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Ultimate Harry Potter Trivia

Ultimate Harry Potter Trivia for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Peekaboo Studios located at PO Box 1761 Westerville, Ohio 43086. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I LOVE this game. I'm a true Potter head and its easy for me. You guys are really awesome! I love your game. Thanks for inventing it!
I miss harry ron wesly and hermoine granger and i also dumbledore and professor snape sectu sempra hhaahaahaha obliviate is the spell use to wash out your memory I remember hermoine using this spell for the safe of her family.
Very good app a variety of difficulty in questions. Don't make people watch full ads let them skip them
The game is great but....Sirius escape azcaban is wrong...Sirius was the first to escape and not Barty because Barty was technicly never in azcaban. He's father didn't put him there.
i love the game because im 110% pureblood LOL. i mean true fan of HP but one thing i want to change is the font of the question. i like the font but sometimes i cant understand or read the question clearly even i have glasses. but all in all i love this game. try it guys. :)
Sirius Black was the original secret keeper Sirius just lent the job to Peter Pettigrew so the should be Sirius.
I like the game exept on the question that says who escaped ascaban first is Serius Black but it says someone else. I read the third book its Serius Balck. Not the other person ( I cant prenounce their name).
It is an awesome way to spend your time if you are a big HP fan. The only problem I found was the question about the first person to express Azkaban. Technically the answer should be Black. Barty Crouch Jr. was released by his father. He didn't actually excape. Other than that it's awesome.
Love some of the reviews here pointing out "incorrect" answers, just because people guessed the wrong answer doesn't make the app wrong lol. Barty did escape first, Barty Snr sneaked him out as his mother. Helena Ravenclaw IS the grey lady, her mother Rowena is founder of the ravenclaw house One person said the app was wrong as thought Harry turned 10 in the 1st book?! He turned 11, in the hut on the rock. 11 is when you get the Hogwarts letters . 🙂
i am a big hp fan so i like this game but one of the questions were wrong. the question said who was the first person to break out of askaban. the answer is Sirius Black not bartimus cruoch jr. other than that i like it!
HOW WELL HAVE YOU READ HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE!!!!!!!!! if you consider that you have read the books well enough to make quiz then you should know that if you are gonna ask "which defence against the dark arts teacher supports voldemort" then you shouldn't put moody as a choice and shouldn't have the question "which defence against the dark arts teacher is a auror at all". remember this line." "professor moody" he said. "I don't know professor, I didn't do much teaching" said moody"
I hated how the app would say you goit questions incorrect when you got them right. P.S Barty Crouch Jr does escape from askabwn before Sirius. BarTy Sn sneeks him out disguised as his wife and his wife dies in Barty Crouch Jr's place.
Awesome ! I got all the questions right on the all level (105 questions) Did you know that JK Rowling made a mistake with the therestreals. Harry Potter didn't see them till the 5th book, after Cedric Diggory dies. Though in one of the books he has a flashback of when Voldemort kills his parents which comferms that Harry saw his mom die, therefore he should've been able to see them in the 1st book. Harry not seeing the therestreals before the 5th book does make the story better, but it's still a mistake. Please reply and let me know if there is any reason I am wrong.
it could have a few more questions, maybe update a bit. but i love how some questions are easy and some are hard
This was fun but far too easy for any sort of Harry Potter fan. Also, what triggered me was that they spelles Lily as Lilly. I know that is a little thing but I'm that person who needs grammar and spelling to be perfect. Anyway, this is a cool game but too easy for me.
Great game... Very hard and brainy questions from all the corners of the book. Please download it ( if you have read first 2 part ).
Every time I tapped the right answered ,it said I got it wrong,and then showed me the answere I put and said it was Wright!And I want these app makers to make it better ,and write to me back.
The Question That Asked Who Was The First To ESCAPE Askbam. Was Siris Black. The "Correct Answer" For The "Game" Made A Deal To Get Out Of Askbam.
I am the greatest Potter head in the whole world!!! And I of course got full marks even in the option All.. Thanks for making this game and best wishes... Don't forget to reply!!!
I quite liked the game because I simply LOVE Harry Potter. Got all answers in the second try of 'All'...though isn't it Sirius black who actually escapes 1st from Azkaban?..apart from that (and that the font is a bit gard to read sometimes), it was a quick but real fun game all potterheds will enjoy
WAY TOO MANY ADS!!!!! The game is perfect but with all the ads it might take 5 minutes just to move on. The questions are fantastic, so I must give this game ⭐⭐⭐.5 stars. Besides the thousands of ads everything is fine. I might recommend this game to others...
Its pretty good, but it feels like there are too many "how old did harry turn in ... book?" or "what is the name if the ... book" other than that, my only complaint is that the don't can be difficult to read. Great mix of easy questions and ones only true potterheads would know!
You got one answer wrong the night bus harry say Sirius black first before fudge, harry didnt know it was sirius though
I LOVE this game soo much and i just wish there was levels because im only on book 4 and i can only answer a few of the questions so i therefor think that there should be certain questions for certain books.... please answer and update... THANK YOU FOR YOUR GREAT GAME
They have questions with the wrong answer as right, when u click a answer sometimes it will say its wrong, but then show you the answer u clicked as right, some of the questions are questions with answers they dont even tell u in the book or movie and some of the answers to certain question arent even right. Whoever created this app has some homework to do
Can't forgive a trivia app for getting a question wrong, uninstalling poor poor work, just disgusting. I am appalled.
very good got caught a few times because it's based on the books too and I'm more familiar with the movies but all in all a good app
I maen its ok its just not for me but of you are a big Harry Potter fan then tou will love it bit like i sed not for me
The question "who was the first person to escape askaban" is wrong you guys put the answer as bartimus crouch Jr but the real answer is Sirius black. Just thought I'd let you know