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Ultimate English Spelling Quiz

Ultimate English Spelling Quiz for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by DamTech Designs located at Krishna Industrial Estate, Vadodara, Gujarat 390023 India. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game,if you're competitive you want to keep getting a higher score and move on to the next level,if you make a mistake it gives you the correct spelling and at the end of the level you can try again if you've made a few mistakes, helps you to spell better
Easy to play from low to high standard so good its similar to dictionary also in other way round impressing i like it so great and interesting all i can say try it and see what im writing about
Always like English at school, and have more time to read books real books! and this is an great game so much to choose from and I enjoy learning new things.
Pass the level and it doesn't pass me to the next level it keeps making me repeat the ones I already did. Can never complete. Don't get credit for ones I do.
Don't jump in too quick...its not a race and it is so easy to hit the wrong word if you are in a hurry. Slow and steady etc etc. I love this little spelling bee.
Game should say the word then allow the player to spell. Or at least give the option if the player wants to hear the word or not.
Very good exercise. The ones I get wrong are because I haven't paid close attention and read the spelling incorrectly. I need practice with patience. I love this app.
Love this game. It's entertaining, while keeping your brain fit. Best of all, you never get long ads. I hate long ads. I know they are needed, but I appreciate that the ones for this game are only 5 seconds. I wish other games would learn to do the same!
This game is good for learning and keeping your vocabulary in check. Only thing I would change is giving it more lifelines something similar to the game Who Wants to be a Millionaire
I love this game so much. It's actually very cool.i am having so much fun the words.I mean a word a day calendar ( awesome!!) I don't know about y'all but I like love it.
Great apps.. By using this app you can spend your time nicely and also improve your skill also.. Highly recommended for everyone πŸ‘πŸ‘
I am enjoying the game. Two things I would tweak. 1. Sometimes it offers two words spelled correctly - for example a game had "yolk" as the intended word but "yoke" was an option with no way to know what was expected. 2. Sometimes ad pops up into the space where the NEXT button is, so I hit it by accident - bringing up that website and losing my game. There should be some kind of delay there, or have button not be in the space where ad will be. App is simple to learn and control.
Looks like a good game, but a challenge takes 10 seconds, and ads are 35 seconds, a game that's only playable about ~1/4 of the time is not in a playable state. Sad.
I really love to play the games for English improvement and this app meets my expectation.Thanks you.
This game makes learning grammar enjoyable and fresh. I have no complaints whatsoever. Thank you developers.
So far so good. The game is very relaxing. I find myself spelling out loud 2 b sure that I know the correct spelling. This is a nice app 4 everyone. Keep up the good work.😊😊😊😊
This is a very nice app as everything in this game is very nice and this is very helpful for those whose vocabulary is weak ,actually my vocabulary was also week but this app increases my vocabulary , this app is really appreciable πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Have only had the app for a couple of minutes and have noticed errors already. "Beiling" is a city, apparently. Assume it should be Beijing. Also was told I was wrong when answering about something happening in "two years' time". App says it should be "two year's time". App is wrong on that one! Uninstalling.
Very educative especially to those with poor vocabulary. I highly recommend this app to those who have kids at primary or lower school because it will sharpen them well on time before reaching complex levels at high school where they will be starting English literature lessons.
It's a great game for improving spelling and the meaning of words. However, this game is more intended for children of 10 years+ and teenagers, best that in mind.
There are a lot of uses by this app. This app useful and helpful for us to recognize the meanings for the words in any where. This app provides a several ideas for the students about the words. We can identify the meanings for the strange words by using this app. This is the perfect and appropriate app for every one to obtain the correct meanings
Very fun game for anyone who likes to test their vocabulary. My issue is that there are too many questions that relate to India. This may be okay with the British version, but it's too much in the American English Spelling Quiz. Thanks.
I cant spell a long long words,but whaen i saw this game its very good trust me its good,nice,and great you should try it too .... Before i cant spell Establishment and i cant know what Establishment but now i know with the help of this game.
Love the game! When I was younger I'd win spelling bees, but now that i am almost 80, i am not as sharp. This game keeps me on my toes!!
Everytime I open the app to play there is a pop up to sign in but I don't want to. Also I have to deny on two three pop ups which takes eternity and just kills the excitement.
I love it this app teaches and tests you in a very fun way and love the font, colours and overall graphics of the app
My daughter has been using this app for the past 1month and it has been working for her a lot it helps her with the meaning and use of words she loves it
Very challenging. I didn't realize my spelling had became so weak. Just don't like when it times out. I have to start all over again. Thanks
This app is amazing. It enables you to learn with fun. What I like most about the app is that, it can be enjoyed by both children and adults.
Really enjoying this app πŸ‘πŸ’― works perfectly, it might show you that you need to install latest version of the app , but not to worry you can still access it without having to install anything
I was surprised that words at first level I thought I knew how to spell, I actually got wrong. Excellent way of studying but playing & relaxing at the same time. I look forward to doing it every day.
I enjoy this game very much. I know it has helped improve my vocabulary. There were words that I thought I spelled correctly but I was not. It also gave me the correct definition of words.
This is the ever best software learning app I've ever seen. Hope to come across more of this and to encounter more versions. If there were 10 stars, I would rate them all.
This app is helpful for students but I give 3 star because the app voice quality is medium not clear but I recommend this app for increase your vocabulary test. Learn more from this app Thanks ☺️ Have a Good Day
The quiz game is fantastic and if utilized by those still at school or even those wanting to improve their ability in English spelling, its useful
This App is just opening my brain, like seriously have forgot some little little things which am now learning in this App... Is a recommended App most especially for the younger people that are yet to resume to school (higher institution) in order to refresh their brains
This is a great game. I love words. I'm always checking to see if I've spelled right. I used to correct my husband's. They hated it..I said it will help so they won't sound like an idiot. Anyway..l love game and sorry I didn't find it earlier. Thanks
Sometimes choices are homonyms but without definitions you are just "guessing" which one is the "right " answer.
This quiz game give the definition of the word first. This allowed me to picture the word in mind before attempting to spell. In doing so, builds my vocabulary and provokes everyday usage. I recommend this game as a refresher for the retired and kids as a challenge for exams.
Very good for English Learners. I try my best in this application everyday for my learning progress. Thank you.
This app is wonderful,when you don't get the stuff right,you can do it over with the same words but in a different order, it also helps with spelling words like for example you touched the wrong word it highlights the correct word and also shows the meaning. Are there good people that tries to make life easier or what? 😭 a big thanks to the person who created this appπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ’žβ€οΈπŸ’ž.
It is perfect to improve spelling, If should add review or repeat option for words in this app, it will be excellent.
Definitely one of the more challenging games. There are a variety of categories to play,so it's never boring. I could play this for hours. Very worthwhile!
Too many adds. After each level the player has to watch an add for another app that he cant skip and has to watch it till the end so he can continue with the game. The player ends up watching adds more than playing the actual game.
This game is just amazing and it helps me to know about what i should know,it corrects me on every thing in English ,i love this app.
Some of the definitions are so long that You cannot see the spelling choices nor the next button so You don't have the option to answer like the word calendar
A very good app...one of the best there is.. I feel some of the words are basic..would have preferred it a bit more advanced..all good though helps me kills time the best way
This is an awesome and simple fun spelling app! I have learned how to spell new words of all kinds. Also too you can learn about what the word means as well. Highly recommend! You will not be disappointed at all!
If it "AINT" broke dont fix it. As we all know nothing's perfect. But i find no fault or issue with this game. If i find something i'll raise issue. One of the best GAMES EVER. Cause its FUN and you are gaining academically, i hope i spelled that right. If i did'nt it wont be long before i do, spell it right that is.
It is great app. Thanks for that. One suggestion, If the word makes more clear from Grammer point of view whether a word is verb, adjective, noun etc. It would be more helpful ☺️
Very interesting app it always keep me busy since I installed it,, helping me in other spelling which I don't know thanks to app developers
It can be fun but there are some EXTREMELY offensive sentences for those not in repressive countries!
It is has been a great inprovement to me and my child it has helpet my child she has inproved in her spellings and to speak very good english and in her english test she got the high marks in her class the teacher had even thanked her for being the best in the class this is why i give it five stars
This is a great game to help with spelling and definitions. It is sometimes easy and sometimes challenging. Helps keep the brain active.
FINALLY! I love this app because you can be successful. It's better than matching tiles, crushing sugar, trying to farm and all those games that have no end in site. Helps with crossword puzzles! Brush up on your spelling, word definitions, etc. A lot of fun!
Great game to play. It will teach you how to spell, use excellent sentences and help you with your pronunciation. Great game and lot of fun.
This is an amazing app. You can learn so many things. It is really helping me with my english language. I have learnt so many things from this app. It is a really fun app. I recommend it to every one. Both kids and adults. Thank you so much for this lovely app. It is really wonderful. I love it.❀❀❀❀❀
It is an excellent, amazing! app to learn new vocabulary if you are weak in English this will be a very useful for you it is an exciting app! ❀
Awesome, it is really a good one and it helping me a lot with my spelling skills. I recommend this for every students of any level.
Great app! It provides definition and how to pronounce the words. I would definitely recommend for anyone who would like to improve their spelling...
This game is totally interesting and amazing, it works perfectly without any stops, and it's highly useful for English learner's, And the best thing about it is that I can play it without an Internet which stops ads, I really love it πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ‘
This game is so beautiful because it accomodates all kinds of people, say for instance im a visually impaired person but am able to play it, and i wish you can bring more games. Keep on entertaining us guys
It's a very good app it helped me in improving my English. It also heped me in learning the spellings of difficult words and thanks for updating it .😊
I really like how it has the definitions and a verbal pronunciation. I also like how it gets progressively more challenging.
This app is so amazing it gives me words I have never seen also the meaning of the words and also pronounce it.I just love the app
Honestly it's a really good game, it's very educational.The only reason I gave it 3 stars is because after every game you play, you have to watch an add and second of all sometimes there are like words that sound the same but are not the same so I might choose the wrong one and it's not fair because I don't know what the word is so how you could upgrade it a little more is add a speaker before you choose the word so that people know what the actual word is like in Spelling bee's .
Good game but I got bored after playing it for about ten minutes. I think this is a good game for young teens to help with their spelling and for people that want to brush up on their spelling. Going to uninstall to save space on phone or else I might keep it.
It good app mainly to those that wants to learn English in enjoyment. I enjoyed this app, specially in lockdown because I bored at home . Thank you "ultimate English spelling " app.
I like this game very much. It is fun to play when ever I am free. I downloaded this game and the every day spelling quiz helps my spelling improve . This is the best spelling game ever . This game also relaxes my mind when ever I am stressed. You should try to downloaded it and play.
Just too many ads...I am dored with the app..I paid 250 to remove ads but still ads are coming on the screen
So yeah my problem is that for many levels the whole question isn't shown like for find the odd one out and antonyms the words relevant aren't shown.please help me I want to play this game properly
Super refresher. Hints are a good reminder. It's never too late to learn or relearn as the case might be.
This app is really helpful for people like me because in this app,there are lots of things which you think you know but you don't...so through this app,you will learn more