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Unbox for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by David Han Games located at 211, 590 Whiting Way, Coquitlam BC, Canada V3J 3R9. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Making me want to play this game for more than ten times. I usually don't like beat-your-best-score kind of games but the collecting of boxes is making this game a little better. The sound it makes when I touch the wrong box scares me everytime. It's so harsh and loud and it's my problem, but i really want to hide under a table or sth.
I loved playing the game, but it had few issues. I emailed the developer about the issues. A few weeks later an update patched all the issues. Now I loce it even more!
I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A and when I try to play the game it puts the boxes on the outside of my screen where I can't tap. Please fix this glitch/bug.
It's a really well executed memory game, there are two things I noticed: When receiving an ad reward, the thank you text says recieved not received. The other is something that others have already mentioned, that the screen is a bit out of the screen on the top. I guess that's because some devices have physical buttons, others have only virtual ones. But a really fun game overall
I love the artwork, but the game itself is nothing special. Also, you can finish collecting in an hour by just watching a few ads and then spam the "win a box" option. I'd set a limit on that function, 3 times a day or something. Currently the game is rewarding enough that unlocks don't really feel like much of a reward anymore.
I have a galaxy tab A. This game keeps on throwing boxes out of the edges of where I can see... I would love to play but if I can't even get past level 2 because I can only see 1 freaking box labeled 2 I have to uninstall
Don't get me wrong, I think this game is fantastic but it would be so much better if there was a mode were you could open boxes, and earn items. After all the game is called UNBOX so it seems kind of empty without the actual unboxing part.
Everything about this game screams download me now. The win a card system makes it so you can get every box within an hour or 41, 000 currency In the game. Lacks more boxes, would love to have collection of like 2000 boxes or something insane haha
I definitely recommend this app, it's fun to play by yourself or pass around to friends! Only issue is, it does get quite repetitive. Still fun, and good for concentration!
Currently, the game's resolution doesn't match my phone. The gameplay is a nice little time waster, and I'm always a fan of collecting for progress. Edit October 16th: It's been months and the same bug still exists. Edit: Jan 16th, 2017: Same bug, same problems, I give up on this one.
I just updated this game and I'm still having the problem where the boxes go off the screen. I can't see some of the boxes. Like if I'm on round 2 the only boxes that pop up is 1 and 3 or something like that. Please fix!!!!
The game is addictive an a great time waster, and when I had a game-crashing bug, the developer fixed it on the same day! Adding a star for that alone.
A neat little distraction and the ad payout is generous. However the 4 card box winning segment is not random. It has a very predictable pattern, making grinding really easy
Very cool, my grandma is also using to train her memory! I only wish there was more differences with each boxes, especially the rare and epic ones
Love the graphics. Wish the tapping noise is relevant to the box you choose to use (ie button tone for the telephone). I'm curious as to what the "force default theme" does in the settings?
This game is straight forward. You are shown X amount of boxes per round and must click them in ascending order. As you progress forward, the game adds on more boxes until you eventually lose. It's a fun little memory game that is polished to perfection. The art style is consistent and the sound quality is also spot on. There are plenty of cosmetics to unlock and you can choose to earn money by playing or paying for unlocks. Ads are also done tastefully and it doesn't feel like they are being crammed down your eyeballs. This game is an excellent example that you don't need complex game mechanics to have a great game. Polish and execution is everything and this game nails both. If you like memorization games, give this one a try.
This so called "puzzle box," obviously resembling a "Rubik's cube," makes me dislike this game. The blue and green side aren't adjacent and there is no blue/green edge. Please fix this and I may consider giving a higher rating.
App page no longer specifies that the game is designed specifically for phones, implying compatibility with tablets, but the game is still broken on Google's flagship Pixel C. The top of the screen is cut off, making the game unplayable.
I really like this game but I do wish that it had instructions at the beginning, I also think that the sound when you fail is a bit much and sometimes makes me jump. Just a thought but a cool feature to add would be that you can get pets that you have to take care of say by having to get them a certain amount of blocks to feed them.
It's a good challenge for the brain. It's simple and easy to play. I don't find it all that satisfying though. I'm earning cash for different skins. That's it. Not thing more to work for.
I got addicted to collecting the boxes and would come on every two hours to watch an ad back when you guys had the two hour limit instituted. After tedious persistence, I was actually able to unlock all 80 boxes. However two weeks go by and my phone does a weird thing - it died for a good day without charge and when I came I lost all my contacts. I quickly checked Unbox and for some reason I also lost all of the boxes.. I mean I wasn't enraged bc I didn't spend money but pretty upset about all the time lost
Lots of people are like oH iTS bOriNG well what did you expect it to be some tf2 loot crate simulation?? NO! so I say the game is a great time killer and just the idea of collecting a bunch of cute little pixel boxes is kinda cool so yea I say if you have a problem with the damn game than be glad they didn't pay you and stop expecting the most out of simple games. Good job creator.
I could play this every day of my life. Its got the 2 best traits of a game...its simple and fun... And it teaches you to train you're short term memory AND your typing aceresy and speed. D@mn that's good.
This game has no soundtrack.Only sound effects.But it makes it work.When starting a round the shuffling type sound feels good because that's the only thing you here.And whenever you screw up,the sound is so loud it makes you scared to screw up again and makes you push yourself to get better.That's good game design.Also I believe you should bring back cooldowns on adds.It makes completing the game way too easy and playing the game unnecessary.
I really like the overall concept of this game. It can be improved though. I want to see smoother pixel animations when breaking boxes (pixelised, not the box pieces.) The Win a Box thing is a good thing to have, but I think you could add a limit to how much you use it.
I love pixel - art style games and minimalist games, and if you do, too, then you'll love this game! The sound effects are great and, combined with the pixel style art, give the game a really solid, fun retro feel. I only gave four stars because the game sometimes freezes, but since it's not a story - mode game or anything, this doesn't really affect game play besides being mildly annoying. Overall, very fun!
Love the game, addicted to it. It would be cool to have more features though... Different Game Modes, Import your own files for custom boxes, a system were you can download other people's boxes.. just suggesting. Great work
Awesome art, and the fun little memory game is well done, well spaced, etc. Would be nice if retries of the same level kept the same pattern. kind of throws off the 'memory' vibe of that aspect of the game. box obtaining could be balanced a bit. Lots of fun overall, though a bit shallow in depth and spectrum, but a great time waster (:
I'm playing on Samsung Tablet S2 9.7 inches. It looks like I can't see the entire screen, therefore I can't really play properly. I hope this can be fixed, as it seems like a really cool game.