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Ultimate Racing 2D

Ultimate Racing 2D for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Applimazing located at Groningen, Netherlands. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game was good on my old phone, however it's not currently working, even after a reinstall, on my Moto g(8) power with the latest update
Level 32 of the game, whenever I pit or pause, the whole game crashes. I really like this game but 1 star until this bug gets fixed. It's impossible to complete 12 laps on 1 set of tires while also finishing 6th or better, so I can't advance either.
A good game with a few flaws. If the car beside u wants to pitstop the car shoves u into the wall regardless of how hard u try not to. Ur at the will of the computer and can hardly push around the cars like they push u making it quite frustrating.
Viewing angle is good. I can't get used to touch controls. This game asks you to gas and brake around most corners while steering. Then the game gives you some coins which you use to decide what car you race with in the next circuit. The clearly better cars cost more coins, of course. When you don't get first overall in your circuit, when you go to try again you don't have enough coins to use the best car again. You can watch ads to get more coins, but why should I bother.
Meanwhile the PC version is good, the mobile version controls are awful. Every corner is a random problem. Correction moves with thumbs are way too slow. Also, it will ask you rebuy the ad-free version if you reinstall.
Number of laps done should increase rewards. Also career mode should be way more immersive with some story telling and linearity... For example if we are excellent in kart we can jump straight in F1 or stay in antichambre longer if we need to pick up the pace, teammate battles etc also you need to add penalties for contact, going off track should invalidate qualy, forbid doing reverse and make IA do mistakes etc
Terrible. Impossible to win on any difficulty. Whenever you go into the final turn on the last lap, the game doesn't indicate you turning, driving straight into the wall. By far the worst racing game I've ever played.
I have one request. Can you add cautions and a pace car. Also, can you make the ai have different pits.
I love the game I've been playing it for months. After a while it does get a bit bland. So as a request is it possible to add a safety car?
Awesome game! I like how you can setup a race and watch how it plays out. It also has a lot of tracks and different vehicles to choose from. But, where's a sprintcar?!? I would give it 5 stars if you added a sprintcar. Thanks!!
Amazing 🀩, Very simple graphics but at the same time so realistic, I love it. I wish you could have a F1 career option where you start with karting the arrive at F4 F3 etc up to F1 instead of passing through "monster trucks", "tractors" etc
Gamebreaking bug. The pause menu keeps popping up when i want to race. I quit and come back an its still the same
I'm sure this a great game, but it feels like it keeps entering slow motion mode every 2 seconds, so I can never take a corner properly becauseI cant actually tell how fast I'm going. Didnt even get 5 mins of playtime
Edit:I really love this game. It has kind of a retro motorsport feel to it. But I would like you to change a few things. 1 please remove the boost. I see no use for it on the tracks. Maybe if you were to add like a street racing scene then it would be useful there or replace the name and effects to make it similar to ERS. thank you for making such a wonderful game... Also may you pls add an online mode? It would really be fun. And a damage model so the game can be a bit more realistic
It's a great game, however there are still many bugs that are found. For example, cars fail to do a pit stop because there is only one pit stop and cars are lining up so long, driver speed setting in spectator mode seems a bit unresponsive. For addition please add new tracks and add new car model.
I've been a sucker for casual 2d racing games ever since Drag Racer V3 on flash years ago. This game is a ton of fun. If I could make a suggestion to the devs, I would absolutely buy a game with the same formula that allows car customization, and would also appreciate it if the rewards scaled with the duration of the races.
Increase the championship race limit from 48 to 100, and Rally Mode should be added with rally cars. Also, fix the qualifying positions (not the results, but looks like racing to finish first, so add quickest lap time positions while quali is ongoing). Edit: Rename boost to DRS.
Good gameplay but can you fix the fps because it slows me down, but can you add more tracks like Baku, and can you also add more classes such as Formula-E because that would be awesome.
Awkward controls and no sort of introduction to the game, it just throws you in so you dont really know where to start. There's no speedometer so I wasn't sure how fast I was going when I was approaching turns and because of this, each new vehicle you have to learn how to play the game again. All that is annoying but what really soils in my suit is the fact that the AI play bumper karts. "Oh you wanted to finally get this turn perfect? 'BANG' nope, sorry"
This is a great game! I am a league racer involved in many races worldwide in the Esports regeime. I can clearly say that this is one of the best racing games on mobile i have ever played. Its great fun just getting used to all of the tracks and finding your own lines. But a feedback section would be nice because i have some great ideas to improve the game! ( i might even be able to help )
So I have 2 bugs, one where the game doesn't save your edited cars, and another where one of the driver goes into the pits but flies away before having time to change his tyres, which means hes ages behind the nearest cars on dead tyres. Please can you fix this
Only 4 stars for now. Gameplay is good and all especially the pit stops. However, I feel like what would complete this game is the addition of multiplayer or even a local multiplayer option. I hope that happens.
It needs Nascar track names and caution flags when u crash into ai including the game needs Auto club , bristol but with the pitstop on the inside , Charlotte motor speedway , Daytona 500 , phoenix raceway , New Hampshire and Pocono
Really well done. This game has a lot of variety in cars and courses. A few things I would suggest: maybe a car customization mode, to add some small patterns to the car; also more track variety (lots of road courses, maybe some different ovals like in nascar). Also would be good to have a penalty system, to discourage corner cutting (not overboard, but some tracks this can be an issue). Lastly, I would want to have an live online mode. Otherwise, this is a great game.
Was great fun, but now doesn't run. Played for hours and purchased editor. Upgraded phone to Samsung a52 and now crashes as soon as app opens.
Vroom Vroom am I right fellas?? Ah HA!!! This is one of the speediest games in the market right now and it doesn't look like it's going to be slowing any time soon... And you can take that to the bank! Do like cars going fast? This could be the simulator for you.
Love this racing game. Fun 'real' tracks and good variability in AI difficulty and tire wear. Challenge mode is best for earning coins that you can use to purchase new racing classes and tracks.
For a 2 dimensional game the graphics and physics are really good, but there are still stuff missing. Rather than I love it!
this is ridiculous. it is always lagging an this doesn't allow me to score poles even though I make no mistake. solve this because its impossible to drive
Really fun game. Nothing that should be changed that's already there. There are a few things I'd like to see added though. First off is spectator mode. Simulating races is a lot of fun and it would be nice to run some fantasy leagues with that feature (I don't have any consoles so can't do that with other versions. The other thing I'd like is a steering sensitivity adjustment. I've found it difficult to control the karts at points because the steering feels a bit too sensitive. Great game though
I love the game I've been playing it for months. After a while it does get a bit bland. So as a request is it possible to add a safety car? The game is starting to become slow randomly when racing.
Been looking for an update on the game for ages. I wanted more car options . I got it.I would like one feature or option. To have the break be included in a second left and right button or similar. At the moment the break is in the middle. I have to move my thumb's to the middle leaving the stearing button. Break should be right next to the left and right button.
Your killing it with the steering? Game needs other steering options like tilt, or a steering wheel, something a little more natural than arrow buttons.
Its a great game for a racing fan like me. It has alot of content and I have no serious complaints. If I had to give constructive feedback i would suggest some optimization to the AI's acknowledgement of the player while side-by-side.
Absolutely love this game. Nice and challenging with some nice variability for pitstops and weather settings. I really, really like this game!
Love this game its so creative with the spectator mode the tire decay and the cars there is so many things to do it never gets boring....I would like to see multi-player and a carrier mode...still this is fantastic. I have never seen a game that has all the rain Fiscs and the bots are hard ljke to hard on impossible mode but thats the point so i love it.
I have all of the best graphic racing games on my phone. F1 2019 mobile, Real Racing 3, Grid, etc and this game can hang with ALL of them imo. Of course you're not playing a 2D game for stellar graphics, it's all about the game play and this game has it! I end up playing this game until my hands start cramping. lol. It's very addictive. (Not in a bad way but in a fun way, of course). I love how you climb the ranks racing forklifts, limo's, tractors but also sports cars. Great fun! Give it a try!
Perfect!! I don't know how to say it but this is the best retro third person mode racing games on Android!! , The physic the control that's the thing I most loved here. But the game still needed more improvement, I love u devs !!!!
Absolutely brilliant jem this game. Good physics and with the new update, the tyre wear is on point. The only thing I would like to see added or changed would be A) the addition of time scales, so the 24hrs of Le Mans could actually be done, and B) Maybe add a track builder, as that would unlock endless possibilities for uses to build the courses they want, as opposed to adding 50 more circuits into the game. Brilliant app, just needs some minor tweaks!
Good range of difficulty, however I'd say it's too much of a grind for what I'd expect: a fun arcade game that I play every so often when I'm bored.
THIS IS THE BEST TopDown Racing Game out here on mobile i would honestly recommend down loading it as it has alot of varieties and opportunitys..but i would recommend a couple of things that will make this game WAAYY better(There are in order from most important to me to less) 1.Online Multiplayer 2.Map/Track Maker 3.Team maker (Where u make ur own team and progressively upgrade it to become the best) 4.Car coloring option 5.More snow tracks THANKS would appreciate and give this 5 starsπŸ˜€πŸ‘
For a simple looking game, they sure ask for a lot of permissions. (why do they want to see the contents of my SD card?) No thanks! And it doesn't even start up unless you agree to permissions. Uninstalling.
Edit:I really love this game. It has kind of a retro motorsport feel to it. But I would like you to change a few things. 1 please remove the boost. I see no use for it on the tracks. Maybe if you were to add like a street racing scene then it would be useful there or replace the name and effects to make it similar to ERS. Please change these and thank you for making such a wonderful game
If you're into auto racing in any form you'll enjoy this little time waster. The only things it is missing are multiplayer in some form and a sandbox so you can design your own tracks.
Fantastic game but the AI is ridiculous. Your car has zero power/strength when alongside ANY OTHER CAR even the worst car on the track brushes you aside with EASE, if your position is on the wrong side of a car, you go where they go, that's all.
The game is great. It's one of the most fun and feature rich racing games on the Play Store despite its top down nature. Suggestions: tilt steering. I always play with tilt steering and this game lacks it. A more immersive career mode. Right now it is fun but very very similar to championship mode. Next, the cars are quiet on the track at max volume. I wanna hear those engines roar! Lastly, takes forever to earn money. Monaco is 3 billion coins and I played for 2 hrs and have 10,000. Fun overall
This is the best game I have played scince i first hered of the tablet (then phone) but I want to make a suggestion that you should add yellow or red flags to the game. And can you make an option to randomise the car groups like gt cars mixed up with sports cars! Thanks if you are reading!
I really like the game, I have it for a year now on xbox and it's really fun. But the only issue is that there won't be updates for new drivers or new locations. It's gonna be a small change with so much difference.
This is my favorite game on my phone by far. I've reached a point where all I do is setup races and watch them play out. The way the cars dive bomb the inside of turns is great. The tire decay, all of it. The only feature I would ask for as a motorsport enthusiast's is to be able to setup multi-class races, then this would be perfect! Thanks for a lot of entertainment!
I am a huge fan of your games! I still have installed your first formula racing 2D! I've played it more then 200h for sure and i have around 900millions of coins. However, i have some issues with this game. First issue is the frame rate that go so low when there are a lot of cars. Second is the price of the in game object that it is kind of too high. However this game can improve so much, so if the development team will fix at list the frame issue ill change my review with 5 stars
The game is great maybe even add more things like more drivers for the the oval, making different cars classes compete,different cars models for the same class, rolling start,a manager mode, repairing damage and maybe even a track builder that can make the game feel even better but overall the base of this game is amazing because of how different it is from others games.
Game play / controls is little difficult but designed it beautifully. Please make this as multiplayer game. It would be very fun to play with family/friends.
This game is racing, pure and simple, and it does what it does well. I'd give 5 stars if they added time trials.
I used to play it loads I'm installing it again it's very good maybe you could add stuff like safety cars or make the tracks more antainable and less expensive and especially a MULTIPLAYER MODE but other than that I love it!
It was brilliant! There were loads of cars and vehicles to choose from and there were different modes. However, there is a massive issue in this game and that's why it really ruins everything. It keeps crashing! It crashes when trying to load into races. It crashes if you press the pause button in races. I've tried so hard to make it stop crashing like clearing the cache data. Then deleting the app and reinstalling it. So please please please fix this problem. It ruins the game.
Edit: thanks for fixing the bug but i only have a few more problems the car under steers im not sure its just me or im bad at the game even with disabled auto acceleration it still understeers the AI are like complete gods at traction control and breaking (sorta) can you fix it pls and also i know you guys are getting floedded by people saying add multiplayer so why not i would join in the train cause it would make the game more interesting and maybe even add rally
The issue I talked about earlier has now been fixed, this is the only good 2d racing game on here, and now it's working again
Probably my favourite racing game, I loved it back when it was a tie-in with an energy drinks company and it's even better now. Fun to play, tricky to master. Unlocks are attainable without spending real money (I'd recommend paying for 'no ads' though). Graphics good, the only slight negative is the sound effects.
Add a wheel or tilt steering. Arrows are finger cramping bad. I liked the game a lot but uninstalled because of the controls. Check it out anyways.
Simple perfection. Very simple game but in the best way possible. It doesn't load down your phone and drain your battery. Just great racing action with tons of different tracks and classes including a bunch of novelty things to race like forklifts. Ads were very short at 5 seconds after a race but this game is awesome so well worth the $1.99 to get ride of the ads. What it lacks on graphics it greatly makes up for in gameplay and content.
It's the best game I've played and has a great user experience and car feel, especially unique for an overhead racer. Love it
Like this game...if only there is multiplayer mode, it would be much more fun...but good game anyway thanks guys...good job
Great little game, like being back in the 80s, a few glitches bit hey it's a free game; it does seem to need more permissions than seems necessary.
Great game, please update steering. Sometimes I press left and right at the same time instead of pressing on the break. They are too close together, or something like that. And I fly of the track. Thats very annoying. Also minor changes like adding fuel consumption, making more realistic boxing expirience like in real time, not stopping time. Tyre wear by driving style, and car damage in a style like tyre wear. By car damage also some visual changes in the end. Best regards!
Gunna drop.money on this lol only problem is, the pedals and controls can be easily missed, especially when it's a gripping race at hand lol some more layout or button size options sometime in the future maybe...love the game otherwise
Oh yeah, this is the one. So I love racing games but after years of looking had never found a good phone one. Too much nitro or drifting or trying to be clever controls that just don't work on a smartphone. This is a simple easy game to play you don't have to pay to win and the adverts aren't too bad. The racing is great and trying to drive a quick clean lap is very satisfying. Thoroughly recommended.
Interesting game with a big amount of tracks(obviously you could add a few more) . AI sometimes too aggressive. Please add tilt steering.
Great game but it needs control layout customization. My hands don't really work with the current layout and so I usually find myself missing the turn button and crashing head on into the wall.
It's like one of the most fun racing games the only thing I would like to see is like caution to where as if you crash really bad or hard u would have to sit out the rest of the race basically adding crashing cosequeses this goes along with the CPU if you could make them cause a wreck it would just be more exciting not knowing who's gonna do it or how bad it might be that's it really but other than that spectacular game
This game is one of the best racing game on mobile. 2d racers are always fun to play cause they're easier to run than 3d racers. Only thing to take this game to the next level(other than the obvious like more tracks, teams, classes, etc.) is multiplayer support. Whether it is split screen or online(or both), connecting with friends and playing this game which already has a lot of play time, would make this game even more fun.
I really like this game. I'd like to see some more freedom with customization. Also, I would like to have a "Draw your own track" which is self explanatory. Anyway the game is great and it is fun to play! 😁