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Ultimate Kept Man Life

Ultimate Kept Man Life for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Masukachi Inc. located at 〒112-0001 東京都文京区白山5-1-3 東京富山会館ビル4階. The game is suitable for Teen (Language) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It seems like an idle game but it's really easy to advance through and it's very funny (and extremely ironic)
A cute and entertaining game. As an idle game, you're in for the long haul and not expected to finish the story and extra stuff for weeks if not months. Unless you buy the booster items and support the developers. Although the mechanic to lose all your money is different from the other game 10 Billion Wives, spending all the moolah you make and then risking it all is hardly consequential, as you'll have about 10 times as much the next time you remember you have this silly game on your phone.
I really like this game! it's cute seeing their relationship and all. I like the art and the song too. so keep up the work bros!❤
The game is fun and great, but I have a problem. When you play three times, it should show how much you have to wait until you can play again right? Well, the number doesn't change, it stays at 4:07 and it's been 20+ minutes. I closed and started the game again, I even turned off and on my phone, but nothing changes. Please fix it, I will check in the morning if the error/bug is still there. Overall, the game is great
This is your basic idle game. You progress pretty fast in the early stages but it slows down pretty hard towards the end. Overall, the storyline is pretty amazing and is the main reason why I'm giving this a 5 star.
Not the most exciting game ever, but a cute and fun game to spend some time with. Would highly recommend.
Great game not to many adds the amount of ads are so minuscule ,but when you go offline the amount of money gain drastically decreases, making it harder to get the achievement in later stages of the game. Other than that this is an amazing game ,good story ,and you have to act wisely before doing some things like if you have a large amount of money stocked up you should spend it before using energy playing so that you don't lose it being caught by father,but even with that is an incredible game.
This game is like any other tycoon game but they did put in a story line which is good. I would recommend this game for anyone who wants to play a tycoon game.
I've finished the game. I love the reaction of the girl when I click her. Cute. The ending is sweet. BUT. You said the money will keep increasing even if I close the app. So I'm waiting for 6 days to see the results of 2 hours outside of the game. I've always love the clicking story game so I don't really care about it. ( ◜‿◝ )♡
It's your basic time idler, albeit a fairly cute one. You may eventually want to get the cheapest pack of boosts if you want to ever see the end, otherwise I'm unsure if you'll ever make it otherwise. 1 star off because in game ad that appears very time you lanch it, links to a non-existent game and the constant-on ad banner at the bottom is distracting but doesn't prevent you from playing.
Great game all you gotta do is wait, it has nice amusing dialogue when you are on the game although they don't have enough in my opinion it would be nice for more options on things to do
Really good game, easy, kinda crazy, I have the bad habit of trying to finish games in one day haha but this was good I just keep clicking the screen cause I want to know what's the last chapter gonna be haha
the game character literally said "if you working you lose" then he start doing laundry and stuff for getting money, well i think that's called working. i thought it will be real kept man game where you just flirt your girl and do nothing while having fun with the money from your girl. thinking of 1 star but the girlfriend is cute and innocent so 4 star for her.
It's a cutesy idle game. I enjoyed my time with it. The reason I give it 3 stars is despite it being an idle game it doesn't track offline activity past 3 days. I left it alone for weeks only to come back to what I would gotten in 3 days. Otherwise, it's fine. Nice for story, bad for playing.
At first it was catchy and addicting and i went trought the story real fast (no clicking, no one likes that) but now i gotta finish all achiements and its almost impossible from how low amount of money i get.. how can i upgrade time machine 20-50times?? I made it till 4 so far... Its sad that the game was going smoothly and now id wait years for the last scene.. :(
Really fun and entertaining. Amazing characters and funny story. Really gets you invested in what happens next.
I love this game. It has a cute style and the artwork is great. The ads are barely there (i only got like 3 ads while playing for hours) and the storyline is cute. The only thing i complain about is the epilogue. Finishing all the achievements is such a tiring thing to do...and im pretty sure it will take a long time so i kinda give up on that ._.
This game is somewhat entertaining due to its short clips of stories superb, if ur looking for semi cute game and ur not a hardcore player this game is good for you
A lot of people don't realize that the regeneration timer for the energy is not a countdown for how long you have to wait, it's actually the time at which you can play again, which is one hour from whenever you last played. It ticks me off seeing people so oblivious to that and thinking that the timer is broken.
Perfect, this is my kind of Idle game. It's quick and to the point and it has a unique story. 5 stars by my standards.
Great for boredom, but you need to wait forever to use the 'play' option. Is it only like 3 times a day or something? Needs much shorter time to get energy for that. Or needs to actually let the timer count down. That is seriously my only issue with this game. Game is pretty solid. Would recommend.
Very fun and cute game! Super simple to play. I originally played it on iOS and am now going to play it on Android too!
I thought this one is a dating sim which turned out to be an idle game which consumes real life time. Nothing much to do but stare at your screen to get money.. very slowly. Games are suppose to pass time without the person noticing it. This is just my way of saying this app is sooo "boring"
Oh! Love! This game is all about the love, so amazingly strong and irrational it is! Love between Kept Man and Girlfriend, love between Girlfriend and Her Father, and player's love for this game that made them able to wait for months just to watch the short epilogue. The money gain rate was really unexpectedly slow, even after I bought all upgrades (without using real money). And why is there no way to view the CGs at fullscreen? But the story's really fun! :D
Played this game for atleast 2 weeks and didn't regret it...graphics are simple and cute.It also got a good storyline.Would recommend this game for those who seek simple yet fun idle game.
Good game, except when it's idle, it doesn't count all the time spent in idle mode. I'm currently somewhere around +30 trillion/sec, and technically after waiting a day I should have +2.6 Quintillion (I calculated), but it only registers a few minutes instead of hours. All you need to do was check if the game was running in background, store the timestamp, then check the timestamp when the game is running in foreground again, and calculate the difference. Instead it has to stay running in bg.
I've played all their games, and while the others never struck a note with me as much, this one was actually well designed, fun, and even had a strange story to go with it that pushed me on to even 100% complete this game. For what it is, I'd say this is the best you can get
I played it till the epilogue. Quiet fun and not hard at all. You just have to wait patiently and complete all the missions.
Oh, just play it. It's delightful and silly. You'll finish it in a week or less and have fun. But consider playing this developer's game "Angel" first.
This is the most charming casual game I've ever played. It takes patients toward the end, but it is nice watching your money pile up. :)
Cute Storyline But Very Slow. I have been playing this game for nearly four months and I have been unable to finish. At fist, it was immersive and fast paced. But the longer you play, it seems impossible to finish all the achievements. You need an impossible amount of money in order to execute tasks. I doubt I'll ever be able to complete the game. Idle time must not be counted properly, i really want to see how the story ends but i can't. Please fix it. I love this game.
This game is so cute! I love all the games by Masukachi! Highly recommend it as it's a fun way to spend some time, plus the story is really silly! Make sure to play My Sweet Angel first, though!
It was good at first but sometimes it wont open i try waiting but i have been waiting dor 5 minutes and still no start it will only work if theres the notification pkease fix this if you want 5 stars
So repetitive. Not rewarding or addicting at all. Not worth the installation: fun concept, poor execution.
Exceptional. This game is very good and I truly recommend you to pay attention in the very begging, since not only it can not be seen again but also it's where are the most important info you need to utterly understand the MC. And if you wanna beat the game, as said in the final, you'll have to work harder (waiting longer or buying potions). The only critic witch I have is about how useless clicking is from the middle ahead.
I love this game. It's really cute with very few ads (only had a few after hours of gameplay) and I love the story.
Cute and fun game! The most improtant thing is that the developers choose not to bombard you with ads every minute, and the price for the boosts are pretty resonable, so kudos to them for that!
This game is really dumb. The money you get is based on an allowance from your girlfriend. And when you start making millions of dollars a second... Your girlfriend doesn't seem rich. And the point of the game is to become rich without working. But you end up doing a lot of work, even though it's technically not a payed job. Plus this is basically an idle game. BORING. But the game is smooth and the story is kinda interesting. When you overlook the economic discrepancies it's a fine idle game.
This developer makes fun and relaxing games. Each game is similar but different enough to play. This game in particular has a great story and entertaining story. I have played probably 50+ mobile games with payment options. These developers offer VERY good options. No gacha, no wasted money. Just 1, 2, 3, or 6 dollars for a large boost. I like buying the boost because it supports the developers. Please continue making these cute and relaxing games!!!!!!
This is a simple game, fun not ginna lie. Playing the game and looking at myself is a completely depressing experience, the game is fun, dude gets money from doing chores while I am still single, currently struggling with the unemployment and the threat of the virus, yeah, yeah,... Anyway, stay safe and healthy, especially with your loved ones, people, wish you the best.
I love the art and the story is funny. It's tedious, but all clicker games are anyway, and there are no unwelcome ads.
Cute game with really simple play. I'm not finished yet but it's fun to see how everything becomes more extravagant. It's got me interested enough that once I'm done I'm going to check out the other games from this developer.
Good game I already got to the point where he cloned himself. Money is easy to make and if you play mini games the more money you make. I really recommend!
For the short time that I played this game... I really enjoyed it <3 would highly recommend for idle lovers / people who don't have enough time for longer games
Interesting game. Would be fun if only it wasn't a clicker game. Seriously, clicker games are straight down boring and tiresome and cause carpal tunnel syndrome. They take all the fun out of what would have been totally great games. If you can try making games that don't involve millions of clicks and presses, you'd have a perfectly fun game.
I really think the game is silly and fun it took an unsuspected turn but it makes it funny and kinda cute
A really ABSURD and FUNNY story and a GREAT ENDING. I... I... love it that they [BEEEEEP] woops not gonna tell ya. Its a spoiler. Yeah my only complain is that... the ending is almost IMPOSSIBLE to reach. Well, if you think about it, how rich is Girlfriend that she can afford to provide him the equipments and budget to make some.. stuff... really, its spoiler.
I finished the game, nice story and nice ending. Though I think the wait for the epilogue isn't worth it. Offline earnings aren't always the same. Leaving it for weeks doesn't guarantee getting more compared to leaving it for a day.
It starts off slow, but...look at the length this guy goes through to NOT work. First, its just regular house husband stuff like chores, putting together furniture... and then he starts driving her to work... and then *SPOILER* he builds a house for her from scratch... then a park right next to their house for the girl to play with the dog... and looking at the shadows I haven't unlocked yet it will only get more ridiculous from this point on Come on Dad, let them get married already!
Cute, but play energy refill indicator could be improved to indicate time-to-next-energy instead of clock-when-full. Some balance issues, making clicks utterly worthless except a brief window in mid-game.
Absolutely adorable! Simply put, a very cute game with a very simple playstyle. Microtransactions are in no way forced on the player, and the ads are very reasonable and don't get in the way of the game. I'm over halfway in, and the game has no lewd, vulgar, or explicit elements, so if those things make you uncomfortable you're in luck!
I like the game, even though its supposed to be an idle game the story is fairly and simply okay to good, it gives a purpose and meaning to play this game on your excess free time when you've got nothing to do, I do hope the story gets expanded while keeping its light and simple storyline, thus I give 4 stars!
Cool, but is it just me or did the devs made the same game with the same gameplay as this one more than twice ?, huh.. odd. Anyways, it was a fun experience but it has its end, as soon you unlock the final work theres nothing else you can do apart from pressing and do chores, but who am I kidding, cherish em while you could do it. Overall, great game for boredom killer.