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Ultimate Pool - 8 Ball Game

Ultimate Pool - 8 Ball Game for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by GR Sports Club located at 301 Forest Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301, USA. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a fun game except for the fact you dont win any coins for winning the match you win tokens to open chests and the chests only give u a few hundred coins which is so stupid cause u need them to upgrade your cues so it makes it hard to upgrade and on top of that the tokens you do win run out when u win so many rounds then you either gotta wait whatever amount of time b4 it fills again or spend gems to fill it up yourself.
It's all been said in previous comments disappointing AI playing scores against you in higher levels the game loses appeal after 500 games as odds stacked against you but enjoyable up to level 20 🇬🇧😷
Great game but not so great to upgrade your cues as the producers want too much money, more than other games Still it is a good pass time
Great game wish they had more on which stick is the best maybe have an order for most points. But great game.
Playing against players who get triple the points as you get for potting the same balls is unfair. Encourages you to buy your way up thru the levels. Going to uninstall others free games of pool out there.
take a long time while searching the opponent's and it failed to find it in the end ..... , please take a look
The game is good but has glitches in its program. Most of the time you have to play with the robots. My cue didn't unlock even after reaching a level. When I put a ball I get less than 1000 points but when bot pots a ball he gets more than 2000 points, I don't understand. Even after winning and getting more points than the opponent I lost the game. Real players are not enough. Overall very disappointing.
This is an ok pool game, it lacks some lf the features of other games, and doesn't encourage players to continue against new opponents. the aiming is distracting and logically wrong to allow some shots seemingly impossible.
Great fun game. Please put add 9 ball to this game, EDIT: re: the recent update, the reason I enjoyed this game compared to others was normal shaped pool tables. With the update you changed the star challenge to an abnormal table, if it ain't broke, dont fix it. Thought with the update you might have been adding nine ball which would be a welcome addition. #DISAPPOINTED 😔
Unfair point system, one person pots a ball for 800 pts with a combo and the other has a basic pot for 2000 pts.. Don't download, forces you to buy even early on! Horrible update! I can sink all of my color and the 8 ball and opponent has 3 left and a higher score, and I loose. Does not make any sense and cheats everyone.
Well done, you have completely ruined what was a fun game to play. Changed my review from 5 stars to 1. Won't be playing this anymore. Shame, as it was great.
I play players at the same level they score 2 or sometimes 3 times the points I get per potted ball so unless I clear the table from the start I very rarely win
This game is amazing but there is some network issue Recconecting in this thing I don't get my chance to play.
It is a good game but ,,, still I have many issue Soo, I will see only for few days other wise I'll delete the game
Graphics are bright and colourful, controls are easy but precise. When selecting spin it would be easier if the white ball became transparent to see the lines better. Also an easier way to compare cues would be helpful
This was a really good game, didn't take long though for the people with the license to become greedy. The actual format of the game works, but this is the end of the positives. Update, now you have chalk at a cost, then the free videos stopped working. Finally the last update has ensured I will delete straight after this post, more purchase boxes, a piggy bank again at a cost. And every player, who was averaging the same points as yourself now doubles overnight. Myself average 2700 vs 4500.
Opponent only winner.How it is possible?I am not winner always.Always oppnent will win.But I am not iuninstalled.This game is not correctly Working.So many times Opponent Winner.Cheating game.Its Good game.
Fun but not fun at same time? People who spend money on cues win even if you pot all your balls and the black. Higher points for potting balls with different cues. Won loads but lost on points. You don't lose if you pot the black in middle of game which is weird. Fun to play but annoying losing to people who spend cash.
Great game so far! I really don't understand why all of these games want you to rate them after 15 to 20 minutes after just starting. Great so far!
Like the game. But the amount of Notifications is insane its none stop there should be an option to turn them off or stop so many coming through it is making me want to delete
It's a nicely conceived game. Was really looking forward to playing it. But, there are hardly any players to play with. It keeps on searching for an opponent endlessly without any result. Will wait for a few days, else will uninstall it.
This would be a great game if you did not cheat pepole hit the same angle as the player he sinks every ball but no not me unfair as hell just blows me away when you see games like this and then you install them to be done like that no thank but u have a good evening im done with your game
I was playing this game up until three days ago! Now I can only get into the game to collect chests and upgrade clubs. It will not load any game or star challenges! Please try to fix this problem! I would like to play this game again! Thank you!
This was a 5 star game, however even though it has always been a little bit unfair being put up against other players who can score nearly double the points that you can even though they are on the same level as you, after the latest update you are put up against players that are unbeatable even if you get the bonus for the level as they score 3 or 4 times as much you for one pot so by the time they miss a shot it is pointless really even playing as the game goes on score not who pots the black!
The game itself is BOSS!!!!!! But the upgrades have absolute STUPID HIGH PRICES!! $5, $10, $15, $20 damn dollars for a freaking game? How about try 5, 20 and 50 cents, if you want to have billions of people playing your game. Whomever thought the prices up...is a moron... BUT THIS GAME IS INCREDIBLE! DOWNLOAD IT AND PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All u get is match ups where every player gets 800 plus points more per shot if you don't constantly buy the cue upgrades pointless playing and as soon as I brought a cue they just gave me higher match ups to try to force me to spend again.
Latest update changed the point system. Can't win a single game now cos other players have loads more points per pot. Spent a lot of money on this game and now my account is useless
All you need to do is hit it hard and something will go in. Game for people just messing around not pool players
Great game play, nice graphics and I descoverd I can play in full screen on my chromebook! I like it : )
Not enough ability to upgrade to the pot points of "other players" on the same level. After the first level, you're playing robots. Once you're out of tokens, you'll rarely win a game or even see the table. Your angle viewer option isn't needed because once you pass a certain level, the ball does what it wants at its own speed. However, these robot opponents shoot in the dark and always manage a snooker and a pot. This game needs to support players and stop giving unrealistic targets/robots.
Love this game. You don't have to pay to play. I brought the begginers bag for £5 which gave me 2 epic cues but after that just play. The ranking is fair if your level 5 you play level 5. My only issue I can't work out how to change my image. Other than that I would wholeheartedly recommend this game.
Starts off great and plays really well. After a certain point its almost impossible to win unless you clear the table on first turn. I played someone who had triple the points per shot that I did so I could never keep up even if I sunk all my balls and the 8 ball. Other than imbalance of points it plays well
Fun to play and the ball animation is good. Far too many bots to play against and it's very obvious that you are not playing an actual person, the ai shot selection and cue movement is very artificial.
Nice and simple and quite addictive, wish some of the rarer cues would drop more often, and the games could be more evenly point matched, but still loving it
A really poor example of a pool game. Totally geared so you spend money. You play supposedly real players who always have a cue and chalk which you can't get without spending. The cue ball goes in about four times per game from ridiculous angles which are totally unrealistic. Very very poor.
Hardly ever get the break, opponent breaks, pots 3 balls (on average) so at immediate disadvantage scoring wise. Side seldom makes a difference to roll of cue ball, very disappointing game in many ways.
I used to really enjoy this game but since I have updated it and they have brought out the chalks it is no longer at fair. I now have to play at a big disadvantage to others because they always have chalk and I am not willing to pay so much money for the chalk. I think it's more fair to put me against opponents that are equal to myself. I am very disappointed this has spoilt my favourite game.
What a terrible pool game. You can win a eight ball game and still lose by points? What is that? Also you might get 3 games in before you run out of "tokens" and then of course you can pay for more.
Opponent only winner.How it is possible?I am not winner always.Always oppnent will win.But I am not iuninstalled.This game is not correctly Working.So many times Opponent Winner.Cheating game.
Yes it is truly comfortable for pool enthusiasts. I really appreciate and love it. It is good game for me. Make it more cool for us. Highly recommended for everyone.
I just want to know why on earth, that when you play against an apponent that when they pot a ball there pot gets more points than you do, seems odd and I dont really think that's playing by the rules it should be the same points for each pot no matter what unless its a task shot, just saying, besides im uninstalling 8 ball pool by miniclip is much better at least it plays fair
This was a 5 star game. Now you have made it an of you pay you can do better. Game... atrocious if you don't have money you have to lose because everyone else can buy the chalks to make them play better... I. Completely peeved now.
Had half hour spare time at work so started playing Ultimate pool and what seemed like 5 min later it was time for work.
Passes the time nicely, however I get loads of unwanted notifications at 2am just to tell me I have free chests to open, even when I've had the same notification 20+ times in the last hour, even my wife isn't that persistent and loves nagging. If this issue was sorted I'd gladly give 5 stars.
Wrost app. Too many ads, even ads played during play which is the wrost part. Game hangs after a match.
This is one of the best pool games out there. There is bad and good about every game but in this game the good outweighs the bad. Nice job!
I like the game but why am I punished for leveling up? I burn through the tokens (ok, this is obviously where developers hope to make money) but whether I play free or not, I LOSE tokens...A LOT of them. That's BS. I'm being punished for winning. Where's the reward? U cannot earn tokens by winning??? Hell, u can't earn tokens PERIOD. But u CAN buy gems which u can use to reload the tokens. And the amount of gems to reload? OMG...gouge much? Like I said, it's a good game but it ain't THAT good.
Great rendition of 8 ball, but lack in the actual 8 ball mechanics. I think you should have to call your shot on the last one and scratching on the 8 ball as well as pocketing it too early should be automatic defeat. But other than those few notes....great game!!
Game itself is OK and some of the shots are questionable (especially mine) but the section for free stars is poor, it only allows the top to give anything free and when select a video to earn more it says unavailable try later every time. But saying that it's 😉