The only issue is that in later playthroughs you have to wait and somehow survive for a really long time before the Event you're hoping for comes up.
So far I absolutely love it but EVERY SINGLE TIME I play the Haruspicy card, it will reshuffle the deck AND NEVER SHOW WHAT THE THREE CARDS ARE! It is so frustrating. Also I STILL CANNOT get to Wiindingoo!! There seems to be noway past the computer!
Incredibly fun, but a bit too short. Radio excerpts play over and over, which gets boring. Also, foresight only works half of the time, which sucks (layering issues where you can't see the cards). Still, great game, I highly recommend it
Very nice game with no ads! To the devs: I don't know if you're aware, but there is a bug that freezes the game when you use the card to read the future from animal entrails right before the deck reshuffles. It has forced me to close and restart the game twice now, which is why I'm not giving it 5 stars. Otherwise I love it!
Underhand is aesthetic, strategic, and dark. The game is based on building a cult and summoning entities, and chance. It's beautiful and simple... yet complex, with pathways to survive, perish, or suffer the wrath of the Gods. Edit: Devs, there is a bug where any "foresight" card freezes the game if used directly before a reshuffle. Toggling the gear switch and resuming allows the player to continue but nullifies future card effect. Also, I'd gladly pay for an extended game with more Gods.
Good game! All content is unlockable and there's no microtransactions. Immensely intriguing as you discover how to roleplay with it. It has decent replayability after you've unlocked all of the gods.
Gorgeous art, good gameplay loop, it's literally free. If you don't have trouble reading a bit, just go play it.
Perfection, simply perfection. Easily the best mobile game I have ever played, It could easily go on steam for 5-10 bucks. It has dark, witty humor and themes. You manage a cult via resource cards, you win by summoning one of 7 gods. Extremely fun, satisfying gameplay loop. Looks amazing, lovely artstyle, runs on weak devices, works without wifi, no signing up, no adds, free. This is the perfect mobile game. If only it were on IOS. People are really missing out. To the devs, thank you.
Fun cultist game. I made fairly short work of it but there were no intrusive ads or begging for ratings, so hats off to the dev. I enjoyed my time with it.
Hey guys, great game. The voice additions are great. I imagine you guys had a lot of fun writing the scripts. I noticed there was a problem with the perform haruspicy card. The first time it is drawn it works fine, in subsequent instances, however, the card doesn't reveal the next 3 cards. The tribute I'd paid but then there is a glitch with the reveal.
Polished game, but here's the problem: You get a slightly different random deck selection each game, and your success during that playthrough will be determined not by strategy, but by which cards you lucked into in the deck that particular game. Sometimes you are doomed from the get-go. Once you realize this, those "pre-doomed" playthroughs feel like an annoying waste of time. The theme, mood, and artwork are great, though. I'm just not sure the view is worth the climb, here, enjoyment-wise.
I've had an very enjoyable experiments completing this game. Although it is not perfect there is a great feeling of satisfaction once all gods have been completed. To anyone who's having trouble getting to the third god. He spawns in any game in which you hit zero food.
Very fun time waster, i did find a bug when playing which did ruin a really good run i was having. If you recieve the Oracle card "Haruspacy"(?) And you activate it near the bottom of your deck, the game will crash and end your run.
I encountered a bug where i wouldn't gain any progress and stayed at the same god every replay and every game. But other than that, its definetly a good game. Looking forward to what this can become.
This game is HILARIOUS. The descriptions they put on each of the cards appeal to a darker sense of humor, and it's got simple mechanics. This was a great way to pass time while summoning other-worldly cult gods in-game.
I just want to call out the devs attention. There is a bug that when you perform haruspicy during reshuffle. You cannot see the card therefore waste of turn and resources. Moreover the game could be improved by having us a place to give feedback and suggestions. The game is great. Unique and very interesting to play with. Sure needs more encounters and spice to game be overall the concept is good and needs more growth. I recommend you try it.
I really enjoyed this game. It was really balanced and trying to keep my resources in line for whatever goal I was working on was really fun. The art and music for this game were solid and gave the game a cool atmosphere. I thought the radio and the way it interacted with how you played was really fun, although I imagine if the game was longer it might have started to get old. There were a couple of bugs I ran into, but nothing game breaking and I'm sure they'll get fixed.
The game is really good, I promise to those who haven't played it! I just have some big issues with the game itself- some of them are bad. The game is pretty RNG, but winning feels pointless. There's very little reward - not even a statistics page. Also, making relics required for some gods is also a real problem. Relics are way too rare/difficult to get and way too easy to get rid of. The Greed cards shouldn't take relics! Please, work on your game... It's a really good game, but it's broken.
This is a great game, a perfect balance of rng and skill! Would reccomend to many. And i cant wait to see if they add new gods/deities to summon!!!
The game is quite hard and requires you to think and that's ok bur the one problem I have is when I perform foresight and then the deck has to shuffle it won't show me the new future cards and so the card I used just becomes wasted
Every time same Sea God card gives option, Insert catch of the day.... It happened nearly 7 times again & again. Why dont you directly refuse player to give victory. Pre decided game play, very unfair... Thought it to be best game but its worst game , alogrithm vise.
It's a great card baed game about managing a cult. One of my only gripes is that Greed seems to always happen before police raids. I lost a game because Greed took most of my cultists and money without taking any suspicion. The next card would have put be back over the 15 card limit, and I would have just been Greeded again. Of course, the card after that was a police raid, instantly making me lose due to my lack of money/cultists. Overall, 8/10, but the way Greed works is incredibly annoying.
I really liked the game back when I played it, but now I'm essentially stuck past the first three. The second stage of the 'cafe' never advances, even after I did 'Reinvest our fortune' twice/thrice.
Great game with a ridiculous amount of potential, but quite short. It would be great if more content was added. I would give 4 stars because the random aspects of the game can be a little bit frustrating. But the quality of the rest of the game more than makes up for it.
I'd love to see this as a complete card game with more complex cards and such. A wonderful concept, I'd like to see more!
Overall a pretty good game except for the fact that runs are entirely luck based and dependent on which cards are drawn. For some reason, unlocking the 3rd god is unreasonably difficult, the game will never give relics on a run where I get to the final stage or the necronomicon will appear so early in runs that it is useless. I wish there was more strategy to this game instead of blind luck
Honestly? One of the best games I've ever played. It's easy to learn and is fun to play over and over again. Attempting to learn the pattern to summon some unholy gods is challenging and exciting. A simplistic and appealing art style that looks lovely in a mobile game? Rare. A solid 10/10 for me.
Awsome mobile game! Can't stop play it! As someone who likes to play strategic card games, I love how challenging it is, which encourages me to keep playing and succeed.
I have loved and enjoyed this game for years at this point. I'd love to see more gods added, maybe more voice lines, and there seems to be a bug where if you activate a 'Foresight' or 'Foresight with Discard' card at the end of the draw pile, it attempts to shuffle and the red X for foresight appears, but no cards show up. It's a great game, and I'm kinda sad that it hasn't been updated since 2017 because I could play this game for hours and more content would be amazing!
This game is so much fun, it doesnt typically take too long, and it's pretty challenging. I haven't completed it yet, but I'd imagine that the only downside is that you work towards getting special cards, but once you get all of them, I'm not sure what happened so I guess I'll have to see, but it's definitely challenging enough. Definitely recommend!
The "Greed" card should NOT take your relic(s). Seriously, I've lost 4 times in a row because of greed which keeps happening because I keep constantly getting cards that force me to take a card one after another. Fix this as well please. Also, the Wendigo just seems flat out unwinnable due to the circumstances that too often surround it.
I cannot believe this game is free, it offers quite a bit of replayability and on top of that there are 0 ads! I've been having a great time and I hope they eventually release an expansion or Underhand 2!
Pretty good game, but relying on RNG. Sometimes you dont get resources for some reason, and not really re-playable. But otherwise very fun and simple. Im waiting for a sequel.
It's really boring after you get some of the few gods, it feels like the same thing over and over again. Some strategy is needed, but nothing too much, since luck really helps in this game. But the game's art design and sound is really polished. There's also a bug where using foresight gives you a dimmed screen and no predictions.
I love this game, everything about it is actually pretty interesting. But there is a huge problem, the game can't be resumed each time you exit the game for more than 10 seconds you have to start all over again this is so annoying i gave it 2 stars less than it deserves. Also the foresight doesn't work if the deck is shuffled
Great game! It is really fun and challenging. A good mix of strategy and luck. My only complaint is that using foresight when your deck need reshuffling it won't show you the cards.
Very well done game. 1 star knocked off because it has basically no replay value after finishing it, but it's excellent for at least a couple hours up until then.
after summoning rhybaax, the third god never came into play. please fix this. edit: I later realised that the third god only appears after a certain scenario. for those wondering, you have to use up all your food and cannibalise :)
A very good short game, I would pay for some sort of premium version. BUGS: 1) Foresight does not work when your deck is near to the end. 2)When you turn off voice, you can hear the background sound changing volume by itself SUGGESTIONS: 1) SFX when you win or die. 2) Individual death images related to the cause of the death 3) Instead of outright having the god image in the "victory path cards" you guys could just change the images so that they add to the mystery. 4)More content?
I really enjoyed this game. It's an excellent card game where you make choices and get resources for doing so. There's an ending for each god and it's a blast to play. I finished the game pretty quickly, and only struggled with the final god. It was outstanding. The effects and sounds are also a great experience and it was done all in all really well
This game is everything I wanted it to be, eerie music, great graphics and the artstyle suits the game very well. The gameplay is fun and kind of addicting. By far the best mobile game I have played in years!
Great game, but it is quite buggy. I've experienced the same problems as what other reviewers have said. Can't use foresight- game freezes when I do, and can't progress from the Tea Shop event. The animation for the card is shuffled into the deck but it never pops out. I've played for an hour straight and it never came out!!! Would love to give a 5 star review but it definitely needs some final tweaking.
Really enjoyed the game I wish there were more gods to summon the only thing that annoyed me was if you used foresight with less than three cards in the deck it would get stuck on shuffling deck and force you to close the game and open it again. Still a really fun game worth playing.
Definitely a fun game for being free. However, the play time pretty short. Once you get the last blessing, there isn't too much to do. Still fun though.
The game is very entertaining and especially the voice background that always caught me off-guard. But there is a bug in the "foresee card", sometimes the card goes last ( where there are no cards left to foresee ) and the game doesn't proceed to the next round.
Only two problems: after summoning all the gods, you have no reason nor incentive to keep playing. Its not a casual time killer either, since it doesn't save your progress and requires a good amount of time to play it properly. Devs should update it too.
It is a fun game but my issue is that the relics seem to almost always be stolen from me by greed. I had 4 relics at one point and 3 were stolen from me by greed. But other than that it's fantastic.😍😍
The game is great, but there's a lot of glitches. If you get foresight from a card right before the deck reshuffles, the game doesn't give it to you and freezes your screen until you open and close settings to get the x in the corner. Sometimes tapping on a card will just give you nothing and skip the card, giving you nothing or taking nothing. Other than that, great game. They should add more gods and maybe some different endings as well.
This game is amazing!! Sadly I've finished it and there isn't much more to do now. I really hope the devs make a second game following the same style and concept. Thank you!!
Played through the whole game, was lots of fun though its a little short and kind of difficult. Overall, extremely fun.
The game is fun and entertaining, but there is a bug where if you get foresight but it's the last card in the deck, the deck reshuffles, you get no foresight and you can't do anything but pause the game, otherwise a load of fun
It is a pretty fun game. My only problem is how much luck you need to get the white relics in the later gameplay. (Which you need to finish the god pathways). It's relatively simple and yet its fun
This is the type of app games I like. Mostly Becuase of the limited to no ads and straight forward gameplay. Hope to see more games from them sometime.
At first it was kinda confusing and I need to play the tutorial 2x, but it's actually a great card game for time killer. Although there's not much God Card to collect & there's no other mission so the game ends rather quickly. And there's a bug where the Foresight action chosen before deck reshuffling & the next 3 cards don't show up.
ultimately great game with such an atmospheric art and concept, that just needs to become a board game one day. i love it's sound design & graphics! (and The Gods :)) the only failed thing is The Foresight feature. it doesn't work when the deck needs to be reshuffled — when The Foresight is the last card/option in a row. the game's reshuffling the deck and showing the event screen where three next-to-come cards are displayed usually. but this screen is empty and festure becomes broken. :)
I absolutely love this game. It's challenging, a little time consuming if you're not sure what you're doing, and there are a million little details that make this game a hidden gem. I wish they would continue to update and add onto it, but the game as it is now is lovely.
One of the best card games to play on your phone. The graphics are appealing to the eye and the cards are unique. I'd like to see more gods to unlock and new things, cause it's easy to get to the end of the game very fast. Apart from that, I think it's a nice game to play if you like card games and fantasy stuff. P.S. I think that is also that the makers are influenced by Lovecraft's Call of Cthulhu, and that's perfect if you're into this.
The game is really fun and stylish, I only have one issue with it: when you use any kind of foresight that happens to be the last card in the deck everything crashes. You can hear the card shuffle sound effect after that but nothing happens and you have to start over. I try to pay attention to this particular thing but sometimes I just get distracted with other stuff while playing and it can be infuriating when you run into it, especially late game (the last two gods particularly).
Granted there are a couple of bugs in the game like forsight doesn't work at times however the gane is incredibly simple. it doesnt take long to understand which actions triggers certain cards and is an amazing game of trial and error. i would really love a sequel and i would mind paying for it.
One of my few beloved card games. I've been on and off with it for a couple of years. It's weird, simple, funny in a Lovecraftian way. Just gets repetitive after you play some time. But a great one!
"Underhand" is a mix of strategy & luck. The strategy part involves utilizing your resources well & choosing the right Gods for the round. (Took me a bit to figure that one out.) It's a good time killer; my only gripe is that it's not a very long game. Once you've unlocked all gallery entries, there's not really anything else left to do. I'd love more content, game's a fun time killer. 👍 (PS: Foresight bug shows up when the deck's next move is to reshuffle. Time it well & you can avoid it.)
The worst thing about this game is that it's too short! The graphics are cool, the gameplay is fun, interesting, original, and sometimes hilarious. The lack of intrusive ads and/or in-app purchases is definitely a pro as well.
Really cool game! The mechanics are simple and easy to understand, but are flexible enough to make every game a bit different. I love the aesthetics, ESPECIALLY the cards! It has 1 bug (foresight doesn't work if there are no cards left), but it's negligible. The only downside to this game is that it's short. You'll quickly finish the game, while still kind of being left to want more. Other than that, a solid 5/5!
This is such a great game and without add, paid content, grinding or waiting! It had been so long since I had that much fun on mobile, I literally closed some game on my pc to play this one, I stopped due to low battery!
The game is quite addicting and fun. It seems to always keep you on your toes and has great artwork and design. The game is great and it creates a drive to push forth, which is quite enjoyable. I unlocked each God in 1 day. The one downside is that it does not keep me interested after it is completed. I hope with all my heart more will be added and strongly suggest that you play it. though the fun is sadly cut short the experience is one you don't want to miss. I hope that more will be added.
Great game! It is challenging yet relaxing to play. I really enjoyed the little radio commentary that would play throughout as well. Only issue I had was the cards would not always appear on screen during foresight when it had to reshuffle first. Would highly recommend.
Gives clear expectation to new players on how to summon the next god, then requires that they screw up or be careless and run out of food to complete the 2nd level. Often forces the accumulation of too many resources, then punishes by taking 1/3 of them "at random." (Relics are always taken.) Suspicion counts towards your "greed." Very luck based game with no real strategy, and no story beyond "summon the bad gods who don't mind you kidnapping kids or robbing banks so long as you aren't GREEDY."
At first I wasn't convinced, but it's surprisingly addictive. My only complaint is this one bug I encountered, where when I chose the option to see the next few cards in the deck on the same turn that the discard pile gets shuffled, it doesn't show me the cards. That's a small problem to deal with for a game as good as this though, especially so with no ads or purchases, in app or otherwise.
It's not horrible, and was rather entertaining, however after a few hours I've hit some pretty massive flaws. First off, there's a bug where when you use the foresight ability it fails to show anything, which occurs unreliably and without warning. Second, certain win conditions are nigh impossible and punish you for missing them by fully resetting that condition's progress, or even cutting you off from it on that run. Overall, it's interesting, but has some massive flaws you might want to avoid.
Great game, the only bad thing is that there's not more gods to unlock and once you beat it the game get's a lot easier and intuitive. No ads and playable offline, I love it.
Short, but fun while it lasts. This is a game about balancing the gains and loss of resources while not going over 15 resources. It's very fun at first, but it wears out after a few hours. Fortunately you'll have completed the game at that point. Meanwhile, the style, art, radio announcements, and music do a fantastic job of setting the mood. Figuring out how to summon all the demons and how to get enough resources for them is fun. I hope to see more from this developer.
I love the game it is very well made 2 problems though sometimes aka 90% of the time whenever I do foresight it doesn't show me the next 3 cards it just darkens the screen and an x at the top right :/. 2nd is maybe a saving system because you lose all your progress when you exit the app. But besides that I love this game great job.
Keeps loosing progress. I had completed a few of the Gods now I have no blessings? Becareful not to dnsize or back out of the game(pause or even answer a call or text!?!?) You will lose all progress. THATS A HUGE FLAW . others HV noted this but gv it a 5 star rating anyhow? Would be a nice game otherwise.
Fun, simple, quick. A fun little brain puzzle, only problem is sometimes the foresight and foresight and discard opinion will not work and show the "reshuffle" screen, is just darkened and blank until you go into the pause/settings then resume and it wastes the entire turn. Though clever cause it screws you up and makes it a bit harder/adds more chance.
Great, simple mechanics with a well picked astetic that just pulls this game together super nicely. As far as gameplay go's I don't have a bad word to say. For some resion I wasn't able to get past the second god tho. I would compleat it but It wouldn't let me progress to the next one. I rated this game for what I got. If I can ever play through the rest, that's an instant five stars.
I think it is an extremely fun game, each diety is difficult to get with their own themed tasks. It is brutal and unforgiving but has a very satisfying learning curve. There are a few glitches which is why is a 4/5. Sometimes the sacrificial pyre is a visual layer above the cards when they should be over it. And foresight is a difficult mechanic, if there are not enough cards in the draw pile or sometimes for no reason the screen will darken and you have to pause and resume before an "x" appears
Fun strategic management card game. Some randomness which causes some decks to be "grindy" or more difficult/easy. Otherwise a good game. Does eventually become boring after obtaining all the Gods in the gallery. However it still takes a good amount of time to achieve that allowing for a decent lifespan on your device's space.
Really nice artwork and interesting gameplay, but the game logic needs some work. For example, you can choose to not summon a god, then the game just keeps reshuffling the deck forever with no way to win or lose. What is the point of that? Hope they're still updating this because I'd try it again if they fix stuff like this.
So much fun. My only real problem is lack of content. Once you get the good gods, there is really no stopping you. I bring Yacare's blessing every round because Start a Farm is god-tier strong.
I liked the game, but my only complaint is that it could have been a bit longer with different gods and missions to accomplish. I enjoyed the old timey feel of the voice acting. With more variety in the voice actors, and scenarios playing out it would have been perfect. Maybe even a story mode. Satisfactory card game, all in all, I enjoyed playing it.
A fun, interesting card game with Welcome to Night Vale vibes. There's a small learning curve to it but figuring it out is half the fun and the quality is awesome especially since it's free.
Really fun! My only real complaint is that there's nothing to do once you've unlocked the final deity, so there's no real reason to use its cards. Maybe an update with a few new gods is in order? In any case, it isn't like it doesn't take long to unlock them, still tons of playability.
This has been my favourite game for years, and I've had to start over the entire game due to personal technical difficulties, but even when I have to restart the entire game it is 100% worth it. It has easy to understand mechanics and beautiful visuals. Even with the simplicity, it can be a difficult game! It's fun and compelling every time. I recommend it to anyone I come across.
Only problem is that many times the app will seemingly restart and delete your current run if you exit the app, even if its paused and still open in the background. Has led to some frustrating moments when I get a text or something near the end of a run, only to return to zero progress. Otherwise a very good game with fun gameplay dynamic, just wish that this wouldn't happen constantly.
This has so much potential to be a hit if it had a lot more replay value, more gods and maybe a custom deck/run option.
Incredible solitaire experience. The theme, the sounds, the simplicity, the depth... the radio even plays reports a report on a a missing milkman, if you choose to kidnap/indoctrinate him.
It has limited replayability. Once you've beaten all the levels. It's quite fun beating though. It pays homage to the Lovecraft mythos in a good way
A different kind of game. Fairly simple, you are the head of a cult in a HP Lovecraft type of world. It gets somewhat repetitive, and it is often hard to tell what the right action to take is, to win. The best part is it is a offline game and has zero ads. I think I would rate it more like 3.5, but I will give it a 4 on the chart.
I had a lot of big hopes for this game, it looked incredibly promising. I'm not going to go too much into detail, but I am getting the same glitches as a lot of people. The bigger one being the wendigo issue. However, what drew the final straw for me was, during a infinite run where no objective showed up in the deck, I went to forfeit the game and then, it booted me out of the game, and when I went back on it I lost both of my blessings. Uninstalled right after
Absolutely the most enjoyable game I've played on mobile. The art style, the game play, the way it makes to strategise, fantastic. Only 2 criticisms, one being that it'll kinda glitch when you play a card to see the next 3, but there are no more cards. It won't show you any cards, so it'll kinda glitch, but you can just go to options then back out to remove the issue each time. The other critique is that it ends kinda abruptly. If it had more of a closing event, that'd make it the best.
I reinstalled this game several times because I couldn't resist that creepy cultist sensation of evil, this game is very polished, a little bit limited but a masterpiece of immersion and gameplay.
SUPER PROMINENT! Must be one of the best management games i've ever played. 100% free, no ads, no micro transactions. Easy to understand but deep enough gameflow, short, but fun to replay. If you stumble upon this, you should absolutely give it a try! ;)
The game mechanics feel unfinished. First of all it is without challenge, you can abuse the game system to play in infinity by declining any pursuit of a god in the first round. After that the game just carries on even though there are no more win conditions left. Lame. This is a very easy game without a lot of content. Playing strategically makes it boring and predictable. The art, music and voice are cool. Points for that. Too easy to beat, no satisfaction
Great game, Good Graphics, and Nice Voice Acting. Only Thing that I really want from this game is more Gods or a Difficulty option. There's not that many goals and there's not enough challenging one's. Once I unlocked all the blessings I still wanted to play but there wasn't anything new to do other than re-doing the Gods that I've already completed. Overall 9/10, Needs a content update or DLC (I wouldn't mind if it was paid DLC)
Great game. Just two things that I wished were changed... 1) Overall mechanics: I understand that cards are shuffled and randomness is inevitable, but it would be nice if it was impossible to lose from the start. There should be at least one path of events that wins the game, and ideally, good decisions shouldn't repeatedly yield bad outcomes. 2) Goal shortage: My mission in each round was to win the favor of the next God. But once I had access to all the blessings, I lost the will to play. 9/10
This is an absolute blast to play. I reset progress and replay through quite frequently. I would love to see an update with new gods to track down, even if it meant picking up a premium version.
I love this game. The way it utilizes cards to play through a solitare-like Lovecraft horror game is interesting. Only downside is that there are no new sub-events to gain or lose things, or to toss a wrench into your works. More encounters and meaningful choices would make this game more- perfect, but as it stands now it's still a fantastic game to go one-over.
As others have mentioned, the foresight bug still isn't fixed. It also is a short game since you could easily win all gods in around an hour or two. Winning is also heavily determined by the way that the cards are randomized at each round (luck-based instead of pure strategy). I've had many instances where I couldn't get rid of my suspicion cards unless there was a police raid, making it very frustrating as the tea shop god kept giving more suspicion cards. But overall, still a great game!
So this is rare for me to make a review, I normally don't leave reviews on games because 1)I never really have much to say. 2) I normally dont install games on my phone. But this game is possibly one of my favourite games on the Play Store right now! I absolutely love the art style, as an artist myself I have to appreciate it! The radio voice is a genius idea, I love how it broadcasts about the robbery(if you do decide to rob your work) that surprised me. I'd write more but I've hit the limit!
Honestly this is a great game. It runs super smoothly, there's no ads, it's actually fun and addicting. Its very simple to play. The art is gorgeous. The vibe is good. I reccomend turning the radio voice off, the music gets randomly quieter but the voice doesn't really sound quite right in my opinion. Its a fast paced game but once you learn it, it's a lot of fun.
Predictions don't show when it shuffles the deck. Very annoying. Sometimes the music goes quiet at random. Aside from that good game to play until you buy cultist simulator.
The game makes for a good couple hours of your time and features a wide variety of cards. The mechanics are simple and the gameplay is entertaining. Minor visual glitches keep the game from functioning properly at times like the mentioned foresight before deck shuffling, but otherwise, pretty decent game.
I love this game and I want to help people love it as much as I do. You probably looked at the most critical reviews to see what might be wrong with the game so I will cover the most common issues and what you might be able to do about them. 1. If you ever get stuck on some part of it I would recommend you to do a quick Google search to figure out how to get past it. 2. If your screen is blue just try uninstalling and reinstalling it. I know that there are other things but I ran out of space.
This was an overall pleasant experience. I dig interesting deck-based games like this, especially ones with mechanics that are thoroughly explained and can actually fit nicely on a phone screen. There comes a point where the gameplay gets a little repetitive towards the end, but I was more upset that the game was over than anything. This is a once-off game, with the dev team basically having consisted of a team of college students who made this as their final, so what you see is what you get.
So I really like this game and a lot of people are saying they can't get past the second boss. This is because the third god actually requires you to run out of food and complete the red dreams path. I kinda see why it's confusing but once you run out of food you need to finish red dreams to get the next god. After that I've yet to play but before people complain about not being able to beat the second boss read this. The hariscripy thing requires you to press the x button but it's kinda hidden.
Very interesring resource-management game at it's core. Packaged nicely into a lovecraftian type of setting. However there's a few bugs that are rather game breaking. You can't use foresight cards ability correctly when the deck of cards is being shuffled. Secondly you will not receive a resource card that you have chosen while scrolling your current hand of cards. That way you can avoid taking unnecessary suspicion and/or other resources so that you don't go over limit of 15 cards.
Great game. No adds, no pay to play And doesn't even ask you for a review. It is a little bit short but fun to discover all the gods.
Neat mechanics that make players learn resource management and surprisingly interesting story even though few words are spoken. The biggest flaw of this game is replayability as after 3 hours at most you'll have unlocked all the gods and be stuck with nothing to do
Surprisingly fun. Pretty well polished. Completely free and with no ads, which is something I wasn't expecting for something this well done. Not a game that I see myself playing "forever" but, having beat it, I don't think I'll be uninstalling it at all - it's always here whenever I'm in the mood for a quick, fun match. Definitely recommend it!
Good game. one bug: Foresight breaks at the end of the deck (go to settings and then resume to get back to the game) and the third boss is hard to guess what to do. But aside from those it's good
Good game, but it's a shame it has no ending after you summon all 7 gods. Even a short cinematic or an ending card sequence would be cool, but otherwise the game just doesn't have a satisfying catharsis.