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Ultimate Coaster 2

Ultimate Coaster 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Phony Studios located at 8818 Jarrett Valley Drive Vienna, VA 22182. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Absolutely love the latest update. I was hoping for tunnels and more paint options to the track AND YOU GUYS DELIVERED! I really appreciate this game more than you think. It helps pass time and keeps me entertained while amusement parks are closed. If you want to see what i've made check out @cnulticoasters on Instagram.
This game is kinda fun but the wooden Rollercoaster tracks keep glitching everytime i add more tracks.
Ultimate Coaster X for Chromebooks! Edit: I have used this for 3 weeks, Best 3D coaster design studio! 1 issue. I have to use external mouses since zooming in and out on a trackpad is kinda stupid. Also freeform is essentially useless. However, other than those issues, this is the best free coaster design studio!
Nice upgrade from the 1st game. Some suggestions are the flying coaster/flying Dutchman coaster, shuttle coaster mode, train customization, and expanded track customization such as adding a dropdown menu for rails. You would see rails with the color, but under the dropdown you would see left rail color and right rail color, and same thing for inner spine and outer spine color.
Huge improvements - Bravo! Love the new tools, terrain forming, and decorative trees & rocks, etc. Part of making a good coaster is making it swoop around obstacles barely missing them. One suggestion for next version would be a forum where builders could swap and discuss their designs.
you get to build your own track and customize it and you get to do everything in the game you're not supposed to havery fun and also make sure that you make the track glitch into the wall by
Great game just needs a free mine Train coaster and it'll be perfect. Please add a mine train coaster.
Good game, fun to mess around with. In-app purchases just don't seem to work for whatever reason and sucks that there's only 2 types of coasters given. Edit: Got the in-app purchases working, just had to reinstall
This is the one of the best coaster designers for mobile. But, the graphics could use huge improvements. For example, the trees are great to have, but look abysbal. Maybe if they were done more like Aircoaster for iOS, with leaves on a bunch 2D planes. Everything could use way more texture and detail. The view controls can be tedious, but the way you can design coasters in this app is so intuitive and just feels right. The graphics are pretty good, but can definitely, definitely be improved.
dude this is sick i know its hard in iphone but this is so great i understand 4 stars becuse it needs alot of changes but its a start
I do prefer this over the original, it fixes many problems i had with the original game. But this game would really benefit from having more free coaster types. If it had more, it would be more marketable and better for new people to play. Pretty good game all around aside from that though. Edit: the added coasters are cool but where in the world can i use foliage and all that? The button's not there anymore!
This game is awsome. The only thing I would change would be an addition of a flying coaster. Maybe a modern vekoma flying coaster track type, that would be awsome.
Great game i love building rollercoasters. Could you give us a way to move the location of the station and a way to rotate the station.
I really like this game but one thing is can you add a shuttel coaster track please then you can create more coasters like possessed Montezuma's revenge And the Mr Freeze roller coaster.
When we first open the game the tutorial lines(the sentences that are in the tutorial) should stay on the screen for much more time for the user to read. You fix that then I will give 5 star rating.
Probably the best mobile coaster building game out there. You can build very smooth and realistic coasters and is kinda like planet coaster building method. However what I don't like is that only the classic B&M Sit-down and 2 seater wooden is for free and you need to pay for the rest. However very good! Also I would like so you could build from the end of the station to align the track into station.
I really like this game but the reason I give it four stars is because it would be nice for more better updates like you could choose a building for the start of the roller coaster. This game is the best game ever, it is worth it. I even want to say is that if maybe the game could not turn into an ocean when you put water in the map. I like the styles of the coasters and the physics are very realistic, maybe do the same again but put the first game with the second. To make the game super duper.
Good,However,a good suggestion for next update would be to add a coaster housing station,que lines,and also things like sprinklers,fireworks,streamers,ect.and flying coaster type.you could also make it more realistic,add programmable lights and lastly daylight cycle
Good update it would be great to have a night mode and maybe different launch settings and maybe a switch track?
This is by far the best rollercoaster app builder I've seen and there's no ads and no annoying things to pop ups like buy this and buy that if you want to though you can buy tracks but there only about $1
This game is really good but the graphics aren't as good as the last one and also PLEASE ADD SHUTTLE COASTERS
I would want a couple upgrades to the next update:Buildings and parking lots, cars, better looking wooden coasters, more than one 1 roller coaster in the park, free tracks instead of premiums, able to level the track without having to delete tracks to make hills even, !this is why it's hard to make your own coaster! , able to place ferris wheels and other types of rides like bumper cars with the roller coasters, little improvement to the graphics and last people.
Hey!!! Wow this game is muchh good. But something is missing.. that there is no option to place house buildings please update it this the last option and your game is get muchh best..😎😎😊
This is almost impossible to use on android. Zooming in sucks and controlling the camera......... Don't get me started. It would be nice if this was more friendly to use on phones. Why be able to download it if it's virtually unusable. Also. Add in an exit button so you don't have to turn your phone off to get out of the app.
This simulator is awesome! I was having problems with setting the exact banking but I just adjusted the sensitivity. Would be AWESOME If somehow tunnels could be incorporated into the game other than that it's perfect spent hours and hours on it already!
Hours of entertainment! I love building coasters with this app. So what if the controls are a bit wonky, it is still a great deal of fun!
Love it so far,only thing I want is a angle snap feature like in planet coaster,its difficult because it has pitch and the degrees and the dont sync up so 52 pitch is 60 degrees,and it's so annoying,also,we should have more coaster types without having to buy them,we are only given 2 and I would live a few more withiut having to but my all the other coasters
Thanks for listening to us coaster lovers....this is a major improvement from the original game....I love everything about this and how much more realistic and more options it has😍😍😍
It really good but can you make it so I can ride other people's coasters it gets boring just riding my own coasters but otherwise really great game
Great game. It is missing a few things but it is new, so it gets a pass. Maybe a reverse booster? Would be good for reverse shuttle coasters.
Awesome i always thought tunnels and water would complete the game and make it great and they finally did it. This is by far the best app to play on a long car ride or a boring day. This is the only app I have ever given a 5 star. The next step is to add some sort of buildings to add detail to models made such as maintenance picnic pavilions and also add dueling features. And then add rides and multiple coasters to one plot. To make your dream park. Please take this into consideration and do it
I love to build really fast roller coasters but can you please change the number of cars to 25, 30, maybe 40 that'll make it even better.
I like the game a lot, but I wish you didn't have to pay for different roller coaster types and add a water feature.
Used to be great. Now the graphics freak out when rollercoaster goes lower than the level of the ground, and also shows a black void
There needs to be SOME TYPE OF CONFIRMATION. I tried to load a coaster I built, but instead of that, I accidentally saved the default starting station to the coaster file. It wouldn't be much of a problem is there were some sort of confirmation message, or AT LEAST an undo button. But there is none of that in the menu. Once you make an action, accidental or not, THAT'S IT. You can't ever undo what you've done. I spent a long time constructing that, and it just disappeared like that. Pls fix it.