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Ultra Roulette

Ultra Roulette for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by ultrasimon located at 7 Clarence Terrace, Flat 5 Douglas IM2 4LS Isle of Man British Isles. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ and required Android version is 7.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Ultra you are the absolute GREATEST. After trying many many rulette apps and having this on my tablet for some months I was looking for a better one on my phone. Had not realised the potential of this. Bought about 11 times on minimum chips Put bonus on 5 street wheel. Up it came 1 plus Billion after a few more bets on 5th street. Put 1M on 10 numbers a few times now 1.7 Billion. Will only grow from here. And your custom boards and up to 10 balls. What more can I say. Another game cost me $365 real money fo
never upload this app. this is not A app. this is a computer. I have tried thousand times and even not win single time. if you need chips u need to buy. This app is a misleading on the name of roulette. It can repeat a single number 10 times without any shame.
after evey 3 spins a add for facebook pops up very annoying. Ruins the fun and what if i dont have facebook? please fix this.
Was 5 star. But i changed it to 1. Yes I realised that the comments here were right oh my gosh! How can I be playing with a 11/12 chance to win every time and I constantly lose consecutively all the time!!! Especially when I triple my bet. I never get this with any other roulette app. Now I know its a scam!!!
this game is not random how can it hit 10 red in a row the in the same time hit 10 black this is a program game not number generated cause it always the none betted number even if you got zero covered I've got screen shots to show my bets and how this game misses them constantly can I get a response back that's not true because I have played red and used martingale system lost on all black then waited til I got my bonus 1000 then but it on all black then lost on all red this happened in 100 spi
Why you guys took the bonus from 1000 to 100 everyone knows you cant this game with 100 dollars come on ultra you got to do better than this I'm going to see if this changes back to 1000 if not you guys just want people to buy chips why buy if your going to cheat if no one bought chips with 1000 you definitely not going to get any buyers at 100 please fix if not I'm uninstalling sorry
I thought it was ok. Infact I thought it was one of the better ones out there until I cought it cheating. It was not adding up properly. It would give me a 250 pay out when it should have been a 370 but it only glitched when on fast mode automatic.
Best roulette app for practice, no timer for the spin and you can delete weel history to start over. excellent
I Love the speed up function and the statistic wheel, unfortunately there is a glitch with the statistics where your winning numbers sometimes don't get recordered so you can't properly keep track. I had my number come up 6 times and when I checks the stats that number only registered 3.
I have tested this gameplay for 2 weeks now. And what I can tell you 100% for sure, is that the game is rigged when you have tripled your money or more. And it will automatically start rolling consistently... CONSISTENTLY against your bets!! I can guarantee this!! it's happened EVERY SINGLE time, Literally scores of times in this last two weeks. To the point where I call over my friends and show them immediately after I've tripled my money or more how the game starts moving against me.
Feels strait up rigged. Everytime I cover all numbers except 2 within 5 spins it hits one of the uncovered number without fail. Best user interface though by far. Edit to ultrasimon response: no it doesn't and you are a liar and the app is incentiveses people losing to encourage people to buy chips. Stop lying to people.
I really enjoy all the different types of tables that r on offer, it makes for awesome way to learn new and different ways to play roulette, there is also lots of options to tweak to ur particular liking. Seemingly endless possibilities for play
I've tried many roulette games, but this is by far the best app.. nice and simple with pretty graphics.
Very good roulette ,Has a great setting options , you are in control with the app , but the roulette table is boring and so different with a real roulette table in term of color and design
Numbers are not randomly spun as developer indicated. Try placing your bets on big numbers and you will see all wins will fall on small numbers immediately. Putting bets on odd, even comes up succesively. Some players would have experienced this. Using a strategy starting with 300 units, I lost it all within half and hour, but with the same strategy and bank roll, I made 60-80 units net in 30 min at a casino (repeatedly). Not fun but frustration.
I have never sceen such a non random rigged roulette game in my !ife . I was betting heavily on red out of 14 spins there were four doubble green zeross 00 s Niine black umbers and One 1 Red .. impossib le random odds !!! Thats cheating and I hope you get your app removed
I just love casino games. Rulette being my favourite. I have had this on my tablet for several months. Played occasionaly. Was looking for a better app for my phone and put Ultra on. Am probably a month latter still realissing potential. Have just turned 2 players on phone and 1 on my tablet from 200,000 or so to 1.500.000 million. Love the flexabillity of custom board. Play arroud try ideas. At the moment 2 rows 6 colums 1 zero 1 ball pick 4 numbers double up till win. Developers my only improvement is if we could have option to play with other players live. Also have option to buy virtual items. Watches limos planes etc as a side competition. But thank you.💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲 the Rulette King of Kings.
The game is realistic with excellent graphics, also many features such as repeatbet, double up, statistical analysis, etc. The spin seems random enough and the game pace is relaxing. No intrusive ads as you are playing. I suggest you add a French dealer voice on the European Roulette and an American voice on the American Roulette. I love the simplicit and practical design, also not forced to spend real money. Great game for testing out systems and calculating odds. Hope you keep it real and not add any unnecessary junk.
Got this game for research purposes but really not accurate because it wants you to lose fast so you can buy there chips.
I've installed and tried Many roulette apps and This is the Best when it comes to graphics, ease of betting, speed, and game play in general...Extremely user friendly......the Major downfall of this app is that the results of the spins don't seem to be TRULY random...as if it is programmed to deliberately Avoid non-random patterns of resulting numbers/colors. Consecutive and near-consecutive draws of the same number, including green zeros, seem excessive as well which also contribute to the appearance that results are not truly random. I'm not speaking this as a "sore loser" as I've used this knowledge to also win bets as well. I really wish I could have this Exact game but with a "Truly Random" wheel spin.
We have now double bet. Maybe more option in bettings 3x 4x etc. And results of winning from start every round a mean.