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UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter™

UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter™ for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by PlayStation Mobile Inc. located at PlayStation Mobile Inc. 2207 Bridgepointe Parkway San Mateo, CA 94404 United States. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Occasional Swearing) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
this is an honest review is pretty fun if solving puzzles is boring for you you probably shouldn't play it and I love how it can connect to you play station so you can collect and transfer stuff to a theives end
It would be a great game if it would not load all the time and had a real learning curve. Another dirty trick was the popup at the start to let it show system messages when you are out of game.
Doesn't give me the feeling I feel when play uncharted I'm glad that this is the first app without ads but overall a 2 star because it's not exciting enough
A game with good art. It's all there is. The puzzles are not fun or engaging. There is a map, but no sense of real progress. The gameplay is really lacking in terms of content.
Solid game. And it's uncharted. I know it would have been impossible but voices would have make it much better.
Great puzzle game which can be recognised as a stand alone game from naughty dog. Game progression grants rewards for uncharted 4 multiplayer and relics and boosters to spend on u4 multiplayer. No ads to bother.
Stopped transferring the rewards to Uncharted Survival. The message I sent to the developer bounced back, I then contacted Naughty Dog only to be informed that they are aware of the problem. More than a week later, the problem persists.
Enjoyable and Nostalgic If you love Uncharted and have played through the games but want more, you'll of course love this. It is adventurous and reminiscent of the console games. Love how it becomes more challenging. And funny dialogue as always. Only thing I wish it had a save feature. If you have to reinstall it for any reason, it will start you from the beginning with no feature to sign in and start from where you were last at. Hopefully you will add this.
This is pretty dope perfect puzzle game. Cool graphics and I like the lil chat bubbles. There shoulf be more levels added or like a 2nd world with morenlevels
Great game. Puzzles get more and more challenging and fun as you go. I would highly reccomend this game to anyone willing to download it.
Easy and repetitive. Made to entertain children. Hasn't been updated in years, so it won't look good on a new phone. Bad graphics. I'd stay clear. The Lara Croft puzzle adventure is epic, go for that.
The game is smaller in scale but the PlayStation quality shows. Great little puzzle game with Nathan's charm. Bring more such experiences Sony.
Does not work on my Samsung S20+ Never loads from the main loading screen and just keeps "loading" but doesn't do anything.
Love the game over all, one problem is I stopped playing for a bit and now after I re-dowloaded the app all my progress is gone and I can't get it back, while using the same PSN account as before :( The game is a must for everyone.
Simplistic, but still fun. Not sure why it wants to manage phone calls though. Turned that down since it seemed suspicious.
Although a decent puzzle game, if you suffer with headaches/migraines or any visual problems that may cause headaches through eye strain.... Don't download. This game is fine up until they make you do puzzles in the dark, that entire pack (pizzaros skull cup, I think was the name), it physically hurt my eyes to look at and gave me a migraine to play the pack. Some of the puzzles in this are ingenious, but some are totally stupid... Such as being in the dark with rotating turrets that you can't see as they are on the other side of the grid shooting at you. It stops being fun around half way through this pack due to that tbh, so expect to uninstall around there, lol.
the game is a good free to play game. paying is not really needed. puzzle are pretty fun and the rewards are good too. just wish they update the rewards when Uncharted 4 Multiplayer was still going on.
I like this game and even all playstation games im a fan of UNCHARTED games the graphics are great , so many levels . You can play this game offline
Nice game but fully contradictory to original Uncharted Games on PlayStation. Takes too much time to reload a failed level. Feels boring after 3 levels. Better you could have launched Uncharted Golden Abyss or Uncharted 1 & 2 Remastered which can smoothly run on present Android & iOS devices.
Pretty entertaining game! It's not too pushy so you can figure the puzzles out at your own pace. One downside is that the load times are way too long, but other than that worth the time to pass the time.
Very relaxing game and thank you very much Naughty Dog for the very cool vanity items,boosters and relics for the multiplayer and thanks again Naughty Dog on your Uncharted Fortune Hunter.
I have been playing the franchise for 8 years now and this actually made me happy. in my opinion very good game. I also like the thing were you can put your play station acount in and you get some free items for doing some puzzles
It's a really fun game but when I tried to sign into my PSN account it get the Uncharted 4 multiplayer extras it took way longer than I think it should have to sign in. So I pretty mad that I'm getting all these cool rewards for the multiplayer but I can't earn them. But don't get me wrong Uncharted 4 is still an amazing game!!
Won't start up, infinite loading screen. Tried reinstalling the app, allowed all permissions, nothing.
puzzles get increasingly hard not always. (it should let you skip a level but it does not!) game gives rewards for Uncharted4 gameplay too. I don't like having to wait to open a case that I earned a key towards opening. Not sure why time is a barrier? Starts off extremely simple and starts to be fun midway through. please make more Maps and Companion trophies or unlocks. thank you. runs fine on Samsung Galaxy8
game is good but there would be some lucky draws in game in which they give rewards like ps4 or a ps5 to winner so players feel connection with sony and game
It does not support my screen resolution . It is playable on my device but on half of the screen and other half stayed black and workless .
It's great, there are no shootouts like in the console versions, it's a puzzle game. But still it's great to see Nate on the go.
Brilliant game puzzles get harder and harder as you progress. some levels require you to collect a treasure and a key, this means you play the same level twice but depending on the level you may have to get the key or treasure by a different route.
Years ago I used to play the originals games of uncharted on play station console and I loved it. And this is as satisfying, Beautiful grafic and keep me entertained. Good job!!!
10 out 10 Awesome puzzle game for being a unique one that's actually challenging! I wish more escape games were like this. It's neat to be the treasure hunter, but it's not bogged down with a superfluous storyline. You're moving across a board and interacting with obstacles you either need to help you reach the destination, or need to disable so they don't kill you lol. Can be solved in different ways - ie less moves if you want a bonus, but then it's more difficult.
Cannot sign in to the app at all so any rewards I get for Uncharted Survival are useless to me. Fix this and it'll be an upgrade to 5*
A Really fun puzzle game, and no heavy grinding or annoying ads. 5 stars from me. Too bad i dont have a ps4 to get the free stuffs for Uncharted 4 from this app
LOVE IT!! Wish I had found this sooner, especially after playing through all the PS4 Uncharted games. The Uncharted game franchise is by far my favorite ever, so having this to play now is indeed a bonus. Great game!
It's a fun game, but damn does it take forever to start up. Considering it's several years old, it really should be faster on a modern phone.
The game is awesome yet extremely silly I've finished all levels of this game but no save data on google play. It is stupid to put games on google play but no save user data of the game. If you change your cellphone or format you'll lost all your progress unless you registered on playstation network or something. Such a BS.
I think it's really well structured but there are some annoying bugs but I just finished uncharted4 I know how it feels to finish a short game so I hope this game has a lot of content
wish it was donate only I'm really tired of story book games that want nothing more than money sad ... If you want a game to relax and play over n over tell you get it right this is the game for you but be ware it's very hard too solve there's traps everywhere and if you look at youtube they make you restart the game... lol
A really cool edition to a really cool game series. I've always appreciated Nate & Sully's wit, humor and the stories that follow. Probably one of my favorites as far as puzzle games go for my mobile device. Unfortunately though, I don't own a Playstation at this time, nor have I owned any console for quite sometime now. Therefore many of this games rewards are deemed useless to me. I guess that's some incentive to buy myself a Playstation lol
Great small puzzles, yet challanging. No clue what half the gens and items are for, yet whatever im here for the puzzles, easy to ignore the chests and even the gold.
This was an insult to uncharted. I thought it was puzzle solving to find treasure (like the real game) not walking around on blocks trying to push a button. I was bored after getting the first treasure
Enjoyable and engaging puzzle game with excellent graphics and simmer challenging puzzles. The aim is to navigate a series of levels within a preset no. of moves by activating various switches to change the arrangement of tiles you can traverse & to get access to the level's treasure. Unlike some I've not had any problems transferring rewards to my PS account. My only complaint is that loading times are a bit long, but not having any interruptions from annoying ads more than compensates.
it's a good game but not really much in common with the console games aside from the fact that nate and sully are in it. I'm trying to sign in to redeem the relics on uncharted 4 multiplayer but when I press sign in on the app it just says loading then takes me back to the menu.
Rubbish, just gets stuck on the loading screen. Very annoying because it works on my daughters phone !!!!🤬
Great game !!! I am much impressed. Nice graphics. Nice plot. Nice gameplay. But why are uncharted 2 and 3 not available on play store? Can anyone tell me from where I can get them downloaded for free?
Awesome addition to the Uncharted series. Top view, drag to move, and challenging puzzles yield nice rewards that can be used in Uncharted 4 via Playstation account sync. Whether you love or hate Uncharted, you'll like this game... Highly recommend!
Fun game with a challenge. Game is easy to understand and has many levels. The game will unlock free goods in the PS4 game that the app is based on