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Undercards for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Onutrem. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This gam runs at a high fps rate. Learning to do things is kinda confusing but playing aganst other players is fun and easy. There isnt to many sound effects which i dont mind but sound effects makes the game more want to be played. The annoying discussion window wont go away. It kinda hinders the experince. Also the thing that kinda ruins the game for me is the fact that all of the menus feel ported DIRECTLY from the pc. It feels very uncomfortable.
its a great game and i hope they add more cards to it. i really like the idea of a undertale card game. they really should make this into a real life card game
An amazing card game that I love to play. It has great strategy, a great soundtrack, and amazing visuals. The ONLY reason Im not putting five stars is that it is heavily biased towards certain builds. The Determination class has 11 spells while the Perseverance class has 7. One other side note, most of the monsters don't go well with the spells. Only certain monsters like the worm have spells made for them or that benifit them. Only general spells that give small buffs like "+2/+1" or something.
An incredible fan-made card game! It has a different way of playing then others with new card attributes and inventive ways to play! It's actually so fun I wish there was some sort of story mode so newcomers could learn basic strategies for it, and get better things as well, instead of being forced to fight people that are more than double their skill and Level
This game is great! The only problem is that I got it on mobile so I can't attack or dodge or even play the game! I would give it five stars only if they allow mobile controls too.
well if i knew what kinda passwrod it MENT i wuold have loved but no it wont except any wrost game ever
I wanted to try the game. The Registering takes ages. I don't know if it's my type of phone but the screen was tiny, I had to zoom in. When I tried the tutorial, I couldn't do anything. The only thing I could do was chat. Wouldn't recommend taking the time to download this if you use Samsung.
Played this on the computer and it is great, i love how they literally got everything you could think of and turned them into cards and how the different soul types allow form many combos and combinations.
This game is fun but it has one main flaw. That flaw being that it's too easy to make the game unfun for anyone your playing against by just attacking the opponent and never anything they play. I really want to give this I give star but with this flaw I can't. Also the red cards feel too powerful and feel annoying to fight against because they usually have high health and if buffed can be unkillable. If you deal with these flaws I would without a doubt say that this is an excellent game.
Amazing game, help is always provided when needed, fun comunity, great develepment and always consistent.
every time I open a pack I'll click the card that comes out but never get that card in my deck to make one now I cant make a deck to play or see my cards to make a deck
This is an amazingly expansive game. There are millions of different decks to try out. There is also a unqiue system regarding tge souls. Each soul does something different. (Ex. Determination gives you a second life.)
Well I tried to get into my email and it didn't work a password or swiped my email was right so if I would actually write this I would radio one star
While the game on the official website is good, I don't like how this app is not sized correctly for a phone. If it were, I'm sure this game would be easier to play on the device, and I would have given 5 stars. If and when you ever size the game properly for mobile devices, I will be more than happy to give you 5 stars, this is just too big of an issue.
I have 2 complaints. 1 you cant even close the chat. 2 say im lv9 i go against lv67. Other than that gg
Game works significantly better on a computer, but this is always a good option. Can be kind of slow sometimes but it gets the job done when you can't use a web browser.
bad it doesnt work for me because im on mobile i dont recomend playing this on phone or chrome book or any mobile thing it wont work and my email for me does not work so i wouldnt play again 1 star
I was playing on pc (web) and when I learned it was on mobile I rushed its a fun game when I was looking at undertale fangame (bc I got bored of og) I found this,I didn't understand how to play just the goal but I learned from playing ■every thing aside good game■edit:can you add a gest mode cuz Im using a shared device that is not mine and I lost my pc so I can't sign in AND when I register for a different account well I gotta activate it soo PLS GEST MODE IM BEGING YOU
so, on pc this game is a legend, hence the extra star, but here, your stuck on the loading screen where it says the useless tip of "refreshing the PAGE" so, please fix this, i'll have to uninstall the app anyways, since i cant do much.
Developer You should like whatever soul you are using change the color of the breaking soul to that soul
It's better on PC version. Dev, it'd be great if you formatted it directly for mobile. Also tried to close out of a chat and it would not work. Again with formatting for mobile, the buttons are very hard to press without zooming, which is unnecessary. Now, the actual game is great. Good mechanics, nice graphics, perfect background and music pairings, overall great. But this needs more work for it to be as good as it is on PC.
Undercards on phone doesnt really fit, so I would recommend the computer version more but this game is an amazing strategy game from my favorite rpg.
Welp nothing to say great undertale fangame a gess WELL it is hard on mobile so idk why u wont use it on pc (web) but... ONE GLTCH ONLY ONE GLITCH and its very anoying I cant close chat I can on Pc (web) but not here thats the only glitch i sall so...
In my opinon it is a very fun game. Easy controls, fun battles with different people ( and souls), and the graphics are just like undertale. If your a fan of undertale and turn based games undercards is for you.
i never got to play, since i dont know what "mail" means, and I just want to create an account without it. I've seen people play though on yt.
Amazing card game. Sort of similar to hearthstone, I guess. Really the only negative thing I can think of is not knowing how to view card effects like "Range". (Although I was able to figure out what it did after experimenting with range cards.)
This used to be a good game. Free to play and perks if you wanted to buy skins and memberships you could. I used to have a membership which didnt cost to muc. Now it's pretty much pay to win if you want to keep with higher level players. Determination cards have killed the game for me. It's made it to unbalanced! There is a card that kills a card every turn without even attacking. You can buy it though for 100 bucks. Magic the gathering isn't even that greedy. Shame. Uninstall.
I played quite a bit of the desktop version so I decided to download it on my phone since I read some negative reviews. Personally I didn't exprenice any of the bugs or the such these reviews said in my time but let's get to game play. It's a pretty simple card game you play monsters to attack your opponent or their monsters. Then there's 7 different decks you can build based on the human souls that each have their own ability.
the game is so fun and addictive if you are not playing it your crazy it's so fun best game ever hands down 😎
QUIT. NERFING. EVERY. SINGLE. CARD. AND. ARTIFACT. AND SOUL. Eventually every single card is going to cost like 20 G to summon it and it is either ATK 20 DEF 20 no extra effect or has effect ATK & DEF 1. Like honestly it wouldn't be a surprise if that actually happened.
The game is very fun, and I enjoy most of it, however I do have a few issues, I play justice always, but sometimes while justice is selected I join a game as integrity, could you make a default soul for players in the settings to solve this please? Asriel dreemurr's heal needs a nerf to 20, currently if you don't have him in your deck you are at a massive disadvantage, I believe 20 would be more fair in terms of gameplay. Thank you for your time.
Honestly, its a realy good game and has potential in the future just improve the time taken to battle a oppenent then it will be a better game😁🙂😄
its better to play online but that's only because of a mouse other than that it plays just like it should, other then the free ucp of course I just wonder if they will add 2 of the big cards they are missing from deltarune tho....
The game is amazing! The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is because I can't close the chat tab no matter how much I press x.
I liked on pc, and ever since my computor broke, I played it on mobile! Basically just as fun! The only problem is that loading takes a little longer, but I understand why.
My only complaints are that its difficult to tell whats happening on tge orter players turn, and thats theres no visable graveyard/discard pile. the visual ques should stay on sceen for longer and a graveyard/discard pile should be added.
This game is just really fun to play and can be relaxing, but on mobile there is to app sticker. It's just the green Android. The game works fine but it has no sprite thing for the app sticker.
Comparing to pvz Heroes and Heartstone, I like: 1) Unique mechanic of keeping your mana (here called gold) between turns. 2) Fast-paced games: Waiting for opponent to make play does not take long. The games can have a lot of turns, tho. 3) f2p friendly - most cards can be used by all "heroes", you get to open several packs a day
This game is pretty good. The constant updates and bug fixes combined with (mostly) balanced gameplay is what got me addicted to the game for awhile. I don't really play the game as much as I used to but for the time I have played it, it was enjoyable (for the most part). All I recommend is that you have to be able to know the BASICS of Gmail. Oh, one more thing: For the children complaining about how "Gmail is confusing" and then giving a 1 star rating, GROW UP.
I think it's over-all good, my only problems are that when you go out of the app and back in it sort of refreshes in a way, and I wish I could at least configure some stuff and check stuff without internet connectiin, seeing as it's basically just being on the website, other than those 2 things, great game!
It's a good game the only problem I have is that the creators restart the daily system and put a new daily system in so I can't get a dt which means determination fragment
It's a great and fair game but I must ask why there is NO Jevil! I mean he would probably be legendary or Mythical with like 10 hp and 5 atk with some sort of unique ability and he could cost around 10 to 20 G
It is good, I played it on web, there is a bunch of stuff to do and create, such as a Frisk (Determination Rarity) Card, to Playing against other players.
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This game is an amazing fan game for Undertale. I love the normal game, but you took it to another level! It's like you took Pokemon and Undertale and mixed them together!
This game is really amazing. The card drop rates are immaculate, and I love the short music change when a legendary is placed. While I'm not partial to the chat system, it is optional and it helps. And I cant forget the battle system! It works out really well. I hope to see where it goes next!
it's good but it's sad i can almost never get a have anymore. maybe you could make a deltarune version of this it add deltarune when the games done.
The game is amazing they use backgrounds from the game(s) and use there music and when your playing the card game its rules make it fun I just love it the only thing bad is some of the controls for my phone there a bit iffy but it's a great game its definitely worth it
3 years of trying to log in but to no perval. can you fix it ? i just want to play and youtube is not play!
Amazing. I used to watch my favorite YouTuber Merg play this and now I play it. Its basically Yu-Gi-Oh but better
Best multiplayer tcg on google play. Its strange being able to atk your opps hp directly though. My whole deck has to be taunts because of it. Still a 5* game though.
For my experience, the game is your basic hearthstone rip off aside from all the undertale stuff. Game gets updated every month or so and they usually address problems in a stale format or if something is to op in the game. Overall this game is good but the gameplay may be a somewhat lacking for those who want something a little more original to sink thier teeth into.
This is a great game. It's easy to learn, but difficult to master. It ties in well with the two official Undertale games, Undertale and Deltarune. I found it easy to collect cards, and I enjoyed the fact that strategy, not good cards, helps more. Overall, a good game for any Undertale/Deltarune fan or card game player. Worth downloading.
This game is awesome! I love undertale so much. I would snatch an undercard from someone's hand. That's how much I love it. I imagine these as you-gi-oh cards.
it's a pretty good game and I really like it. I would recommend you to download it if you're a undertale fan. And I would also recommend you to play it on a computer/PC because it's a bit easier.
The best online card game u can get! Although it's hard to see unless you zoom in but either way it's still the best
Its very interesting I started to play it for 2 wekks and it was amazing!!!!background song.Every time you have a hero it will play their theme fight which is amazing and i already cool shiny characters !!
This game is great! I'm new, but K an already addicted and will continue playing. I love Deltarune, and hope to see it in a future update.
Where do I begin.So many bugs. I haven't played in a while and this game is in a worse state than it was. Unbalanced cards. Cannot close chat windows (issue that existed for a LONG time). For some reasons some monsters dont die when they are meant to?? Music cuts off when the opponent plays a boss (also issue that existed for a LONG time). Focus on fixing the game before you add more cards. DT invention gives an extra life how is that balanced with justice simply having additional trigger shot??
kinda just a link to the website but a really fun game for undertale and deltarune fans. some of the controls could be optimized for mobile but it's still awesome
so i open a pack and i got a hyper goner but when i go to decks i don't have the hyper goner......... i use to play this game but not anymore because of that........ can you guys help me ????
Undercards is kinda everything you could look for fundamentally in a card game: It requires strategy, is fun and easy to start. While it may look like Hearthstone fundamentally, the tactics vary quite a lot. It is easy to play without microtransactions (*cough cough* hearthstone) as well! Overall, it's great! Go check it out!
I love undertale and the other games like, underfell and underswap.i imagine these cards as yu-gi-oh cards. I'd snatch an undercard out of someone's hand. That's how much I love it.
it was good game, was simple, but was strategic. simple attract people. strategic make work and keep smart. keep up good work.
horrible can't even play if you don't have a account and when i try to make a account it just says mail incorrect so do not even get undercards it sucks you can't play.