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Ultimate Twilight Trivia

Ultimate Twilight Trivia for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Peekaboo Studios located at PO Box 1761 Westerville, Ohio 43086. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I luv this game its fun and it even taught me other things o didnt even know of. Its 😆 but there is one question about who bella saw in her dream it was her granny not her mom. it says si in the novel (which i have read a mullion times) and in tje movie. thod 8s really disappointing to a true twilight fan
OK, don't have me even start about how they spelt Bella's name wrong they put Ella and she saw her grandmother in the movie not her mother, and I have read Bree ' s book and I am stating the 1st book of the sires but I am still a fan of the movies....I have watched all the movies and I loved them I really don' think the creator of the game is a true fan of Twilight if hey spelt Bella's name wrong and put false info in the game.....so I really think they like 7th and have not watched all the movies or read the books because if you are a true fan you should put true info and spell every person\vampires name right! LIKE CO ON PEOPLE YOU HAVE TO BE A FAN BE DUDE OR YOU ARE CRAZY!!!!!!!!
This game is really well involved with the books and had a lot of good questions. They should make another set of questions. The only problem i really did have is when the dream was about the grandma and not of the mother
This person got most of all the questions wrong u need to watch twilight again and see how wrong u r😥😠
Certain answers are wrong. In her dream she saw her Gran (grandmother). The wolf charm was made of wood. etc. Double check your facts before creating a quiz on a popular subject.
I love it, especially because I'm a huge twilight fan! Totally worth getting if you like twilight and a challenging quiz to prove your a super fan. Or if you just feel like doing something!
The first question wasnt spacific enough. You got the order of the cullens human births wrong. And like almost every reveiw it was her grandma not her mom in the dream. I am crazy about Twilight so this game made me super mad. it was just bad. and it didnt save your progress so you cant leave the game.
I have to agree. She DOES NOT see her mother in her nightmare. Its GRAHAM, her grandmother. The people who made this are insulting the actual fans of Twilight, BOOKREADERS and MOVIELOVERS. Do you guys (the APP makers) actually LIKE Twilight?? ::severely disappointed::
Its a great game if your a twilight fan but there were wrong questions like the dream one about bella seeing hear self as her grandmother not her mother please fix this
This is the best game ever!!! The movies are my favorite movies ever!!! These questions are really easy if you know the movies!!!! I know it's bad to be addicted to things but I am addicted to this game, and even more, the movies!!! You are crazy if you don't like twilight!!!!
Some of the answers are wrong lile for example one of the question's was who told Edward, Bella was dead it said the correct was Jasper and the person who actually told Edward that Bella was dead was Jacob and Jacob wasn't even and answer other than that I love it
i've loki loved this movie sense i was 7 and its still my favorite and i've red the books once and i'm reading the books for the second time
Questions are wrong. You asked "In the beginning of New Moon, Bella has a dream about her and Edward, and who does she mistake herself for?" The answer is her grandma, but you guys said her the answer is her mother. At the beginning, she sees her grandma, and says "grams?" Then Bella sees Edward and tells him to stop because her grandma will see him sparkle in the sun. But he comes out behind the trees anyway, and him and Bella walk toward her grandma and she goes to introduce Edward, raises her arm, and sees that her "grandma" makes the same gesture, and she realizes that it is actually herself as an old lady. I noticed some questions are from the book, like Jacob had sisters, but never told in the movie. And the elizabeth girl that is telling everyone that Bella saw herself, not mom or grams, read the question, it asked who she "mistaked herself for" answer is her grams
I love watching the twilight collection but this is wrong it asked a question saying name the cullen family oldest to youngest and apparently renesmee is older than bella what a load of rubbish.
Some of the facts are wrong like in the dream Bella sees her grandmother not her mother and in another question they didn't even spell her name right and put Ella instead of bella
I dont like this app because most of the questions are wrong like it says when bella was grounded what time did she have to be home charlie said 4:00 i would know because i've watched all of the movies like 1,000 times.
Omg! One of the best quiz games i have ever played! I am 11 and the Twilight saga is one of my fave films and book series. I would defo reccomend this game to others, it is really only fun if you have actually watched the films! But, what i did really like about this game is the fact that it jogs your memory when you play it!
i like it cause i like twilight saga since i was 5 yrs old and now i'm 11 years old it still my fav movie.....
I don't like this app because I didn't watch the movie I give it one star and even if I watched the movie how are you suppose to remember all of that thank u by😔
this game is the best I watch the movie for long time but it das not get old i love the game and the movie 😍😀